How To Get Sick

Dear readers, I had a difficult winter due to getting the norovirus and then the flu and last week, was finally feeling really, really good again and began working again, doing construction type stuff which I love doing so much.  So…tenants in one of the buildings I supervise noticed that sewage was leaking from the pipes to the street from the basement of the building.


So…I went in and looked and called for a specialist and the guy shows up, he isn’t feeling well.  But we got all dirty clearing the mess and pulled out all the s…t from the pipes and so forth and the water ran clean and the plumber said, ‘I don’t feel well’ and went off and I went home and the next morning threw up for two days.


That is, I got sick from all that.  It was extremely annoying and this has been an annoying winter and non of the vaccinations worked this time around but then it is always a gamble if they will predict correctly what viruses will plague us.  Germs are always on the attack and use evolution to fight us humans, they have been around a billion years longer than us and have a splendid evolutionary record…indeed, it is amazing and horrifying how wonderfully these survivors do this!


Pure genetic information machines that can be very creatively annoying!  Random chance is their tool of domination, they are always rolling the dice on us.  I hope to feel OK tomorrow, my fever has dropped to 99.1 degrees this morning which is nearly normal and I can’t wait to be normal again.  At least I can sleep at night now instead of tossing and turning and throwing up!


Hope no one else is getting sick right now.  What an annoying winter this has been.


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13 responses to “How To Get Sick

  1. dick

    vaccines are death giving and useless for prevention of illness.

    if they worked as you claim, you wouldnt be sick.

    you are too old to poison yourself in the name of appeasing the stupidity gods

  2. Jim R

    Don’t get sick, Elaine. Stay healthy. Fixing sewer connections is not healthy…

    As for rolling the dice, we are the end product of such dice-rolling ourselves.

    But the empire of microbes makes up something like 98% of the biomass, and 99.99999% of the species, on this little wet rock. It’s dangerous to mess with the empire of microbes.

  3. Duski

    Vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with getting sick with sewage waste. I too, had to deal with sewage, or I tried to before calling for professional, and not too surprisingly I got sick after it (half year ago).

    And well, next time that happened I did not get sick, although my exposure was smaller as well, but probably my immune system was more ready to deal with it as well. But mixing vaccines with this in any way is just silly.

  4. JimmyJ

    Glad you’re on the mend Elaine!

    I’m disappointed for my grandson’s future when it comes to human shortsightedness and health.

    We’re at a turning point with antibiotics not being effective anymore due to acquired resistance and still the food industry dumps them wholesale into our food stream.

    Vaccination is very effective and “Dick” and his family benefit to a great degree from the “herd immunity” granted by decades of such programs. But more and more folks think like him (including my grandson’s mother) so we get these weird outbreaks of things like mumps and herd immunity is starting break down. As with most anti social practises individuals don’t connect the dots personally until it’s too late for everyone.

    We shouldn’t fear some exotic virus like ebola taking millions of people out of the picture suddenly but rather the accumulation of these short sighted (lack of) health policies reducing lifespans overall for entire populations.

  5. Ken


    If some people choose not to get vaccinated, why should that be a concern of the majority of vaccinated people. The ones who got vaccinated will not be the ones who suffer from the actions of the non-vaccinated people. After all, the vaccinated ones will not catch whatever it is that the non-vaccinated people catch.

    Unless you’re concerned about health costs to society as a whole.

  6. tio

    Feel Better incorrigible lady.

  7. Petruchio

    Glad to hear you are getting better, Elaine. Petruchio out…

  8. Shawntoh

    Hope you feel better soon, Elaine.

    One comment about vaccinations I’d like to point out is that I was vaccinated against polio and it seems to have worked as I’ve never gotten that one.

    What will we substitute for polio vaccines?

    I agree that more research needs to be done on vaccines and I don’t have an answer on that one.


  9. emsnews

    I still had a 100 degree temperature this afternoon. Rats. But good news: I can eat again! And drink a little OJ, too. Relief is on the horizon.

  10. Maddie's Mom

    If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.

    You’re surely going to be around for many more years Elaine!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthy Summer.

  11. Lou

    If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.–thats not always true.

    If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger – is a cliche.

  12. Maddie's Mom

    Come on Lou.

    A little positive thinking never hurts.

  13. Lou

    okay– I do take things literally at times.

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