Gorilla Shot After He Saved Child Who Fell Into His Zoo Display

[Video] Moment Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Grabbed and Dragged Small Boy Who Fell into Moat – YouTube


A captive gorilla who was born at a zoo farm for use as a spectacle for humans, was murdered by authorities who misunderstood badly what was going on when human adults carelessly let their child climb into the pen with the simian who gently rescued the child from the water in a moat.  This entire event shows clearly why gorillas and other simians need basic human rights by law and cease being treated like ‘animals’ used for medical research and entertainment.  


Here is another, nearly identical encounter in the past from which nothing much was learned about zoo security:

The Urban Gorilla – Child falls into gorilla pit at zoo – YouTube

I am still running a fever today and this makes working on the computer rather a challenge.  I am also upset about what happened to this caged relative of ours, treated so cruelly yet was acting so caring and loving when he climbed into the moat to save the small child, and carefully collected the child and was protecting it when the humans began losing control and acting like monkeys throwing stones at humans.


That is, the gorilla was the sensible, caring person and the humans were acting like mindless beasts! This has drawn outrage internationally and the murder of this fine slave of human entertainment has been entirely on the side of the gorilla who is viewed as a victim.  I agree.


I have tamed and trained many animals since childhood.  Animal #1 was a Rocky Mountain skunk.  I was very little and the cat had kittens in my drawer where I kept my clothes.  She, Door Kitty, came home a day later with a baby skunk in her mouth and she nursed it and I handled it and played with Spotty and the kittens until Spotty grew up.


Never, ever did Spotty spray me.  I was ‘family’.  One day, we were told that it was wrong to keep the skunk so she was adopted by the staff at the Tucson Desert Museum and went around schools, to visit children because she was very child-friendly.


Then there was another animal one of my kitties, Snowball, brought home and parked under my bed when I was in sixth grade: Bob the Cat who was a bobcat.


Bob and I had a splendid time of it.  I loved playing with Bob.  I made these bird toys out of feathers from the chickens and would throw these all over to watch Bob fly through the air and snag them.  He and I had tons of fun this way.


One tragic day, my mom bought fancy curtains for the living room.  Bob and I ran into there and I threw one of these toys and it was near the new curtains and Bob flew onto the curtains, dug in his claws and RIIIPPP.  Curtains shredded.


My mother was very angry with both of us and we ran off and hid.  I was spanked but my dad didn’t kill Bob, he called the Desert Museum again and they adopted Bob.  He, too, went around schools to show how wild animals look like, etc.


Well, I was given Lifetime Free Pass to the museum.  Went ONCE.  Bob saw me, heard my voice and went berserk, the staff decided it was too dangerous for me to visit.  Most annoying.  We adopted many desert animals over the years and interacting with wildlife was second nature for me growing up with both domestic and wild animals and I know how to interact with wild animals in general due to this.


For example, I enjoy standing outside in the early evening talking to owls.  Yes, they do territorial hoots and I hoot back and they get all excited and fly nearby and crane their necks to see me and hoot again, for example.


I used to howl at coyotes in Tucson, while standing on the flat roof of the ranch.  They would go nuts and everyone would have territorial fun.  I also encouraged road runners to follow me around fed them reptiles and rodents from the swimming pool filter.  The wild road runners would wait for me at the bus stop every day and would run across the road in front of the bus when it drove up, the birds do this deliberately, by the way.


Back to this criminal gorilla murder story:  Parents-of-four whose son fell into zoo enclosure sparking killing of Harambe the gorilla as it emerges father has a lengthy criminal history – including kidnap and drug trafficking | Daily Mail Online


 On Monday, the zoo director insisted the horizontal barriers were secure and said: ‘We take safety very seriously and we are keenly interested in improvement.


If a four year old can easily climb into it, the thing is poorly designed.  But then, all simians hate being stared at by strangers who are gawking at them.  This is immensely rude.  All simians I have associated with in the past, first, one has to sit nearby and pretend to be very, very interesting in something ELSE, no staring, staring and pointing is hostile.


Then the simian gets interested too and wants to see what you are looking at and then you can use hand gestures or head movements to show mutual interest and from that, a relationship can develop rather rapidly.  I have illustrated this many times in the past including in explaining how this works to zoo staff.


‘Any of us could climb over barriers if we choose. As I said, you can lock your car or lock your house, but if someone wants to get in, they can.’…While safety measures are being evaluated, Maynard said the gorilla exhibit is expected to reopen next weekend without citing specific security improvements.


This was a small child, not a home breaker using tools!  Note how nothing will change, too.


Jerry Stones, who worked at the Gladys Porter Zoo, in Bronwsville, Texas, where Harambe lived before he was transferred in 2014, said he was devastated by the news.


Stones, who raised the gorilla, told the NY Daily News: ‘It tore me a new one. An old man can cry, too. He was a special guy in my life. It’s a sad day for us.’


He added: ‘He grew up to be a pretty, beautiful male. He was very intelligent. His mind was going constantly. He was just such a sharp character.’


This was a captive gorilla raised by humans!  There was zero danger.  The staff was not trained in how to handle this sort of intelligent being and how to interact with him.  The humans should have been removed immediately from the perimeter of the display before humans enter to encourage the tame gorilla to cooperate with them.


This should have been very easy to do if the zoo wasn’t this noxious entity that exploits slaves.   Here is a recent event at another zoo where male gorillas were caged together deliberately so humans could watch, Rome-colliseum style, the males fighting each other:

Gorilla breaks glass at Nebraska Zoo – YouTube


How stupid!  Using glass, not plexiglass, stupid.  But was socially stupid, too, deliberately stupid so humans could be entertained.  Only once, and this due to my working with a pre-school, for I hate zoos, did I go to the Bronx Zoo.


I really didn’t like it but then, we were on this hill and opposite a distance away, was the habitat for howler monkeys.  So I stood on the hillock and entertained the children by starting a hooting territorial war with the howlers.


They, the howlers, loved it.  They would listen intently to my calls and then howl in unison back and then listen again and howl again.  They ran up and down the trees trying to see me and then would all sit down, take a deep breath and then howl in unison.  We had great fun doing this.  The people watching the display were amazed and children were so happy, too.


It reminded me of my evening howling duels with the coyotes.  And I felt guilty, doing this with captive monkeys.


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28 responses to “Gorilla Shot After He Saved Child Who Fell Into His Zoo Display

  1. Big Al

    I was upset too, it should have been he parents who were shot, not taking proper care of their child. Did you see the pic of the gorilla with the kitten, he/she was taught sign language, and had asked for a kitten for Xmas

  2. Lou

    Black people not watching boy?

    And why was the fence so easy to get thru?

  3. Melponeme_k

    Our ape brethren threw us all out of paradise for incurable stupidity (I mean who stands up on flat tundra to advertise easy food to all prey in the area except dunces). And they threw their poo at us as we took that walk of shame. Now we got back at them by putting them in cages and refusing to acknowledge shared ancestry.

    Every time I see apes on animal specials, they know inherently that we are related to them. It is us who constantly ignores the obvious.

    As far as the parents are concerned of the child who fell into the zoo enclosure, I wonder if they were looking to make a case for a lawsuit. They just never planned for the child to actually fall in.

  4. ziff

    Yes talk about feeling sick , i suspect they were unable to retrieve the child in the presence of the large ape/man. I will always remember looking into the eyes of a gorilla and seeing/feeling a human.

  5. Lou

    The evolution of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla story is really quite remarkable.

    Initially, when the kid’s identity was kept a secret and was assumed to be white, the social media outrage fixated on “white privilege”–that the poor gorilla was killed to make absolutely sure that a stupid white kid wasn’t harmed.
    [I knew the unattended child was Black, typical black ‘parenting’].

    But as usual, the reality was completely inverted.

    Despite many witness accounts that the gorilla was actually protecting the BLACK kid that wandered into its pit, the zoo decided it was in their best interests to kill the gorilla rather than risk the boy getting hurt.

    While there is still some outcry over the “excessive force” used on the animal, this was clearly the right decision to make in BRA. [blackrunamerika]

    Can you imagine the uproar if the gorilla injured or killed the boy before the zoo acted?

    Can you imagine the field day that BLM would have claiming the zoo was more interested in protecting its animal asset than the life of a black child?

    Ironically, the first major “chimp out” of 2016 would have been instigated by a zoo.

    It is precisely because the boy was black that the gorilla absolutely needed to be put down. If the boy was harmed, the delinquent mother would be looking at a Ghetto Lottery payout that would have likely put the Cincinnati Zoo out of business.

  6. JimmyJ

    Primatologist Frans de Waal, sympathetic to the gorilla’s predicament, has watched unedited video and feels that despite the lack of attack there was a risk of the child drowning so its not as obvious that they could have avoided killing him.

    The real point is that gorillas shouldn’t be in captivity and they should be way more protected in the wild. If even a tiny portion of military budget went to providing security for wild gorillas they’d be poached a lot less.


  7. Petruchio

    The Zoo took the easy way out. Kill the defenseless gorilla. Keep up the myth that Black Lives Matter. People should, after reading about this incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, check out the current black murder rate in Chicago Illinois. This of course, is black on black murder–and it’s at epic proportion. The Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla is dead, “problem” solved there, but absolutely NOTHING is being done or will be done to solve this almost insatiable desire among black people to kill each other off.

  8. ziff

    point is not made , it wasn’t the risk to the child, it was the risk to the rescuers.

  9. e sutton


    . The Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla is dead, “problem” solved there, but absolutely NOTHING is being done or will be done to solve this almost insatiable desire among black people to kill each other off.


    Not true, Pet. As we speak, black communities are holding candle light vigils, Midnight Basketball programs, Anti-violence Cake Sales, and marches Against the Violent Streets.

    It´s worked so well before, why not keep doing it? 🙂

    I am forever puzzled what causes the streets in the African American community to become so violent. This ¨violence¨ seems to haunt black folk, following them wherever they go.

  10. floridasandy

    Is this really a race issue? It seems to me like a zoo negligence and parent issue , especially in light of the fact that this has happened elsewhere twice previously and there was no unhappy ending .

    On a side note , evidently, dad has a long rap sheet

    That dumbass zoo director should just STHU at this point. It is their negligence that allowed the clueless child to (with negligent parents) to crawl right out there and fall into the enclosure.

  11. Stanko Lovrec

    This blog is incredibly entertainment and on countles occasions makes my day. But really people who extend human qualities to animal are a puzzle to me. And I find most people who exhibit (no pun intended😂) that behavior have issues interact with humans. Just an honest observation.

  12. melponeme_k


    How many years was the Cincinnati Zoo opened? How many children have fallen into their enclosures? You make it sound as if it occurs every year. It doesn’t. One employee tried to stop the child from entering the gates, but couldn’t catch him in time.

    The onus is on the parents. But don’t worry, they’ll find some reason to sue the Zoo.

  13. emsnews

    I can tell sad stories about captive wild animals.

    For example, I once visited a ‘wintering over’ circus facility in Connecticut years ago. So many sad animals.

    While my co-worker talked to the owners, I visited these poor beings. Soon, all the animals were animated and friendly with me. The owners noticed and asked how this happened.

    Well. I would pretend to be interested in something of interest to various animals like the giraffes, for example, and they would look at what I was looking at and then using sounds and body movements (with the giraffes, I pretended my hand was a giraffe head and they loved this!) to do things of interest and lo and behold, the animals would respond.

    So the owners took me to this very sad kangaroo sitting forlorn in the corner. I told the owners to watch. I entered the pen, sat at the opposite corner.

    Soon, I began to bob up and down. The kangaroo looked over to me and watched. Then I hopped from one corner to the other. Within minutes, the kangaroo was happily hopping alongside me. Soon, we were playing and then I groomed the kangaroo with my fingers and it then leaned into me and gave me a ‘roo kiss.

    All this, within 15 minutes interaction. I couldn’t work for these people but I trained the staff how to deal with the animals better and I hope this training stuck.

    Training animals in the ‘do no harm’ way means understanding what they really want and getting them to join in with the humans. Wild animals are easy to ‘tame’ this way.

  14. Floridasandy

    Mel, know why most of us are sad? Because it will happen again somewhere. I guess the dad wasn’t at the zoo but the mom is still defending her cluelessness. The child could have died in the fall and zoos need to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. We should never reward jackass parents with potential lawsuit victories on the backs of their dead children. The fact that it happened before (elsewhere) and the gorillas were not shot and had happy endings means the zoo director should STHU now. He is trying to use this as a fund raising event now -aargh

  15. THE mother also thanked the LORD for protecting her toddler son when SHE didn’t watch him closely enough and take action when needed, obviously. Stupid Christian. Just HOW MANY of these morons, of ALL races, infest this country?????

    I daresay that 90 percent of all USAans are walking into walls.

  16. CK

    What a payout the zoo avoided. I wonder if there exists any security tape showing the time frame before the child “wandered” into the cage.
    One deceased black child; one huge payday for the parents.
    Balance that against killing an animal. The animal can be replaced from Africa. The zoo made the exactly correct decision.

  17. Lou

    Judge in South Africa claims ‘all females are raped by age 12’ and gets in trouble for making this bold claim,


  18. emsnews

    Lou, I was raped by a top astronomer at age SIX. Had to be operated on several years later to fix the mess he made of my interior organs. Was told, I would never have children but I did (with great difficulty).

  19. emsnews

    You would be stunned at how many girls are raped. Most rapes are unreported. I didn’t report my rape! No one would believe me, either. I didn’t even know who did it until he confessed to me when I was 45 years old.

    I was so stunned, I froze. Then flipped out. He committed suicide, he was 82 years old.

  20. pskvmusuidu

    Who was it?

  21. Lou

    name? what a monster.
    I didn’t even know who did it –in the dark? memory failure?

  22. emsnews

    Lou, rank racism is evil, too. Remember: racism has a certain level of extension you can’t see.

    I descended from NORMANS. We Normans did nasty stuff, namely, invading places and then ruling despotically. The only reason we came to the New World was due to a fight with the King of England and the Van Renssalears hired my Henry Steele ancestor to come to what became Albany, to set up a trading post was due to the need to put some space between the Crown and the lower ruling class (barons, etc.)

    The old ruling class (Normans!!!) thought the rest of the people (Anglo Saxons, Welsh, Irish, etc.) were ‘negroes’ and thought of you all as ‘BLACK’ due to the peasants working in the fields all year long.

    Seriously! And we called you guys ‘serfs’ which was one small step above ‘slaves’.

    When the Irish were allowed into the new United States to build rail roads and work in mines and mills, it was due to the need for semi-slave levels of labor and the Irish had to struggle hard to gain basic civil rights only to turn into…racists, themselves which is terribly funny in a sad way.

    Catholic Irish were ‘the lowest of the low’ and were considered to be drunkards and irrational and criminal and were abused by the Law accordingly. Everyone who is a proud right wing ‘white’ racist’ is foolish if they think they are superior to anyone.

    BY THE WAY, my class of people rotted away starting with when we ceased fighting wars and became leeches. My family didn’t rot away due to the fact that we continued fighting (the Indian Wars from 1600 to 1900 when my own great grandfather was hunting down Geronimo) to the most recent wars.

    This keeps one on one’s toes, fighting. The royals in England are worthless leeches, haven’t fought anything since Henry VI. They all sit at home in their cocoon, stuffing their faces. Weaklings.

  23. Lou

    Everyone who is a proud right wing ‘white’ racist’ is foolish if they think they are superior to anyone.

    I know some cultures are inferior. What was Darwins books original title for his book?

    and— Yes, I feel superior—http://www.ambrosekane.com/2016/06/04/poor-michelle-shes-got-to-wake-up-each-day-in-a-house-built-by-slaves/

  24. Lou

    I feel superior. Do you? check my link above. look at the images.

    IF you still doubt, download Ms Obamas Yale Thesis and read her grade school level ‘thesis’.

  25. Still the video is viral and thousands of people search for gorilla video and boy falls into gorilla cage videos

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