Secret Service Slap On Wrists For All Trump Assassination Threats From Hispanics And Blacks

We’re Going To Kill Donald Trump – Says 3-Year-Old Mexican Girl Being Brainwashed by Her Parents – YouTube

When Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas, my ‘we have many secrets’ father, friend of Eisenhower and Goldwater, who grew to know and like Kennedy especially after the Cuban Missile Crisis when my father was one of the top advisors for that inside the White House and he wanted to flee the US.  Nixon hated my dad and harassed him until Nixon was caught in his own trap (hahaha) and my dad was then a science advisor/friend of Jimmy Carter.  So…I had to worry about my father being assassinated when I was still a child, and when Kennedy was killed, my father actually considered fleeing to Germany (instead, I went there).  We see today, people happily posting videos threatening to kill US leaders and Trump is a leader.  This is disgusting and very dangerous.  Makes my skin crawl.


That innocent, cute little girl isn’t the only one doing this.  There are videos all over the place, doing this.  Minorities especially illegal aliens, don’t know you can’t threaten our politicians legally.  Didn’t stop fascist mobs attacking attendees at Trump speeches in California!  Waving foreign flags, no less!  This is an illegal invasion and has to be stopped.  Period.  Then there are the black population that wants to be criminals and are pissed someone plans to stop them, too:

Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump – Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away – YouTube


Another black thug has threatened to murder Donald Trump in an online video posted to Instagram. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana resident “Maine Musik” says he’s going to go to war with Trump with his arsenal of guns and hand grenades if Trump becomes president and takes away his mom’s food stamps. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 8.57.52 AM

The young laddie in the video rapping about how his momma will lose food stamps if Trump isn’t assassinated, also posed with what he wants us to know is scadoodles of hard cash from his crime life!  This video was put up by a far right wing white dude who probably thinks a race war would be interesting.  We ARE in a ‘race war’ and it is fought by globalists who want us all reduced to stupidity, poverty and fighting each other which is stupid.


Man Threatening to Kill Trump, His Wife, and Daughter – ARRESTED – YouTube

Arrest was made after one of Trump’s children saw this video after Dice put it up on You Tube, the child called the Secret Service and had the thug arrested.  This made NO NEWS in our mainstream media last month.  Evidently, when agents learned about this thug from Dice, they did nothing until Trump demanded they do this.


This shows us how careful the Machine is protecting Trump:  NOT.  The right wing doesn’t understand this works at both ends: the left is always left to be openly murdered and assassins of all stripes attack people at all points at all times, this is how WWI began, after all!  Millions can die when assassins strike.  9/11 shows this, too.


The process here is, our media owners are conspiring with fellow Bilderberg/NWO gangsters to lie about everything including egging on assassins, being lax about stopping threats, goofing around pretending ‘we don’t see nothing’ or driving a  President in an open car in Texas after letting a KGB/CIA plant operate first in the Soviet Union and then in Texas, etc.  Fun stuff, no?


I have guarded a Presidential candidate way back in the Nixon era.  I told the Secret Service guys, I was there to watch them and to force them to be vigilant on behalf of Dr. Spock who was the antiwar candidate.  It was lots of fun for me, by the way.


It looks like Hillary may go down in flames in California.  Far from being stronger and stronger, she is deflating rapidly.  To be this near to losing a primary at this point in time shows she is weak, not strong.  Time to boom-boom Sanders!  We shall see.  Unfortunately, many black voters think she will keep the ‘gravy train’ rolling for them all and if any black person decides to fix this election by killing Trump and Sanders, we all know what cities will burn….due to rage from both right and left at Hillary.


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8 responses to “Secret Service Slap On Wrists For All Trump Assassination Threats From Hispanics And Blacks

  1. Melponeme_k


    China creating defense zone against the US near those contested sand bars called islands.

  2. Petruchio

    “It looks like Hillary may go down in flames in California.” I think the elites (in their own, overly inbred, overindulged minds, anyway) already have Plan B formulated or in the ‘creation’ process as we speak. I don’t think the folks who own the political wh#re class in DC are going to go the Supreme Court route to rig this coming Election in November. I don’t have Inside Information, but I’m willing to wager that, one way or another, the 2016 Election will be “decided” in the US House of Representatives. Spoiler Alert!!! Hillary Clinton wins. As I have said before, the elites don’t plan on tapping out. EVER.

  3. Tom W Harris

    Trump ain’t nuthin’ but chit and neither is anyone who supports him.

  4. Lou

    They are just like us????
    A 13 year old shoots someone. He shoots someone else 2 days later.

    Le Genius

    ST. PETERSBURG — Police arrested a 13-year-old boy on an attempted murder charge Friday, less than 48 hours after authorities said he shot another teenager who taunted him.

    Le’Genius Wisdom Williams, of St. Petersburg, turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department about 1:30 p.m. He was immediately booked into the Juvenile Detention Center near Largo.

  5. Big Al

    It’s the American way, have a problem , kill, osama bin laden, hellfire missles, Ok corral Have gun, will travel.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Big Al: I don’t think it is the American Way–for everybody. Just some people. If you look at WHO is doing the shooting, a distinct pattern emerges. Usually the shooter is black. Homicide is the leading cause of death among Black males aged 18-35. Note the incredible level of violence in Chicago right now. Who is doing most of this killing, this gun violence? Blacks. Not politically correct to put it that way, but there it is.

  7. Lou

    Petruchio–why Chicago? There are ‘blacker cities’?

  8. Sarah Smith

    If the secret service won’t protect President Trump, give me a gun I WILL.

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