The NYT Has A Shocking Article About French Jewish Movie: Rank Jewish Racism

Western Wall (Wailing Wall) –a place only ‘echt Juden’ may go, everyone else is locked out.

Yesterday, the New York Times ran this insane story about ‘antisemitism’ that reveals all the self-revulsion Jews feel when fretting about themselves.  They believe they are better than anyone and Beloved By God and at the same time, are failures deserving destruction from this same god that tries to destroy them over and over again.  The terrible truth that Naziism and Zionism are identical twin belief systems is something Jews deny hotly yet the mirror image of each other is exact and stark.  Here is a story published in the Jewish-run NYT and written by a Jewish reporter talking about a French Jew who is an immigrant from North Africa via Israel, living in France, complaining about how oppressed he is, being a ‘Jew’: ‘Let’s All Become Jews’ – The New York Times


 There’s a scene in the new French film “The Jews” — a comedy about anti-Semitism — in which a fictional president describes his plan to rescue France’s economy.


“Since Jews are rich and they stick together,” he tells his cabinet, “let’s all become Jews!”


Ministers declare the plan “brilliant,” and the government calls a referendum on whether to make France Jewish. When the population overwhelmingly votes “oui,” hora dancing erupts in the Place de la République, and a TV anchorwoman tells the nation, “Shalom, mes frères!”


This stupid movie leaves out the important part: if, say, this were to happen, the ‘Jews’ in Paris would then demand money from the US and base their  new economy on stealing stuff from Muslims, putting them in ghettoes and beating them up all the time and stealing money from American taxpayers.  We see this business in the US: our politicians are all owned by rich Jewish bankers/business people via bribes and so our Congress will cut funds to Americans and increase money for Israel’s rich and powerful.


Not only does our political system do this, it is nearly 100% of the politicians doing this to us.  Our media owners do this to us, too.  The NYT never complains about the flood of loot flowing from the US to Israel’s Jewish rulers.  Not a peep.  Anyone demonstrating against this looting is squished and it doesn’t make the news unless they are open Nazis doing the protest, then it is huge news, namely, ‘Oh, Nazis in America!’ news.


One of the biggest horrors to me is how black Americans (the Jews here call them ‘Schwarze’ behind black people’s backs) are bribed to be quiet and this DNC bribery has destroyed black families turning them into welfare cases except for a  minority of blacks who get prized top positions in education, politics and business, merely by being more or less ‘civilized’ and pleasant.


Any black child graduating from school with high grades gets a deluge of offers from colleges who want to boast about their black students.  When I was a top US student (proof: I won an international competition in German, for example, and this was a scholarship to study in Germany) I and my siblings signed up to take every possible scholarship test to get money for school.


When I took an exam at age 15, for example, I was stunned to see I was #6 nationally and most of my competitors were from either NYC or Madison, Wisconsin which was near where I was born and we winners were all amused/horrified to learn that most of our fathers were professors, too.  Today, a black child only has to do vaguely well in school to get many scholarships which I had to earn the hard way.


The NYT would never, ever hire me for anything, I am an alien.  I married into the Jewish upper elite community (my father-in-law was a PUBLISHER!) and I was abused greatly by them and they were all LIBERALS!  In public, that is, in private, they were worse than white racists in the deep South during slavery years.  They left me out of everything, they openly insulted me in private, they would hand out gifts to all the ‘Jewish’ grandchildren and then tell my crying child, ‘You aren’t one of us, why should we give you presents?’ which meant my daughter didn’t visit them after age 3 years.


They CELEBRATED this event as a great victory!  No more annoying shiska showing up with her little brat.  Now, they were pure echt Juden and could ignore me.  These people didn’t visit synagogues and all that, they were very secular, had college degrees, were pro-civil rights and utterly, totally, cruelly racist especially to very small children!


The very last time we visited our inlaws was epic: my daughter asked Joe to sit next to him at Passover.  He shocked me by saying, ‘Yes, you can.’  She was delighted.  Then it came time to sit down at Passover.  Debbie: ‘Why is that child sitting next to you?  She is making MY children cry!’  Joe apologized to her and told my child, she was annoying the Real Grandchildren and thus, must go.  I said, ‘This is our last visit,’ and instead of staying, I left forever.


I did receive and apology for all this from Joe…on his death bed many years later.  It was pathetic.  And in a nutshell, is what is wrong with Jews.  They have no idea h0w cruel, vicious and self-centered they all are, even ones pretending to be liberals.  And Joe was a huge liberal in NYC years go, not some minor player on the stage, he was a Big Shot.


In a 2014 Pew poll, 89 percent of French people said they had a favorable view of Jews, more than in any other European country surveyed. When a Jewish social center in my Paris neighborhood was burned and covered in anti-Semitic graffiti, both the prime minister and the mayor came and made speeches. (It later turned out that a disgruntled Jewish man had done it.) Even the far-right National Front can’t get away with espousing anti-Semitism anymore — though its supporters are less circumspect.


Funny how the NYT Jewish reporter notes this amazing fact that Jews will go to great lengths to manufacture persecution and then are stunned when real persecution comes knocking on the door.  The NYT also doesn’t explore the reality that people living far from Jews hold favorable views but people living next door often hate them.  Aggressive fundamentalist Jews are colonizing huge parts of various US communities and they do this by voting down money for schools since they have private schools, closing off streets on the Sabbath so you can’t go out easily or move around easily.


I watched this happen to a community I once lived in as ‘Mrs. Levy’.  The radical right wing Jews who were taking over would not walk, talk, do business or be even slightly polite to anyone who wasn’t of their clan and that included hating other Jews!  They were and are tremendously insular and insulting.  Instead of understanding how Jews who have no birth control are colonizing areas and pushing out/abusing anyone else, is not examined or explained by Jewish reporters and writers.


No, this is totally hidden from view.  I got to see it all from deep inside!  It saddens me greatly because the end result is so obvious: the ghettoes being erected by Jews will be turned into death camps by outsiders.  The really scary part is in Israel which has all neighbors hating them all greatly to the point, the neighbors would commit mass suicide via nuclear bombs, if it means eradicating the Jews.  This nasty possibility lurks in the background and is studiously ignored by Jews except to scream at Americans to disarm all Muslims…while demanding we arm them so they can fight each other, just not fight the Jews in Israel which is right now ruthlessly depopulating the West Bank and planting Jews-only colonies there using our tax dollars.


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9 responses to “The NYT Has A Shocking Article About French Jewish Movie: Rank Jewish Racism

  1. Melponeme_k

    My own NY neighborhood has turned mainly Jewish. I have to say my family has never experienced outright racism. What amazed us was the aggressive clique forming and who doesn’t talk to who and who is better than who and who will not allow their children to cross the street so they won’t have to play with certain children. I’ve never seen the like of it anywhere. And I’ve lived in a many different neighborhoods with many different people.

  2. Jim R

    The one little thing in recent events that has shocked me the most, is that wealthy Jewish oligarchs have been bankrolling Nazis to do the bidding of the Empire over in the Ukraine. A lot of the stories refer to them as neo-Nazis, but in the Ukraine there are people whose grandfathers were actually working in Hitler’s human slaughterhouses. They are regular, old-fashioned Nazis. They stomp down the street waving swastika flags — or wolfsangel flags.

    It’s as if the Jews want to deny the Holocaust, or maybe have another one…

  3. Lou

    a comedy about antisemitism — weird. oxymoron.

    ‘As Holocaust maven Deborah Lipstadt wrote in the Jewish Review of Books (winter 2011):
    In the 1970s, [Simon] Wiesenthal began to refer to “eleven million victims” of the Holocaust, six million Jews and five million non-Jews, but the latter number had no basis in historical reality…. Nevertheless, Wiesenthal’s contrived death toll, with its neat almost-symmetry, has become a widely accepted “fact.” When Israeli historians Yehuda Bauer and Yisrael Gutman challenged Wiesenthal on this point, he admitted that he had invented the figure of eleven million victims in order to stimulate interest in the Holocaust among non-Jews. He chose five million because it was almost, but not quite, as large as six million.
    So Simon Wiesenthal made up a story that five million gentiles were killed by the Nazis?
    But anyone in Europe or Canada who questions whether the Nazis really killed six million Jews goes to prison?’

  4. emsnews

    Hitler murdered a horrifying number of Jewish people but then he also killed lots of other people especially in Russia, he hated the Orthodox Russians, too.

  5. Lou

    The point is the lie by a jew [thats okay] but to deny the holocaust [tm] can put someone in jail, in some countries.

  6. Christian W

    The Holocaust survivors that live in Israel are often living in extreme poverty and are looked down upon and despised by other Jews for being weak and not fighting back against the Nazis.

  7. Lou

    Christian, even France is paying reparations. Spain just okayed allowing millions of joos in. Prove what you posted.

  8. K. Chris C.

    “Shoah we the money.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  9. John

    Judaism gave rise to Marxism. Communism was a Jewish invention. As bad as the Holocaust was, 100 million > 6 million. Communists have no problems killing their opponents. Consider that, in light of current events, and that’s all I’m going to say about this.

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