Hillary Blames Hispanic/Black Terrorist Election Violence On The Victims: Nonviolent Trump Supporters

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Clinton voters and illegal aliens are physically attacking Trump supporters in an attempt at using brute force to terrorize voters and prevent them from participating in democracy.  This disgusting and vile business is being blamed on Trump supporters who are the victims as our media owners and rulers try hard to stop Trump from winning anything.  I got this news story from England since the US has virtually no real media systems anymore that are useful for any information of any sort: Clinton says Trump made violence at his rallies acceptable Sanders asks protesters not to associate with him | Daily Mail Online


Clinton condemned physical assaults on Trump supporters by protesters but said, ‘He set a very bad example. ‘He created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters,’ she told CNN on Friday. ‘Now we’re seeing people who are against him responding in kind — it should all stop. It is not acceptable.’


This is why Hillary is pure evil.  Not one Trump supporter has shown up at her rallies to attack people at her rallies.  Not a soul.  No Hillarybot has been hassled by a Trump bot.  Nothing.  This is pure one-way violence and the people doing it are doing it so they can control our election by terrifying anyone who dares to support an opposing candidate.


Both Hillary and Bernie have allowed this.  Both have blamed the victim for this.  ‘If only she would shut up, no one would hit her’ both say, aping wife abusers.  The Democrats have fallen to a level that is astonishing, that is, the leaders are not condemning what is really going on here.  Hillary in particular, depends on Hispanic and black voters supporting her and if both are going out and beating up whites supporting Trump, this is exactly what RACISM is all about: preventing voters of a certain race from having political rallies, etc. by attacking them physically and beating them up so they stay home and the other race gets to run things unopposed.


Bernie Sanders gives this weak, racist request of his own followers:


 ‘Violence is absolutely and totally unacceptable,’ Sanders said. ‘And I do not want anybody…if people are thinking about violence, please do not tell anybody you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, because those are not the supporters I want.’


What this civil rights supporter is saying is, ‘GO AHEAD and be very violent and prevent people from attending political events, JUST PRETEND YOU DON”T SUPPORT ME!’  Be a supporter but don’t tell anyone who you really are!  How charming!  This whole thing disgusts me no end.  This is pure ‘blame the victim’ stuff.  And the racist stuff being spewed by Democrats is disgusting and obvious and should stop, it is destroying the legacy of civil rights, but then…we are being torn apart internally, and this is due to policies pursued by our Real Rulers that is, the Bilderberg gang.

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Note the masked thugs attacking innocent people attending a GOP rally.  Where is our ‘President’?  Has he denounced his own supporters?  We know the answer to that question.  Yes, Trump is appealing to his own voters telling them that there is no racial peace but then, who on earth thinks there is at this point in time?  The Democrats have handed out goodies to the lower classes and told them they will be supported for life while being idle while Democrats and Republicans who rule us have BOTH allowed a flood of aliens to enter and take jobs and then sent jobs overseas leaving fewer and fewer here at home.


A reminder that our Real Rulers are insane:  Russian FM: US Asks Russia Not to Attack al-Qaeda in Syria — News from Antiwar.com

Russian officials had previously said their halt on airstrikes against al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, the Nusra Front, was a result of requests from rebels. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today revealed that the US had actually been the ones to request the halt.

We support al Qaeda in Syria because Israel wants Assad destroyed.  Period.  This is insanity but then, our entire Middle East business is crazy from top to bottom inside and out.  Our allies there want to destroy the US and rule us despotically, both Muslim rulers and Jews rulers. They all hate our freedoms and want us to be serfs.  Sheesh.


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18 responses to “Hillary Blames Hispanic/Black Terrorist Election Violence On The Victims: Nonviolent Trump Supporters

  1. Lou

    EMS found the real news at a foreign website.

    from Paul Ks SBPDL Site,

    Has everyone been paying attention to the crap that happened in San Jose at the Trump rally?
    A Trump supporter was chased down and luckily not beaten up, pretty humiliating, though.

    The perp that did the chasing was one of Obama’s favorite sons.

    A Somali that was likely part of you know who’s refugee resettlement programs. Here is the link ,including pictures and video, it was well documented.If this raise your blood pressure I don’t know what will.


  2. diane

    follow the money: who gave them the eggs? or did they bring their chickens!

  3. Petruchio

    What’s the surprise here at Mrs. Clinton’s response? She murders people who piss her off. She’s done it her whole career (think Vince Foster). That said, it’s kind of interesting to watch the media coverage of Trump. They just can’t resist the ratings boost, though. I remember being in a restaurant last week and seeing the TV on to CNN (the only way I would view that propaganda channel). It had the captions on without the sound on. There was a report on Trump protestors at a Trump rally in California. That “news” segment lasted more than ten minutes!!! Not one picture of or soundbite from Trump. Or any of Trump’s spokespeople. But there was a chiron at the bottom of the screen that said “Trump protestors at California rally.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how clumsy the American MSM can be at times–like this one.

  4. Jim R

    I don’t recall that much fanfare when they opened the “Chunnel”, even though it was probably a more difficult project.

  5. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Our Dear Leaders really, truly are into Occult Magicks, how bizarre. No wonder they pursue the policies they do, drinking the blood of millions.

  6. Jim R

    The unfortunate thing is, these Occult believers never really learned much science or math. Which has led them to dangerous delusions likely to get us all killed in WWIII. Or at the very least, to make the near future much much worse than it has to be.

    I think Orlov’s stages of collapse are a pretty good outline of where we are heading. This ‘Magick’ bullcrap represents Cutural Collapse.

  7. tio

    My my, the Gnomes really have lost the plot.

  8. Lou

    I did read of trunnel in online news. I have yet to read the VC article. thanks

  9. Jim R

    What, they couldn’t find another 66 people to attend?

  10. e sutton


    LOL, JIm!

    Back in college I heard a rumor about how the illuminati would hold orgies with some of the males donning goats masks as they rear mounted the ladies from behind. Sounded like bull shiite to me at the time, but now I wonder. These are some perverted, twisted muddah fuqquahs!

  11. emsnews

    Um, they love Satanic rituals.

    And part of this is raping small children. This is why one of them raped me when I was a child. I was hit by a lightning bolt and they all decided this was a great sign. This is why I am at war with them in the Outer Darkness which they do NOT understand at all, they don’t know how the Watchers operate, either.

    Their misunderstanding of everything fundamental leads them to commit criminal acts and be cruel because they don’t respect the iron rules of the Outer Darkness and don’t know what price they all pay when they inevitably die.

    Yale University in the US is one of the home bases of these insane elites and we pay our income taxes on their High Unholy Day, April 15th which was deliberately chosen as tax day by these people way back over 100 years ago and this includes my own ancestors who founded the Skull and Bones in the first place.

  12. Lou

    why are 322, 911 and 415 dates or numbers so important to ‘them’?

  13. Floridasandy

    That was some strange ceremony there. It seemed more symbolic than artistic.

  14. emsnews

    322: the year ‘democracy’ died in Athens.

  15. Lou

    There was an attempted terror attack on 3. 22.
    What about 415 and 911?

    also 666?
    that Swiss ‘party’ was 6th month, 2016, 600 actors—666.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, magic numbers all the time all over the place. The Real Rulers are addicted to this game.

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