I Figured Out Mr. Miller, Former Top Negotiator Of ‘Peace Talks’ In Israel Is A SECRET JEW

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There is this utter farce of a ‘peace talk’ between the extremely powerful Jews and the nonentity Palestinian Untermenschen in Paris which is NOT being attended by any Jew from Israel, only their puppets who have to put on this stupid Punch and Judy show where Netanyahu punches the Palestinians and the US says it is helpless to stop the abuse because…all of the players in this stupid show are also Jews!  Duh!  They would never, ever let anyone else run it!  Today, the Washington Post has a huge story on the front page about how ‘negotiations’ failed again!  Duh!  Not a peep about how the negotiator writing this story is also a Jew.  I had to dig around the internet for a while and found out the truth only when I began tracking down Mr. Miller (a family name made up a generation ago to hide their ID) via his father who belonged to a synagogue.  The Jews at the WP know perfectly well, Mr. Miller is a Jew, not an honest outsider brokering ‘peace’.

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The WP has to lie about all this because they lie about nearly everything they publish.  They even lie about the weather at this point which is also infuriating.  Why U.S. diplomacy can’t fix the Middle East – The Washington Post whines while lying about how Jews are 100% responsible for absolutely everything going on in their territories they took over after WWII.


Aaron David Miller is a vice president at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. He served in the State Department from 1978 to 2003.


That is the bio provided, leaving out the key information.  Woodrow Wilson is turning in his grave right now.  Here is, via a Jewish heritage website, a bio of Mr. Miller’s father: Samuel H. Miller Biography – Forest City Enterprises

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Back to the pack of lies at the Washington Post:


Israel wanted no part in it. And neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians were scheduled to attend. Yet Secretary of State John Kerry remained optimistic ahead of Friday’s sure-to-go-nowhere Middle East peace conference in Paris. “What we are seeking to do,” he said, “is encourage the parties to be able to see a way forward so they understand peace is a possibility.”


I recognize that sentiment: wanting to remain upbeat, even while knowing that the odds are long. For much of my 24-year career as a State Department Middle East analyst, negotiator and adviser, I held out hope that a conflict-ending peace agreement was possible. I had faith in negotiations as a talking cure and thought the United States could arrange a comprehensive solution. I believed in the power of U.S. diplomacy.


But by the time I left government in 2003, I was a disillusioned diplomat and peace processor with serious doubts about what the United States could accomplish in the Middle East. I realize now that, like Kerry, I was tilting at windmills. U.S.-brokered peace in the Middle East is a quixotic quest. And the more we try and fail, the less credibility and leverage we have in the region.


Did this clown tell the Palestinians, he is a Jew?  NO!  He hid it!  He is still hiding it!  Using an old English name that peasants were given by their lords, like my ancestors who would ride over to the local mill to check things out and call whoever was running it, ‘Hey, you, MILLER, come here.’  Thus, the name.  My German family name is very simple, too: Meinel which means ‘that’s my stuff, buddy.’  It isn’t a peasant name.  Steele was given at the Battle of Hastings by the new King to my Norman ancestor and we joked that it meant ‘steal everything in sight’.


Mr. Miller got his name by stealing it from honest peasant stock in England and he is mostly from Germany/Russia like my ex-husband whose family was much more honest and took the name ‘Levy’ many generations ago, it being a tribal name.  I am proud that they didn’t hide their reality and thank them for being brave and good in this.


Mr. Miller (sic) is a fraud.  This is why even his Wikipedia article doesn’t mention anything about who he really is and who his family is.  I bet anyone putting in the truth would find this censored again.  Well, I am publishing the truth and I bet every Palestinian knows this and if they do not due to Mr. Fake Miller lying about who he really is, then it is Mr. Bastard Fake Englishman Miller’s fault, he is the one who is pulling off this nasty stuff.


How on earth can this creature be a diplomat!  He is a jerk, a liar, a fraud, a fake.  How dare he.  I hope some jerk in the government reads my editorial today and contacts me so I can yell at them.  All of them.  And my name is Elaine Meinel Levy Supkis.


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7 responses to “I Figured Out Mr. Miller, Former Top Negotiator Of ‘Peace Talks’ In Israel Is A SECRET JEW

  1. e sutton

    Woody Wilson handed over the keys of our banks to the Jews in 1913 so wherever he is, he is largely responsible for our current mess.

  2. Christian W

    The New York governor Andrew Cuomo is now directly ordering New Yorkers to support Israeli Apartheid, or else.

    Andrew Cuomo just signed an anti-BDS order. BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) is an initiative to punish Israel for it’s Apartheid policies along the lines of the boycott that broke the back of South Africa.




  3. Petruchio

    “How on earth can this creature be a diplomat! He is a jerk, a liar, a fraud, a fake. How dare he.” Elaine, you just answered your own question.


    ELAINE: Holy hamburger! Who could have guessed! 🙂

  4. hans

    The European Union has played a much bigger role in organizing the unprecedented influx of illegal migrants into middle Europe than thought, according to Austria’s foreign minister.


    Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said in an interview to Austria’s daily Die Presse that the transport of unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants arriving on the islands of Greece to middle Europe was funded and organized by the European Union.

    He said that the political goal of the European Union was to import as many illegal immigrants as possible. Funny thing is this bombshell is not even main news, this and the election fraud which too place in the presidential elections in Austria.

  5. tio


    Alleged militant supply column coming from Turkey to Syria spotted by Russian drone. Published on 3 Jun 2016

    What Most Syrians See of Their War

    “Whereas America’s goal in this is mainly to strangle Russia, which is the biggest current supplier of oil and gas into the European market, the main goal of the royal Arab families is to expand their markets, to grab a bigger share of Europe’s energy sales.”

    “The millions of refugees that are being produced by this war, many of whom are fleeing to Europe, are just the results, basically, of this land-clearing operation in Syria, to get rid of the people who are supporting the current Syrian government, which is allied with Russia, instead of with the U.S. and its allies.”

    “the Syrian people overwhelmingly (by 82%, to be exact) cite the U.S. as being the main source of the immense suffering they face. In other words: terrorizing the population is good, not bad, from the standpoint of the U.S. and its allies”

    “At least up till now, far more Europeans hate the refugees than hate the U.S. government, and so the problem is merely a political annoyance to EU leaders, not yet a cause for breakup of the Western Alliance”

    In short: Rescue from distress is not a ticket to Europe
    “Would Europe be down for the count, when Airstrip One votes on June 23 for a leave the EU?

    I very much hope that Airstrip One will remain. A Strexit would be dramatic for the EU. Not only because the EU without Airstrip One would be much weaker, but above all because Airstrip One ideologically very good for us in the debates in Brussels. Airstrip One constantly fights that Europe remains competitive. If we lose Airstrip One and the influence of other States is growing, which rather dream of the social Union, then this would have massive negative impact on the EU.”


  6. tio

    Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile system delivery to Iran
    13 April 2015
    “Israeli anger”

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