Kanye Deliberately Creates Riot In Manhattan For His Stupid Reality TV Show

Watch Crowds chase Kanye West’s car into traffic near Webster Hall in New York City – YouTube

Kanye causes chaos in New York: Thousands mob streets for ‘secret’ gig prompting NYPD shutdown and near riot… as delighted West drives through crowd hanging out the SUNROOF of his car: here we go, off the cliff again.  In the dead of night, this celebrity star clown told everyone online, he was going to have this ‘secret’ concert for them all and so thousands of idle, silly young people mobbed an unsuspecting neighborhood where they rioted.  This makes oodles of money for the Kardashinian criminal family and cost NYC taxpayers a fortune.  I see a very bad summer looming thanks to the new Democratic mayor, De Blasio, who has called off the cops and turned the city over to the armed thugs again.


Years and years ago, the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife From Hell’ and this was due to my street crime fighting credentials and the fact that the Democratic Party machine there tried to stop me (Al Sharpton tried to get a mob to kill me) and to do this, they sent a detective to my brownstone to tell me to lay off or I would be killed and I demanded to know who he was, he ran away from me but I spotted him trying to get into his unmarked police car so I had the captain of the 78th Precinct trace the car and discovered the undercover cop came from Queens.


This led to me formally complaining to the head of the City Council to track down why this guy was sent to threaten me.  To shaft me, the President of the Council gave me Rudi Guiliani’s secret Mafia tip number and I called him and he yelled at me over the phone demanding to know who gave me his secret number and then after  he calmed down, I told my story and his ears perked up and he then put a tap on my phone and began spying on me with my knowledge and desire and every time a NYC politician called me and threatened me which they did frequently, demanding I stop crime fighting, they were recorded and Rudi used this information to get permission to tap THEIR phones without them knowing this.


And he uncovered a nest of corruption and one fine day, a bunch of top politicians were either arrested or committed suicide.  They were even robbing parking meters!  It was insane, the number of crimes they were committing.  Hilarious.  Now, we are descending back into that old hell hole of a city where citizens and illegal aliens riot just because the lights go out during a thunderstorm or other small things.  Rioting just because they can riot, I lived in that back in the 1970s and it was  no fun, it was terrifying.  I am glad to still be alive after my darling neighbors tried to burn down the entire city due to the lights going out for a few hours.


Young people can be very stupid.  I was young once.  They think they won’t be hurt when they do stupid things. They think destroying stuff is funny. They think they will live forever.  They seldom pay taxes.  I had to pay taxes starting age 16 so I am aware of taxes and grind my teeth if public money is wasted.  I built or rebuilt houses for a living and I don’t like seeing neighborhoods put to the torch.  I rebuilt parts of NYC destroyed by raging mobs of criminal minded people who wanted to loot everything because the lights went out.


July 13, 1977: Massive Blackout Plunges New York Into Rioting | WIRED

I was dead center in the middle of this riot long ago!  I was terrified my home would catch fire.  My neighbors looted everything and we went from a thriving community to a dead zone.


It was hard work, reconquering the neighborhoods destroyed by these stupid rioters who burned down everything after stealing everything.  They kept on stealing stuff and setting the ruins on fire and sniping with guns and burning houses including throwing high explosives into the ground floor of a brownstone of one of my supporters to punish her for expanding my street patrols to the block they were using to deal drugs to college students who were mostly white.


The mob outside the homes of citizens in Manhattan last night were invaded by an army of such kids, white kids in huge numbers turned out to destroy the peace and party like pigs in a residential neighborhood.  Didn’t occur to these spoiled brats that they were terrorizing people at home!  Making life hell for strangers by invading their neighborhood…and the Kardashian crooks above all, to make TV for lazy jerks lying like seals on the beach, roly-poly watching trash, invaded this community, cost the city citizens lots of money for police and clean up and I hope the city sues these crooks and make them pay and pay double for this criminal action they created.


To hell with them.  I want them arrested.  And locked up.


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16 responses to “Kanye Deliberately Creates Riot In Manhattan For His Stupid Reality TV Show

  1. Melponeme_k

    They aren’t going to do a thing about Kanye’s antics. And my tax dollars will be used to clean up after him.

    And if they did by chance fine him for damages, he’ll have his BLM moment and cause more havoc.

  2. Lou

    Now, we are descending back into that old hell hole of a city where citizens and illegal aliens –yes. due to immigration–legal or other wise, there is chaos.
    Too many people. I think the PTB have a ‘kill off’ planned.

  3. e sutton

    Don´t any of the idiots who participated in this latest bout of ridiculousness have jobs or other responsibilities? I mean, just go off on a whim when some stupid, vapid, over hyped, rich, self-absorbed negro and his mudshark announce a ¨concert¨? No job to go to on Monday morning?

    Each day I am confronted with a new low in the moral decay and disintegration of ¨society¨. America is irredeemable.

  4. Petruchio

    Can somebody tell me just exactly WHAT is Kanye West’s claim to fame? I mean besides nailing a Kartrashian–which it seems a lot of people have done anyways. Who gives a rat’s a##???!!! It just shows you how low our culture (using that term loosely) has dropped.

  5. e sutton



  6. emsnews

    Well, these people are capable of burning down a major city. So I take them very seriously. Evil, evil, evil.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: let ’em burn the town down. Let everybody see what these people really are. This is what happens when a Society grants an aggrieved race Special Privileges. And as far as I am concerned, if they DO burn down the City of New York, as long as they burn down the jewish/khazarian neighbor hoods, it’s all good. Elaine, only wealthy people can live in New York today. Let these guilt-ridden idiots of Political Correctness get a dose of the medicine they think they everyone else should taste.

  8. melponeme_k


    The wealthy would still not care. Take a look at Brazil and other 3rd World hell holes with the wealthy living in guarded compounds and the rest living in favelas. They LOVE to see the suffering around them. It gives them a thrill, it supports their crazy, magical thinking. So having blacks rioting and burning down NY neighborhoods would not bother them one bit.

  9. Jim R

    They’d better be paying the guards for those compounds quite a lot.

    Once the guards step aside, the ones hiding in the compound are toast. It might only take a few minutes.

  10. Jim R

    Speaking of deliberate destruction and causing riots and burning down the place, get a load of this:

    DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads Of Illegal Aliens Away From Border

    by Tyler Durden – Jun 6, 2016 8:35 PM

  11. Petruchio

    @#8meloneme_k: The wealthy won’t be watching the destruction within the safe confines of their gated, secure homes. The Barbarians will not only be at the gate, they will be crashing it. When the violence gets personal, it is a whole different story. The elites will want the Government involved then! No more of those chants of, “Get the ‘gubmint’ off our backs! Let the Free Market work.” Yeah, I got your “Free Market” right here. Try some. All you have to do is look at how it works in Venezuela. The wealthy elites live surrounded by prison-type walls 20 feet tall. Sprinkled among the walls are guard towers with portholes for firing guns on peasants. Those walls won’t last long if enough fury develops amongst the peasant classes. And those peasants are MOGHTY hungry right now.

  12. Petruchio

    @#9Jim: I suspect the bodyguards of the wealthy will be targeted FIRST; make it VERY dangerous to be a bodyguard for the elites. That would be the smart play anyhow.

  13. emsnews

    No, the guards like in Ancient Rome will first attack the elites. THEN the barbarians move in. The final barbarians are whoever is strong enough to secure the borders again.

    Ahem. Clearing my throat: I AM A NORMAN. Yes, one of those people. When we entered France and England on our long ships, we took over and then DISPUTED BORDERS and BUILT CASTLES to do this and were extremely strict about our borders and we call these places ‘countries’ today. This is how ‘countries’ were created.

    We began as illegal aliens like all the previous barbarians like the Angles and Saxons, for example, who invaded Britain when the Roman legions were removed permanently.

  14. Jim R

    Recall that just in the last day or two, there has been published a tell-all book, written by a member of Hillary’s praetorian guard.

    When the security/police/military turn, the empire is done. And there are little indications here and there that this may actually happen. In this empire. Soon.

  15. Christian W

    The security/police/military turn when the loot stops coming/the elite corruption gets too out of hand. The elites know this and will ensure that the loot keeps coming with all out war if necessary. Of course, this only leads to more elite corruption but what can corrupt elites do? Such a dilemma, oy vey. The preparations are already advancing rapidly with the build up for Operation Barbarossa II.

  16. Petruchio

    Elaine, I’m sure the bodyguards will put a very healthy squeeze on the elites. You know, the guards will give the elites the “We are ALL that stands between you and the seething masses” kind of ‘sales pitch’. I imagine that this kind of “persuasion” is being used now. These bodyguards for the elites are mercenaries. What does this mean? They will sell out their current employer for a better paying one in the blink of an eye. Just like the Political Wh#re Class in Washington D.C. does every God-d#mn day. If the ‘seething masses’ start killing the elites’ bodyguards, the “Big Squeeze” will be on. This is when the elites bodyguards will give the “We are all that stands between…” speech. Then things spiral out of control-for the elites-very quickly. Think the guillotine and the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.” This is like what the current elites say. Marie got her head chopped off! No more cake for her!! Same type of fate awaits the elites of today. It won’t be a pretty sight. It will be brutal, ugly and painful, but the elites richly deserve every single bit of pain they will get.

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