Great Empires See Populations Annihilated By Barbarians Who KILL Everyone

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All great civilizations are slowly built up, become vast empires and then collapse and often, this leads to periods we call ‘Dark Ages’ as barbarians and illiterate people take over and annihilate the people who created the previous, now dead, civilizations.  For example, the great Minoan/Mycenean civilizations not only vanished, invaders came in and annihilated the people and replaced them with new people who took 600 years to create new empires like ancient Greece.  Rome was the behemoth for a while and then not only collapsed but the people who colonized England, France, the Low Lands and a small part of Germany  were put to the sword and killed and replaced with aliens speaking a totally different language than Latin.  This changeover was extremely violent and so thorough in England, no Romanized people remained in more than half of the country.   NONE.  They were all killed or fled to Rome.


Before going into this story, I confirmed the bias against reporting the truth about the barbarian invasions by looking at how other people tell this terrible story which has zero historians from this time period since anyone literate was annihilated in Britain.  Here is a funny video trying to explain this:

Anglo-Saxon – The History of English (1/10) – YouTube


Here is the BBC – Primary History – Anglo-Saxons – Invasion and settlement whereby the new rulers of Britain try explaining away reality by openly lying:

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.25.11 AM

HAHAHA.  The Belgium tribes noticed very quickly after the last Roman troops left, a great LOOTING opportunity arrived and exactly like the Vikings later on, they came floating over to loot, rape and burn.  Then they stayed.  Archeologists in England can see clearly how this worked: every single Roman villa in the countryside was ruthlessly leveled.  The only Roman building allowed to sort of stand was the watering hole at Bath!


Not only that, Roman coins are spread all over England!  Farmers find these in open fields.  Children pick them up while browsing around.  ALL the Roman coins are ones that were make worthless by 400 AD due to inflation and replacing real valuable metals like silver and gold and even copper with cheap metals that are pretty much worthless.  The barbarians took any gold and silver they found and threw away the cheap coins as worthless which is why so many of these lie scattered evenly across the landscape.


Here is an example of desperate attempts at hiding the remaining real gold/silver coins in Britain:  Hoard of 3,000 Roman coins unearthed in Yeovil | Daily Mail Online


They date from second and third centuries AD, a time when the Romans regularly marched through the then-village, on the Fosse Way – the main road between Exeter and Lincoln…The 3,339 coins have now been cleaned and examined by The British Museum, which believes they were buried in around 270AD.


They include 164 silver denarii coins, four brass sestertii, four of which were worth one denarii.  The rest are radiates, which were much like modern pennies and had a small value…


A report by the coroner who examined the coins said: ‘Coins issued prior to the reign of the emperor Septimius Severus (193-211AD), whose major debasement of the silver coinage made earlier coins attractive to those wishing to remove them to take advantage of their higher silver content, are almost absent and this fits a known pattern for British hoards deposited as this time.’


…By the end of the third century AD, denarii only contained just a few per cent of silver, which was disguised by applied silver ‘wash’ to the surface.


There is a lesson here!  Our own empire has been steadily debasing the currency over time, we call this ‘inflation’ and it has consequences.  This is connected to debt spending instead of keeping the budget of the empire under control.  And ancient Rome did this debasing stuff and money disappeared from most of Europe by the time Rome was looted.


Note how Romans hid the ‘valuable’ coins…only to not get them back due to dying for various reasons.  Most of England’s coin hoards of value are from that time when the emperor debased it.  The coins in circulation when the empire departed were all considered so worthless by the Anglo/Saxons, they didn’t even bother with picking them up when they destroyed all the villas.


Here is how the scary cats running Wikipedia explain away the brutal, violent, murderous takeover of Britain after 450 AD:  Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain was the process, from the mid 5th to early 7th centuries, by which the coastal lowlands of Britain developed from a Romano-British to a Germanic culture following the Roman withdrawal in the early 5th century. The traditional view of the process has assumed an invasion of several Germanic peoples, later collectively referred to as Anglo-Saxons, from the western coasts of continental Europe, followed by the establishment of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms across most of what is now England and parts of lowland Scotland.


So, us ‘traditionalists’ assume there was an invasion?  NO KIDDING!!!  Why on earth would a bunch of Latin-speaking people in this island part of the Roman empire suddenly switch from living in lovely, modern with infloor heating systems, plumbing, baths, fancy mosaic floors suddenly move into round huts with no chimneys and filled with smoke with no rooms at all especially no bedrooms or kitchens?  Why on earth would Roman citizens switch to speaking Germanic languages that are utterly alien?  Eh?


Did the Angles and Saxons say, ‘Pardon me, bud, could you please learn to speak my language and by the way, we don’t think it is a good idea to live in modern houses, you should live in dirty little round huts instead?’


The arrival of a Germanic element in the history of Britain is also called the Advent of the Saxons (Latin: Adventus Saxonum), a term first used by Bede in about 731.[1]


The assumption that the Anglo-Saxon settlement developed from the invasion and mass-migration of people from the Germanic coastlands, largely displacing the native people, has been challenged by those suggesting that the changes in material culture and language were caused primarily by a process of acculturation that followed the movement of a relatively small number of people. Some writers have also argued that the influence of Germanic peoples and culture was already present in eastern regions of pre-Roman Britain.


Idiots, all!  HAHAHA.  Ahem: why did the Romans build those walls and station armed guards there?  To keep out the barbarians!  Why did the Romans fight all the wars along the Rhine?  To stop the barbarians from invading!  Which part of ancient Rome fell first to the barbarians?


England!  The utter, total annihilation of Roman England is startling.  It was thorough and absolute.  The first ‘re-civilizers’ who came in were Christian missionaries who had to establish their home bases on some of the most isolated fringe islands where they would be safe from the barbarian Angles and Saxons!  Slowly, they reentered England and used Latin in their books, etc. and reintroduced Latin to the barbarians there who were content to use this alien tongue for religious ceremonies which they didn’t understand much but looked to for a new system of beliefs.


What was this ‘small number of Angles and Saxons’ in the first place?  Why are there zero other forms of society after 600 AD?  That is, by then, the wiping out of the natives was pretty complete.  Why do the people of Wales to this day speak at home, a totally different language than Anglo-Saxon English?  They have a different language because they were a totally different tribe and had lived in England for thousands of years and were pushed out by the Romans and then the Germanic invaders.


The view that the Anglo-Saxons arose from insular changes and developments, rather than as a result of mass migration and displacement, is now widely accepted.[2] However, the extent to which incomers displaced or supplanted the existing inhabitants and the extent to which mutual acculturation occurred is still the subject of ongoing debate.[a] At the centre of this debate is the creation of an acceptable model for cultural and linguistic change, as there are few historical or contemporary sources relating to the anglicisation of lowland Britain. The sources that do exist are open to a variety of interpretations, as is the more recently available evidence largely derived from archaeology and genetic research.


HAHAHA.  They should do a genetic study of us Normans.  Something the Royals would hate since they ain’t Normans.  Perhaps I should be Queen of England, I have more claim to the royal throne than the German replacements.  And I am part German, too, so there!


So, pray tell, how did the ‘few’ Anglo-Saxons invaders persuade all the Romanized Brits to switch from their language and style of living to living in tiny round huts with holes in the roof for smoke?  How did these ‘few’ invaders persuade the Brits to change HAIR COLOR from dark to blonde?  How did they do this amazing trick?


Then there is the red hair of the Scots and the black hair with blue eyes of the people of Wales: good lord, I think the people of these various sorts are lovely and amazing and most of all, this is genetic power of recessive genes at work.  Just like my blue/green eyes and blonde hair are recessive genes that all my family members display.


Judaism is all about genetics and is sitting on the same rocks as the genetics of Britain: denial of the truth.  Russian steppe Jews, for example, are quite genetically different from Jewish people in the Middle East whose families were there since before Roman times (hint: a huge number of these are called ‘Palestinians’ today after being converted by Mohammed way back in 500 AD).


 The history of this period has traditionally been a narrative of decline and fall. However evidence from Verulamium suggests that urban-type rebuilding,[5] featuring piped water, was continuing late on in the 5th century, if not beyond. At Silchester, there are signs of sub-Roman occupation down to around AD 500,[6] and at Wroxeter new Roman baths have been identified as Roman-type.[7]


So, not ALL the villas and baths were utterly destroyed… but were destroyed by 550 AD! HAHAHA.  So, the Angle/Saxon invasion was over three centuries long, not a ten minute invasion.  The Norman invasion was one day long.  We killed the Anglo/Saxon king and said we were the new rulers and within 50 years,  had built castles all over the place to enforce this on the population and we spoke a totally different language and…ended up speaking English by 1300 AD.


THIS is proof that the Norman invasion was ‘small’ in the fact that we couldn’t change one iota of the resident population which we called ‘serfs’ and forced them to work for us but due to the fact that we had to communicate with these serfs, we learned their language, not the other way around!  This means, the Normans displaced no one except people at the very tippy top of society.  The Anglo-Saxons won the critical cultural battle and thank god for that!  Congratulations, everyone who was a ‘serf’.  You forced the rulers to bend the knee and this is a great, great triumph.


It took a lot of guts and pride to do this trick, too.  It shows how the human spirit can win.  And not one Romanize Brit could do this trick.  They lost, 100%.  They were annihilated.  Years of being protected by the Roman legions run by a distant emperor led to complacency, helplessness, civilization made the Romanized population weak and helpless.  They fell apart fast.  Either they fled to safer parts of the empire only to be annihilated later by barbarians who poured into Italy or they died quickly by the sword and flames of these same barbarians.


Remember Rome?  A million people in 400 AD and less than 20,000 in 700 AD.  Remember the Roman ruins?  All of the middle of the city was turned into RUINS.  Wrecked.  Totally.  Except for ONE building, and this was due to it being turned into a church at the last minute so it wasn’t destroyed.  Within a few years of Roman troops marching out of Britain, Rome was looted by barbarians.  The word ‘Vandals’ come from this event.  We know for absolute certain that very soon after the troops left England, they were utterly defeated by the barbarians who then raped and looted Rome, itself:


Fleeing before the advance of the Huns, the Vandals, Suebi, and Alans launched an attack across the frozen Rhine near Mainz; on 31 December, 406, the frontier gave way and these tribes surged into Gaul. They were soon followed by the Burgundians and by bands of the Alamanni. In the fit of anti-barbarian hysteria which followed, Emperor Honorius had Stilicho summarily beheaded (408). Stilicho submitted his neck, “with a firmness not unworthy of the last of the Roman generals,” wrote Gibbon. Honorius was left with only worthless courtiers to advise him. In 410, the Visigoths led by Alaric I captured the city of Rome and for three days there were fire and slaughter as bodies filled the streets, palaces were stripped of their valuables, and those thought to have hidden wealth were interrogated and tortured. As newly converted Christians, the Goths respected church property. But those who found sanctuary in the Vatican and in other churches were the fortunate few.


Stilicho was stupid. He should have attacked the ’emperor’ instead, he chose to be a good Roman even though Rome was dead.  Note that everything was destroyed suddenly and nearly totally, the only buildings saved were pagan ones converted to churches.  This Wikipedia article totally disagrees with the article about the Anglo/Saxon invasion of England.  And it gives a much more realistic view of all this:


Roman culture north of the Po River was almost entirely displaced by the migrations. Whereas the peoples of France, Italy, and Spain continued to speak the dialects of Latin that today constitute the Romance languages, the language of the smaller Roman-era population of what is now England disappeared with barely a trace in the territories settled by the Anglo-Saxons, although the Brittanic kingdoms of the west remained Brythonic speakers. The new peoples greatly altered established society, including law, culture, religion, and patterns of property ownership.


Yes, Roman language skills and laws survived the fall of the Empire but the population of Romanized people was immense in France, Spain, Italy, etc.  The empire split in two and the Greek half sailed merrily along speaking NO Latin at all which is why all the eastern half countries have Greek-based Christianity/languages.


The brutal reality of languages is all about wars, slavery, endurance, patience, historical quirks and other shocking things.  Language is a bloody hellish business.  It is imposed, nearly always, by the swords and then changes over time due to trade and can end very swiftly indeed if you kill off the speakers of a language and endure for thousands of years in the teeth of opposition if one lives in mountains like Wales and Scotland.  Or the Alps!  Mountain people are very, very stubborn.


The history of the rulers of England is all about trying to subdue these mountain people who don’t learn to speak English except at sword point and then there is Ireland which was the place that sent over waves of Christian missionaries after the Anglo/Saxon invasions, converting them and sadly, weakening them sufficiently so that the Viking pagans could easily dispatch them and take over…again and again.


Bravo to the English and Welsh and Scots and Irish who fought back via language and outright sword fighting!  Even when losing a battle, you all won the culture war.  Which still rages onwards, come to think of it.


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23 responses to “Great Empires See Populations Annihilated By Barbarians Who KILL Everyone

  1. Melponeme_k

    Roman expansion was good while they could promise everyone a place at the Roman table but when it came to people who weren’t interested…they failed. Obviously the North men weren’t interested in running water, heated baths and a proper sewage system. Only afterwards were they like…oh wait!

    Interestingly enough there have been loads of apocryphal stories of the Romans trying to bulldoze their way into Asia. This based on finding a few stray artifacts from the Roman army in the area. Now whether they were really there or it was just via trade route goods, it isn’t known. But the stories say that the Roman expansion into Asia was stopped by …guess who? VIETNAM! If so, history loves her chuckles. Boy, talk about a bunch of tough M*****f*****s for centuries!.

  2. Lisa

    The decline of empires. Always a fascinating subject.

    According to the Arthur stories, Vortigern hired the Saxons to defend Britain after the Romans left. You know, hired them to do the jobs the British wouldn’t do. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Now the whole kingdom (England=Angles land) is named after the hired help.

    There was a DNA study taken in England, the further southeast someone lives the more likely they are to be Germanic:

  3. e sutton

    There is a lesson here! Our own empire has been steadily debasing the currency over time, we call this ‘inflation’ and it has consequences.


    Excellent point, as usual. Witness as an example, my friends, the debasement of our own silver coinage in America. 1964 was the last year dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars (remember those?!) were made out of silver. Culturally, the nation and the world started slipping soon thereafter. I think of that year, 1964, as a watershed, where everything that came thereafter was fundamentally changed (for the worse, imho). By my logic 🙂 we started our decline soon thereafter.

  4. Christian W

    Topic elite rulers:

    The participant list for this year’s Bilderberger meeting has been released.

    The US participants include:

    Roger Charles Altman (born April 2, 1946)[1] is an American investment banker, the founder and executive chairman of Evercore, and a former Democratic politician. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Carter administration from January 1977 until January 1981 and as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton administration from January 1993 until he resigned in August 1994, amid the Whitewater controversy.[2]

    Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. (born October 28, 1951 in Washington, D.C.) is an American economist, who was Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 1999 to 2006, and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association – College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA) since April, 2008.

    Henry Kissinger, world class war criminal

    Ferguson, Niall, Professor of History, Harvard University

    US Senator Lindsey Graham

    Marie-Josée Kravis: She serves on the international advisory board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and on the boards of Publicis S.A. and LVMH. Since 1989 she has attended virtually all conferences of the Bilderberg Group (except the one in 1997) and serves on its steering committee.[1]

    + assorted Neocons from media, entertainment and think tanks including Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Walt Disney, Washington Post, NBC, American Enterprise Institute etc

    + lawyers, Captains of the the MIC, Big Finance etc

    All in all about 30 participants out of 125 (officially named) are Americans.

  5. e sutton


    First of all, thanks for the list. Secondly, I would like to conjecture as to what the topic will be for our esteemed big boys and girls at their next throw down (soiree in polite circles, ahem…) .

    What to do with that meddlesome, loud mouth, can´t be bought off, ¨Man of the People¨, Trump?

    Me thinks something rhyming with Oswald is in the works. We shall see.

  6. Big Al

    Latin german greek celtic anglo-saxon norse, all belong to the Indo-european group of languages. The Norse controlled the northhern half of England, Danelaw, many words in the north are danish, beck for stream, force for waterfall. The last norse king in england was my fav, Eric Bloodaxe, killed in an ambush, at Stanemoor pass.

  7. Big Al

    to continue, my grandmother came from a village with an unique name:- Torpenhowe, tor is celtic for hill, pen is anglic for hill, howe is norse for hill

  8. e sutton

    Sssshhhhhhh…………An immigration official stopped Homeland Security agents from arresting the alleged gun supplier of the San Bernardino terrorists the day after the attack and then lied about it to department investigators.

    Thank you, Daily Mail, as no way in Hay-uhl I would see this little nugget in my own country. Ummmm hmmmm…….you no dat rye, ummmm hmmmm….gnome sane?…..

  9. tio

    Calumny! We’re lovely.
    “Bûter, brea, en griene tsiis is goed Ingelsk en goed Frysk.”

    Green cheese indeed.

  10. Well the genetic studies indicated that the English are mostly from indigenous stock that came in at the end of the Ice Age when the glaciers pulled back from the British Isles. Yet archaeological evidence cited in Life in Late and Post-Roman Britain for Verulamium (now Chester) clearly show that the terrified Romanised Britons sought safety in the HYPOCAUST of the town baths! Which the Anglo-Saxon Barbarians would rapidly fill with smoke and suffocating carbon monoxide with fires that would also prevent the trapped Britons’ escape, if they were smart.

    Seems to me the serfs and laborers endured whilst the Romanised elites, upper and even middle classes were utterly destroyed.

  11. tio


  12. emsnews

    None of the slaves and serfs survived after 550 AD. They were killed by the invading Saxons. This is the very harsh lesson of reality and I will note that all official stories about England LEAVES THIS STUFF OUT.

    No one dares study why not one iota of Latin life survived. Even the new hatched Christians who were living there before the collapse,did not survive, the Christian Church had to send in new missionaries and start all over again.

    This is also why all the days of the week, for example, are Saxon names of pagan gods, for example.

  13. DM

    THIS is proof that the Norman invasion was ‘small’ in the fact that we couldn’t change one iota of the resident population which we called ‘serfs’ and forced them to work for us but due to the fact that we had to communicate with these serfs, we learned their language, not the other way around!

    Yep. Sure. If you can trace your ancestry to 1066, you certainly are unique.

    Obviously, I think that bit is a lot of Baloney, but what I don’t quite get is why you have this obsessive need to declare to the world your innate genetic superiority.


    ELAINE: ALL the Norman upperclass can trace back to various individuals because we kept records and were literate. Ask anyone who is at the top of the tree about this.

    Most other people had no name except their profession. That is, ‘Bauer’ (German for peasant) or ‘Smith’, etc.

    When people came to the New World, one of the innovations we had here was to make certain people had a first and last name and registered it! Many people immigrated here with nearly no name ID and were often given names when coming here.

    Examples abound! My own husband when his family came here, they couldn’t write in Latin script because they were Russians so they got an entirely new last name that was easy to spell in the new script!

  14. Jim R

    The term ‘genocide’ was actually coined in the 20th century.

    The word has overtones of this unimaginable evil, like invading space lizards or man-eating amoebas.

    It is in fact, how humans, pre-human primates, and many other life forms, have done things since the dawn of life. Invade a new area, win the war, and kill off the competition. Whether you’re a fire ant colony, or a Viking party getting rid of Roman scum.

    This is what is so shocking about the effort on the part of political elites to welcome migrants from the Middle East into Europe. It will mean the end of every European country that allows it to continue.

  15. emsnews

    Yes, the belief that tribal groups aren’t dangerous is what I am railing on about and some people are offended by what I say because we all want to live in this la la land of fantasy where there is no such things as tribalism except trying doing this in say, Israel! Ahem. Big tribalism big time, all tribalism all the time and nothing but that.

  16. tio

    @DM #15

    A reckoning is long overdue, the menu writes itself. Be happy.

  17. DM

    Ask anyone who is at the top of the tree about this.

    Well, Elaine, I am asking you. It is extremely difficult to prove lineage even as recently as the eighteenth century. An example of this might be the number of people who had to witness the birth of French Royalty.

    After the Reformation, many records that did exist were lost. For common peons, unless Roman Catholic, there is little chance of finding records from the 17th century.

    Just having a name somewhere in the lineage (e.g. Steele) – does not constitute much proof either.

    I would be quite interested to know what records you have, starting from the Doomsday Book. Are you in possession of an illuminated pre-Gutenberg family bible? What public records have you used for your research?

    Being tallish and from English extraction does not automatically make you a Norman. No more than someone today with the name ‘Wallace’ (William Wallace was a commoner born in the 13th century – but of Norman descent. He was 6′ 6″).

    You may well be of Norman extraction – to some degree – but the gene pool is always pretty well shaken-up over that period of time.

  18. emsnews

    WHAT??? Who on earth told you that obvious lie??? Guess what.. we had deeds on property, birth records and yes, the elites kept very careful records of births because you INHERIT LANDS.

    Peasants were not allowed to do all this. This was terrible for them! They were not even allowed to have last names until Queen Elizabeth’s time, for the most part.

  19. emsnews

    And no, the records in England didn’t vanish in 1700. By then, my family was over here…and KEPT RECORDS HERE, too. The innovation was, they and others insisted everyone keep records and this is why the US has such great records of births and deaths. From nearly day one.

  20. Jim R

    Astronomers are just nuts about keeping records. In fact, that’s 99% of astronomy. Noticing when a star is in a different place than it was the night or week before. Tracking little wobbles in the Moon’s orbit to predict eclipses.


  21. emsnews

    And ancient astronomers did this a lot only barbarians did wreck record keeping like when the library in Alexandria was burned down. 😦

    We know the genealogy of the ruling elites of ancient Rome, hell’s bells, Egypt 3,000 BC, too. The elites make monuments and keep records of rulers and births, etc.

    We know how many miscarriages and child deaths of ruling elites of all of Europe going back to around 1000 AD or so. Before that, during the well named ‘Dark Ages’ people were illiterate who invaded ancient Roman lands and they certainly kept zero records, due to illiteracy, obviously.

    The Normans were not illiterate. If they were, they had literate priests in tow (who were also Normans) who did the paper work.

    Keeping records of people inheriting property is of highest importance to any civilization but NO civilization kept records of slaves or working class people because there was no need to decide who gets the property when the head of the family dies.

    William Shakespeare, we know a great deal about because he was lucky to be born at a time when the non-nobility got to own land and he owned a fair amount of land and built a fine home there in Avon and died there and was, like Normans, buried inside the church in his home town along with all his relatives who he had interred there including his wife and their names were engraved on the floor of the church.

    I approve of the spreading of identification of people and honoring them all! I want everyone to have what my family had for many many many years. Gaining this is highly important.

    Which is why the disintegration of families is so horrifying to me. It is particularly bad in the black community where children no longer know who their father, uncle, cousin is, whose mothers have multiple fathers for multiple children and worse: NO NAMES ON BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

    By the millions! No names of fathers at all! Isn’t that scary?

    Nope, seems no one cares this is happening.

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