Hillary Wins DNC Nomination: Will Flood Country With Illegal Aliens

Hillary supporters attack and abuse Trump supporters:  Protest in San Diego California. Anti Trump. (5-27-16). Donald Trump rally San Diego CA. protesters – YouTube: Hillary won the primary election in the present rigged system and Mexicans celebrate, viewing this correctly as a victory in a war against US citizens.  They clearly intend to drive out Americans from places like California.  In the above video, the thugs spray slogans on citizen’s car and yell, ‘Set it on fire’.


Hispanic Democratic congressman Filemon Vela tells Donald Trump: ‘You’re a racist’ | Daily Mail Online and writes a letter about all this:


Your position with respect to the millions of undocumented Mexican workers who now live in this country is hateful, dehumanizing, and frankly shameful. The vast number of these individuals work in hotels, restaurants, construction sites, and agricultural fields across the United States. If I had to guess, your own business enterprises either directly or indirectly employ more of these workers than most other businesses in our country. Thousands of our businesses would come to a grinding halt if we invoked a policy that would require “mass deportation” as you and many of your supporters would suggest. That is precisely why the Republican-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce agrees that these workers deserve a national immigration policy that would give them a pathway to citizenship.

Anti Trump Protestors Wave Mexican Flag Chant Mexico in California – YouTube

This man of Mexican descent living in the US and who isn’t a patriot who believes in protecting our country, tells us curtly that US workers are useless and good old illegal aliens who work for a lot less, are good people.  This same miscreant who supports breaking the law so long as you are one of ‘his people’ doesn’t address the issue about how US citizens in all our inner cities who are black, have been eliminated as workers by illegal aliens.


He won’t talk about how wages of the working class American citizens has been frozen for two decades during which most have been replaced with illegal and legal aliens, let us not forget how college-educated workers are being replaced/wages lowered by legal aliens!  The issue about how aliens are brought in to reduce worker’s powers is the entire reason why Trump will slay Clinton in the coming election.


Clinton won in California by promising Hispanics that they will be allowed to run over everyone and continue breaking the laws, etc.  She got black voters by promising them no more policing in their slums and more welfare money so they can continue to make money with crime and having babies.  This status quo is destroying them but she doesn’t care so long as they vote to continue destroying themselves.


The flood of Catholics pouring into the country has affected our Supreme Court.  Aside from the Jews who control almost half of the court, the rest are all Catholics.  Not ONE Protestant judge sits there!  Zero!  Nada.  This is a disgrace.  Now on to the issue of Hillary:  she is running for President because…SHE KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN TRUMP.


Trump rips off people.  Hillary murders people.  Every dead soul in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. that Hillary and her gang has murdered should shame us all.  Hispanics support Hillary because she is killing Muslims, not them.  Blacks support Hillary because she will help them kill each other better, not interfere with their lifestyle choices and she certainly won’t make them work since illegal aliens will do all the blue collar jobs instead.  What a solution to our problems!

Angry Mob Ransacks Trump Supporters Car – YouTube: Hillary supporters waving Mexican flags attack American in a car and smash it up while scaring the people inside nearly to death while cops stand aside instead of attacking the thugs.


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7 responses to “Hillary Wins DNC Nomination: Will Flood Country With Illegal Aliens

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: did you read the news about the Prosecutor who is investigating Bill Clinton and his ‘sexcapades’ on the “Lolita Express”? The prosecutor’s husband was SHOT DEAD. You know, people hear about and read about how many people the Clinton’s have murdered, but it doesn’t seem to register–until another Clinton-protecting homicide occurs. No comment from the Mainstream Media, of course.

  2. ziff

    Dear Leader !!

  3. Well Mexico wants all the land we stole from them back. They ain’t gettin it! If Trump gets in, we’ll see the illegals deported en masse and the wall built (unless his rich new donors end up holding veto power over his decisions). If Hilary gets in, well, Mexico will once again lament its fate, “So far from God, so close to the United States” after the final exchange of WW3 which would make the USA an ASH TRAY.

  4. Lou

    Petruchio- long ago I posted a link to ‘clinton killed?’ list and EMS posted that it was stupid.

    She doesnt notice chemtrails either. I do. they werent there 30 years ago.

  5. emsnews

    Chemtrails are when atmospheric humidity begins to rise as a cold front approaches. Stop being so silly.

    The other item is a coincidental event, a murder happening in a country filled with murderers who like to kill. No big deal.

  6. Jim R

    Insofar as H2O is a ‘chemical’, I usually do not debate with ‘chemtrail’ folks. I don’t need a spectrograph to identify the substance in every one of the pictures they have shown. If there is a lot of humidity (H2O), the vapor trails last a long time in the sky, and if the humidity is low, they may not appear at all.

    But then some wag posted this picture:


  7. emsnews

    Yes, the idea that turbulence can create those vapor trails is one of the funniest things in the world. DUH. No jets and no rising humidity=no ‘chemtrails’.

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