Top Jewish Minister Openly Says He Intends To Totally Remove All Muslims From West Bank

Attacked by a Tel Aviv “Death to Arabs!” mob – YouTube

Palestinian dressed as Hasidim Gunmen Open Fire in Tel Aviv, Leaving Four Dead – The New York Times: stories of Jews killing little girls with scissors doesn’t make headline news at theNYT but this one does, of course.  The news that Netanyahu’s entourage visiting Russia has openly talked about further violent ethnic cleansing of the West Bank is utterly ignored by the NYT but to my surprise, the Washington Post did carry that story which I normally  have to go overseas to discover!  Will wonders never cease?  Real news for American readers!

Israeli minister wants to annex half of West Bank and kick out the Palestinians – The Washington Post

 While traveling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a state visit to Russia on Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel told the Times of Israel that the world should forget about a Palestinian state.


“We have to aspire to the annexation of Area C; these are areas where there are no Arabs at all,” Ariel said. “We would remove a few thousand, who do not constitute a significant numerical factor.”..
The Times of Israel did not reveal Ariel’s thinking on the method of transfer of Palestinians from Area C. “Ariel did not specify how those Palestinians would be removed, or where they would be relocated,” the media outlet reported…


These are not lone voices. Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, supports annexation. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked wants to apply Israeli law to Area C, a step toward annexation.


No one at all is around a quarter million people.  But then, Jews don’t consider these people to be human beings, they are ‘subhumans’ which is how the Nazi ideology viewed Jews.  Last month, these same neonazis announced that outright citizens of Israel who are Muslims must be removed from their homes because the Jews want to use their land to practice blowing up stuff and shooting guns for the military preparation for the Holocaust Wars.


Muslims living in Jerusalem are under siege.“Death to the Arabs!”, “Arabs to the Gas Chambers!” Zionist Settlement – YouTube: the Muslim who legally lives in Jerusalem films a terrifying event: an insane Jewish radical racist who is backed by hundreds of others cheering him on, climbs up to the balcony of the Muslim man in order to attack him and steal his Palestinian flag!  The Muslim film maker argues with the man who is utterly unreasonable and who finally did steal the flag when the Muslim man was arrested by the police for defending his own home!


Settlers marching through Jerusalem chanting “Death to the Arabs” – YouTube


Below is a comment at the Washington Post story above that illustrates how Jews think about all this, their inability to see the absolute mirror image of Naziism, how Zionism spawned Naziism and ‘legalized’ Naziism by having top Jewish politicians call for ethnic cleansing in Palestine BEFORE WWI, not after, before.


Jim Wilberforce
6/8/2016 11:58 PM EDT
The Nazis moved the jews, in cattle cars, to gas chambers, and finally ovens. Not even close to the same thing. Further, the qualification befitting this genocide, was heredity. The heredity of the “Palestinians” of the West Bank are from Jordon. They’re not being herded into cattle cars.


The biggest Jewish lie of all lies is, Palestine was ’empty’ so they are merely moving into uninhabitable lands which they fixed up to be habitable.  Pretending the natives were from somewhere else while alien Jewish immigrants poured in from Europe and North America, is the most important lie of all since it justifies ethnic cleansing.  Believing the natives are aliens is top priority for Zionists.


They’re not be gassed to death by the millions. They’re not be disposed of in giant furnaces. Not nearly the same thing as the Holocaust. They’re being told they can’t live in a country wherein they don’t have citizenship. The U.S. does the same thing to illegal immigrants.


The illegal immigrants were all Jews in this case!  Americans should understand that the demonstrators in California were not demonstrating to be citizens, they openly waved Mexican flags and yelled that they were going to take over and kick out everyone else because it belongs to them, not American citizens.


The Democrats who encouraged and assisted these rioters and who refused to protect Trump convention visitors, pretend this isn’t the goal of the demonstrators who roughed up American citizens.  All US politicians yell at us that we are all created equal and have citizen’s rights no matter what religion and skin color and then hop off to Israel and vote in Congress for more money for segregationists in Israel and applaud Israel’s ethnic cleansing, big time!


This is going to end very badly.  Holding schizophrenic political/ethical positions usually ends in explosive destruction.  One cannot do this forever.  Jews, anxious to deflect Muslim rage and numbers to Europe and the  US, short sightedly believe this will make Israel safer but of course, this is already backfiring badly.  It is beyond stupid.  Yet they continue this path.


This is why media giants are pushing hard to let in Muslims even as Europe reels from doing this and terror is shooting upwards and crimes increasing thanks to this flood of Muslims there.  What is odder still, Jews love hanging out in Paris!  How do they imagine they will do this in the future, baffles me.  The letter writer who is Jewish continues to rage about how natives are really foreigners and have to surrender entirely to the Jews if they want to ask to be ‘citizens’ of the place they lived in for many generations:


If the surrounding countries cared so much, they’d invite them back and barter to extend they’re borders. It’s inevitable the Palestinians will be pushed out of Israel if the Israelis don’t give them citizenship. They will continue to not gain citizenship as long as they celebrate the guys and gals who grab a steak knife from their kitchen and go on a stabbing spree. Next stabbing you hear of in your country I want you to practice saying out loud “they had it coming, they were in the wrong neighborhood. That neighborhood belonged to the guy with the knife, so they deserved to get stabbed.” It sounds ludicrous, because it is.


Jews celebrate mass murderers who kill entire Palestinian families including the babies.  People who kill Muslims and are Jewish are barely punished or even congratulated but if a Palestinian school girl cuts a Jew, she is gunned down and everyone Jewish celebrates this, too.  Meanwhile, Jews who write for US media get hysterical when police here shoot blacks running wild at night in our cities that are imploding thanks to free trade removing most working stiff jobs.


I was stunned to find this story reported by the WP, too.  The NYT didn’t carry it, of course:  Israeli revelers give Palestinians the finger in march through Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter – The Washington Post


On Sunday, Israeli police vowed there would be zero tolerance for the racist chants that marked past parades. Although the march featured some pushing and shoving, there were few arrests and no serious violence and few arrests.


Arab shopkeepers were ordered to close their stores along the route, but a few remained open.


“I am not afraid. This is my shop. This is my Jerusalem. I am not closing,” said Ahmed Dandes, a tailor who sells men’s trousers at the Damascus Gate.  An hour later, Dandes had shuttered his shop and was headed home…


At one Palestinian sweets shop, youths surged forward, singing, “The people of Israel live!” while giving the Arab bakers their middle fingers.

Police swept in and pushed them away.

The only people arrested were Muslims.  The police asked the neonazis to tone it down a tad due to embarrassment when this sort of terrorism by Jews is reported overseas (but NOT in the US, normally).  The Washington Post has no editorials about how evil this sort of neonazi marches are, not a peep from them.


The similarity to the Nazis is so obvious:  The Boycott of Jewish Businesses


When the Nazis came to power, the lives of German Jews changed drastically. On April 1, 1933, the Nazis carried out the first nationwide, planned action against them: a boycott of Jewish businesses. Nazi spokesmen claimed the boycott was an act of revenge against both German Jews and foreigners, including US and English journalists, who had criticized the Nazi regime. On the day of the boycott, Storm Troopers stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned shops. The six-pointed “Star of David ” was painted in yellow and black across thousands of doors and windows. Signs were posted saying “Don’t Buy from Jews” and “The Jews Are Our Misfortune.”


Another view:  Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 On 1 April 1933, the Nazis carried out their first nationwide, planned action against Jews: a boycott targeting Jewish businesses and professionals, in response to the Jewish boycott of German goods.
On the day of the boycott, the SA stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned department stores and retail establishments, and the offices of professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

Jewish civil rights blogger with video camera is Attacked by a Tel Aviv “Death to Arabs!” mob – YouTube who chase him down and then HE is arrested by the authorities, not the mob chasing him, sort of like how the US is dealing with Trump supporters being attacked by illegal aliens.  The most shocking part of this story is, the Muslim being attacked by the Jews was the one arrested even though he was the one who called the cops!


I wonder why this isn’t huge news anywhere!  He has video proof of every bit of this attack on him and…nothing happens.  Few people have even seen the video, I dug it up by searching the internet carefully.  The concealment of news is an important part of ethnic cleansing plots. They have to hide everything.


Muslim leaders wishing to control our country via dishonest means are also silent about Palestine because they want to keep the Jewish publicity machine silent about the horrible things they are doing.  The Saudi Royals in particular, need our media to lie about everything concerning them.


It is worse: the Saudis want to wipe out the Jews in the end and need justification for this and the Jews, by legalizing ethnic cleansing, are giving the Saudis and others good legal reasons to abuse and then kill all Jews!  This insane double standard of Jews is going to bite back, big time.  It will hurt my own family.  But we are supposed to be silent about Jewish ethnic cleansing because ‘this will save Jews from anti-semitism’ and by the way, all the Palestinians are Semites. Every last one of them.  This makes the European Jewish ethnic cleansing particularly insane.



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13 responses to “Top Jewish Minister Openly Says He Intends To Totally Remove All Muslims From West Bank

  1. Jim R

    Hmm. I wonder what will happen when Assad, with some Russian help, cleans up Daesh, and secures his border with Turkey, and then wants the Golan back?

    Will the Israeli government be all concerned about territorial integrity, and give it back to Syria?

    Will Obama give Hawai’i back to the Kamehameha family, with apologies for 100+ years of illegal occupation?


  2. Christian W

    OT: Saudi Arabia, with US and UK support, threatened to cut funding (to the tunes of $100 million plus) to the UN unless the UN removed it from a list over human rights abusers (killing children in Yemen).

    The UN caved in to the Saudi bullying. Being removed from the list opened the door for the US to sell attack helicopters (Boeing) to the Saudi butchers (which is illegal under US law if the nation receiving them is abusing human rights – which Saudi Arabia + friends obviously are, never mind technicalities like UN lists).

    So now the MIC makes a killing while the Saudis can go on butchering Yemeni citizens using US bombs, rockets, airplanes and choppers. Ka-ching!

  3. Christian W

    It is worse: the Saudis want to wipe out the Jews in the end and need justification for this and the Jews, by legalizing ethnic cleansing, are giving the Saudis and others good legal reasons to abuse and then kill all Jews!

    I doubt this. The “House” of Saud owes absolutely everything it has to the Jews. The House of Saud were petty desert bandits and caravan robbers before the Brits and the US, post WWI, elevated them to Kings of “Saudi” Arabia.

  4. Melponeme_k


    The Saud Royal family’s fortune is tied to one thing…oil. As long as the oil keeps flowing and generating money for the many social support programs, they will be fine. It is when that runs out that they are in danger. Because they have loads of unemployed young men who a militantly religious.

    It could be they are hoping they will just focus on killing people in the US and Europe. But I don’t think so. I think they will connect the dots just as impoverished masses have done in the past.

    OT More mayhem caused by illegal aliens in Europe.


    ELAINE: In Germany, they burned down this huge holding facility because no one woke them up in time for breakfast.

  5. Christian W

    The oil money is rapidly running out. The Saudis have to start taxing their people now:

    Saudi Arabia is on the ropes. Recently published figures showed that KSA have only about $100 billion in US Treasuries, much less than previously thought. The IMF has calculated that on current spending KSA will be finished around 2020.

    This is a dangerous situation. Saudi Arabia is desperate, the low price on oil is killing their economy, while they are waging a two, or even three, front war in Yemen and Syria/Iraq.

  6. Christian W

    The price on gold is really starting to take off now.

  7. Christian W

    Oops that was the price of silver in the pic above, but the gold curve is exactly the same and gold hit $1,270

  8. JimmyJ

    Now Israel is banning 83,000 Palestinian entry permits? So far the alternate media in US only ones publicising this, no MSM. Of course UK media has it.

  9. emsnews

    Note how the NYT and WP both are carrying front page stories about the Bilderberg gang…HAHAHAHA.

  10. Lou

    Note how the NYT and WP both are carrying front page stories about the Bilderberg gang…I assume the stories are ‘puff pieces’ and the only reason that they are printed is because of the web.
    The meeting cannot be ignored as people are discussing online, so old media will give a nod, yes?

  11. emsnews

    There are no stories. It doesn’t exist. Your brain will be reprogrammed to forget you ever inquired or looked for them. This is a message from your Real Rulers.

  12. hans

    Israel nominated to head UN Counter-Terrorism Committee, i kid you not.

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