US Media Celebrates Rock And Roll Sexy Stuff Including Pictures Of Sons Fondling MOMS

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Stephanie Seymour & Sons Pose in Photo Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar which is a fashion magazine which decided this week it is OK to publish sexy pictures of sons fondling their famous stripper-type hussy of a mother.  This is a WOMAN’S magazine!!!


Real story: I was a teenager who got a scholarship to go to universities at age 16 and even won a scholarship to go to Germany for a year, too. And…I did sex, drugs and rock and roll! I was called a ‘hippie’ back then and knew Timothy Leary very well, for example, not to mention other hot shots during the Rock and Roll/Sex Fiend years and I worked as a volunteer at the Berkeley Free Clinic way back then, etc. etc. Had a very wild youth! I made the news way back in 1967 when I stripped half naked and ran into the ocean at Venice beach! I also worked in a strip joint when only 18 years old to make oodles of money from older men leering at me and made good friends with a number of them (no sex!). So…here we are today with utter, hysterical freakouts over stupid sex when college kids get utterly trashed and don’t hide in their homes or dormitories but rather, do this all in public. DUH. Talk about insanely stupid young ladies. Live rough and rough happens!  It looks like absolutely everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to severely punish anyone engaging in sex, drugs and rock and roll and our prisons are filled to the brim with people who were raised to believe we love sex, drugs and rock and roll.


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Aug 23, 2015

The IU Health Center organized “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll” … “It’s not realistic to ask them not to drink and have sex,” Meno said. “We want them to learn skills to party safer, and that’s what the interactives teach.” … activities were structured to teach students about the typical college party atmosphere.


The IU Health Center organized “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ’n’ Roll” Friday at Showalter Fountain as a part of this year’s Welcome Week festivities…“It’s not realistic to ask them not to drink and have sex,” Meno said. “We want them to learn skills to party safer, and that’s what the interactives teach.”


Focused on an audience of mostly freshmen, activities were structured to teach students about the typical college party 
atmosphere. Various booths touched on topics like what is in “jungle juice”, how to count drinks and what a serving looks like in a solo cup.


The exact same thing is hammering minority communities: everyone is raised to think that being stoned, drunk, out of control, illegal, criminal, to hell to society, let’s party, why work, etc. attitude which is celebrated in nearly every song and video made by entertainers who become filthy rich peddling this attitude problem and encouraging this.


Look at the fashion magazine shoot above!  The publishers and staff and photographers thought that photographs of young boys fondling their rich, powerful mummy in a very sexual way is GOOD.  It will sell issues!  It will make more money for the incestuous mother and her crew and the rich people who sell her body to the public so we can all leer at her.


When Michael Jackson made a song and dance video in a NYC subway station that just so happened to be virtually next door to my brownstone, I lived through utter hell afterwards as armies of young people aping that lunatic proceeded to trash  my train station, attack passengers and mess around to the point, one fine day, I had an entire subway car of these kids…all of whom were high school and college students!…arrested, charged and forced them to not only perform cleaning up a subway station, but they were lectured by me during the entire procedure as well as before the judge.


Here I was, a former hippie freak when young, arresting young kids doing stupid stuff!  What changed?  Well, I was now a mother and a tax payer!  That changes everything or ought to but today I wonder about adults who should be doing something about all this mucking around, messing with things…well, we now are!


Except we are not.  Universities and high schools, instead of separating the sexes and forbidding all sexual contact are instead, telling kids to be careful while they roar around, doing stupid things and getting smashed so they can do even stupider things.  If every drunk female was arrested when caught staggering about and put in drunk tanks and then charged and fined, there would be far fewer of these hussies running around half naked, sloshed in public!


Instead, the authorities want them all to continue as they are and to please not stagger into heavy traffic and get run over as all too many are every year that is, run over and hurt or killed.  They should not drive when sloshed yet they do this and they end up dead which is somewhat more dire than being molested.  But schools don’t forbid all drinking of any sort.  They want ‘responsible’ drinking but kids think this means, ‘Your friends who are slightly less drunk will drag you back to the dorm,’ except they don’t.


Everyone in the power structure wants to throw the book at the young man who stupidly thought he was going to a rock and roll sex school and he will be punished for life as a registered sex offender and everyone who said, ‘He was acting NORMAL for young males in today’s society’ are being heavily punished, they are losing jobs, seeing concerts cancelled and terrorized for giving a contrary opinion.  That is, anyone published saying they understand that the young female is at least half responsible for what happened to her, is being fired and publicly shamed for daring to say women have some responsibility towards protecting themselves.


So, America, is rock and roll and sex dead?  If so, tell everyone that we are in the New Puritanism World and the young drunken hussies who run about half naked (I speak in the sense of ‘wearing modern dress not Victorian clothing’) wiggling their fannies at young men and then falling into the gutter…this has to end, doesn’t it?  That is, the police should arrest any young ladies running around drunk with their fannies hanging out of very short garb and titties bouncing and thus ends the period of ‘sexy chicks’ for good.

“Goodbye … & Good Riddance”! (1932) – YouTube: men burn one of these ‘bathing machines’ celebrating the freeing of women so they can do naughty things in public!


No more bikinis, buddies!  My grandmother is laughing in the afterlife.  Back then, women couldn’t swim, it was verboten and they wore lots of clothing when bathing and had these boxes they called ‘bathing machines’  that horses towed into the lakes and oceans to hide in while dipping their ankles in the water…and my grandmother tossed that all out and was the first woman to swim long distances, no less.


I fought for the right to do wild sex and rock and roll and I knew everyone back then from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles (my sister’s roommate married Paul McCartney, after all!) and we all ran riot all the time and stupid things happened to us all and we shrugged it off as ‘well, we were doing this stuff!’  I hitchhiked cross country more than once, for example.


One man said to me, ‘What would you do if I raped you?’ and I pulled out my blade and said, ‘I grew up butchering chickens and rabbits.’  He freaked out and I laughed and hitched a better ride and the next guy and I chatted and I discovered he went to prison and I told him about how the cops arrested me and there was a riot and when he dropped me off, he gave me $40 as a friend and we didn’t have sex, we had a good time and I kept him awake while he drove long distance.


I was totally crazy and all the bad things that happened, I took responsibility for, and I expected bad and good things to happen and this was the hippie way of dealing with reality. Now here we are, all our youth desperately want my Rock and Roll/Sex life, too, but BE SAFE. That is, it should all be supervised by angry nuns who slap everyone with a ruler if they are caught saying something naughty or obscene or showing body parts that are forbidden (everything from the ankles upwards, by the way) and who will track who kissed whom and how this is done and this is exactly what my grandmother fought to ESCAPE.

Screen shot 2016-06-10 at 7.41.06 AM

Victorian morals are now being imposed on youths while our media and owners of this culture are peddling…sex, drugs and rock and roll are fantastic fun and everyone should spend their money and time doing all this!  Gazoogles of creeps are making gazoogles of loot peddling this.  Our media owners make all their money selling this culture.  Blacks are encouraged to live like this and not work hard, be sober and don’t have wild sex…nope, the vast majority of black children have no idea who their fathers are and don’t care to track this when they reach age 12 years and they will embrace the sex/music lifestyle and be dumbed down and put in prison over and over again forever.


And now white kids can have the same fate!  So why is our Hollywood media machine worshipping performers who do stuff for mass audiences that I used to call ‘stripping’ which used to be allowed only in sleazy adults-only venues?  Eh?  Now, it is mainstream entertainment and splashed all over the place and held up as a role model and then young ladies copying these strippers who sing about raw sex while gyrating half or nearly totally naked on stage…these poor girls learn that they are now strippers!


And note that I was heavily armed and very wary and knew males very well by age 18 and could successfully make lots of money stripping (not this free stuff!) and could defend myself, I was actually rather dangerous to tangle with by age 18 as more than one male discovered.  Girls trying to imitate me while being helpless chicks is infuriating, I did stripping and then volunteered at the Free Clinic and yes, talked to young women about rape and had to tell them, ‘You can’t do free love unless you also can fight for your life.’


I believe that we should send our children to the pre-1960’s style schools where the staff keeps the sexes apart, there are guards at women’s dorms, and no bikinis or short shorts or any such hussy clothing allowed and girls have a 9 pm curfew, etc.  Just like schools had done in my youth.  You see, I lived off campus and could do the rock and roll stuff while girls at the University of Arizona were locked up in dorms.  Ahem.

A Trip To The Seaside (0) – YouTube: the Brighton Beach city council in 1900, want to stop hussies from swimming in the sea!


Do the young women today want this?  If so, they should march on the administration and demand everyone return to 1955.  This means, they all must live the demure, protected lives the average college girl enjoyed back then and which I fought off from age 16 onwards including suing in court to gain equal rights with men.  Instead, we should all march back to the good old days, no?


Otherwise, we should not put in prison everyone who encounters us when we are raging drunk and rolling around on the ground, slathering in Dionysian embrace of the Wild Sex Fiend Joy.  I can just imagine my great grandmother who lived on the Arizona frontier, walking around hitting drunks with her umbrella!  PS: she used the umbrella for shade, the word ‘umbrella’ refers to it being a shade device, not a rain device.


Oh, and my grandmother and great grandmother both campaigned to outlaw booze and succeeded. We called this ‘Prohibition’.  Perhaps all schools should campaign to stop all drinking within a 20 mile radius of schools…hahaha, go full circle.  My ancestors would adore this.


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21 responses to “US Media Celebrates Rock And Roll Sexy Stuff Including Pictures Of Sons Fondling MOMS

  1. emsnews

    The WP has two ladies there saying that MEN are the problem, not drunken females staggering about the place. Hark, all men: they are aiming squarely at you guys. Girls have zero responsibility and men have to have utter, total control of themselves at all times.

    Claiming that women should be able to be totally sloshed and nothing happen to them is childish.

    Biden, our VP, says that he is furious that drunken females get in trouble, too. Absolutely everyone is piling on this story because the person being pilloried is a white young male, not the typical criminal types we see daily in the news.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Well…for the spells to work the Maenads have to rip apart at least one young, male victim.

    “I pulled out my blade and said, ‘I grew up butchering chickens and rabbits.’”

    OH my, the guy probably thought he drove into a real life Manson family moment.

  3. e sutton

    There is also the not so subtle message that since we have a such a high percentage of black males in prison, then all white males must have been given a pass. The ¨slap on the wrist¨ this young man received is intolerable and the suggestion is that he spend ten years in Federal ¨Pound me in the Ass¨ prison for his audacious behavior.

    Beware, young white men everywhere. You are the target of these social justice warriors. They, along with their leader, Mrs. Clinton, have declared you public enemy number one. Which is in itself highly ironic, considering a more loathsome rapist than Bill Clinton never existed.

  4. Petruchio

    “Blacks are encouraged to live like this and not work hard, be sober and don’t have wild sex…nope, the vast majority of black children have no idea who their fathers are.” It just kills me every single time I see on TV a black married couple. In and of itself that’s not unusual. What is unusual is the black couples are portrayed as the sensible ones and the whites–if there are any–are portrayed as the fools. 72% of ALL black children are born out of wedlock, but all you see on TV are happily married black couples who put their children first. Is this some kind of a sick joke!!?? It’s kind of unsettling to me to see how many times I see this image of the happily married, love-their-children black couple. The reality is far from that image.

  5. Christian W

    @ #3

    Does it even matter anymore? White, Black, Republican, Democrat, Sane or Insane?

    The US is imploding. I’ve been saying for years that the political landscape of the US has been deliberately destroyed – up is down and down is left and right is black is parrot. Words and concepts have no meaning anymore. The people capable of independent intelligent thought are marginalized and ridiculed. “Liberals” are extremist warmongers and close minded idiots pandering to the MIC or self serving fanatics pandering to fringe issues. “Conservatives” are extremist radicals bent on destroying the very nation they live in as long as they can personally make money on the destruction, or go to heaven in orgasmic rapture brought by a nuclear bomb, if they happen to be “Christians” [read Satanists, ie Dominionists]. The only center and left in the US political landscape are within the extremist parameters set by the elites whose self serving polices are destroying the world.

    The US elites have deliberately created this situation. I don’t think the world has ever seen such lunacy. Not even mad Mao was close since he was still contained within China. These lunatics are global in their scope and their policies will destroy the world.

  6. e sutton


    My personal favorite, and I cannot remember what the ad is for, so that shows you how effective their ads are, is the wise, graying, black dad, standing at the barbecue, offering his son nuggets of wisdom and council. The son dutifully listens, while keeping a watchful eye on dad, learning how not to burn the hamburgers. Makes me smile each and every time.

  7. Lou

    Is Aaron Persky jew or goy?

  8. hans

    Gazoogles of creeps are making gazoogles of loot peddling this. Our media owners make all their money selling this culture.

    and pray, which tribe are these media owners?

  9. e sutton

    @ Christian W,

    Every day I awaken, a new level of madness has transpired. I used to think Poe and his ilk exaggerated the varying degrees of insanity there exists in the world. Now I think he grossly underestimated things.


    ELAINE: On my mother’s mother’s mother side of the family is Edgar Allen Poe, he had no offspring, was an uncle. America back then was very, very small. Everyone nearly was related to each other to an astonishing degree.

  10. Ken

    I am only a couple of years younger than Elaine, and my friends from my youth are taking the same position as her. Most of them now have children, and they all say “I sure hope my kids don’t do the stuff I did when I was their age.”

  11. Moe

    Excessive self-indulgence is frowned upon by successful cultures, not because of puritanism or stoicism (though those can constitute reactive forces) but because those cultures realize that self control and a certain subjugation and sublimation of sensual desire must be achieved by the individual for the culture to prosper and perpetuate, and that the alternative is destructive to both individual and culture.

    Your recounting in your youth of a lifestyle of active sex and drug participation suggests that you were in rebellion with social mores, or alternatively undergoing an acting-out due to some traumatic life experience. I’m guessing on this matter, since I have no formal experience in psychology. What I do infer from your revelation is that you and your peer group were deviant, though not in the usual sense. You were deviant from prescribed social norms that were implemented over generations to curtail the attendant moral decay of the culture, fallible though those norms may have been. You were sucked in by the bullshit Hippie movement that was essentially an exercise and experiment in a sexualized communal living, a purely reactive formation to the rigidity, sexual repression and isolation of American culture, in the larger context of a rebellious youth movement that was self-indulgent, irresponsible and hedonistic. The perspective that: “…this is exactly what my grandmother fought to escape” (and you too!), and the frequent observation that: ‘everyone else was doing it and they turned out OK’ is also bullshit, as the end result is seen in the fractious and decadent society we live with today.

    You were gulled by the apparent freedoms of a hedonistic lifestyle as were millions of your generation. For your productive activities, unrelated to drug induced mind alteration/hallucination, and peddling your ass in various venues, your deserve kudos. Mucho kudos, but let us discern the difference between those earlier life episodes and the positive contributions made later (or separately from your hedonism) during your life.

    I realize that this is off-topic but you are being hypocritical, and I wanted to address that issue. But I would like to end my diatribe on your successes, not failures. My concern is not for your errant experiment in early adulthood, (we all make mistakes, or are conned into destructive participation), but for those contributions you have subsequently made, and continue to make.

  12. Ken

    Moe, you’re a wordsmith! I have long shared your views about Elaine’s early years vs, her later contributions. I just never put it together that cohesively. Well done.

  13. emsnews

    I stood on the edge of the earth watching the ocean surge and remembered the words of Saguaro Woman when I tried to commit suicide on a hill next to Rincon mountain in Tucson earlier: She came to me as I drew the hunting knife and said,
    ‘On the hottest, driest day of the year, night falls and I open My flowers and bats come to fertilize them and then the Summer Rains come and I am rich and fertile and have many offspring! Life is beautiful!”

    And I cried and said, ‘I will never forget what you said to me!’ and I ran down the hillside and came home and my parents were shocked that I was extremely happy and this all happened the same week I got my first college scholarship which paid me to go to school when I was only two years of high school and I discovered the freak community several days later in California when I plunged into the ocean half naked to embrace Life.

    It was an amazing series of events which led directly to some other heavy duty events and also that same week I declared war on our government because I suddenly understood what Vietnam was all about…It was all very odd and strange and eye opening and still is.

    I also denounced the internal destruction caused by the hippie movement in a huge speech I gave in Berkeley, California in 1969 and then I decided to focus on farming and living a clean, happy life which then was attacked from above when the government announced they were going to annihilate my little farm and pave it over like People’s Park…and then the military crashed a jet flown by a Saudi right where my little farm used to be…and I ended up in NYC with no career and a switch to hard work life which I loved greatly.

    Ahem: life is a winding road! But many go on a road straight off this cliff and the Grand Canyon of life is devouring millions of people and we all struggle to survive and the Saudis smashing into where my home stood mirrored 9/11 and so one only I escaped, thank goodness…

    We are all trapped in this matrix! And it is very hard to escape, when I moved to my mountain, I had everything worked out and then BOOM…our government foisted free trade on us and utterly destroyed my farm business and all the farms around me and now…it is crawling slowly back, maybe I will resume raising and breeding rare breeds of sheep or maybe alpacas?

  14. emsnews

    Never forget, dear readers, we are all in the grip of Historical Forces all of which are relentless and the only clues about what will happen to all this is the goddess of History! We look into the dim past to see what will happen next.

    HUGE CLUE: ALL great empires reach their zeniths when the weather is warm and sweet. They all collapse when temperatures drop and revolts, witch burnings, wars and plagues rise and barbarians beat down the gates, new religions rise as people panic.

    This is why our elites whining about warm weather frightens me. They are suicidal. I was, back in May, 1967. And remember how ‘dark’ the 1970s were? Terrible years, I barely survived them when mass populations went insane and tried to destroy absolutely everything in their path and I was in their path, big time.

    Grinding my teeth here. Will this happen again? That is obvious what the answer is.

  15. Ken

    I’m no psychiatrist, but I see some parallels between Elaine’s life experiences and those of some close family members. Like Elaine some of my family members were academically advanced and were promoted a couple of years ahead of their peers.

    Every one of them was messed up by the experience. They could handle the academic work but lacked the social maturity to function well with the older crowd. Often they were suseptable to peer pressure and crazy ideas which they would have ignored if they had been older.

    I suspect Elaine’s life would have turned out very differently if she had stayed in high school with her chronological peers and not been thrown into the 60s college scene at a young and impressionable age.

  16. e sutton



    I had a friend whose mother graduated high school when she was fifteen and graduated college before she was twenty. She was delightful. She joked about how surprising it was to be so young and surrounded with adults. At sixteen she attended cocktail parties and knew many gay and lesbian students, although she was not gay herself. This was back in the forties. She came from a very traditional, upper middle class family. Her new bohemian lifestyle must have alarmed her parents at the time.

    I shudder to think what would have happened had Elaine chosen a different path. I would no longer find wisdom each and every day I log on to her site. Would she be a Jersey or New York housewife, obsessing about a chipped tea cup in her cupboard which some oaf broke last Christmas? Don´t we have enough of those?

  17. emsnews

    I was ‘screwed up by school’ by having my major utterly annihilated when I was working towards a PhD!!!

    I chose to not continue school because it was a waste of time, instead, I ran out into the real world and made money building houses. I really enjoy doing construction work! I consider it fun and love the outdoors, too.

    Look at all the poor PhD professors. They have zero power and if they tweet something stupid that goes against the ideology of victimization today, they are FIRED and can’t get another job, either, ever again.

    One of my professors came to me after I began building houses and wondered if he could do this for a living too. He finally moved back to Europe instead. Poor guy.

    The Real Rulers messed with me way back in 1974 during the Cold War, during Nixon, during screaming about how Russia and East Germany were dangerous and…they eliminated the Russian and German language programs at the very same time!

    I tried to yell about this in the media and was ignored. I had a huge argument with my poor father but he was hated by Nixon so he couldn’t go and chat at the White House with Nixon and indeed Nixon put him on that enemy’s list!

    What a time that was.

  18. Petruchio

    “Beware, young white men everywhere. You are the target of these social justice warriors. They, along with their leader, Mrs. Clinton, have declared you public enemy number one.” True, except for the part about Mrs. Clinton. That vile, sleazy, disgusting LESBIAN just works for the Real Rulers. Kind of amazing, isn’t it? These Social Warriors–the Politically Correct crowd–are extremely judgmental when it comes to the behavior of others, but very ‘understanding’ with their own crowd. Billy Boy Clinton is a prime example.
    Anybody ever wonder why Mrs. Clinton doesn’t divorce Bill? The Rules of Political Correctness dictate, DEMAND that Billy be condemned to hell FOREVER. Yet there he is, Billy Boy is riding the “Lolita Express”, having sex with 14 year old girls with impunity. And the media holds this sleazy creep up as some sort of a Statesman!!!??? Oh and please don’t tell me that Mrs. Clinton needs to ride on the coattails of a MAN for her power? Say it aint so!
    Elaine seems to think there is something special about our Real Rulers, the Elites. Wrong!!! They are just a bunch of ultra, ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who have been overly indulged and inbred who just so happen to be giant hypocrites. Most of these “elites” couldn’t get or keep a job cleaning toilets without Family Money and/or Connections. Exhibit A are those “Numbskulls and Boneheads” types.

  19. CK

    She dresses up interestingly, for an older tart. Ms. Seemore that is.

  20. emsnews

    What is so special is RELATIONSHIPS. Who is related to whom. Ahem.

    Good lord. Then there is the Queen of England and her wretched spawn, hello.

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