All Sorts Of Goofy News Stories And Then Dark News About WWIII: US Sails Nukes Into Black Sea

Putin Checkmates Obama On New World Order WWIII – YouTube

After Putin trumped Obama in Syria last fall, the US has gone out of its way to screw up Syria as much as possible.

There are many things going on in the world today aside from the business of what to do with very drunk, stoned college kids who screw up everything thinking they are safe like in nursery school.  We have the elites at the top of the ladder of life openly planning and provoking WWIII which they hope to win and which they hope will kill 75% of all humans thus saving the planet from global warming and replacing it with a nuclear winter…I kid you not.  There is hysteria about Mohammed Ali’s death from brain damage after being slugged in the head too many times, he is hailed as a great hero even though he didn’t fight in the Vietnam War, instead, he stayed home and made millions of bucks in pretend fights…great chap!  And there is the racism issue with everyone screaming about antisemitism and race while provoking race riots and excusing Jewish crimes against humanity.  Fun stuff today, no?


I forgot to mention that we are all going to be replace with robots.  This has been going on for years and years and the solution to dying cities that are bereft of manufacturing jobs and filled to the brim with idle people whose specialty is committing crimes, the ‘fix’ our rulers are promoting today at the New York Times is to replace even more workers with robots:  This competition could transform the American city


In an unusual partnership, federal officials matched researchers, wonks and private firms with seven cities developing plans to remake themselves. In Pittsburgh, a high-tech playground is in the works to test driverless Uber vehicles as part of the company’s effort to replace costly human drivers.


Uber is in a huge fight with drivers who are demanding more pay and to be unionized.  The fix is obvious: eliminate them all.  This scheme produces virtually no jobs for anyone and will destroy the remaining jobs of taxi drivers, both gypsy cabs and mainstream legal cabbies.


They also plan to replace truck drivers with computerized trucks, too.  And so forth: eliminate the humans and have robots run everything.  The problem is how to get rid of the humans.  No big deal.   There are so many ways to do this, after all.


Calling Out Drone War as a War Crime: a desperate attempt to stop the robot killing machine that will be programmed to eliminate all pesky humans standing in the way of the rulers.  Our Real Rulers are really pissed off at Trump: Paul Ryan grilled at Romney summit, where a CEO compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and maybe they will have a robot kill Trump.   They are fishing for ways to do this, it is quite obvious.


Meanwhile, our media owners are blasting us with news about how wonderful illegal aliens are and how they should get valuable offers to go to expensive schools instead of giving scholarships to US citizens.  Undocumented, Straight A’s, and Proud of Both now that there are two illegal aliens who graduated from schools that have a very low graduation rate.  Both are being offered huge scholarships by top schools drooling to prove they are liberal and fantastic.


I was a victim of this way back in 1967 when a citizen of Germany living temporarily in the US beat me at the German Scholarship Exam and when we found out about this, my teacher and I, we both decided to sue but they then gave two awards and the German kid was simply using it to get a free ride home again!  This sort of thing has been going on a long time, obviously.


‘I don’t want to see trickle-down racism’: Mitt Romney refuses to endorse Trump and suggests voting for a third-party ticket instead as if the GOP hasn’t played the race card since WWII.  Good lord.  Why doesn’t he join the Democratic Party?  They take in anyone including illegal aliens.  He should be quite at home there, no?


I don’t recall Romney going after Reagan about all this, either.  Reagan was simply a nicer Trump.  Trump is a loudmouth but then, the Real Rulers put on masks and pretend to be all sorts of things while plotting to eliminate most of us one way or another.


Here is a publication shrieking at us about being mean to Muslims while beating the war drums to go to war against Muslims and Putin:  To Beat Anti-Semitic Trolls Online, Some Co-Opt Their Weapons and Mock Them the NYT writes.  The baffles me greatly.  The NYT and WP and US media in general wants us all to not say anything about Jews that is rude or nasty.  At the same time, all these publications and media owners yell at us to take in millions of Muslims like Europe.  I understand they don’t want these Muslims in the vicinity of Israel and are anxious to move them all out so Israel can expand but have they figured out the obvious downside of this plan?


Nope.  The NYT supports the idea of war crime trials while at the same time, excuses every war crime committed by our own rulers and the top rulers of America, Jews in Israel especially Netanyahu.  Why aren’t these creeps at Gitmo awaiting trials…NO…what Gitmo trials?


Gitmo itself is a war crime.  Arrest Bush, arrest Obama, arrest Clinton.  HAHAHA.  Arrest Congress. Arrest all media owners, too.


Tears, laughter and standing ovations galore: Family and friends including his ‘little brother’ Billy Crystal pay stirring tribute to ‘the most beloved individual on earth’ Muhammad Ali as our mainstream media turns him into a god.  Ali was anti-Vietnam War and refused to be drafted.  We all loved him for this.  Several very dear friends of mine were put on trial and sent to prison and traumatized very badly when they burned their draft cards at Berkeley in 1968.


I took into my home, one of these young men after he was released because he didn’t want to see his family and he was very suicidal and we had a 24 hour watch on him and I finally got him to tell me what happened in prison and this led to me going into prisons to get men out and help them start over again.  Prisons are hell holes for people who are not brutes.  They are preyed upon by the career criminals.


Furious President of Turkey abandons Muhammad Ali memorial and flies home after being cut from speech line-up and banned from laying a cloth on boxer’s coffin during Muslim ceremony which is hilarious news and not big news in the US media which is totally ignoring our radical right wing NATO ally that is fighting Kurds very viciously and who tried to destroy Syria.  He will now take revenge in his own sweet time.


A place for politics? Rabbi gets FOUR standing ovations but draws ire online after attacking Trump and praising Hillary in his eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s memorial so of course, a Jew turns it into a platform to attack Trump and praise Hillary who will give $40 billion to Israel so they can expand racist ethnic cleansing.  The things people are doing in Ali’s name are hilarious in their contradictory fashion.


Warmongers went to his funeral to hail him, the draft dodger who didn’t go to prison.  They will all turn on us and tell us, robot wars are good since robots and nuclear bombs won’t…OH MY GOD.  We know what this leads to!!!


Bill Clinton commemorated Muhammad Ali’s indomitable spirit throughout 32-year fight with Parkinson’s, calling him a ‘universal soldier for our common humanity’ in stirring eulogy: yet, war criminals are praising him.  What if terrorists use robots to fly jets into the new World Trade Center?  This is inevitable.


More Ali children will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches: Boxer’s second wife warns of claims to his $80 million fortune by illegitimate offspring because like all black dudes today, he spread his seed all over the place and it is amazing he didn’t die of a sexual disease but then, he did most of this before AIDS appeared.  Another reason to praise him as a great human.  I am being sarcastic here since all the people praising him also condemn the collapse of the black family and all the bastard children who are the vast majority of children born to black mothers these days.


After weeping and wailing about anti-Vietnam War hero Ali, Obama Announces Plan to Escalate Afghan War and he doesn’t bat an eyelash.  One follows logically from the other. After $1.6 Billion in US Aid, Iraq’s Army Struggles and the Afghans fighting us there are highly aware that we give Israeli Jews forty times that money to put Muslims into ghettoes and starve them.  How on earth do we imagine we can win them over when we do this?


Heartbroken father demands changes at Navy SEAL academy after his son killed himself amidst grueling ‘Hell Week’ of physical and psychological tests because in lieu of robots, the military has this bizarre fascination with a superman GI Joe matrix and have to prove this and most of the guys doing this are white dudes from the hinterlands where Trump is most popular that is, rural America.  No good jobs available and they want to prove they are supermen so they endure ridiculous and useless training.


AND the big news: U.S. spy plane buzzed by Chinese jets in ‘unsafe’ intercept – The Washington Post reports as the US buzzes right next to China with Japan cheering on WWIII and in Europe, Russia Vows Respone as US Destroyer Enters Black Sea as the US sticks its nose up both China and Russia’s asses and screams, ‘We can go anywhere and you can go nowhere, try and stop us….OOOPS!’  For Russia and China can stop us.  In less than ten minutes.  There will be little left to pick up the pieces and this event will be called ‘WWIII’ or ‘The Holocaust’ or ‘The End of Times’.


Wars of the Future? Picture Big Armies and Many Fronts announces the New York Times.  WRONG.  The delusional people running that noxious newspaper don’t understand WWIII at all.  Everything will be annihilated in ten minutes.  No ifs, ands or buts.  I gave speeches about this issue way back in 1968 on the border of East Germany and got arrested and deported and I came home to the US and gave the same speech at various college campuses and warned everyone that the Vietnam War can easily trigger WWIII and so we must oppose it.


Good lord.  The US announced when China became friendly and the USSR fell that WWIII would never, ever happen and note how our Real Rulers have toiled hard to reset the nuclear clock so that WWIII can happen suddenly in the next ten minutes.  It can happen any time and if we sent nuclear armed naval vessels into the Black Sea and offshore China, there is a 100% chance we will see these blown out of the water and at the same time, nukes will fly into all our major cities and Europe will surrender before being hit, too, in a flurry of phone calls to Putin.


Want that, America?  Insane.  Actually, our Real Rulers figure it would kill off all the pesky criminals in the major cities and the suburbs will survive these bombs.  If I were Putin I would figure out how to bomb the suburbs.  That might scare the middle class enough to stop our media owners and rulers from starting WWIII.


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21 responses to “All Sorts Of Goofy News Stories And Then Dark News About WWIII: US Sails Nukes Into Black Sea

  1. Jim R

    I think I talked about it here a long time ago, but just thought about it again.

    I used to live in Denton, Tx. There’s a nice school there, UNT, and it’s conveniently close to Dallas and Ft Worth.

    Anyhoo, there was a road out on the northwest side of Denton named “Missile Base Road”. And there was a big spread of real estate with a fence around it, and a lot of funny concrete structures in the field there. But it was mostly a cow pasture.

    On the other side of Denton, there’s a big hill that’s a FEMA headquarters now. I understand there is a big building there that’s mostly underground. It was supposed to survive a nuclear attack. All the little busy bees of FEMA (I think it was called “Civil Defense” or something back in cold war days) could just keep shuffling their papers while the atom bombs fell all around.

    Well, it turns out that the “missile base” is a fake. If the Rooskies looked at it with their satellite cameras, they were supposed to see all those concrete pads as missile silos, and waste their ICBMs by targeting that site, and not the big hill with the building buried under it.

    But by now, there are several little problems with that clever scheme (which could probably be nicely illustrated in a Roadrunner cartoon) — first, the Russians know where the real targets are — they’ve been at the spy game for many decades, and those concrete art projects will not be on their target lists. Second, there are so many nukes in their arsenal that they can easily vaporize Denton, and Dalllas, and Ft Worth, and Houston, and still have some bombs left over for that mountain up in Colorado, and for Washington and New York. Third, the yield of modern nukes is so large that merely being in an underground bunker will not save anyone. After being hit, there would be a crater where there is a hill now. Fourth, if it comes to a nuclear war, they’ll probably start with just one device. A single big nuke, high up in space over Kansas approximately, would knock the electrons off of enough air molecules to create an EMP — it’s like lightning hitting everywhere simultaneously. It would instantly knock out the electric grid over most of the country.

    Just some idle thoughts for the next time you see the gibbering war mongers on the Sunday TV talk shows talking about ‘Russian Aggression’ . . . I still think it’s funny that our astronauts get to the ISS from the Cosmodrome at Baikonur, and that they have ‘outsourced’ production of rocket engines by buying them from Russia.

  2. Christian W

    Meanwhile France is building a new military base in northern Syria, in “Kurdish” territory to host themselves plus US and UK forces. This is simply a NATO invasion of Syrian territory. The Kurds are not even native to northern Syria. Decades ago many of them were given land and a new place to live by Bashar al-Assad’s father, Hafez, when they had to escape Turkish persecution. And of course Turkey (NATO) is trying to simply steal Aleppo in Syria through al-Nusra/al-Qaeda and other Muslim fanatics supported by Erdogan and NATO.

    The Russians were fooled by US “diplomacy”, sadly. The US convinced Russia to stop their very successful attack on al-Qaeda and focus on ISIS in the East instead. The Russians wanted to show they were serious grown ups willing to discuss problems. They won’t be fooled again. It was a serious mistake. This only gave NATO a chance to increase their support for al-Qaeda in Aleppo by sending thousands of fresh NATO-jihadists and weapons and make the defenses nearly impregnable without serious fire power, something the Syrian Arab Army lacks.

    A couple of days ago the Russian Defense Minister, Shoigu, met with his Iranian and Syrian counter parts in Teheran. The meeting was a “success” according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Now the Russians will get back up in the saddle and this time they are pissed off. They will give the sane, secular Syrians much more support now, probably even send troops.

  3. Christian W

    “After $1.6 Billion in US Aid, Iraq’s Army Struggles”

    This is US propaganda. No doubt there is severe corruption in Iraq but most of that is “encouraged”, so to speak, by the US and Saudi Arabia.

    The truth is that at this very moment the Iraqi Army and the Hash’d (Iraqi Hezbollah units) are clearing out ISIS all over Iraq, apart from the north where the US wants to carve out a Kurd puppet state covering northern Iraq and northern Syria. Fallujah will fall within weeks. The main obstacle to Iraqi firepower is actually US interference. For example the US is delaying sending some F-16 fighter/bomber jets Iraq has already bought. And the US is interfering in Iraqi domestic policies to keep Iraq weak and dependent on US support, that is not independent (remember that on Independence Day). And the US is using it’s Saudi proxy to use Petrodollar bribes to keep Iraq divided and corrupt.

  4. Christian W

    More “Goofy” news stories. In 2012 an NBC “journalist” was kidnapped in Syria by the FSA (anti-Assad group supported by the US, usually allied to al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria)) only NBC lied about who kidnapped him and pretended it was Assad’s forces behind the kidnapping.

    Typical MSM, first they lie to the American people/the world, then they let the truth slip out years later, usually below the radar and in tiny script.

  5. Christian W

    This is what happens when media becomes a captive part of the Corporate Trusts:

    Comcast-Funded Website Plugs Comcast-Owned TV Show Promoting Comcast-Backed Trade Pact [featuring the servant in the White House].

    Goofy isn’t it.

  6. Moe

    Wonder no more why the world is evolving as it is, as recounted by Elaine in this potpourri of insanity. Its masters are unleashing the forces with which they garner and exercise their powers.

    The ‘Elite’ (an overused term: I refer to them as ‘the people who rule the world’) are not merely spoiled, they are depraved, IMO satanically. Elaine has previously referred to her ‘other worldly’ (my terminology, not hers) experiences, though she has not expounded on them greatly. Well, the Elite are fully cognizant of that ‘Other World’ and embrace the negative and evil elements within it, both as a matter of ritual and as an avenue to ascension and maintenance of power. Elaine has though identified how mankind erroneously attends to these negative elements, though in general not consciously or with full knowledge and deliberation. Rather, most act from greed, self-service and ignorance of ultimate outcomes. Not so the Elite. They are fully aware, and utilize these energies to advance their personal and tribal interest with zero regard for others. We will die at their hand if they see it to be in their interest and if they can so proceed without personal threat.

    We view the world from a rational, positive, empathic, and ultimately mutually beneficial perspective, not so the Elite. None of those attributes are attendant to their theory, methodology and practice. Though they may appear rational, ultimately they are not, since they align themselves with the destructive elements of the Universe.

    I often detect ‘sturm und angst’ in Elaine’s writing. I am curious if she really believes or foresees the demise of civilization, or worse still, humanity itself. I suspect she does.

  7. Jim R

    It’d be nice if those ‘elites’ with a death wish, trying to start WWIII, would be so kind as to off themselves quietly, and not be like suicide bombers trying to wipe out the whole planet with them.

  8. tio

    Mr Seppuku ..
    “The recklessness of the White House Fool and the media whores has gone far beyond mere danger. What do the Russians think when they see that the Democratic Party intends to elect Hillary Clinton president of the US? Hillary is a person so crazed that she declared the president of Russia to be “the new Hitler” and organized through her underling, neocon monster Victoria Nuland, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine.”
    “The Russians know that the propaganda about “Russian aggression” is a lie. What is the purpose of the lie other than to prepare the Western peoples for war with Russia?

    There is no other explanation.”

  9. Christian W

    Foreign investors are fleeing the fake US economy (which leads to –> Nuclear armed subs and frigates etc on top of Russia’s borders)

  10. Jim R

    Nice video, tio.

  11. Christian W

    This is interesting. US Special Forces want US arms manufacturers to make AK-47 assault rifles, Dragunov sniper rifles and copies of heavy caliber Russian machine guns (old but super solid designs).

  12. Jim R

    Those AKs — my cynical assessment is that they need them for ‘regime change’ artists, to reduce the embarrassment.

    In Syria, for example, the head-choppers or ‘moderate opposition’ or whatever, have been seen carrying obviously US-made weapons.

  13. Christian W

    The most effective weapon the head-choppers/”moderate” opposition have are US made TOW missiles. Plenty of people in the White House and the Pentagon etc need to go to jail over that one, as it is illegal under US law to cooperate with al-Qaeda… So maybe the US Special Forces really are looking for someone to make them copies of Russian Kornet missiles too?

    What’s next, copies of SU-34 bombers and T-72 tanks? Both have proven very effective in combat.

    Also, if the US can simply make copies of Russian weapons, they don’t have to risk embarrassments like the Benghazi operation or working with crooks/mafia who might be selling duds as the article points out.

    But my guess is that this idea will prove impossible due to high costs of US manufacturing.

  14. emsnews

    The US procurement program is all about fraud and fleecing the public, not building anything useful.

  15. emsnews

    2009, a video of my friends drumming for peace in upstate NY Japanese temple…they all went for the global warming scam and don’t pray for peace anymore, see how everyone is distracted by our rulers?

    I filmed this long ago and the soprano voice singing is my voice.

  16. DM

    There is hysteria about Mohammed Ali’s death from brain damage after being slugged in the head too many times, he is hailed as a great hero even though he didn’t fight in the Vietnam War,

    So what are you saying? That Ali should have gone and fought in your fucking Vietnam War?

    You are full of shit. Perhaps you should get checked for dementia!

    ELAINE: Calling me names makes you look sort of…ahem…HAHAHA. Secondly, why do you love a guy whose entire fame depended on him smashing the skulls of other black dudes and ended up nearly brain dead, himself?

  17. Duski

    DM, you should read the whole article and not jump into conclusions…

  18. emsnews

    Ali did NOT GO TO PRISON for not being drafted.

    My friends DID go to prison. They were heroic, they defied the government. Ali was a celebrity and thus, sailed above all this, safe and sound. He didn’t pay anything dire for his position.

    NONE of the antiwar prisoners who spent YEARS in prison were hailed as heros. None of them.

  19. emsnews

    Here is a page from the Tucson newspapers about my friend, Bradley Littlefield, being put on trial:

    Says Littlefield Got New Draft Card Bradley N, Littlefield, who) went on trial today, … draft classification card about a month after the date he is accused of burning one , the …


    They forced a SECOND draft card on him which he burned. He suffered greatly for all this. I took him in when he got out of prison and he was a mess. Ali was worshipped as a hero and Bradley was treated like he was trash.

  20. Lou

    I took him in when he got out of prison and he was a mess
    Had he been raped by black men while in the slammer?

  21. Petruchio

    @#18 Elaine: This is the same logic that freed OJ Simpson, even though ‘The Juice’ obviously committed two brutal murders. “No one is going to vote for the death penalty if Simpson is found guilty–which he will”. The presiding Judge in the Simpson trial, Lance Ito, was and is an absolute disgrace; as a judge AND a human. What a charade. All this liberal guilt is making what to vomit.

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