HAHAHA: Saudi Arabia Didn’t Attack Us On 9/11, The Government Claims…So Who Did?

Meditation at the Grafton Peace Pagoda – YouTube

CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia | Daily Mail Online: So a bunch of Saudis did attack us but this doesn’t mean anything and bin Laden who was supposed to engineer this is what?  An alien in outer space?  Or was he a Saudi, too?  And born at the top of the pyramid there, too.  Whoa.  So, they kept all this information top secret until forced to regurgitate it and what was there according to our rulers?  NOTHING.  HAHAHA.


CIA Chief John Brennan backs release of classified pages, says ‘everyone will see evidence that Saudi government had nothing to do with it’…President George W Bush redacted 28 pages of a report into 9/11 attacks and…Former Senator Bob Graham, who wrote the report, wants it published (HAHAHA).
Obama administration likely soon release secret papers that could light on possible Saudi connection to 9/11…BLANK PAGES…Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia..


The farce continues.  So will ‘bombs in the buildings’ continue onwards while there is echos of demonic laughter in the Outer Darkness that is, Geronimo is immensely amused by all this.  No one at the top is bothering to explain why this information was kept total top secret if there is no information, just ‘la, la, la, oh, a bunch of very connected Saudis were invited to come to the US and train to do a terror attack and not one US military jet took off to stop the hijackers until nearly an HOUR into the mass murder attacks!’


Hello.  The FAA knew at least 2 jets were hijacked within 15 minutes of the jets going off course when flying out of Boston.  I saw this!!!  One, the one flown by Atta and his companion, flew right over my mountain and made such noise, my husband and I ran outside to see it and were stunned to see a civilian passenger jet flying at a very slow speed over our mountain.


I was freaking out because a Saudi flying a military jet smashed it into my former home in Tucson, Arizona, bailing out over the University of Arizona campus and it nearly hit the Meinel Optic Center when my parents were on the roof and saw the whole thing.  So here we were, on 9/11, another jet flown by another Saudi, nearly hitting me.  Damn.


Instead, it hit the building where my ex-husband used to work, on the 65th floor.  My ex was at my home that morning and watched it slam into what used to be his corner office.  He went insane and had to be institutionalized for a month afterwards.  It was hard, very hard.  I ran off to the Peace Pagoda to meditate and pull my mind together.


9/11 was an inside job.  Bush smiled when told about it and was very casual and Cheney sat ALONE in his office, feet on the desk, watching it like a gargoyle on a medieval cathedral, smiling happily.  Then, these two gangsters shut down all US airports except for Saudis who were permitted to fly out of the country and not be questioned by anyone.  Then the building of fake stories to fool people (bombs in the buildings being #1 on the list of silly stories) so no one would ask, ‘Why were the Saudis allowed to flee when Bush and Cheney LIED about all this, they claimed no one flew after 9/11 until things were straightened out.’


Well, I saw a Saudi jet fly overhead and snarled that weekend.  How to undo this monster mess.  Well, it was impossible.  Our Real Rulers wanted WWIII and will get it and since the Jews want WWIII too, we will get it and since the Saudis think we will all be roasted and them spared in WWIII, they want it too.


Back to today’s utterly ridiculous news: if the CIA knows for absolute certain there is zero bad stuff in the redacted, hidden, super secret part of the 9/11 report, why was it secret??? It should have been the top story and blasted across the universe, not buried in a vault.  This whole thing stinks and everything connected to 9/11 stinks, it was an excuse to attack Saddam and Assad and others who annoy Israel and Saudi Arabia but they couldn’t fish up any Iraqis or Syrians to attack the World Trade Center so they had to do this with a gang of Saudis.


YIKES.  I am baffled as to why so many Americans can’t understand how important this fact is.  The Saudis want to destroy us.  They want to destroy Europe.  They hate us and consider us to be devils and if we don’t convert to their beliefs, we must be enslaved.  Some allies!  I can’t believe they are our allies.  The only country my parents ever stormed out of was Saudi Arabia because my mother was furious when the Saudi religious police deliberately ran over a Dutch woman she knew because the woman was showing her face!


Even Madame Mao didn’t make my mom mad enough to storm out of Beijing back in 1974.  Came real close.  But not all the way like the Saudis.  Saudi Arabia is one of the nastiest dictatorships on this planet and even surpasses crazy North Korea in this regard.  United Nations Chief Exposes Limits to His Authority by Citing Saudi Threat – The New York Times


So the unusually frank admission by the secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on Thursday that he had essentially been coerced into removing a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen from an ignoble list of armies that kill and maim children was a rare window into the limits of his moral and political authority — and an object lesson for whoever succeeds Mr. Ban next year.


On Thursday, Mr. Ban told reporters that he had been threatened with the loss of financing for humanitarian operations in the Palestinian territories, South Sudan and Syria if he did not temporarily delete the Saudi-led coalition from the list.


The Palestinians are everyone’s soccer ball, kicked here and there.  But then, the US commits many war crimes, I still remember Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. not to mention a zillion coups etc.  A good friend of mine teaching in Santiago, Chile, fled the military coup there, ran to the US embassy which closed the gates to lock him out to be shot dead only he was very athletic and climbed the fence and forced open the door and thus, found protection.


This was under Nixon.  I had to campaign here in the US for him to be released to come back to the US and Nixon wanted him stuck there to hopefully, be beaten to death.  We won the fight but only because Nixon was caught in the Watergate mess and thus, removed and Ford wasn’t nearly so nasty. Far from it.


Northern Ireland fans injured in Nice ahead of Poland match after supporters are attacked by local hooligans while ‘We were caged and treated like animals’: England soccer ace’s wife tells of ‘horrific’ treatment by French police as she was TEAR-GASSED on her way to game whereViolence erupts at Euro 2016: Hundreds of England fans run for their lives as they are chased by Russian thugs with two supporters already fighting for their lives in hospital from earlier violence.  The EU is imploding.


Billy Crystal slips a jab at Trump into his inspiring eulogy for Muhammad Ali, saying ‘life is best when you build bridges between people, not walls’ as all the liberals including Hillary demand we let in millions of Muslims like we see in Europe.  This is bizarre since Europe is falling apart, fast.  The hooliganism is running alongside government suppression.  All over France oil strikes: Riots in Paris and Bordeaux as masked protesters hurl rocks at police during the last several weeks even as the soccer games are being held there.  Both rail and garbage strikes, too.  The ten plagues hit hard.


The other day, Muslims in Germany burned down their center holding them because the Germans didn’t wake them up in time for breakfast.  All these things are connected and connected to ‘create maximum chaos’ which our rulers need even though this chaos can destroy everything but then, look at our former major manufacturing cities: they nearly all lie in total ruins today, don’t they?


The Russians could drop a dozen Kaiser mega nuclear bombs on many of our biggest cities and do nothing except urban renewal, our cities are so wrecked by our own ruler’s trade and business policies.  Even the Saudis doing 9/11 did less damage to our nation than our last four Presidents and their foolish trade policies.


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12 responses to “HAHAHA: Saudi Arabia Didn’t Attack Us On 9/11, The Government Claims…So Who Did?

  1. Jim R

    I think the CIA recently admitted (or boasted) that they pulled off that coup in Chile. It was 50 years ago, and everybody who had a hand in it has died.

  2. Jim R

    As for the buildings, you can ask an architect or engineer.

    Did the architects send out a worldwide bulletin to not substitute cotton candy for structural steel? No. You’d think that, if the buildings met modern building standards, that there might have to be some update to those standards.


  3. emsnews

    I watched it being built. IT WAS STUPID> They decided to have NO internal supports except the elevator shafts! ‘Revolutionary’ they said. The main support system was the EXTERIOR and that was a spiderweb of steel, I worked once on the 38th floor of a pre-WWII building in Manhattan and it was solid as a mountain.

    my husband was in the WTC that was fragile and swayed in the wind which my building did NOT do. He hated working there.

  4. melponeme_k

    “my husband was in the WTC that was fragile and swayed in the wind which my building did NOT do. ”

    I can verify this myself. The American Merchant Marine Library Association office was in those buildings and I used to donate books to them. The day I visited their office was on a windy day. I could hear the wind whistling around the building plus creaks and squeaks from the infrastructure.

    How something like that was allowed to be built must have been due to a great many people being paid off to ignore safety regulations.

  5. Christian W

    Yeah. The US government was lying back then (2001), it’s lying now, and it’s been lying all along.

  6. emsnews

    Nonstop lying is important to these people. This leads to complications when they say, ‘You can’t see this secret stuff’ and then ‘revealing’ it to be nothing and saying, ‘Oh, it was totally unimportant and besides, says that our attackers didn’t attack us after all like we said from day one.’

    This is insane.

  7. Jim R

    They are probably busy writing a new secret history even as we discuss the non-history that will not be revealed now.

    It’s like the sleaziest pulp fiction.

  8. Lou

    my husband was in the WTC that was fragile and swayed in the wind.
    It was owned by a money hungry [guess what affiliation].

    I was there once. I did not feel safe.

  9. JimmyJ

    My interpretation at the time while watching the news video of Bush when he was told about 9/11 was that Bush wasn’t smiling, he was completely paralyzed with shock in front of a class of little kids and simply got a stupid grin on to mask his utter panic while not frightening the kids. At the time I thought that he was no leader of any kind while granting that he did try to avoid scaring the kids.

  10. Christian W

    Very important video Jim. More importantly, a very clear witness report on the fact WTC 7 was taken down in a controlled demolition. As the expert witness testifies, there is no way a skyskraper like WTC 7 could have come down the way it did if it wasn’t for explosives. The fires were not a. hot enough b. spread out enough to threaten the integrity of the building. The witness points out they had firefighters inside the building fighting localized fires when it collapsed.

  11. Jim R

    Also, he verifies that the FDNY had nothing to do with the “decision to pull it”. The search continues for that decider guy…

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