I Go To Russia To Discover Real News Since US & EU Media Lie About Everything

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Bilderberg 2016: US election and refugees top of agenda at secret invite-only conference (PHOTOS) — RT News

I am very much a blonde hair/pale skin/blue-green eyed Nordic person whose family came sailing out of the Arctic regions to attack all of Europe.  I am almost all recessive genes since my distant ancestors in Africa were very definitely brown eye/very dark skin humans who evolved near the equator during Ice Ages.  Well…Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble announced today in Germany where popular support for bringing in millions of angry young muslim males is collapsing.  This is funny since it is a mirror image of the Nazi Master Race idea with the German claiming that Muslims are the Master Race now.


“It is isolation that would destroy us, it would lead us towards degenerating in inbreeding,” the finance minister argued. “For us, Muslims in Germany are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity. Look at the third generation of Turks, especially the women. That is an enormous innovation potential.”

Schaeuble, believed to be one of the country’s most influential ministers, also called for more economic engagement with the Middle East and North Africa. “After 1990, we began to seriously deal with the fact that there is something else outside the Western world.”

“Africa will be our problem, and we have to face this challenge,” he said, adding that Europe should pour more money into those regions if it wants to halt the influx of refugees. “One thing is quite clear for the future – we have to invest more in Iraq, Syria and Libya, and then we will have to pay for sub-Saharan Africa’s development.”

North African countries are already demanding more investment from Berlin “as a condition for taking refugees back,” he went on. “And they are right to do so.”


I err, this man is simply insane.  He first says that breeding with aliens who pour into the country is a great idea since there are too many Germans with Northern recessive genes and we should be genetically stronger by interbreeding.  On this issue I happen to practice this ‘interbreeding’ thing because my grandchild is half Asian and a beautiful child and will do well in life and has a great deal of cultural goodness being this sort of person but…like all Germans in the past, when a German gets into some sort of ideology, they go nuts due to being extremist.


That is, this man is simultaneously saying it is good to be invaded by armies of angry Muslim males because they will breed with German blondes and thus, eliminate the recessive genes AND at the same time, he wants to deport them all, too, via having the recessive gene blondes pay dictators all over the Muslim world to take back their refugees and spongers pouring into helpless Europe.


Germany to spend €93.6bn on refugees until 2020 – and these same crazy ministers claim they will balance the budget which they are methodically doing by…cutting funds going to citizens paying the taxes.  That is, services and aid to the elderly and poor is being cut.  This is why all right wing parties in Europe are rising rapidly in popularity and will rule all of Europe in the next several years if not sooner.


Another report suggests that Germany will  have to spend 400 billon euros on aliens invading, coddling them and helping them along as they terrorize Europe, blow up things, mug people, rape, loot and all the fun stuff my own ancestors indulged in when they decided to visit the rest of Europe 1,000 years ago.  I assume all alien invasions act like my own ancestors: this is human nature.


Bavaria threatens German government with lawsuit over refugee crisis — RT News…I get lots and lots of real news from Evil Russia which is watching in delight and aghast as Germany implodes, self-destructing madly.


 If “effective measures” are not taken to deal with the crisis, Bavaria will take the matter to the Constitutional Court and charge the German government with endangering “the legal capacity of the German states to act independently,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann announced after an emergency meeting of the Bavarian government on Friday.


“One [the German government] does not comply with the law and the other [Bavaria] wants the law to be complied with,” Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer said, commenting on the decision at the press conference following the meeting.


Merkel is being sued by a right wing party for smuggling people into the country illegally:


Bavarian authorities do not appear to be alone in their discontent with the German government, as the right-wing ‘Alternative for Germany’ party (AfD) announced on Friday that it was going to take German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the court on the charge of “people smuggling” for welcoming thousands of refugees to the Germany.


NATO ally attacks allies:  Erdogan slams US support of Syrian Kurds, lectures Washington on ‘good & bad terrorists’ HAHAHA.  The US and EU believe in ‘good terrorists’ and want them to attack victims picked out by the Bilderberg gang who are meeting right now to discuss how to get rid of pesky people and according to the EU news people (this Bilderberg stuff is never mentioned in the US media) they claim that Russia and Trump are the top topics, not global warming as it gets colder and colder, they will shut up about that by next year or claim that CO2 causes Ice Ages…


German plans to lead NATO buildup ‘big mistake’ on anniversary of 1941 Nazi invasion – ex-Сhancellor —Gerhard Schroeder warns.  Yes, our Real Rulers think it is a fabulous idea to do a mass demonstration of US and feeble EU military power right on Russia’s front doorstep.  This, of course, ignores reality which is, Russia will fix this by nuking all major productive (not walking dead) cities that is, DC, NYC, London, Paris, the Ruhr cities in Germany, Houston, not LA, hahaha, etc.


Army tanks won’t go anywhere when governments cease to exist except maybe deep in Hitler’s bunker yelling orders on the phone to non-existent cities and armies.  Maybe Germany can move all their production back into the caves outside of Jena where my father found the rocket factories during WWII?  A great idea!  Only the Tsar bomb can annihilate even caves.


So much for winning WWIII .‘It can’t go unanswered’: Russia will respond to NATO buildup near its borders, senior diplomat says and the logic is hideously obvious.  Anyone who has any brains knows that if Russia isn’t paranoid about Germany blowing up Russia has forgotten recent (less than a century ago) history!  Russia MUST attack first to survive!  If Russia waits, the US and Germany will be in Stalingrad in hours.


So to speak.  Of course, Russia must attack first and won’t care about being called names by the EU and US leaders since they will all be DEAD and if not dead, have nothing to strike back since the Russians are not fools, they will hit all MILITARY facilities, not useless cities already bombed out by raging unemployable mobs screaming and stealing and torching buildings.


Most major US cities already look like WWIII bombed them except for NYC, for example and the Russians only have to nuke Manhattan, the outer boroughs are already half-wrecked.  During the Cold War, the US was screaming that we were ‘building democracy’ and ‘saving humanity’ and the mayor of NYC boasted that ‘only two people were shot and killed’ during the Black Out Riots that burned my neighborhood to the ground as screaming armies of unemployed people went crazy and I was in hysterics wondering if they were going to destroy my home and kill me, too.


Sheesh.  Some neighborhoods that were put to the torch that night are still in ruins today.  50 years onwards!  Meanwhile, our rulers want to poke the Russian bear in the nose to see what will  happen next.  Why am I not at the Bilderberg meeting to explain history to them all and demonstrate that they are insane if they imagine they can win WWIII but hark!


They think this will eliminate roughly 80% of the human population and since they feel they need only robots to serve them, the remaining humans can be enslaved and used to supervise the robots for them.  Solaria -Isaac Asimov wrote about all this:


Ultimately, Solaria became totally dependent on robot labor; roughly 10,000 robots existed for every human. The world was extremely sparsely inhabited, with only 20,000 humans (and 200 million robots) inhabiting 30 million miles² (78 million km²) of fertile land, divided into over 10,000 huge estates (the exact number is unknown, since some of the estates were inhabited by couples). The population was kept stable through strict birth and immigration controls. In the era of Robots and Empire, no more than five thousand Solarians were known to remain. 20,000 years later, the population was 1200—one human per estate.


It is worse, the people degenerated to the point, they hated being touched or meeting with other humans and became totally isolated to the point, they could no longer function and this ended their society and the planet was entirely robotic with zero humans.  The robots were programmed to kill all humans, too.


THIS is the paradise of our Real Rulers!   This is their final aim.  Isaac was a very generous, sweet  man who lived in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and my daughter was convinced he was really Bilbo Baggins when she was little.  He did not view Solaria as a fine example, it was his warning to humanity about robots and power and wealth.  It haunts me to this day and is on my mind frequently, the entire Foundation series is a long meditation on technology, history and making predictions and I re-read his books periodically to keep them fresh in my mind.



During the period from 5,000 AD to 20,000 AD, the Solarians had extensively modified themselves through genetic engineering to become hermaphrodites, thereby removing the need for sexual contact. In another development, Solarians evolved (or engineered) small transducer lobes, a section of the brain about the size of a hen’s egg, protruding behind the ears.


These were able to collect any free energy from spontaneous heat flow in their surroundings, on the principle of a heat engine, and direct this extracted energy into focused useful work, at a distance, by thought. Using these lobes, Solarians manipulated their environment with powers akin to telekinesis, and provided for the energy needs of their entire estates, including power for all of the estate’s robots, drawing energy from the various spontaneous thermal energy transfers of the planet in apparently complete compliance with the known laws of thermodynamics. Solarian estates commonly featured conductive rods, spaced at convenient distances, penetrating deeply into the planet that, at a touch, made the channeling of geothermal energy between the planet’s interior and the heatsink of space even easier.


Makes one’s hair stand on end, no?  And don’t imagine our rulers think this is hideous, they view this story as glorious and couldn’t they do this?  They wish!


Thousands protest against US drone wars at US air base in Germany — RT News reports as this news is hidden.  Police deploy pepper spray as left & right activists clash in Vienna (VIDEO) more hidden news.  Yes, they are fighting and the leftists think they can fight but when it comes to actual combat, the right usually is better trained and armed and believe in following orders whereas the left is less organized and depend on the EU elites protecting them.


Hilarious news: ‘Evidence’ of Russian sub lurking near Sweden in 2014 ‘came from Swedish object’ —Russia reports.  Ho hum, no news for us here in the Free West.  Qatar detains Dutch woman on adultery charges after filing rape complaint — RT News also reports.  Qatar is our ‘ally’ and has near zero human rights for gays, women, children, foreigners, people who are not Muslims, even Muslims who are not Sunnis…and this is our ally protecting our freedoms, etc.  Right.



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16 responses to “I Go To Russia To Discover Real News Since US & EU Media Lie About Everything

  1. e sutton

    I encourage you all to read Denninger´s piece about last nights suspected terror attack on a gay bar in Orlando, killing 20.


    My gay boss is helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house for a Muslim immigrant family. It´s all good, right?

  2. Christian W

    “Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble announced today in Germany where popular support for bringing in millions of angry young muslim males is collapsing.”



    Child Bride Legally Married Under Sharia Law, German Judge Rules

    A regional German court has recognised as valid the marriage of a 14-year-old Syrian girl to her 20-year-old cousin, despite the legal age for marriage in Germany being 16. The case represents a landmark ruling, with the Federal Court set to adjudicate on the implications for the country as a whole.

    Gee, I wonder what our Dear Leaders have in mind for us little Europeans. Our Dear Elites really are hell bent on the destruction of Europe/the World. As long as they get to float on top everything and anything goes.


    ELAINE: Talk about inbreeding! But then, our royals do that a great deal.

  3. Christian W

    In the UK the establishment will bury the evidence of their murder of Dr. David Kelly (leading up to the invasion of Iraq) for 70 years:


    David Kelly death evidence ‘to be kept secret for 70 years’

    Evidence relating to the death of David Kelly, the government weapons inspector, is to be kept secret for 70 years, it has been reported.

    A highly unusual ruling by Lord Hutton, who chaired the inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death, means medical records including the post-mortem report will remain classified until after all those with a direct interest in the case are dead, the Mail on Sunday said. Etc

  4. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Typical of them, no? Keep it secret until all the bastards around that guy are dead, too.

  5. Jim R

    That ‘child bride’ story just reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis, the Great Balls of Fire! guy…

    As for the news, I have sort of gotten hooked on twitter. Once I realized that the news from the Ukraine was either suppressed or pure lies, I started looking around. A couple of credible accounts are:

    I have seen BBC stories which simply ripped off some of Graham Phillips’ videos from the Donetsk area, and then added the parrot line “Russian aggression! BRAAAK! Russian aggression!”. In reality, it is the US-backed warmed-over reconstituted Nazis shelling Russian villages in the eastern part of the country. There have been thousands of civilian casualties.

    Interestingly, over the last year or two, some of the videos have shown mercenaries along with the ‘Ukrops’ speaking English with a US accent, and Negroes. Normally there aren’t many Negroes in the Ukraine, but I guess the Nazis are interested in diversity now…

  6. emsnews

    The CIA sponsors terrorism and has for many many years and this is why they have to lie about absolutely everything or say, ‘We didn’t ask our own terrorists to attack US!’ whenever their terrorists attack us.

    Note how popular Bush and Cheney were after enabling, paying, controlling and helping a bunch of terrorists so they could attack us on 9/11. This is why all the terrorists trained right next to the Bush family compound in Bush-controlled Florida.

    Note the media never mentions this fact.

  7. Jim R

    The media silence about the Ukraine is apparently because even the best liars at the Pentagon and CIA cannot make this Nazi ‘operation’ look like anything but what it is: ethnic cleansing. Depopulation.

    Otherwise known as genocide.

  8. Lou

    Note how popular Bush and Cheney were after enabling, paying, controlling and helping a bunch of terrorists so they could attack us on 9/11.
    Was Israel behind the Bushes?

  9. emsnews

    SATANISTS. I kid you not. It was a Bush and Cheney who 100 years ago, stole Geronimo’s skull in Arizona so they could use it for black magic at Yale at the Skull and Bones.

    To put it mildly, the Apaches are absolutely furious about this.

  10. Lou

    It was a Bush and Cheney who 100 years ago, stole Geronimo’s skull

    –100 years ago? I dont understand.


    ELAINE: members of both clans were posted in Arizona 100 years ago when my own family was living there and one of my great grandfathers was a calvary officer in Tucson and these clowns, after Geronimo died, dug up his body and took his skull.

  11. CH Tan

    Did I not read a European report that most Middle Easterners marry their first cousins? This inbreeding causes many genetic problems. And they want to breed with them? What? To create more genetic problems?

  12. Jim R

    CH Tan,

    All of humanity suffers from this condition that used to only affect the royal families. Conventional Darwinian evolution has been switched off. Inbreeding certainly makes it worse — I wonder how all of Jerry Lee Lewis’ grandchildren are doing.

    But to put it bluntly, we all have it too easy. Antibiotics, neonatal care, vaccination. Not that anyone wants to give up those things. Easy transportation, machines do all the hard work. Asimov speculated about the end result of this, as Elaine mentioned recently. It would eventually mean the end of humanity.

  13. emsnews

    Isaac was the most amazing person. He had this immense personal library, books all over his place, on the stairs, in the hall way, bedroom, living room, to the ceiling and on the floor and around the sofa, etc. He was a very avid reader and a prolific writer and his IQ was astronomical, one of the smartest people I ever met.

    Read his books! They are for learning things, not just mere entertainment.

  14. Lou

    The Cheneys were in Arizona 100 years ago. Who would have guessed?
    You are a wealth of information.

  15. Blissex

    BTW as to “Solaria”, when I read it I took it to be a transparent allegory of Texas with “estates” being ranches and “robots” being brown/dark skinned servants.

    This was reinforced when I read the story where the long term plan to drive robot extrasolar cultures to fragmentation and irrelevance was devised by a short, ugly mexican politician.

    Unfortunately the USA upper-middle class have enthusiastically bought into the dream of what I call a “plantation economy”, with themselves of course as the plantation masters, or at least their trusties. Their dream is “Gone with the wind”, forgetting that “Gone” :-).

  16. emsnews

    In a nutshell, yes.

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