Why Obama Wants More Muslims To Move Here: 50 Dead In Anti-gay Attack

Live Actual Camera Footage of Florida Pulse Gay Club Shooting Attack Watch – YouTube


I just remembered this story!  Obama confirms death of Taliban leader after US strike less than two weeks ago.  The Taliban said they and ISIS would strike in the US in retaliation.   I am betting the Muslim terrorist who made up the story about men kissing is the one set forth to strike back in revenge.


Another Muslim terrorist who decides to kill all infidels: this is happening over and over and over and over and over again while our rulers scream at us, ‘Let millions of Muslims in and let them do as they will, we must all obey them…give them whatever they want EXCEPT for Palestine.  No Palestine for them!’  Well, Hillary squealed like a stuck pig when Trump suggested we keep out terrorists and now her bloody fingerprints are all over this event.  And she supposedly supports gay rights as well as women’s rights.


I am all for letting in Muslims who are for gay and women’s rights.  There are significant number of Muslims fleeing oppression who want gay and women’s rights.  But alas, 90% of the men and it is nearly all men, coming into Europe and the US want to continue as is here instead of there.  We cannot let this happen.


REVEALED: Nine officers distracted Orlando gunman with explosive device before shooting him dead as experts say decisive SWAT team action ‘saved many lives’ and this echoes the mass murder in California.  It doesn’t take an army to kill many defenseless people.  The main point of these religious terrorists is to scare us so much, we give up our freedoms and hide at home, locked up behind bars like people living in the slums here…argh.  Like Detroit.


After terrorists savaged Paris, the ruling elites had a GLOBAL WARMING hysteria moment where the northern countries promised to hand over trillions of dollars, a lot of this loot to Muslim dictators, to ‘keep the planet colder’ and on top of that insulting the rest of us by demanding we take in even more Muslims or else.  Or else what?


Well, paying to keep them all here is costing a fortune!  And causing rape and murder rates to approach Detroit levels and then, our rulers did level Detroit, didn’t they?  Cynically and horribly.  What will Obama say about all this?  ‘Well, the Muslim terrorist is a very young man who was born here from immigrants so he isn’t a foreign terrorist!’  Is this his screed: YES.  He will say this.


We have plenty of terror in the US and we all know where that comes from and the terrorists are terrified that Trump might win and end up fighting them so they are saying openly that if we elect him they will terrorize us like crazy and in California they made it clear, they intend to sever the state from the US and make it part of Mexico which makes my great grandfather rather pissed off in the afterlife since he fought for the opposite though during the time he was stationed in Old Tucson, we had the Gadsden purchase and bought the land along the present southern border of Arizona.


I wish  my great grandmother Pettit was here today, she would hit everyone with her umbrella and tell them to sober up and stop messing around with guns.  She was quite formidable.  Could shoot from horseback, too.  Could stare down a rattler. Well, prepare for more terror attacks, seems our rulers are addicted to enabling this.


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27 responses to “Why Obama Wants More Muslims To Move Here: 50 Dead In Anti-gay Attack

  1. emsnews

    This stupid terrorist came from NYC. Gads. Yikes.

  2. Lou

    His parents are from Afghanistan. He was the anchor baby, maybe? He lived in NYC? Does not matter. His upbringing matter. Orlando Imam says ‘kill’ [web search to verify].

    Yet you said ‘Mittens would have been worse’—wrong.


  3. Lou

    Horrifying that 1 person can kill so many in a room. Did the doorman not notice his guns?

    and this is brilliant—

    After terrorists savaged Paris, the ruling elites had a GLOBAL WARMING hysteria moment where the northern countries promised to hand over trillions of dollars, a lot of this loot to Muslim dictators, to ‘keep the planet colder’ and on top of that insulting the rest of us by demanding we take in even more Muslims or else.

    We fight them there and invite them here.
    Obama celebrated Ramadan at the white house.

  4. emsnews


    And yes, they said they would hit Florida three days ago and this is because they knew their plant was going to act there.

    Yes, they did say they were going to attack us and use insiders to do this, they have said this in the past and it will happen in the future.

    They are terribly honest about their methods and goals.

  5. CK

    So he killed a lot of low hanging …
    It is the start of Ramadan. The season of Jihad.
    We need more — of something.
    After all it is not racist to say that having white folks
    on a jury guarantees that non-whites will
    not receive justice; but it is racist to point-
    out that non white judges do not give justice
    to white defendants.

  6. Christian W

    I’m very curious about the deeper story behind this one. Always a good idea to wait for facts to show up. It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy was baited by the FBI. Apparently he has been on some kind of list for guys to watch.

    Btw, the Taliban leader that the US killed with a drone strike, that Elaine mentions above, was working for a PEACE deal…. So obviously the US death cult has to kill him, can’t have Peace break out and bankrupt the US death machine.

  7. e sutton


    Yes, how quickly that story is being buried. Daily Mail featured it, saying the FBI has been following for a few years. False flag? Maybe.

    Obama, as predicted, has used the incident to further the gun control agenda. What was I saying the other day about the insanity reaching a new fever pitch each and every day?…..sigh…..

  8. Lou

    Well, prepare for more terror attacks, seems our rulers are addicted to enabling this.–the Leaders are often Democrats. They love open borders, chaos due to it and more Democrat voters.


  9. e sutton

    Picked this up on Zero Hedge. Sorry, no time to link….

    In a surprising discovery, the Palm Beach Post first reported that according to state records, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen – who as we reported earlier was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license – was employed by the US subsidiary of G4S plc, a British multinational security services company, whose US-headquarters are located in Jupiter, Fla, and which also happens to be the world’s largest security company by revenue.

  10. Nani

    And over here in Europe the unelected President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, threatens countries with punitive meassures if they refuese to take in muslim migrants. He has also threatend to impose sanctions on countries who elect right-wing populist governments who are anti-migrant.

  11. Christian W

    The “Orlando gunman” has been employed by the world’s biggest private security firm G4S since 2007 (clearly he knew how to use a gun). He had been interviewed twice by the FBI, in 2013 and 2014, but case closed.

  12. Christian W

    Actually G4S is a British company that also has lots of mercenaries in conflicts the world over, including Ukro-Nazi Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. G4S is present in around 125 countries.

  13. e sutton


    Kinda sorta rhymes with Oswald, don’t it?

  14. Christian W

    The shooter is US born and raised. No need to drum on and on about illegal aliens or Muslim invasions. This was a US citizen that did the shooting. Rather maybe talk about blowback and US foreign policies?

    It gets more interesting. The shooter apparently had ties to a US fanatic who fought for the CIA’s darlings Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) in Syria and eventually became a suicide bomber there.


    So in reality the “Orlando gunman” was a Free American Army (US equivalent to the FSA in Syria) freedom fighter doing what the US government supports in Syria but for some weird reason pretends to dislike at home, butchering secular people. Keep in mind that by far the most victims to this kind of terrorism are Muslims.

  15. Shawntoh


    Here we go again. This time, it’s the “Muslims”. So let me put it to you this way in a joke–

    Question: “What’s the difference between a Muslim terrorist, a Jewish terrorist, a Buddhist terrorist and a Christian terrorist?”

    Answer: “NONE! THEY ARE ALL TERRORISTS! You can shorten it to terrorist and you’ll be just fine.”

    Forgive my gallows humor, it’s all Samuel Beckett’s fault.

    It’s people hallucinating they are “Muslim”, “Jewish”, “Christian”, “Buddhist” and so on that’s the problem. It’s the interpretation of the spiritual teacher’s message.

    I’m a “terrorist” with words, don’t you think? Would that make me a “literary terrorist”? Or was that a literal terrorist?

    Ah ha, ha, ha!

    I think so and I deserve the gallows. Judge, I demand that gallows pole right now, justice must be served and that’s better than being served up as barbeque by the religiously inclined terrorist of the Spanish Inquisition don’t you think?

    So gimme that old type of justice, just like religion, it’s good enough for me!

    Not really, but who cares?

  16. Christian W

    Also, the shooter’s father at one point wanted to become President in Afghanistan, a nation the US has absolutely zero business attacking and destroying (apart from the profitable Death and Destruction business of course).

    The shooter was also a mentally unstable wife beater, yet this sociopath still managed to work for a security company and be eligible to buy assault rifles and handguns over the counter.

    Donald Trump blames Islamists, but this shooting is 100% a US domestic problem, a US created problem and a reflection of the complete insanity of the US society at this point.

  17. Jim R

    In other news, Bitcoin is back over $700 on some exchanges. It seems there are people in China who want to avoid the government’s slapping restrictions on money movement of their national currency.

    They buy Bitcoin, so that they can move it frictionlessly anywhere on the planet. Or convert it to Dollars or Euros or Sterling, etc.

  18. e sutton

    CIA, Deep State actively recruits these idiot, moronic numbskulls. My point is, the US government is actively at war, not only with the world at large, but with its own population. Has been since the 50’s.

    No need for conspiracy, muslim/gay hate….dot…dot…dot…it’s all right there in black and white, for those who care to see.

  19. emsnews

    HEHEHE. I was busy writing my next posting and all of you got ALL the information correctly while I was doing this, BRAVO, everyone, a huge fist bump for all of you. Very good. Very fast, I am just in awe. Keep up the good work, I read all comments every day and enjoy doing this.

  20. Lou

    The shooter is US born and raised. –makes no difference when one is brainwashed from infancy.
    Probably an anchor baby. An Afghani in USA. Not an american.

  21. Vengeur

    @#16: “Donald Trump blames Islamists, but this shooting is 100% a US domestic problem, a US created problem and a reflection of the complete insanity of the US society at this point.” What a load of sh*t. The insanity of bringing people with an insanely incompatible view of “human rights” i.e. ISLAMISTS to America. Please stop making silly excuses for the followers of Islam.

  22. Lou

    This stupid terrorist came from NYC. Gads. But pure Muslim. Pure Afghan.

  23. emsnews

    And NYC is full of terrorists. I used to call them ‘next door neighbors’ until I managed to put them in prison.

  24. Christian W

    @ #21

    The US supports Islamists 100%…The real insanity is the US creating and supporting them in the first place.

    The main point with the UK and US creating and propping up the Saudi “royals”, who use their Petro dollar earnings to spread Wahhabism, is precisely because they are Islamists.

    The US supports Islamists in Turkey, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Khazakstan, China, Pakistan, Kuwait, Lebanon etc etc

    Bringing Islamists, then, into the US is an inevitable spinoff effect. The “Orlando gunman’s” father is a Mujahideen supporter.

    The point is the US has no problem using the Islamists for terrorism to Divide & Conquer abroad AND domestically.

    Yet the average Americans obviously can’t see through this simple game and blame the US tool (= Islamists) for being hammered (see Trump). Now, that is nuts.

    There seems to be only two ways to stop US support for Islamists. Either the US collapses, or US citizens put enough pressure on the US government to change this policy.

    Stop making excuses for US policies.

  25. Petruchio

    @#7 e Sutton: “False flag? Maybe.” That’s what I am thinking, or at least suspect. But this Orlando shooting is actually a variation of a False Flag (FF) event, imho. The Real Rulers are fully aware of all the chatter on the Internet about False Flags and how the government uses them to further their agenda. So, they have to ‘up their game” so to speak in the Mass Manipulation Game.
    They have to create a False Flag that will be able to deflect the FF accusation. And it has to be gory enough so the focus can be on the numbers killed instead of some idle speculation about Government Agendas. What do they come up with? Orlando. Gays. Mass homicides. (BTW: the Real Rulers wouldn’t blink an eye at creating a FF that killed 530 people, so we should be thankful they didn’t go for more than 53 in Orlando.)All real things.
    So you ask, why choose gays for your False Flag Event? In our Politically Correct Society, we are NOT allowed to question ANYTHING about gays. Was this Orlando shooting a False Flag for some other, unrelated agenda? No, no, no. This was a Hate Crime. This is also why the focus is on this guy being born and raised in the USA, not that he is Afghani through and through, regardless of where he was born.
    Lou said it: this guy is an anchor baby. It isn’t hard to imagine this shooter growing up (yes in NYC) indoctrinated in the ways of Islam and America as The Great Satan. You can’t be too cynical about these Real Rulers of ours. Human life–except their own–means nothing to them.

  26. emsnews

    It is beyond a ‘hate crime’. Like the Oklahoma City Bombers, it was an attack on our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…the goal being to destroy the Constitution and particularly the civil rights part of it.

    Way back when the documents were written, it allowed slavery, women couldn’t vote or anything, only certain males had any rights at all and we had this 200+ year fight to slowly gain these rights and I was part if it, suing for my rights under the Civil Rights Act and winning in court.

    The right wing Christians and right wing Muslims AND right wing Jews all want to do away with my basic civil rights and I am very angry about this.

  27. MadSklz

    Bitcoin is also directly associated with end users paying for Crypto-locker fixes; lots of businesses infected without proper backups in place

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