Obama’s Fix For Terrorists He Brings Here Is To DISARM The Rest Of Us

Marines’ Hymn (The Halls of Montezuma) /w lyrics – YouTube

Students Sign Petition to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Immigrants – YouTube: yes, at top US universities, a shocking number of students thought forcing US citizens out so they could be replaced with illegal aliens is a good idea!


All the terrifying details are emerging from the mass murder event brought to us by our Real Rulers and the ISIS/Taliban terrorists…yet again.  Learning nothing from 9/11, the greater mass of US citizens have been fooled into attacking countries with zero connection to terror events and this is happening again with our President attacking US citizens telling us it is time to FULLY DISARM not fight terrorists he invited into this country.  I am a gun owner, we are all good shots here and kill in hunting season so we are used to shooting at moving targets and killing and I seriously doubt any terrorist would attack my little village because most people here are heavily armed.


Barack Obama calls for gun control action after Orlando Pulse shooting: the most recent terrorist trained at…get this…JUPITER ISLAND, FLORIDA, which is home base for the CIA/Bush/Cheney hiding hole which is exactly where the 9/11 terrorists also trained.  Furthermore, he was given a job of being an armed agent!!!  Of the government.  Doing murky shit!!!  DUH!!!!


He is a government agent.


Here is a comment to the above story by a US citizen:

Sharon, Dallas, United States, 28 minutes ago

For the 10,000th time, it’s NOT guns. The government (Obozo) vetted and cleared this guy to work for a government security company. An not just any government security but the branch that is responsible for transporting ill-egals inside the US!! He also had security clearances above his pay grade and was licensed to carry a gun.


THINK ABOUT THAT!!! The terrifying problem is the government VETTED and CLEARED this guy!!! Was it just a coincidence this guy was placed in this branch with the extended clearance levels? As they say “the Universe is rarely so lazy”. This is OUR government that wants to bring in 65-100 thousand more and says we’re supposed to believe “no problem” and they will all be thoroughly vetted!!! This is no different than the government ignoring the ter-ror-ists who are laughing as they come across our wide open me-xic-an bo-rder!!! Trump2016 or kiss your as-s and that of your kids and grand-kids good-bye!!


As various details leak out, it gets worse and worse and worse of all, it is a mirror image of 9/11 in every way including the training and arming of these terrorists in the middle of Florida right where the Bushes and CIA are the most dense.  DUH!!!!  Orlando gay club shooter Omar Mateen was investigated TWICE by the FBI | Daily Mail Online reports in England.  Again and again, these terrorists are not strangers, they are well known by our rulers.


Orlando suspect’s father hosted a TV show and now pretends to be Afghanistan’s president – The Washington Post reports and is he a US citizen?  Nope. Ex-wife of suspected Orlando shooter: ‘He beat me’ – The Washington Post reports and this is exactly like Atta and his poor girlfriend skills.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton react to Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub with Trump talking about doing something and Hillary chastising us for being anti-Muslim while collecting huge bribes from Jews to keep Israel’s ethnic cleansing actions going onwards.


Trump and Clinton and their very different responses to the Orlando shootings – The Washington Post says:


 While Donald Trump took credit on social media for being right about the threat posed by ISIS, Hillary Clinton took a more conventional approach.


Her approach was to attack our civil rights and demand we disarm. Then there is this open insult aimed at my family who came here way back in the early 1600s:  Hamilton cast will not use muskets during Tony Awards performance in wake of Orlando shooting and Broadway’s biggest night will be dedicated to all those affected by gay club massacre.


What the F?  We won the Revolutionary War via shooting guns and cannons and fighting ferociously in battles!  Then we fought our way from the East Coast all the way to the Arizona/Mexico border and into California by 1850 and then fought in the Civil War, the Geronimo War, the Mexican War, the Cuban War (Remember the Maine) and on to WWI and WWII, etc.


All very violent wars not to mention the wars with France and Spain way back in 1650 onwards…whew.  These clowns want to disarm us.  Eh?  Wot?  I not only have more than one gun at home, I have swords of various sorts, shields, and full armor, too.  I used to do a lot of medieval fighting in the past as has my husband and friends.


I also did a lot of archery and can duel with swords, too, even saber swords which were forbidden for women to use in college but I did it with men behind the school’s back.  I even know how to use sling shots effectively a la David and Goliath, too.


If our rulers thing disarming us will protect us…pfft.  To hell with them all, they fear us more than they fear the Muslims attacking us because they plan to wipe out all the Muslims, too, along with us all.  And you can bet, when they try to do this they will claim they are saving the planet from humans.  You’ll see.  I know these horrible people way too well.


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14 responses to “Obama’s Fix For Terrorists He Brings Here Is To DISARM The Rest Of Us

  1. Lou

    Omar was an anchor baby?
    Omar was a registered Democrat.
    Omar luved ISIS.

  2. emsnews

    You know, the most popular article I ever published was about pit bulls being stupid dogs that attack their owners and their families. Wow. Over a hundred comments from some of the stupidest people on earth! I salute them all. HAHAHA.

    People are SUICIDAL as well as dumb, it appears. Time to get another English Mastiff, great dogs, utterly devoted to not only the Master but children, bred to guard princes and princesses, reliable, quiet (if they bark, it is a deep woof that is a warning,no baying) etc. I miss my dear Cleo who guarded my home for 15 years.

  3. melponeme_k

    “Over a hundred comments from some of the stupidest people on earth! I salute them all. HAHAHA.

    People are SUICIDAL as well as dumb, it appears.”

    No, not dumb. But hopelessly enmeshed in the belief that some animals can be saved. That enough love will change them. But that, sadly, is not true.

    No amount of a love will change the genetic, ingrained nature of the pit bull.

    No amount of understanding will change the majority of criminals.

    Love will not change religious extremists of any stripe. Including our leaders who think they are so clever with the alchemy and the black magic.

    All rabid, unreachable animals who cannot be saved. We are going to all have our Old Yeller moment. But are not united enough to make a stand.

    So horrible and tragic that we are at our end this way.

  4. e sutton

    The latest media spin is that the LGBT community was the real target. Seems the guy was just a hater, you know, like redneck Christians hate gays. Yeah. Like that…….

    And the general public is lapping it up or tuning it out in favor of their latest app on the iphone. WE*ARE*TRUELY*F*CKED!

  5. e sutton

    Found this gem of a comment over at SBPDL:


    interesting news with the shooting/mass murder at the Florida nightclub-

    Islamic terrorist (who the U.S. welcomed with open arms) shoots up a gay Latin nightclub. Wait a minute, aren’t Muslims, gays, and Latins all part of Hillary’s rainbow kumbaya coalition? I thought diversity was our strength and is what makes America great.

    Hillary better find a way to blame this on white males quick, her coalition seems to be unraveling already.

  6. Lou

    Mastiffs need a lot of food. I dont know what the food bill is, for a 150-200 pound Mastiff. And 1 or 2 Mastiffs did kill a child who hopped the fence in a yard that the dogs lived in.

    off topic—http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-irs-headquarters-maryland/

  7. Lou

    the most popular article I ever published was about pit bulls being stupid dogs that attack their owners and their families. Wow. Over a hundred comments from some of the stupidest people on earth!

    —Actually it may be yr LEAST POPULAR article, if judged by comments for haters of facts.
    More accurately it is yr most commented upon article. By people who have a sweet PB and dont know WHY the breed was created and ignore the regular attacks on people by PBs. Dumb people who dont know all dogs may have an ‘on off switch.’
    Rotts are another very dangerous breed.

    Id like to see EMS write more about PBs. For instance she noted ‘its usually male PBs that attack.

  8. emsnews

    My mastiff was a female. They are the protectors. Male mastiffs are also more unstable. Females (unless abused when puppies) are great guardian dogs. The best guardian dogs are shepherd dogs and this includes German shepherds.

    They, too, can be trained to attack such as German shepherds that the military in Germany beginning in 1880, trained them to do this. But shepherds generally (though LESS AND LESS) are bred to never ever bite to kill anything.

    I have owned sheep dogs because I owned sheep and the sheep and these dogs took to each other nearly instantly even if the dog was an adult and raised in the city and never saw a lambie. WIthin minutes of meeting, the sheepdog would bind to the sheep, it is most interesting to watch it happen.

    They become inseparable. There is actual love at work. If a strange dog invades and chases a lamb, the sheepdog goes nuts and will and again, I have seen this on my property when a dog did try chasing my lambs, our dear dog Coleen (a Scots dog) went after it and tried to take that dog down.

    One of our rams joined the dog in doing this, rams can be dangerous, too.

  9. Coldtype

    The shooter wasn’t “invited into the county” by Obama to harm us Elaine he was an American citizen born and raised. That’s analogous to saying that Obama invited YOU into the United States to publish this post.

  10. emsnews

    HIS PARENTS were allowed in from AFGHANISTAN after the US wrecked the place in order to force Russia out. Russia introduced women’s rights to Afghanistan and the US conspired with a man called bin Laden, the guy who helped make 9/11 possible…to get rid of the Russians and impose Sharia law on women of Afghanistan.

    This, in turn, is now biting us in the rear as these same lunatics want to impose Sharia law on Europe and America and intend to terrorize us until we surrender to them. I don’t give a damn where this latest mass killer was born, he was here and he was conceived by his mom and dad to fight to impose Sharia law on us.

  11. emsnews

    I also hate the right wing fake Christians who ALSO want to impose their form of Sharia laws on me for the exact same brutal methods and reasons. To hell with them and the GOP panders to them.

  12. Petruchio

    Obama’s term in the White House is coming to an end. On January 25(?) 2017, Barack The Doorman is out the door at the White House. What does this mean in the here and now? This is Obama’s “F#ck You, America!!” time. Obama can now openly be the Muslim he has been all along. I gotta hand it to your (former) pals the elites, Elaine. They can sure pick ’em!!! ROTFLMAO. I think they want to let the Party–meaning the Country– crash as it were BEFORE Hillary takes office next January. That way the media spin will be, “Well ya can’t blame Mrs. Clinton for this mess. She inherited it.” As I have been saying for awhile now: these overindulged, overprotected, overly inbred “elites” couldn’t get a job cleaning out a horse barn or a pig sty on their abilities alone. And these “elites” don’t plan on tapping out. Ever.

  13. Petruchio

    Why does Obozo and the rest who feel the same way want to disarm the Average Joe and Jane? Simple. These people WANT the American People to be as vulnerable to angry Muslims as possible. Why? Because these “Rulers” (Ruler wannabe’s is more accurate) want to be the Only Option for Safety for the American People. The “elites” know that the economy is going to further decline AND they know that they are not popular AT ALL with the American People. The ONLY option for these fraudulent ‘elites” is to be the Only Option available fro the American People. The media spin may go something like this: “We (the “elites”)may be sleazy, corrupt and morally bankrupt, but we are the Only Option you have against these Muslim terrorists.” This is why the Real Rulers want to disarm us NOW. BTW: the National Homicide rate in the US is at a 50+ year LOW. How’s that for an inconvenient factoid?

  14. emsnews

    I have a horror of all rock concerts of any sort anywhere after the nightmare of Altamont when the Rolling Stones screwed up everything totally. I was dead center in that mess. Never,ever again.

    Note now that TWO rock concert venues have been attacked by nearly identical Muslim terrorist methods. Will people figure out this is all very much planned and desired?

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