US Rulers Want More Anti-Gay/Anti-woman Religious Jihadists To Enter US For Military Training And Jobs

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The terrorists attacking Europe and the US give many excuses for their war and one is, they hate women’s rights and the other is they hate gays and another is, they hate freedom of speech and another is they hate other religions (this last item is true with other groups, for example, Jews hate everyone else, too, and seek ethnic cleansing, too) and so what is the solution?  The US and EU are dropping bombs on and overthrowing LIBERAL Muslim leaders who give women basic human rights, for example, and replace these dictators with dictators who hate women’s rights so who is responsible for all this?  Mirrors work wonders here.  And the rest of us who are being dragged along into all these idiotic wars launched by our own leaders have little to no say in the matter and media owners conspire with our rulers to mislead us about why things are happening and yet again, the Democrats are saying, ‘If we disarm American citizens, foreigners won’t get guns easily and we will be safe like the people of Paris…OOOPS…ignore Paris, everyone, we are going to roast to death because we drive cars and live in big houses…OOOPS…ignore the people in huge palaces driving expensive foreign cars!  Do as we say, sheeple!’  Yes, this is our new reality and it pisses me off greatly.


Let’s review 9/11: a handful of foreign terrorists from mostly Saudi Arabia, armed with box cutters, took over several US jets and used these as WMD.  Calls to disarm Americans didn’t come from that even though our Real Rulers want to disarm us all because this way we can’t fight THEM.  See?  My family was here back in 1776 and before that and after that and all generations of my family was heavily armed and yes, one of my great grandfathers did use his gun when he went bankrupt to kill himself and his wife but not my ancestor who survived but that was no reason to disarm everyone, good lordie, this happened when living in Arizona meant worrying about Geronimo!


Geronimo is a verboten topic for our media owners, too.  They dare not talk about the Skull and Bones nor does Congress since some of them there including top Democrats are people who worship Geronimo’s skull in a black magic stuff they do on Income Tax day.  These warlocks want us to believe that they will protect us from danger when they, themselves, bring in danger deliberately and maliciously which is why, after Saudi terrorists attacked people in California, Obama did exactly three things: he demanded we be disarmed, he demanded we worry about being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age and third, he demanded we take in millions of illegal aliens from violent Mexico and the violent Middle East!


Bang, bang, bang, these three things do hang together.  Thanks to higher CO2, plants and animals across the planet are thriving.  It is generally wetter than during the 1930s which was the last time that we had super-warm weather.  My forest is growing like gangbusters and my trees are happy, the wild deer and birds like turkeys are fat and happy, and I am supposed to be screaming with fear and Obama even said that the real danger isn’t armed terrorists attacking us deliberately, it is this warm weather and tree food that endangers us.

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Hillary has zero desire to protect us.  She wants to disarm us, of course.  She tells us, our cities are better if people are disarmed yet the Democrats roared at Republican mayors who did disarm black males and the murder rates did go down during the time black males were searched for arms and the Democrats and Al Sharpton, the man who once tried to get me killed in Brooklyn for making speeches in Bed-Stuy, all screamed at Republicans for disarming black males and the new mayor told them, they were no longer going to be searched for illegal arms and voila: the murder rate is soaring in the Big Apple again!


Man shot after argument on Brooklyn party boatWoman killed after gunman opens fire on group in The Bronx both happened this week, for example. Note the usual black dudes going to a crowd and shooting randomly, this happens every night nearly every night without fail in some ghetto neighborhood somewhere in a dying US city.  It is common, not unusual.  Never does any politician suggest disarming black males nor do they say, ‘We must disarm Muslim radicals!’  Nope. They want to disarm ME! I am a woman living on a mountain and in the past, someone stupid would come driving up my mountain to try to menace me and my dogs and I then go into full defense mode which means using a big gun and big teeth to take them down!


Call the cops?  Takes them an hour to come here.  The cops in Florida stayed OUTSIDE and didn’t penetrate all the way inside until THREE HOURS went by!  I have been shot at  more than once in my life, one time, a total stranger jumped out of the bushes in LA and fired a gun six times at me and I hit him with my suitcase.  After a helicopter/police chase, they caught him.  Another time, a group of men right in front of me, tried to kidnap a college student who was a female walking past my home, my two friends and I rescued her and yes, we did use a gun on the men, a Luger which my friend was cleaning when the kidnapping happened.


So I take guns very seriously but I also use guns and have periodically shot animals dead or used to keep human animals under control.  The solution is simple: disarm our city populations while increasing police protection and leave the countryside alone, yes, rural people do kill each other and usually it is domestic violence or drugs and yes, this is bad but this is also life, it has gone on since my great grandfather murdered family way way back in the old days.  He would have used a knife if he didn’t have a gun and the President of Queens killed himself with a kitchen knife when the FBI entered his home to arrest him for corruption after Guiliani put a tap on his phone when the President of Queens conspired with other politicians to muscle me by sending a detective from Queens to Brooklyn to tell me my life was in danger for irritating the rulers of NYC.  HAHAHA.  I had him tailed!


These guys in the power system who tried to muscle me in Brooklyn many years ago were all Democrats.  Who all yap about how they are protecting women except if the Housewife from Hell (my name in the Daily News back then) is irritating them.  Our media giants were spending greatest energy attacking a college kid for raping a fellow college kid while both were drunk and being stupid.  They want him utterly destroyed for this and are still hammering on him while at the same time, ignoring the real dangers and the latest terrorist attack focused on gays which the GOP hates, the GOP wants to take away basic civil rights from gays and are nasty about this issue and this hits my own family and I hate BOTH political parties which BOTH cynically play on prejudices and race to keep in power while cooperating with each other behind the scenes!


Anyways, we are to be ganging up and hating this stupid college kid who thought college was all about free love, getting plastered and doing stupid stuff and this was true when I went to school starting in 1967 and goes on today and I think this should stop and it is very simple: put up huge bill board signs at all schools saying ‘Do NOT party or drink or ANYTHING because we will put you in prison, no questions.  Got it?  NO DRINKING.  Or drugs. ‘  Hey, they did this in the 1960s!


We are not menaced by drunk college students who do stupid stuff like vandalism, nasty sex stuff, etc.  This is called ‘being young and stupid’.  But the radical religious fanatics attacking us: this is serious stuff, they intend to destroy us utterly and totally and intend to take over the planet and turn it into Saudi Arabia, one of the very nastiest cultures and political dictatorships on earth! Our ALLIES.  Good lord, isn’t this utterly insane?


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15 responses to “US Rulers Want More Anti-Gay/Anti-woman Religious Jihadists To Enter US For Military Training And Jobs

  1. Lou

    You have posted [here, at yr site] that ‘Multi Cultural societies are the strongest’
    Now that returns to haunt you.

  2. Lou

    This is noteworthy—- Our media giants were spending greatest energy attacking a college kid for raping a fellow college kid while both were drunk and being stupid—-

    I spoke to an ex mayor of a small city who is also ex LEO.
    He seems to have studied this case and says that it was the probation or whoever that offered the judge the ‘6 months’ and the judge did not originate it.

  3. Petruchio

    “Call the cops? Takes them an hour to come here. The cops in Florida stayed OUTSIDE and didn’t penetrate all the way inside until THREE HOURS went by!” Remember Columbine? The Colorado High School where two punk high schoolers were killing their fellow students and teachers? Note the Police response there. NOBODY went in until the two punks offed themselves! WTF??!! One side we have two crazy, fu##ed up kids. On the other we have dozens of well armed, fully grown MEN (and I assume some female LEO’s). WHY didn’t they go in after the two punk shooters IMMEDIATELY? Yeah, easy for me to talk, but that IS what Law Enforcement is supposed to do. C’mon, how much of a fight are some punk high schoolers going to put up when they have a 12 gauge shotgun staring back at them? And if they don’t surrender when you do that, SHOOT THEM!! Stopping the killing of innocent people should have been a priority. Would this be dangerous? Yes, but when you get right down to it, that IS what cops are supposed to do: deal with psychos with guns. That’s supposed to be the whole justification for having SWAT teams and police snipers.

  4. emsnews

    I made a big splash in the 1970s in NYC because I did take down criminals when the cops gave up after the riots. They were ordered to stand down and they did.

    I believe in citizens taking control themselves, I have done this more than once. Look at our schools: turned into a mess by liberals who don’t pay attention to the results of no punishments for kids who are disruptive and violent and viola: schools are now more dangerous than prisons.

    Many years of lying about race, lying about integration, forcing people to do things that don’t work in the real world, we are now in a situation where we are told, letting in a tsunami of angry Muslim men is a fine idea.

    One person here reminded me that I said a variety of cultures is good: IT IS. But this is totally different from an invasion of armed, angry men seeking to overthrow our government and enslave us. See? World of difference here.

  5. Christian W

    OT Israeli apartheid:

    In Israel Jews that marry non Jews face two year prison term

    (sorry can’t post link as the post does not appear on here if I do)

  6. Petruchio

    “One person here reminded me that I said a variety of cultures is good: IT IS. But this is totally different from an invasion of armed, angry men seeking to overthrow our government and enslave us. See? World of difference here.” I look at it a little differently. The Elites want to enslave us alright, but overthrow the Government? No! I think the Elites know full well how destructive this “Muslim invasion” is for the General Public, the residents of the countries that are “infused” with “angry, Muslim, military-age men. They want that, but the elites want their Government to stay in Power. the Government is them!! As I have said before these creeps don’t plan on tapping out. EVER. They will justify staying in complete Power with reasoning like this: “You may not like us, but WE are the only ones who have the ability to protect you.” The Elites know the Economies of countries are going to collapse. The US Dollar will likely lose its Special Privilege status in the not=too-distant future. There will be a lot of hostility from the “soiled masses” towards the Elites, likely even some acts of violence. This explains the push for gun control AND the massive flood of angry Muslim males into Western countries. No, Elaine. The Elites do NOT want to see the ‘gubmint’ overthrown. The Government is THEM.

  7. Christian W

    You can’t call this Orlando nutcase an “Islamist terrorist” really. He was a mentally unstable individual on steroids who couldn’t tell Hezbollah (mortal enemy number 1 to all “Islamists” + Zionists) from ISIS/Al-Qaeda (real US sponsored Islamists), yet he claimed to be associated with all three at various points in time.

    Also, we have newly arrived Syrian refugees in the little Norwegian town I live in. They are normal, secular people with families who want to work and live normal lives. On a recent trip to Denmark I did see the other kind, the Islamists. Syria is divided between these two, the secular modern people living in the cities and along the Med. coast, and the Islamists living mostly in the countryside/Eastern parts.

    Now the US supports the Islamist fanatics in Syria and elsewhere, and their import to the EU, over the sane people…

  8. Christian W

    US Rulers Want More Anti-Gay/Anti-woman Religious Jihadists To Enter US For Military Training And Jobs

    Seems the Orlando gunman was confused about his sexual identity. Apparently he went to the Pulse club so often several people there recognized him from before.

    So he was an American homosexual/bisexual wife-beating psycho NYPD police officer wannabe, rather than an immigrant religious jihadist. The ISIS/Al-Qaeda link seems to be FBI/MSM propaganda at this point. For some reason MSM instantly scream ISIS as soon as there is a shooting somewhere.

  9. Ken

    I read somewhere (I think on this site) that the shooter was an “anchor baby” that his parents used to get into the US. Does anyone know whether this is true?

  10. emsnews

    Yes, he was. And yes, he was a Muslim terrorists, HE SAID THIS HIMSELF. Sheesh. He screamed this.

  11. Jim R

    Meanwhile, the US-backed Nazi government in the Ukraine is ramping up its shelling of civilian neighborhoods in the eastern corner. This is the main war crime that is meant to provoke Russia.

    Not a peep about it in the “news media”, while they are busy with 24/7 coverage of this shooting.

    I find it particularly disgusting that the celebrates disastrous events like 9/11 and remembers them every year. It’s like “hurray for us, that was the day we lost to the terrorists!” You’d think they’d want to remember better things like the defeat of Nazi Germany.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, our rulers are egging on Europe to fight Russia…AGAIN. Sheesh.. Anyone with any brains should look at history which explains explicitly what happens next but do they?

    Nope! No lessons learned by anyone at the top. Hubris is another lesson they should learn but refuse and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire: nope.

    History is a goddess who is a total bitch. She laughs demonically as She writes dipping Her quill in human blood. The Norns are the Northern bitches who write history, too.

    To learn about them, watch Wagner’s Ring Cycle opera. Hitler loved that series of operas and learned absolutely nothing from them, too. Humans struggle to learn anything even when whips are applied by the Teachers.

    On the other hand, the Watchers love this because it all amuses them. I don’t understand people who think gods love them. Gods don’t love anyone, they are simply There and we should simply pay attention to them all and avoid annoying them too much.

    Then there is Thor, my ‘boyfriend’ who won’t leave me alone.

  13. Christian W

    @ 9

    The shooter’s father is a CIA asset dating back to the 1980’s. He runs a TV show aired in Pakistan that is funded by the US government (Voice of America).

  14. emsnews

    Yup, he is up there at the tippy top of the power pyramid, more or less. Look, during 9/11, Cheney sat alone in his office giving no orders (needed none) with his feet up on the desk watching thousands of NY city workers jumping out of windows, screaming and dying. He should have been investigated the next day for this but nooooo….then he conspired with Bush to let all the criminals from Saudi Arabia leave when all US flights were cancelled.

    No investigation of that, either, none to this day. Sheesh.

  15. Donald Trump was at this year’s Faith and Freedom which is in a typical year a hate-on-gays rally (in code, of course: “restoring TRADISHINUL FAMBLY VAALYOUES…”)

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