More Annoying News After US Citizens Attacked By Muslim Terrorist

‘He always talked of killing people’: Former co-worker of Orlando terrorist says he warned his security firm bosses he was a deranged homophobe but they refused to fire him because he was MUSLIM which is going on all over the place.  Far from being discriminated against by the government, in Europe and the US authorities are now bending over backwards to make nice/nice with foreigners and people who hate freedom and the rule of law which baffles me since this is so very destructive but then, our rulers seem bent on destroying us all.


The 9/11 terrorists didn’t act like Muslims before they did their suicide attacks just like this guy and just like so many others, the men who did the Paris attacks also didn’t act religious, either, before gunning down and blowing up many innocent victims.  All the major western terrorists do the same thing: they pretend to not be all that religious.  It is part of their business training.  It is called ‘blending in with the population and then terrorizing them all from within.’


Florida terrorist made two pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012, bragged to work colleagues that he knew the Boston Marathon bombers and tried to buy body armor from a store weeks before massacre: how many red flags does it take to notice who is dangerous?  Especially since this guy was working as an armed guard.


The Orlando gunman responsible for the largest mass shooting in American history journeyed to Saudi Arabia twice in recent years on pilgrimages to the holy city of Mecca.


Omar Mateen made the trips to the Middle East in March of 2011 and March of 2012, spending 10 days in the country a spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s Interior toldNBC News.


It was one year after that second trip where he performed Umrah – which is considered the lesser pilgrimage compared the Hajj – that Mateen first landed on the radar of the FBI.


A source close to that investigation has revealed to The Guardian that the agency started looking into Mateen after learning that he told his co-workers that he was friends with Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the brothers behind the Boston Marathon bombing.


The FBI interviewed Mateen twice about his comments and ultimately decided he did not pose a security threat because he had been lying about knowing the Tsarnevs.


He became a ‘known quantity’ to federal law enforcement agents after that investigation however, but was still able to legally purchase the guns he used in Sunday’s brutal massacre.


Mateen had been looking to purchase military-grade body armor in the weeks prior to the shooting as well according to investigators.


If he put up a billboard near his home proclaiming ‘I am a Muslim terrorist!’ he couldn’t be clearer.  But evidently, the sharp brainiacs in our government thought none of this triggered any sort of response and like so many assassins, they let him run riot.


Mateen’s disdain for homosexuals is a recent development though according to a former classmate who said that he did not have a problem with gay men and women when they were in high school.


Samuel King, who is openly gay and used to perform as a drag queen, said Mateen was friendly, talkative and would often socialize with the may gay people they worked with at Ruby Tuesday’s.


‘He clearly was not anti-(gay) at least not back then. He did not show any hatred to any of us,’ said King. ‘Something must have changed.’


Anyone, any minute in time can switch gears and go from being a nice person to being a monster, this was illustrated in the story ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.


In Orlando, Florida: ‘Get rid of them’: Islamic preacher who called for gays to be ‘executed’ was giving lectures in Orlando just weeks before massacre and this young monster hung out there and thought this was all a grand idea.  Again: our ALLIES in Saudi Arabia are ten times worse and they stone gays to death, throw them out of high buildings, bury them in stones and tear them limb from limb, should I go on?  With allies like this do we need to worry about them shipping similar monsters here to torture us, too?  Duh.


Orlando terrorist connected to radical Muslim cleric who was released from prison last year after he converted 36 people in jail and ‘runs a website used to dispense his teachings’  Where a suicide bomber AND America’s worst mass shooter worshiped: The tiny Florida mosque now connected to two terrorists – but whose imam insists is no place for extremism because he is a rank liar.


Obama says there’s ‘no sign’ of Orlando gunman being part of a wider plot as he blames ‘home-grown extremism’ and guns – and STILL won’t say ‘radical Islamic terrorism’: doubling down on the stupid here.  Impeach him.


‘It’s absolute war!’: Trump demands tougher domestic surveillance of mosques as he says Hillary Clinton is ‘almost like a maniac’ for avoiding mention of Islamic terrorism and then there is this headline:  ‘I’m happy to call it radical Islamism’: Hillary finally ditches Obama and addresses Orlando attacker’s religion under pressure from Trump who calls her a ‘maniac’ for dodging the issue except we know her position from last week was to excuse terrorists and claim the Sunni radicals in Saudi Arabia are our best of friends and we have nothing to worry about.


Orlando gunman wanted law enforcement to hurt his wife and kid so he could be a martyr, FBI chief says…and the US media and the Democratic leaders would all be howling about that if it happened especially if the killer could frame a neighbor as the killer instead.


‘The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world’: Fundamentalist Christian pastor films hate-filled rant in wake of Orlando gay club massacre because the Muslim religion like so many Catholic, Protestant, Jewish faiths, all worship the same god that says it wants to murder everyone due to us being not nice but nasty especially about sex, the same god that put that apple in Paradise and told Eve to not touch it and then gleefully tortured her for this.


Canadian hostage in Philippines ‘executed’ by ISIS as Justin Trudeau sticks by pledge not to pay ransoms to terrorists–yes, Canada has a big problem with all this, too and yes, there are Muslims who came down from Indonesia, who now live in the Philippines and torment their neighbors there and promise to annihilate everyone who doesn’t worship the Muslim god that hates gays, women, and foreigners and anyone else except for a few deranged and violent males.  Yuck.


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3 responses to “More Annoying News After US Citizens Attacked By Muslim Terrorist

  1. Nani

    Just a few days ago Hillary Clinton proudly proclaimed that the “US stood up for women’s rights everywhere around the world”. My reply is one word: Saudi-Arabia. If the US was serious about protecting women worldwide it would have imposed heavy sanctions on regimes like SA, and isolated them from the world. Being a woman myself, i find Clinton’s words rather shameful. What a hypocrite!

  2. “The FBI interviewed Mateen twice about his comments and ultimately decided he did not pose a security threat because he had been lying about knowing the Tsarnevs.”

    DId NOT pose a security threat because he had been LYING about knowing the Tsarnevs???? THat would clue me in that he WAS a terrorist threat!

    Sheesh. “Brainiacs” is right! And since these guys they are smarter than the average person we apparently live in a nation of stupid people, thinking voting for Trump will change anything (do you really think the voting machines will declare Trump the winner?????).

  3. Shawntoh

    Gee, Elaine, you better go straighten out these dumb folks for just calling this guy a “Fla. gunman”, he’s dirty, low-down, no good, you-know-what, right?

    This is from that “liberal” website called, STARS AND STRIPES, btw!

    HEADLINE: Witness: Fla. gunman attacked to get US ‘to stop bombing his country’

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