Washington Post Jewish Staff Attack 2nd Amendment, Demand We Import More Muslims

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Today we look at the Washington Post to see how our Real Rulers think or rather, how intensely stupid they are and how they are now tripping up over their propaganda.  You see, these people hate Muslims but find them very useful for controlling populations of European and NATO populations.  They are also intent on taking control of much of the Middle East for Jews only.  They learn nothing from the Torah and think their insane god loves them dearly even though this same god attacks them over and over and over again and leads them into one disaster after another.  The WP today is loudly proclaiming that there are no Muslim terrorists assailing us, nope.  It is GUNS.

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This is utterly insane.  Not one gun was used for the biggest Muslim mass terror attack which was much, much, much bigger than this week’s event: 9/11.  Not one ruler is mentioning 9/11 which they promised we would never forget now we must forget about that event!  Instead, we must look at the sex life of the latest terrorist, not his religious beliefs and dedication towards overthrowing our government and our social system but then, the rulers hate us, too!


Richard the Zionist Cohen attacks us viciously.  ‘It ALWAYS comes back to the guns’ as he strives hard to disarm pesky US citizens and violate the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  Members of my own family were at that convention that drew up that document and understood from day one why that is the #2 amendment and freedom of speech is #1.  Our new rulers, nearly all except for the Bush clan, are mostly recent (less than 300 years here) immigrants who often do not understand why we have these pesky amendments and they dearly want to get rid of both.


The Bush clan loves the British royals and my clan hated them and fought with them since around 1300 AD which is why we ended up here, not sitting at home in a castle in England but then, it changed my ancestors who loved living on the frontiers, anyways.


The fact is, our Jewish editorial writers are going on and on and ON about how we must be tolerant of Muslims while at the same time, viciously abusing Muslims in the Holy Lands and stealing Muslim stuff and killing them with impunity after disarming them all.  The Muslims desperately fight back and get pounded over and over again.


Here, from London’s Daily Mail, is a huge headline we don’t see in the mainstream media here in occupied US territories:

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 8.24.39 AM

THIS WEEK all the West Bank Muslims were locked in their homes and forbidden to travel just because two Muslims killed a couple of Jews!  A Muslim kills and wounds 100 Americans and Jews in the media scold us about reacting to this.


Example: Eugene Robinson demands US citizens be disarmed.  Guess what even young mothers carry in Israel if they are Jews: assault weapons!  Which they use on school girls wielding scissors, no less!  They shoot first and ask questions later and are never, ever punished even if what they do is obviously evil, in their eyes, killing Palestinians is loved by god, the god of the Nazis and they are Nazis, themselves.


So the question is, why are the Zionists here so intent on disarming US citizens?  Indeed, a burning question since I was once Mrs. Levy, I got to hear how liberal NYC Jews in the publishing world talk about ‘die Schwarze’ since I understand Yiddish.  They don’t like them at all.  They even  hate  white Christians and they  despised me, I was a second class citizen  within the family.


Oh, the NYT focuses nearly entirely on this assassin being gay.  They even question if this guy has an ‘ideology’ even as he screams ‘Allah Akbar, I love ISIS’ while butchering everyone.  The NYT also LIES about all this claiming he wasn’t directed by Islamic leaders when these same leaders warned us two weeks ago, the next mass murder was going to happen in the US.

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 7.56.44 AM
Max Fischer, a Jewish employee of the NYT, writes about how we cannot know why Muslim terrorists attack.  He then struggles to ‘make sense about this’ which is an outrageous lie since these same terrorists say over and over again, that the war over Jerusalem is key to their battles and ideology, it is the #1 issue, overall.
Mr. Zionist Liberal Cohn (dropping the ‘e’ in the name) rages on about how Trump is appealing to the working-class Democrats who were betrayed by their Bilderberg leaders like Hillary and that gun control isn’t popular with the working white males which irritates the Zionists no end since Mr. Cohn isn’t demanding that all Jews in Israel disarm, too.
One last media word from London’s Daily Mail:
Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 8.07.38 AM
Sigh: just published and then here comes MORE NEWS from Europe which is under attack by recent Muslim immigrants: ISIS terrorist live streamed killing French police officer and his wife in front of their three-year-old son on Facebook then posted ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do with the boy’ and he was stopped by the cops throwing bombs at him.  It gets worse, and identical to the US arresting the Orlando terrorist and then letting him go free again:

The knifeman, named in the French press as 25-year-old Larossi Abballa (top) attacked Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, and his wife at their home in Magnanville, in the Yvelines department, north of Paris, shortly after 8.30pm. Explosions were heard later towards midnight as elite Raid commandos entered the building, where they killed the attacker. Inside the house, they found the lifeless body of Mr Salvaing’s wife, who also worked for the police force. The only survivor was the couple’s three-year-old child. This morning, as police continued their investigation at the house (bottom), it emerged Abballa had been sentenced in 2013 for taking part in a jihadist organisation with links to Pakistan. Two people with links to Abballa were arrested on Tuesday morning.


Obviously, someone at the very top of our political system is unleashing this terror on us since they keep forcing cops to let these terrorists go free over and over again not to mention inviting them into the countries over and over again, too.  Note that this terrorist used a knife, not a box cutter or gun.  Ahem.


Also from London which has better news service than here:  Orlando gunman ‘cheered the terrorists on 9/11 and made plane noises to taunt others on the school bus,’ former classmates claim because evidently the US terrorist was pro-Muslim mass murders way back in his youth.  Our President and media owners want to hide this tidbit of vital information in order to focus on the guy’s sex life instead.


I nearly forgot to visit Russia today for more news!  News — Russia Today:

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 8.35.29 AM

Last item (?) I went to Israel’s media to see what is cooking there:

Israeli Court Rules to Keep Palestinian Clown in Jail Without Trial – Israel News – Haaretz he is there for half a year with no charges and is now a non-person with no legal standing, he just ‘isn’t there anymore’ so to speak, in some concentration camp.

The Shin Bet security service has said Abu Saha is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel, and constitutes a security risk that could not be addressed any other way other than through administrative detention.
Over the past six months, protests have been held around the world over Abu Saha’s detention without trial. Circus groups, including those in Spain, France, Denmark, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, have posted pictures of themselves on social media holding signs calling for his release. Activists have held small demonstrations and posted videos, including songs specially composed as part of the effort, on the matter. More than 12,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Abu Saha’s release. Amnesty International also called for his release.


Big news here in the US?  HAHAHA.  Propaganda hates news.  I keep roaming the foreign news and found this now:  Two Accused of Conspiring With Boston Man to Behead Pamela Geller, Help ISIS – World – Haaretz – Israel News Haaretz.com.  Even the Jewish media in Israel notices that jihadists are in the US trying to do their worse.


Nicholas Rovinski and David Wright allegedly met Usaama Rahim, who was killed last week by police officers, to discuss how to kill right-wing political activist.


Note the non-Muslim names of the two American citizens who are eager to join ISIS and attack US citizens.  I found more news about Rovinski:  Prosecutors Say Terror Suspect Nicholas Rovinski Plotted Beheadings From Jail – NBC News


The FBI said one of the men, Usaamah Rahim of Roslindale, Massachusetts, later changed his mind and decided to attack police in Boston. He was shot and killed last June as he prepared to board a bus armed with a long knife.

FBI officials said wiretaps picked up Rahim telling the third man in the plot, David Wright of Everett, Massachusetts, that he decided to “go after the boys in blue.” Rahim was Wright’s uncle.

Prosecutors said Rovinski met Wright online and that the three men began talking with Rahim about the need to commit violent acts in support of ISIS. The FBI said they formulated their plan last May to attack Geller and discussed it in detail on a secluded beach in Rhode Island two days before Rahim was shot and killed.


Obama has repeatedly said that these terrorists are NOT organized and therefore, Obama is going to continue to bring in terrorists because they are disorganized yet they organize themselves like any terrorist operations for the last 200 years which all do this same sort of ‘organization’ especially anarchists who assassinated lots of famous people over the centuries:


Prosecutors also said Wright drafted documents for what he called a “martyrdom operations cell” and searched the Internet for information about weapons. Among his search queries, according to the indictment, where “Which tranquilizer puts humans to sleep instantly” and “how to start a secret militia in [the] US.”


And remember this dude: he is the foreign terrorist who assassinated President McKinley in New York, a prelude to the shot that was heard around the world that started WWI by a similar terrorist from the same region in Europe, WWI.

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36 responses to “Washington Post Jewish Staff Attack 2nd Amendment, Demand We Import More Muslims

  1. e sutton

    Eugene Robinson is a house nigger who has been working for the WP since I lived in DC back in the seventies. I give him as much credence as I give Obozo. They are with a laugh and a chuckle and nothing more.

    The same could be said of Bush the Younger. Rumor around Washington was he couldn´t tie his shoelaces without help. Wouldn´t surprise me a bit if it were true.

  2. Jim R

    I think too much emphasis is being put on Muslims here. The fact is, many if not most of the jihadi scum being sent into Syria are unemployed uneducated losers from all over the place. They are Lutherans, or Catholics, etc. They are nothing. 50 or 100 years ago, they might have gone to join the French Foreign Legion. Most of them couldn’t discuss the Quran with an average run-of-the-mill Muslim.

    And the people they are killing are from many faiths as well. In Syria, those jihadi outfits (which go by many names) are killing Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Yeah, Syria still had some Jews up until recently. If they get on the wrong side of the conflict line, they get killed. Also, some odds and ends of the pre-Christian era, like Zoroastrians. Not many of them left, but they get slaughtered when their town is invaded.

    The ‘news media’ also make a big deal about the Sunni/Shia split in the Muslim faith — that wasn’t actually such a big deal until the CIA/Pentagon social engineers started making it one recently. It was like Protestants and Catholics. They were peacefully living next door to each other.

  3. Christian W

    More Israeli propaganda from AP and the Washington Post:


    By Jamey Keaten | AP June 13

    GENEVA — Wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Enforced disappearances, torture and extremist attacks infringe on human rights worldwide. Tyrannical, autocratic leaders and their allies from Belarus to Burundi repel dissent with an iron fist.

    But while human rights abuses are legion in these troubled times, only one country has its record inspected at every single session of the United Nations Human Rights Council: Israel, over its policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    Israel, which trumpets its bona fides as a democracy in a difficult neighborhood full of enemies, is crying foul. And it is not entirely alone: Other critics, notably the United States, also decry what they see as an entrenched bias in United Nations institutions and an obsession with the Palestinian issue at the expense of other crises around the globe.



    Oh boohoo, the poor Jews are victims again and crying that people don’t like their brutal ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  4. Christian W

    Israel releases arsonist, who burned Palestinian baby and father to death, after a few months in custody:


    RT claims this person is a “Jewish extremist” but he isn’t really. He is a Zionist stealing Palestinian land. That is what Israel is about.

  5. Being There

    This shooter was born in Brooklyn and worked for a security company that worked for the CIA guarding nuc power plants. Now Come on. This isn’t what you think it is……

  6. Christian W

    Israel pulls crap like this every single day, devouring Palestine bit by bit:

    Israeli army bulldozes well and animal shelter in Yatta town

    AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli bulldozers at dawn Tuesday demolished, under military protection, a water well and a cattle shelter in Yatta town, south of al-Khalil, at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

    Anti-settlement activist Rateb al-Jabour said that the demolished structures belonged to Odeh Abul-Zait and Mahmoud Noa’man. Jabour told Quds Press that the Israeli army also notified Mohamed Rab’iee of its intention to demolish his water well in al-Rafa’iya area to the east of Yatta.

    In another context, the Israeli army prevented dozens of Yatta workmen who hold work permits from going to their workplaces, according to the activist.


  7. Jim R

    So apparently this shooter, who was insane, but also Muslim, shouted something about ISIS before he died. Like if a French loser shouted “Vive la France!” just before doing some dreadful thing, despite not being a Legionnaire.

    The ‘news’ uses a bingo card to identify the nature of a criminal:
    * if black — a cute little pickaninny who lost his way;
    * white — came from a broken family;
    * jewish — what crime? No story;
    * muslim — obviously a terrorist.

    The sooner all these big ‘news’ organizations go out of business, the better.

  8. Lou

    Jim R, I am confused by your 2 posts in this thread.
    What do you make of Omar and the killings?

    I see the tragedy as ‘one more act of Jihad’, enabled by the mosque and Imam that hH Clinton defended.

  9. Petruchio

    The point to remember about all this Muslim immigration/invasion stuff is this: its #1 Main Purpose is to protect ISRAEL!!! That’s right; spread this Muslim warriors-to-be all over the world. Let them wreak havoc on the rest of the world. You see, if these angry, military-age males ALL stay in their native countries, they are a.) more powerful, and b.) some of them will get the idea to strike at ISRAEL. Gee whiz….isn’t great to have an “ally” like Israel in the Middle East? I am so proud that we in the United States annually support Israel to the tune of billions of dollars. Oh, and, how many times has the USA vetoed UN Resolutions condemning ISRAEL for Human Rights violations? 275? Is that the right number? I think so…

  10. Lou

    Over in London, Mayor wants ads censored—via ‘Daily Caller’-
    London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements

    London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan gestures during an interview with Reuters at Canary Wharf in London, Britain November 17, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan gestures during an interview with Reuters at Canary Wharf in London, Britain November 17, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

    Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, announced Monday that “body shaming” advertisements will no longer be allowed in London’s public transport.

    “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end,” Khan said.

    Do You Think Body Shaming Ads Should Be Banned?

    Yes No

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/13/londons-muslim-mayor-bans-sexy-women-in-advertisements/#ixzz4BZI36DuG

  11. emsnews

    Sharia is coming to the Queen, maybe they will make her wear a veil.

    MY MOTHER was on Saudi TV once long ago. They didn’t show her head which was covered with a dark veil. They only showed her gloved hands. She came back home and said, ‘It was worse than Madame Mao’ and that is saying a lot, she had a big fight with Madame Mao.

  12. Christian W

    OT: Jewish Power

    The Zionists grab power in the UN. The criminally insane are in control of International Law.

    Its Official our World is Governed by Psychopaths

    June 14, 2016 By Vanessa Beeley

    The unthinkable has become reality. The global humanitarian and legal entities are now officially in the hands of genocidal psychopaths.

    Today Israel, illegal state of extremist settlers built upon the bones of an imprisoned, colonized Palestine, has been elected to the chair of the UNGA. The United Nations General Assembly sixth committee or legal committee. This legal committee oversees management of international law. The lawbreaker has become the lawmaker in one fell swoop, ransacking the regulatory halls of justice and laying waste to what remnants of delusion we had left regarding the efficacy of international law.



  13. Christian W

    The US MIC + Jewish Zionism + Saudi Petrodollar alliance is a Doomsday machine that will destroy the Western world.

  14. Jim R

    Lou, yeah, those posts were kind of random.

    My point being that anything you read in WaPo is orthogonal to the truth. It isn’t even a lie. It’s just part of a bullshit narrative that they try to convey.

  15. Jim R

    Putting this here, though it might belong in the ‘Russian news’ thread. But note which paper they quote, in the ‘no news’ category.

  16. Floridasandy

    Jim r, I suggest you read Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel, it is eye opening especially considering when it was written. A lot of Muslim terrorism has been forgotten evidently,

    Isn’t it interesting that Obama and Hillary have been shipping all kinds of weapons to Muslim majority countries while trying to disarm us here ?

    F@@@ them both.

  17. Christian W

    @ 16 Sandy

    There is a lot of hate. Zionists hate too, with a passion. The “settlers” are as rabid fanatics as Takfiri crazies.

    Now, the REAL crime is that the crazy fundamentalists in the Muslim world have been set free to bomb, kill and maim, on purpose, by US and Israeli design. Muslim terrorism serves US and Israeli interests and have done so from the start.

    And keep in mind Israel was created by terrorism. Some leading terrorists became Prime Ministers and Presidents in Israel after Israel’s creation in 1948, see Menachem Begin – Irgun leader, Yitzhak Shamir – Stern gang, for example.

    The US shipping arms to the ME is simply the MIC doing what it does. As we speak US supplied TOW missiles are being used by ISIS to blow up US-backed YPG fighters in Northern Syria, maybe even a US Special Forces soldier or two.

  18. Lisa

    Gay activist figures out that on the hierarchy of grievance groups, Muslims rank higher than gays:


    I also now realize, with brutal clarity, that in the progressive hierarchy of identity groups, Muslims are above gays. Every pundit and politician — and that includes President Obama and Hillary Clinton and half the talking heads on TV — who today have said “We don’t know what the shooter’s motivation could possibly be!” have revealed to me their true priorities: appeasing Muslims is more important than defending the lives of gay people. Every progressive who runs interference for Islamic murderers is complicit in those murders, and I can no longer be a part of that team.

  19. Floridasandy

    Thank you Lisa and Christian for very thoughtful posts.

    One reason I often read this forum is the thoughtfulness of the posters.

  20. Lisa

    The thoughtful paragraph was from the article, written by the person who was concerned for their safety as a gay person. I don’t know how to italicize in this format.

  21. Christian W

    Turkey (US partner in crime in Syria) are shipping Uyghur Turkmen from China and resettling them in Northern Syria by the border to Turkey.

    In exchange the Uyghurs fight for Turkey supported al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) against the real Syrian people.


    Meanwhile the US is working on carving out a piece of Syria for the Kurds, not so much out of interest for the Kurdish people, but because it weakens Syria. As Elaine often says, the US loves to balkanize everyone, obviously apart from Israel who is allowed to steal as much land as they want and can and grow forever I presume.

  22. Christian W

    @ Lisa

    use to italicize.

  23. Christian W

    hm that didn’t work heh, let’s see if this one does

    with i in the first bracket and /i in the second

  24. Christian W

    i between ‘less than’ sign and /i between ‘more than’ sign (puh…)

  25. Christian W

    (argh sorry for spam but this one is interesting)


    So, which one is it? Did the Shooter support ISIS or did he attack the gays as a protest against US policies in Iraq and Syria?

    Which MSM story is the lie? Did the FBI lie to the US public about the Shooter claiming ISIS allegiance? Is it the Daily Beast that is lying?

    Or, are all of them lying?

    What a mess the US has become :/

  26. emsnews

    MANY Muslim men are secret gays because they oppress the women, beat them, abuse them, think they are horrible and dangerous and so men also keep women out of everything public so…who are they going to hang out with, be buddies with, love and kiss…you know the Saudi royals insist on all the MEN of the west to kiss them???

    Go look it up! Google ‘Saudi royals kiss’ and you see a lot of man/man sex stuff.

    And they pretend to hate gays! They have been known to do gay sex since well, all the way back, 1000 years and more.

  27. Jim R

    That picture of Bush the Lesser kissing Prince Bandar was priceless.

    Bush seems like a pretty normal guy, I don’t think he wanted to do that, his handlers just told him it was required.

  28. Jim R

    I see there is some discussion of italics here.

    You go <i> to italicize and </i> to end the effect.

    And if you want to write a < in your text you html-ize it by writing &lt; and > is &gt; … to write an ampersand, write &amp; … see how that works? Fun stuff.

  29. Jim R

    @ 17 Christian,

    Yeah, that’s funny isn’t it? US-backed rebels shooting at other US-backed rebels … and maybe an embedded US special ops guy or two.

    It’s all Putin’s fault, of course. Cue the picture of Putin in a hearty belly-laugh.

  30. Shawntoh

    Thanks Jim R., you are making the most sense about “Muslims”.

    As for you, Elaine, you understand very little of Islam with your reactionary remarks that are becoming as shrill as Hillary Clinton when she gets reactionary.

    Elaine, you probably have not even read the Quran or Sunah and certainly not Idris Shah (who revealed the real nature of Islam) and especially, Gurdjieff (though I will say he was EXTREMELY problematic in his own way as a spiritual teacher) on “Islam”.

    The “veiling” aspect is cultural and NOT, per se, “Islamic” but I tire of your reactionary insults against “Islam”. Please, if you cannot do your homework on the subject then admit your ignorance.

    Humans as they are “machines” as Gurdjieff noted. Please look it up via Ouspensky.

    Besides, Elaine, why don’t you just recycle this old dumb saying this way with your reactionary remarks–

    “Bomb them all and let Allah sort them out”

    Next you’ll be like Ann Coulter advocating we bomb Mecca.

    See here –> http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/7/18/131589/-

    Have fun, Elaine. I know I am, watching humanity destroy itself, and I am dying everyday and yet I still live on somehow with PTSD.

  31. emsnews

    SO…that is why nearly universally, Muslim women are locked up and isolated? And can’t show their hair, some get to show their faces but then like the Victorian Christians, can’t show their ankles?

    I am AGAINST invading Muslim nations. Totally and consistently. I am also against them invading US. See? This is called ‘being logical’ unlike ’emotional’.

  32. emsnews

    My grandmother and I both had to fight hard for basic human rights. The right to swim, for example. The right to go to a men’s university. The right to take boy’s courses in mechanics (that was me suing) and all these things my family worked tirelessly for are verboten in nearly all Muslim nations and I see that you didn’t notice that I noticed the ONLY dictators being attacked by NATO and the Bilderberg gang are the liberal ones who gave women basic civil rights.

  33. Christian W

    Saudi Prince has huge share in Twitter (social media), Citigroup (banking), Newsgroup (MSM) and Four Seasons hotels.

    Autocrats using Petrodollars to buy increasing influence.


  34. Jim R

    You are conflating ‘Muslim’ with ‘Saudi’. Not the same thing.

  35. emsnews

    Nope, just the top holy place is owned and run by the Saudi royals and they claim they represent Mohammed’s will…

  36. hblinken

    The “veiling” aspect is cultural and NOT, per se, “Islamic” but I tire of your reactionary insults against “Islam”. Please, if you cannot do your homework on the subject then admit your ignorance.

    Maestra, i have been following you for many a years, i am beginning to see a less tolerant, anti Islam, anti immigrant person. Have the Zionist got to you, what have they offered you to change your direction. As to you being proud of your anglo-saxon backrgound these same people are the ones who created the monster called ISIS.

    The British government is responsible for creating Wahhabism and its agenda given to Ibn Abdul-Wahhab through their agent Hempher, and is now being carried out by extreme Wahhabis—ISIS. Hemper’s brief when he started this assignment was

    Your duty this time is to diagnose these controversies well and to report to the ministry. The more successful you are in aggravating the differences among Muslims, the greater will be your service to England. We, the English people, have to make mischief and arouse schism in all our colonies in order that we may live in welfare and luxury. Only by means of such instigations will we be able to demolish the Ottoman Empire. Otherwise, how could a nation with a small population bring another nation with a greater population under its sway?

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