Brexit Vote Freaks Out Bilderberg/New World Order Gangsters

Young woman demanding Brexit silences politicians on Question Time – YouTube as even children torment the New World Order gang who have taken over Europe and are driving Europe into both a war with Russia and enabling a multi-million man invasion of Europe from Muslim countries being tormented by NATO and Saudi Arabia.  What a mess.  Brits increasingly want out of all this and I encourage them to do this before it is too late.


Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else: Why I am voting to leave the EU writes one man who hopes his job won’t be annihilated because he published this editorial attacking the New World Order gang:


The EU crossed a fatal line when it smuggled through the Treaty of Lisbon, by executive cabal, after the text had already been rejected by French and Dutch voters in its earlier guise. It is one thing to advance the Project by stealth and the Monnet method, it is another to call a plebiscite and then to override the outcome.


Need I remind readers that our own government gave a “cast iron guarantee” to hold a referendum, but retreated claiming that Lisbon was tidying up exercise? It was no such thing. As we warned then, it created a European supreme court with jurisdiction over all areas of EU policy, with a legally-binding Charter of Fundamental Rights that opens the door to anything.


Need I add too, that Britain’s opt-out from the Charter under Protocol 30 – described as “absolutely clear” by Tony Blair on the floor of the Commons – has since been swept aside by the ECJ.


Dear Brits: No one except the Wehrmacht can force you to do anything.  Got that?  Oh, I forgot about the Norman invasion which is where my family came over and you all were enslaved back then.  You are all stuck still with German aristocrats, etc.  Ooopsie.  Leeches everywhere sucking you all dry.  And now the Muslim mayor of London is imposing Sharia law on you all.


Nobody has ever been held to account for the design faults and hubris of the euro, or for the monetary and fiscal contraction that turned recession into depression, and led to levels of youth unemployment across a large arc of Europe that nobody would have thought possible or tolerable in a modern civilized society. The only people that are ever blamed are the victims.


There has been no truth and reconciliation commission for the greatest economic crime of modern times. We do not know who exactly was responsible for anything because power was exercised through a shadowy interplay of elites in Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Paris, and still is. Everything is deniable. All slips through the crack of oversight.


How hard is it to see exactly who these people are?  They are meeting right now in Germany!!!  They are discussing the need for more terrorists and what to do to stop the English people from voting to escape the hangman’s noose.  The global warming scam is falling apart and will vanish once the cold weather really grips the planet.  They need some boogie-man to keep the peasants docile and obedient but then putting Muslims in charge of the peasants after telling the peasants that Muslims are attacking us…HAHAHA.  How sad is this?


Brexit, Britain and the Switzerland and Norway Models – SPIEGEL ONLINE howls auf deutsch that die Englander muss alle obey der Führerin, Merkel or be made tod, namely, death to anyone going against all these schemes cooked up by former Nazis.


Brexit Debate in Cornwall: Anti-EU Sentiment Despite EU Subsidies – SPIEGEL ONLINE verschugene Engländer, aufpassen, die Fühererin ist sehr verdammt…nein!  Sie ist ganz verrückt!  Sie ist…Gott im Himmel…I can’t find the right words for this bitchy German.  Did the Brits win WWII?  Nope.


Between 2007 and 2013 alone, the region received 654 million euros (512 million pounds) in subsidies, with an additional 604 million euros planned by 2020. Cornwall received start-up incubators, a new university campus and a broadband internet connection that is the envy of this German visitor. Moreover, thanks to European support, the Cornish have been recognized as a minority that needs protection, along with their language.


Yes, the Germans even are happily splitting England apart into small chunks!  Danke schoen.  Remind me who won WWII.


But it hasn’t done the EU much good. According to opinion polls, even in the Cornwall subsidy paradise a majority will vote on June 23 in favor of leaving the EU. Even the most prominent Brexit champion, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, put in an appearance at Cornwall in which he raised — of all things — an EU-protected delicacy into the air and proclaimed: “Pasty for Brexit!”


Good for the Cornwall peasants.  I see they are not being fooled.  Sheep production in England has also collapsed like it did here so bravo, I wish I had more power to do the same, here.


Immigration could overwhelm Britain, says pro-Brexit minister | Politics | The Guardian which is ‘liberal’ and thus wants to destroy the natives of Britain and are worse than Viking raiders.  The Guardian can’t understand why anyone wants to protect themselves but then, the Romans were all overrun and killed by the Anglo Saxons…ahem.  History is all about invasions but then, this means if you want to survive, you fight off invaders, not invite them in especially when these invaders say they hate you and wish you dead.


BREXIT THE MOVIE FULL FILM – YouTube is a must-watch.


Yet another MP talking about how the EU rulers are letting in millions of Muslims:

Nigel Farage : The Speech That Might Win Us Our BREXIT – YouTube

BREAKING : Nigel Farage Destroys Sadiq Khan – Ban The Burqa in Britain – YouTube


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24 responses to “Brexit Vote Freaks Out Bilderberg/New World Order Gangsters

  1. hblinken

    Remind me who won WWII.

    , can you tell us who?

  2. emsnews

    Russia. China. GERMANY. JAPAN. That is 50 years later, look who is on top. This is how we determine who really won.

    Britain and the new US won the wars of the 1700-1800 era and were on top and the US won the Civil War (yes, that began the war machine business) and after harnessing the fighting spirit of the South (many of the best fighters came from the former slave states) and won the wars with the natives of North America, with Spain and Mexico and then WWI and WWII.

    Then we have been in decline ever since, losing our industrial base to two of the winners of WWII if we look at the aftermath with both Germany and Japan super industrializing and the US deindustrializing and falling apart at the seams.

    And we didn’t win the Korean War. Stalemate. We didn’t win the Vietnam war. Ran off with tail between the legs. We lost the two Iraq wars due to being utterly unable to hold our grip on a virtually helpless nation invaded totally illegally, we lost the damn Afghanistan war TWICE.

    Think about that! Insane.

  3. Tacitus

    Time for the lifeboats

    Elaine, any thoughts on the recent California earthquake?

  4. Jim R

    Once again, I’ll wish that all those ‘free world’ military weenies (such as Carter, but on the political side, Hillary but not to forget the others such as Petreaus or Stoltenberg) would quietly off themselves in the privacy of their own quarters, and not involve the rest of us, and all of earth’s other multicellular life forms.

    And thanks for that first video, Elaine! That young girl really has it! Maybe she’ll go for a political career..

  5. Jim R

    (The reason I am thinking of the generals-with-death-wishes, is that while I read this, I am listening to Stephen F Cohen talk about the goings-on in eastern Europe. And from comment #2.) They are playing a worse game of brinksmanship than in 1962 in Cuba.

  6. Christian W

    #Brexit has several forces driving it. Right now the ones really pushing for Brexit are the far right wing nationalists (see video below) and the Oligarchs.

    The EU is not only bad. The elites are pushing for a Brexit because once the EU regulations and treaties protecting the welfare state are gone they will be free to push privatization and

    Wales and England fans throw coins at refugee children and mock them for their desperation as they try to collect it. I bet these guys will vote to FOR Brexit.

  7. Christian W

    As an aside I had to laugh when the bright child in the video Elaine posted above talked about bringing “really talented doctors from India” to the UK.

    Elaine, as we know, has had her run ins with “doctors from India”. The “really talented ones” will, post Brexit, be far too expensive for the average Briton to afford. Nay, they will be reserved for the elites who can AFFORD THEM!

    The rest of the subjects will have to do with Elaine’s kind of “Indian doctors” because the NHS will have been ripped apart and privatized, something the elites are working hard to do at the moment in the UK, but the subjects have been somewhat effective in resisting that up until now.

  8. Christian W

    @ #2

    I’m sorry but that is such complete nonsense. The US won the war hands down and by many, many, many, many x 1000 miles.

    The truth is that it is the US elites that have ripped you all off.

    There is no reason for 50% of Americans to not have a cent to their name, and for the majority to have to work their asses off frantically to stay alive, other than elite greed and misrule.

    The post WWII world is primarily shaped by the US and none other.

    I can go into details but have to go for a jog now. 🙂

  9. Christian W

    @ Jim #5

    Did you listen to this interview? It’s excellent.

    The US has gone completely nuts as we know. Stephen Cohen is an expert on Russia and sees a lot of what is happening, but I don’t think he can express openly how insane the US is at this point in time. He tries to put it in historical and diplomatic terms but there really has been nothing like what is going on since Operation Barbarossa 1941. And this time it is even worse with modern nuclear capabilities.

  10. “The global warming scam is falling apart and will vanish once the cold weather really grips the planet.”

    That won’t happen until the Apocalypse: World War 3. A sure thing with Hillary, possible under Trump.

  11. PS I have the exact word for Angela Merkel: Herr Fraulein!

  12. Lou

    Russia. China. GERMANY. JAPAN. [not sure why the caps for only2]

    Japan is a success [or WAS] due to its wonderful Xenophobia and peoples racial pride. Japanese people are hard workers as well.

    China, a hell hole of slave labor and legal infanticide.

    Germany dug its own grave and dug its way out for awhile. Despite Ikes killing so many of the Germans off after WW2.

    Russia got much of Europe due to Churchill [who I have no admiration for].

  13. emsnews

    Russia got ‘most of Europe’ because they beat the hell out of the Nazis and the only reason we had the Normandy invasion was due to terror that Stalin would roll past Berlin and into France.

  14. Christian W

    Maybe not even France, but cettainly the Ruhr industrial area in Germany.

    The thought of Ruhr and German industrial know how with German engineering combined with the vast resources of the Soviet Union must have given US Imperial planners fits.

  15. Jim R

    Now they are talking about canceling the whole thing, because they are still rending their bodices over the politician who was killed the other day. (In gun-free Britain, killed with a gun, how can that be?)

    How can they possibly have the ‘brexit’ vote now?

  16. emsnews

    Any excuse to prevent a vote. HAHAHA. Gah. Murder most useful. Reminds me of Kennedy stuff…

  17. They’ll probably get rid of Trump and Hillary that way. Not by assasinating them, but somebody else. Then declare martial law, revoke the US constitution, and kick Obama and Biden out. Verrry conveeenient.

  18. emsnews

    Why kick out their own puppets????

  19. Jim R

    They can swap ’em around, like Putin and Medvedev. Biden can be prezzy, and Obie can be vice…

  20. Why kick out their own puppets???? To get better, more “serious” and compliant puppets. Because it hasn’t yet been proven that Trump is one of their puppets and Hillary will probably bring the Democrats down to extinction and ignominity despite being driven to the left end, stretching the envelope severely, by Bernie Sanders..

  21. emsnews

    Neither Trump nor Sanders are Bilderberg gangsters. The Bushes, Cheneys and Clintons are.

  22. And how did the Clintons get invited into the Bilderbergs? I thought the likes of the Bushes and Cheneys, the Morgans and Rothschilds, would never let in such trashy white people in (no insult intended to rural poor and working class whites).

  23. emsnews

    Bill squeaked by the GOP and got into the White House. Then sold his soul to the devil to get rich quick.

  24. Lou

    Others say Bill C was ‘in the pocket’ of Chinese way before that. EMS, what do you know from yr ‘china connection?’

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