Bush And Obama Both Bowed To Japan And Saudi Arabian Kings/Emperors


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Both Bush and Obama bowed to our rulers, the Saudi Royals, both did this after 9/11 when SA attacked the US directly.


Bankrupt empires are invaded by aliens bent on overthrowing the emperor and taking over and looting the place leaving things in ruin.  After WWI and WWII, Europe has struggled to stop suicidal internal wars which the US and Russia had to fix both times by taking up a huge part of the burden dealing with Germany.  Now, Germany and France run the European people with an iron fist and are now at odds with each other as Germany imported millions of illegal aliens bent on overthrowing the ENTIRE European culture, lock, stock and barrel.  These aliens want to change Europe into Saudi Arabia.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Letting them pour across the borders is endangering the entire European culture and…we are told to take in more and do it here in the US and England and Brexit is a vote to sever relations with suicidal Germany and I hope the Brits vote for this before it is too late.


In the US, when polls are taken, it shows Clinton and Trump neck to neck or Clinton ahead but I seriously doubt polls are taken of the hinterlands which uniformly voted for either Sanders or Trump nearly uniformly.  The big cities especially the cities dominated by black and Hispanic voters went for Clinton, not Sanders or Trump.  Polls are meaningless unless they are pitched to reality by examining several things, that is, who will actually vote in an election, for example.


The hinterlands are rising up in fury and is very annoyed that the Bilderberg Democrat wants to disarm all of us and believe me, this fury is great.  I understand it, I use guns at home for various purposes and not the least is self-defense.  We have no cops in the countryside.  They visit us only on rare occasions and takes forever for them to show up.  But then, before I went into reforming the police response in NYC back in the 1970s after the riots where my neighbors decided to imitate the Mongol Horde and loot and burn everything, regaining control involved the police responding.


They refused to respond for two years until I convinced them to change gears via arresting large numbers of people and treating the cops right while doing so.  I lived exactly 2 blocks from the police station and at first it took them half an hour or more to show up but by the time I was done going after the Democrats and putting several in jail and one committing suicide, I got the cops to show up in less than two minutes at least, to my section of the city.


We are in a situation where the Democrats are unleashing hell on us now.  Cops are being put in prison, the criminal class which occupies much of what used to be our manufacturing cities are now on the move, itching to resume looting and raping and killing with total impunity with the cops standing down due to fears they will be punished for fighting criminals and voila: the deadly 1970s all over again, not thank you.  I will not return to the city to fight that war all over again.  It is up to voters who vote for the Democrats to do this.


Chaffetz: Trump right that Obama more fired up about Republicans than ISIL – POLITICO reports.  Politico is unusual in that it lets both right and left readers comment on articles unlike the NYT, WP, Huffington Pravda, etc.  Chaffetz points out that Obama really is focused on Trump stopping the terrorists and wants us to let in more terrorists, he doesn’t talk about Islam hardly at all except to chastise us and demand he let in a million or more and the entire Democratic party doesn’t understand how this works, eventually the Hispanics will go anti-liberal because they really want what they have down in Central and South America: dictatorships that control what we do including religion and so forth.  Not to mention out of control crime.


Brazil struggles with this, it is hosting the Olympics but who will come to watch what with high crime, filth and diseases?  No way.  Here is a look at the debate at Politico about all this:

Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 9.13.44 AM Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 9.14.41 AM Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 9.15.14 AM

So, my opinion is the average Clinton rabid supporter, the ones who are totally immune to contradictions, really do think Trump is more dangerous than millions of angry Muslim males.  Note how the average Clinton supporter thinks that only a tiny number of Muslims hate our freedoms.  Sorry, that isn’t true at all.  When we ‘freed’ the people of Iraq from Saddam who was very, very liberal for a Muslim, they immediately went radically anti-liberal and killed off literally anyone who was liberal in any way, shape or form and created ISIS and began invading other ‘liberal’ Muslim nations like Syria where women had equal rights with men for the most part!


Libya’s dictator was much more liberal and gave women civil rights compared to the most evil dictatorship on earth that suppresses women and gays utterly and totally: Saudi Arabia.  They have zero human rights there and are very cruelly oppressed and killed if they show their faces in public, much less, do anything else.

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They are our allies.  Obama kisses the King and even bowed to him!  Note that Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor who won WWII.  Talk about INSANE.  My mother and father when in Saudi Arabia and Japan, never bowed to anyone.  Not even slightly.  They didn’t kiss Madame Mao, either and it pissed her off greatly but I was so proud of my dad defying her openly!  First thing the Chinese did after getting rid of her was to call me and ask me to help them change.


I suppose no one believes me in all this which is due to the US media run by gangsters who hate us Americans.


ISIS In Europe? Belgium And France Warned Of Islamic State Attacks In Wake Of Orlando Shooting


 Belgium’s anti-terror authorities warned police that a group of fighters from the terror organization known as the Islamic State group may have left Syria 10 days ago with plans to attack France and Belgium, multiple Belgian newspapers reported Wednesday. The Belgian police have maintained its security alert at level three, refusing to raise it to the highest tier of level four, which indicates the immediate threat of attack.


Fighters from the terror group also known as ISIS were reportedly attempting to cross into Greece via boats and without using passports. Potential targets could include a U.S. fast-food chain, a Brussels mall and police, according to a report in Belgian newspaper Dernière Heure.


Terrorism, Migrants, and Crippling Debt: Is This the End of Europe …and in Britain: How the EU could collapse in 2016 – wonders the Telegraph while the same media giants yell at the citizens of England to not leave the EU which is…COLLAPSING even as these same media fret about this.  This collapse is internal not external and will England go down with the Bismark?  HAHAHA.

SINK THE BISMARCK ~ sung by Johnny Horton – YouTube


How do we stop ISIS from turning Americans against Americans? | NOLA.com wonders.  HAHAHA.  Well, step one is to impeach any President bowing to the Saudi royals and the Japanese emperors!  How about that!!!  We are in an election mess.  The Republicans hate gays. The Democrats love gays.  The Democrats want our leader to import millions of angry Muslims and Catholics who are taught that gays are evil and going to hell.  The Democrats want more of this!  What?  The contradictions are like a roaring hurricane of hate.


Democrats hate Republicans for hating gays.  And Democrats want more Muslims to come here preaching hatred of gays.  OUCH.  My brain hurts.  Obama can’t see how this contradicts everything he supposedly believes in but then, he is a Bilderberg gangster and cheerfully lies about everything like Nixon lied, both Bushes lied and of course, the Clintons being top liars.


More about lying bastards in the DNC:  California Wants to Outlaw ‘Climate Change Dissent’ – Ice Age Now reports. Yes, the left wing lunatics in California want to outlaw scientists who differ with their global warming ideology.  No more scientific debates!  Galileo was shown the rack and fell silent at the orders of the Pope.  While Protestants embraced the idea of science and looking at things realistically and we won that fight and now are losing it thanks to Maoist-type radicals who want to dictate what is science to the rest of us.  And Obama supports this sort of crushing cruelty since herding everyone into believing we are roasting to death means the DNC can tax us heavily and dictate how we live.


Cuomo, Sanders: Orlando attack proves U.S. needs tougher gun laws – NY Daily News reports.  Yes, they have armed guards. I once had a fine chat with Mayor Koch in the middle of the street of a burned out neighborhood in Brooklyn that went like this: ‘When are you giving me a patrol team?’  I said.  Koch: ‘We have other priorities.’  BANG BANG BANG: two men shoot at each other a block away.  Koch is on the ground with his guards holding him there and I stood over him and said, ‘You will give me the patrols or else.’  And I got my patrols and we cleaned up the mess and now it is a top neighborhood full of homes and children and stores.


We had strict gun laws back then in NYC.  I had no gun but wished I did have a gun or three.  It was very dangerous.  Koch didn’t care, he had 24/7 guards protecting him.  With guns.  England just disarmed everyone there and now the Queen and Parliament has armed guards all day and all night and the rest of the people have to cope with crime with their bare hands.  Fewer die than here but not for long since England is being overrun with barbarians so to speak.  Who like fighting, by the way.


Who stopped the shooting in NYC?  Republican mayors!  Who is in charge now?  A Democrat supporting Clinton!  And is the crime rate and shootings going down?  Man in wheelchair shot dead, 2 others die in violence across city as the rate shoots literally upwards.  And all this is very much a topic for the election and will Trump pitch it the way I am talking about it here?  We shall see.   He isn’t exactly the most law abiding person, himself.  But none of the people in charge of us is exactly clean, are they?


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