Gator Goes To Peter Pan Lagoon At Disney World in Florida And Probably Ate Innocent Toddler


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This is a satellite view of the Captain Hook ship and lagoon where the little boy was captured and eaten by a crocodile in Disney World Florida this week.  The child was on the fake ‘beach’ and there is this swimming pool setup with a much murkier lagoon on the other side of the pirate ship display.  Authorities are still looking for the big brute that took the child away but unlike the recent tame gorilla that was shot after a child entered his habitat display, in this case, the crocodile was hunting for prey and most likely ate the child and they will kill some crock, somewhere, to reassure visitors.

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Florida is totally flat as we can see here.  The pirate ship’s masts can be seen next to the hotel surrounded by palm trees.  There are lots of fences around the roads and hotel to keep out wild life but this doesn’t work too hot.  Now, this hotel is in the spirit of Peter Pan and they put on Peter Pan and the Pirates shows there:

Peter Pan Diamond Edition – Captain Hook and Tic Tock Croc Clip – YouTube

Disney had this thing with crocodiles:

Fantasia Disney (Hippopotame et Crocodile) – YouTube

But he wasn’t and isn’t alone:

The Dance of the Crocodile – The Zoo’s songs for kids, Children’s music – YouTube

And here is a theme zoo that puts visitors in this diving thing so they can be menaced by crocodiles that can’t eat them and alas, can’t eat the guys running this zoo:


Disney will probably be sued and settle out of court.  On the other hand, they are powerful and connected and might defy the family that was victimized.  Also, this happened at night when gators can stealthily shuffle around the place. I grew up around very dangerous wildlife and we even had a poisonous Gila Monster for a pet and when I left home, my father said he was going to release the Monster and when he tipped over the cage to let him out, the Gila Monster chased my dad around the ranch before my father could run inside and slam the door.


I was totally nuts to keep one for a pet.  He never bit me and probably was friendlier than the average pit bull.  I must say, Disney doesn’t keep gators for pets so we can’t blame them for this.


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10 responses to “Gator Goes To Peter Pan Lagoon At Disney World in Florida And Probably Ate Innocent Toddler

  1. Melponeme_k

    The stories are a bit confusing about this incident.

    But the attack occurred at the Grand Floridian hotel, one among many built around a man-made lagoon that is connected to natural waterways that is a part of Disney’s huge property holding.

    The beach set up is man made as well. Years ago they used to allow swimming but due to natural bacteria, that is harmful to humans, they closed the beaches on their lakes. Most likely they also discovered that it was impossible to keep out alligators from migrating into their man made areas.

    I’ve read stories that people feed the alligators they see near the lakes. Hence why they come so close to shore and why they don’t fear humans. Also why this one engaged in opportunistic hunting.

  2. emsnews

    The photo I used was the exact hotel and the exact pool.

    Turns out the toddler was free to wander about IN THE WATER after the sun set at night!!! That is totally insane.

  3. Maddie's Mom

    Well, at least the gator did not eat the child, per what I just read.

    I hope there was a sign that said “Keep Away From Water – Alligators Present”. “No Swimming” doesn’t quite cover it, imo.

  4. Melponeme_k


    The Dailymail shows photos of the Grand Floridian Hotel and lake beach. This hotel is one of the most, if not the most, expensive hotels on the Disney property.

  5. Maddie's Mom

    Maybe another sign would have been helpful..”Alligators are Nocturnal”, for those who don’t know.

    I so wish that little boy and his siblings had been tucked safely in their beds
    by that time of the evening.

  6. e sutton

    Not to appear indelicate ladies, but that child most likely will become Florida fertilizer in the next day or two.

    And I would not put too much stock into signs. Americans, even the ones who can read, do not pay much heed to them. Gnome sane?

  7. cedricward

    Let’s get to some FACTS. The child was not ‘eaten’. The alligator probably thought it was attacking a large wading bird like the ones they have in Florida. It was a rather small alligator for four to seven feet. Alligators can easily move from water source to other water sources. Fences do NOT keep them out!. Disney should have had prominent signs warning people about the prevalence of alligators in water bodies.
    The parents should NOT have had a small child out of arm’s reach around a water body. People that don’t know that Florida has snakes and alligators are UNINFORMED and therefor a liability to their children (aka stupid).
    This was an avoidable accident, though Disney should VOLUNTARILY compensate the family for not having WARNING SIGNS prominently displayed knowing the prevalence of dangerous animals in Florida would eventually invade their property.

  8. Lou

    I read 5 gators have been killed.
    Also, that the lake is man made. What fish do gators eat in a man made lake?

  9. emsnews

    The water spots were all made by the Disney staff when they built the hotels. There are lots of fences around the perimeter of the properties but none around the swimming pool, just hedges.

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