No Water For Entire Muslim West Bank Towns As Jews Practice Nazi Punishment Methods

U.S. urges Israel not to punish innocent Palestinians for attack. – YouTube

Watch that feeble condemnation of neo-nazi actions by Jews in Israel.  Excusing everything, he has to shower sympathy on the Jews who died while desperately pandering to the Jews  by not being even slightly angry about what was going to happen next, namely, Obama and his gang have said nothing about how they will punish Israel for torturing all Palestinians collectively.  So I go to Russia to learn what the Jews finally decided to do: Tens of thousands of Palestinians left without water as Israeli firm cuts supplies – report — RT News.


An Israeli supply firm has cut off water for a West Bank area, according to media. Tens of thousands of Palestinians now reportedly have no access to safe drinking water and are forced to buy water tanks as they fast for Ramadan amid the June heat.
Mekorot, the main supplier of several Palestinian towns and cities, stopped providing water to the municipality of Jenin, a number of Nablus villages and the city of Salfit and its surrounding villages, Gulf News and Al Jazeera reported.


In several locations, people haven’t had water for over 40 days, according to Ayman Rabi, the executive director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group.


Hissing condemnation of whatever Putin or China does, then this flaccid, weak, obviously the poor man delivering the news that Israel shouldn’t pound all Palestinians hard due to two Israeli Supermen being killed by Palestinian non-humans.  Yikes.  The spokesman even slips and calls the Palestinians ‘citizens’ on the West Bank and then quickly dashes that and calls them something else that doesn’t grant them any civil rights.


Last February, Israel cuts power to West Bank cities for second time in this new experiment in collective punishment.  Way back in  2007, UN relief chief warns on deteriorating conditions facing Palestinians as Israel cut electricity to Gaza.  After getting away with that nastiness, they doubled down doing it to all Palestinians for every possible reason.


The evil Skull and Bonesman, Kerry slams UN rights council’s ‘obsession’ with singling out Israel 


On Monday, Kerry accused the council of being obsessed with allegations of Israeli abuses and said the US would defend Israel against efforts to isolate it.  Kerry’s remarks came during a speech to the council in Geneva.


In response, the PA Foreign Ministry called on Kerry to stop dealing with Israel as if it were a state “above the law.”  The ministry said Kerry’s remarks contradicted the principles and mission of the Human Rights Council.


It also accused Kerry of ignoring international condemnations of Israel and “daily Israeli transgressions against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jerusalem.”


I got this news from the Jewish media in Israel, not here.  Nothing is mentioned here.  We live in occupied territory.  We are told not to fear the army of angry armed Muslim terrorists and indeed, should let them into America and Europe while these same clowns use every trick in the Nazi handbook for ethnic cleansing to get rid of all Muslims in Israel.


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9 responses to “No Water For Entire Muslim West Bank Towns As Jews Practice Nazi Punishment Methods

  1. Christian W

    Oh, but Israeli Jews likes to spray the Palestinians with WASTE WATER though:

    First Israel steals the water, then they return it, a bit dirty but whatever. Can’t say they are without a sense of fairness, eh?

  2. tio
    “The unthinkable has become reality. The global humanitarian and legal entities are now officially in the hands of genocidal psychopaths.

    Today Israel, illegal state of extremist settlers built upon the bones of an imprisoned, colonized Palestine, has been elected to the chair of the UNGA. The United Nations General Assembly sixth committee or legal committee. This legal committee oversees management of international law.

    The lawbreaker has become the lawmaker in one fell swoop, ransacking the regulatory halls of justice and laying waste to what remnants of delusion we had left regarding the efficacy of international law.”

    It’s all good.

  3. Christian W

    Israel’s War Minister is about to pay a visit to the US, money suckers at full stretch – US Navy and Airforce won’t intercept attack.

  4. Tom W Harris

    Fuck off and die, Nazi filth..

  5. emsnews

    I agree, Tom. Perchance anyone who apes Hitler like we see in Israel, ought to go off and not bother the rest of humanity.

  6. Lou

    Now the Israelis are ‘Nazis?’ –no wonder Hitler did not like Jews.

  7. emsnews

    Anyone can be a ‘Nazi’. It means ‘national socialist’. There are many, many variations on this all of which feature ethnic cleansing. It has happened in a most nasty way in some parts of Africa with tribes trying to wipe out other tribes, for example.

  8. Lou

    It has happened in a most nasty way in some parts of Africa with tribes trying to wipe out other tribes, for example.
    That has been going on for millennia.
    Black Africans killing others happens everyday, worldwide.

    Ask Rudy Guede.

  9. Lou

    Jews, Israelis, Rabbis involved in killing and body trafficking,

    At the same time, some Israelis hold extremist views regarding organ extraction. In 1996 Jewish Week reported that Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh, a leader of the Lubavitch sect of Judaism and the dean of a religious Jewish school in a West Bank settlement, had stated: “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that.”
    Ginsburgh elaborated: “Jewish life has infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”
    While the Israeli government briefly arrested Ginsburgh, and most Israelis decry such beliefs, an Israeli scholar on Jewish scriptural views and ethnic chauvinism said: “The sad thing is, these statements are in our books.” He pointed out that while such Talmudic texts were “purely theoretical” at the time they were written, now they’re being cited “in circumstances where Jews have a state and are empowered.”
    Dr. A. Clare Brandabur, an American professor, writes that information in the Swedish article resonated with reports she heard during the first intifada.

    She described interviewing the head of the Red Crescent in Gaza, mentioning “reports of shootings of Palestinian children at times when there were no ”˜clashes’ going on—a solitary 6-year-old entering his schoolyard in the morning with his book-bag on his back. The soldiers abducted the wounded child at gunpoint, then his body would be returned a few days later having undergone an ”˜autopsy at Abu Kabir Hospital.’”

    She asked the director “if he had considered the possibility that these killings were being done for organ transplant, since…it is not allowed to take Jewish organs to save a Jewish life, but it is allowed to take the organs of non-Jews to save Jewish lives.”
    He had “suspected such things,” he replied, “but since they had no access to the records of Abu Kabir Hospital, there was no way to verify these suspicions.”
    The Swedish newspaper’s call for an investigation into Israel’s treatment of Palestinian bodies is now being echoed by others. Such an investigation could dispel inaccurate suspicions, absolve the innocent, and discover the guilty.
    Israel and its powerful advocates abroad are doing their best to prevent that from happening.
    Alison Weir

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