1984 Insanity: Obama Homeland Security (sic) Demands We Never Say ‘Jihad’ Or ‘Muslim World’ Or ‘Sharia Law’

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Homeland Security pushes to ban the words ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ in new program to steer millennials away from ISIS | Daily Mail Online: I adore the Daily  Mail, they deliver the Ruling Elite’s directives with zero fancy dressing, just raw, naked, obscene ugliness with no apologies.  Like the Kardashians who are in that rag from England daily baring their blown up breasts, lips pouting, stupidity on the face.  Well, we are to be very careful.  We can’t call Negroes blacks anymore, we can’t call illegal aliens law breakers, we can’t do nothing without scolding liberals directing our language skills to HIDE the reality and replace it with whatever the Caterpillar says to Alice.


These wannabe Orwellian puppet masters want us to give them $100 million to fix our language to hide basic facts about the millions of Muslims who are invading Europe and other countries including our own.  This is very expensive and these same clowns are screaming they have no money for citizens already here.


The Department of Homeland Security thinks censorship will help stop American millennials from becoming drawn to groups like ISIS.

DHS’ Advisory Council has released a report, suggesting that we stop making the fight against radical Islam an ‘us versus them’ fight.

In order to do this, the department says it should ‘reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English’.


So, it isn’t ‘us versus them’ it is what?  Oh, giving them citizenship and then unleashing them to attack us regularly while telling us we are safer if we all disarm and hide under the bed except if the building is blown up or a jet crashes into it, etc.  Cower and hide, citizen, and let those aliens in or else we will punish you. Oh, and don’t call aliens that name, it is rude.  ‘Yes, Master’ is the correct terminology.

Alice In Wonderland – Alice meets the Cheshire Cat HD – YouTube


I knew this was going to happen.  Censorship is sweeping the web.  The rulers are increasingly agitated about this!  Sanders nearly tossed Clinton into the garbage bin of history and did this with virtually no money, no support from the army of screaming locus in Congress and state houses buzzing madly about how we should vote for him or Trump.  Take these two voting blocks together and you get an election!  The last thing our rulers want.  They already crowned Clinton and hope this trick will work but I know it is doomed to fail so they will have to do option #2 whereby the people who use the Verboten Words Citizens Should Avoid On Orders Of Big Brother will kill Trump and voila: the election will be called off just like British MP dies in attack, referendum campaigns called off so no Brexit vote for them thar people over there.


See how easy assassinations are useful to cause events to happen?  Ask anyone heading into WWI about this!


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6 responses to “1984 Insanity: Obama Homeland Security (sic) Demands We Never Say ‘Jihad’ Or ‘Muslim World’ Or ‘Sharia Law’

  1. Jim R

    Wow. Nice rant. Thanks for that … how about ‘lawn jockey’?
    Can we still say that?

  2. emsnews

    Americans don’t understand the book 1984 which explains how mind molding is done.

  3. Jim R

    They seem to think it was an instruction manual. Along with the movie Dr. Strangelove.

  4. Nani

    The Bilderberg gang is pure evil.

  5. emsnews

    1984 is the goal and they are pissed off that the year has passed by and they still have to have ‘elections’ here but that is ending soon.

  6. Jim R

    One science-fiction thing in 1984 that I thought quite fanciful (back in the ’60s when I read it) was the 2-way telescreens. I thought “nah, that’ll never happen”.

    Now thanks to Moore’s Law, we not only have the 2-way telescreens, but have convinced most people to carry them around, and have them available at all times.

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