Dictator Of Saudi Arabia Tweets Trump, Orders Him To Not Run For President, NYT Agrees

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FLASHBACK: Last December, Saudi Prince LASHES OUT at Trump, Tells Him to Withdraw from Race – Donates Millions to Hillary to keep up the flow of terrorists to the US.  The most recent terrorist, who shot up the Orlando club, went twice to Saudi Arabia before carrying out his attack.  Trading tweets, the two mega-men go after each other with Trump winning the exchange due to telling the Saudi Royal a truth no Democratic or Republican leader dares say out loud, much less on Twitter.  Note the Saudi issues an order!  Hillary and Obama and the Bushes would say, ‘Who else do you want us to fire?’


And today, this is what our overlords want: Better the Saudis We Know – The New York Times than Donald Trump who tells the truth!


King Salman and his son Mohammed, who is deputy crown prince and minister of defense, are the most hawkish and ambitious rulers in modern Saudi history. As Mr. Obama uses American power more selectively, the Saudis have stepped in militarily, backing jihadist groups against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and mounting an air war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Not satisfied with only taking on Iran’s proxies, the Saudis severed diplomatic relations with Tehran in January after they executed an outspoken Saudi Shiite cleric…


Saudi Arabia needs the American alliance for economic as well as security reasons. It needs to increase foreign investment to finance both the reform program and its ballooning deficit. A clear signal that the United States, the Saudis’ biggest investor, will continue security cooperation would ease foreign investors’ jitters, as well as calm the Saudi leadership.


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The above photo is Obama begging a lower member of the Muslim Mafia running Saudi Arabia, to please, please do something, we don’t know what since we are told what is going on here since all this is chatter between ruthless rulers and their toy boy.  Why didn’t Obama fall on his knees and beg?  Might have worked.  Now imagine Trump bending down, hands out, begging the Saudis.  HAHAHA.  So far, we know they hate him which means we should take Trump more seriously, no?


Opinion Op-Ed Contributors Don’t Let Americans Sue Saudi Arabia APRIL 22, 2016 editorial at the NYT which says, we can’t get a dime from these dimwitted Saudi royals, they own us we are servants to them and if they send over terrorists every few months, we should ignore this, disarm ourselves and  beg for more terrorists.  Imagine the Jews at the NYT telling Israel to do this.  NOT.


The owners of the NYT also is ordering the English to obey foreign masters or else:  Editorial Britain’s Dangerous Urge to Go It Alone instead of obeying global masters who know better how to rule us.  They are meeting in Germany right now and if the Brits don’t surrender to the Germans, all sorts of nasty things will happen.  Maybe subs attacking shipping or bombing London again, I suppose.


Donald Trump demands that Clinton Foundation return $25 million from Saudis –which the bitch will never, ever do.


“Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays,” Trump wrote in a separate post. “Hillary must return all money from such countries!”…Clinton acknowledged last week that some donations may have “slipped through the cracks” on “one or two instances” but insisted that the nonprofit had “overwhelming disclosure.”

Interesting propaganda from the Washington Post today, desperately wailing (deliberate use of this word) away at the Trump megamoth:  The Daily 202: More Republicans ditch Trump, conclude he cannot win – The Washington Post but the same exact reporters of the WP don’t do this story at all:  The Leaked List Of Hillary Clinton’s Mega Donors | Zero Hedge has this interesting megamillionaire aid package for the Clinton’s Bilderberg machine labor.  Most donors are from the New York megaregion where all the Wall Street gang hangs out or Los Angeles or DC.


Polls by CBS and other mega-machine operations owned and controlled by Bilderberg gangsters are telling us we all want Hillary especially after being attacked by crazed Muslims trained in Saudi Arabia.  I don’t believe them.  But then, the GOP is now saying they love gays which is FANTASTIC and I pray they keep this up, transgenders like my own children need the GOP to drop that Christian (AND MUSLIM) hatred of gays and transgender people.  Wow.  May all of the GOP change over.  About time.


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4 responses to “Dictator Of Saudi Arabia Tweets Trump, Orders Him To Not Run For President, NYT Agrees

  1. e sutton

    Hate to say it, but the Daily Mail is starting to echo the MSM here in the states.

  2. emsnews

    True, that BUT they innocently let all the garbage flow so it is far easier to see what is going on. The mainstream here HIDES everything whenever possible.

  3. csurge

    “all sorts of nasty things will happen. Maybe subs attacking shipping or bombing London again, I suppose”

    So let them. London is a Muslim infected hellhole anyway. And who’s going to do the bombing? American drones? America is going broke. Germany’s military is a shambles because the dumb elites there got too used to American protection. They set aside money recently to re-arm but it will take time to kick in. At least a year a two before they even start to approach real military strength

    My mind is trying to get around the fact that these people want to fight Russia or anyone who opposes them while destroying their power base. *shakes head* Something must give way. They can’t fight wars while destroying their power base. The Muslims won’t be enough to counter Russia’s technological might

  4. Christian W

    Russia has 4 % of the global military budget. The US has 36% (probably more if you count the CIA dirty business business). Between the UK, France, Germany and the other NATO nations Russia is dwarfed in economic terms.

    Russia isn’t the threat here running around war mongering and destroying nations one after another. Are you aware that the US sent Marines to fight in Yemen a few weeks ago? Like Syria, Yemen is yet another nation under the US military boot print.

    Syria is also under severe US led economic sanctions, starving the Syrian people on behalf of Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Al-qaeda and US regime change plans. These sanctions and hybrid wars create the millions of Muslim refugees that Elaine rail against.

    The truth is Trump does not need to build stupid walls along America’s borders, he only has to change US foreign policy.

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