Media Giants Lie About Bernie Sanders Joining Clinton, Lie About Trump, About Everything

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The media giants continue attacking candidates who are not Bilderberg gangsters.  For example, all week long we had stories planted by these guys claiming that Sanders had ‘given up’ and was now supporting Hillary.  But he isn’t!  He has to go to the same media liars and deny that story which is back page news if any news.  ‘Shocking new polls’ show Hillary beating Trump on the issue of ‘terrorism and immigration’ which is totally unbelievable.  These happen to be the two issues which separates these two candidates with Hillary demanding we bring in more and more Muslims and Mexicans because this is good for America.

Comments at the Daily Mail shows people furious about all this ‘news’ and wondering how CBS which is run by a Bilderberg gang, is honest.  Most people commenting about this ‘news’ are highly skeptical.  So am I.  Know how many Hillary for President signs I see this year?  Virtually zero.  I see many more Bernie signs!  Bernie voters are not happy with Clinton, like myself, they think she both cheated outright and rigged things behind our backs before the election even began by scaring off all other Democrats thinking she would have zero opposition and when Bernie spoke up, the rage of the media owners and Congress rats and Obama was tremendous and when he beat her again and again even until a few weeks ago, they went ape on Bernie and slammed him with fake stories of him giving up!


Well, he didn’t give up even today and he is twice as angry as before because he is the obvious victim of a conspiracy.  Now we have desperate, nonstop lies about Trump’s position on immigration and terrorism which are intimately connected.  Our media owners are screaming that terrorists who were born to foreigners who move to the US are US citizens not foreigners so we should bring in even more foreigners who have children here who then attack us screaming they want to destroy democracy and destroy our culture and have religious warfare: what?


Hillary is going to stop this by…bringing in ever more foreigners who want to have children here and then have them attack us?  Some solution.  More headlines:

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More craziness as McCain accuses Obama of pandering to Muslim terrorists.  HAHAHA.  Both Bushes did this!  Both Clintons will do this.  Obama is doing this.  Why are they doing this is the real question and why are both parties criminals in all this?  Right now, the Bilderberg gang is secretly meeting discussing this looming election and how to control and rig it and media giant Presidents are there in on the conspiracy and won’t report what they are conspiring to do…won’t even mention this meeting in Germany.

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Good news is another GOP guy decides to no longer go to war against fellow citizens who are LGBT and I have a Trans daughter who is quite lovely, peaceful, loving and a blessing and I pray she gets full civil rights just like I did, and fights for this just like I had to fight.  The Muslims and many of the Catholic illegal and legal aliens pouring in are a real danger to gay civil rights not to mention, freedom of religion and civil rights.  Half of the Supreme Court is now Catholic and half is Jewish and none are the rest of us which is the majority and this warps politics hugely and I greatly resent having zero representation in this court except for the few females and wish we could reform the system to reflect the general population.


There is this war being waged, an ideological war against ‘white males’ which is also a frontal attack on the entire concept of western thought and civilization and I am a female but not at war with culture.  Quite the contrary.  I think that this latest culture war is resembling Madame Mao’s rule of China, I had direct connection to overthrowing her culture war there by offering Chinese an alternative and now the place is thriving though no way totally free but then, we are not free, either.


Oh, we are allowed to still chat with each other by our media systems have finally devolved into being total propaganda systems with ZERO feed back, nearly all the major media forbids any comments at all and they read none and only have desire to impose stories on us all which is disgusting.  But they will lose in the end when people revolt.  Happened before the internet.  Can happen any time and quite suddenly.


I do know that most Bernie supporters are NOT supporting Clinton, they hate her with a passion.


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9 responses to “Media Giants Lie About Bernie Sanders Joining Clinton, Lie About Trump, About Everything

  1. venguer

    On the radio news this morning , the big story was how investigators were trying to FIGURE OUT A MOTIVE fro the Orlando Attack. LOL.The major misinformation being pushed : that he was mentally ill. Which means that Mateen’s mental illness was CONTAGIOUS since his wife, if not directly complicit, at the very least knew he was plotting some dastardly horror, since she was a witness in his signing over his house for $10 to his afghan brother in law and his sister.The blatant tide of willful deceit in the media has reached tsunami proportions, Reset your calendars boys and girls, it is clearly 1984.

  2. Vengeur

    OH , and NOT ONE WORD in the “news report ” about THE OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that he was totally inspired by his pathological, radical Islamic HATRED for all things non-islamic.

  3. e sutton

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

    State (war) Department urges renewed strikes against Assad in Syria, because, well, you know……we hafta kill them there so they don´t kill us here……oh, wait…….

    Is dragging Putin (and by extension, China) into a world war really a prudent thing to do? Guess we are about to find out. USA, USA!

  4. Jim R

    What the media giants do is not even lying. They just make it up, and never bother to check facts.

    I like to think of it as orthogonal to the truth. It isn’t even a lie, because to lie they’d have to know what the truth is.

  5. You’re so right about culture wars. HRC supporters some of the worst offenders in what Comments sections remain.
    One suggested that Bernie voters “owe HRC an apology.” I asked whether we are reliving the Cultural Revolution and will be hauled off to the countryside for re-education — and he responded without a trace of irony that “this is a good idea.”

  6. emsnews

    Correct. This is going to possibly be one very violent election but then I was involved heavily in street stuff way back in 1968…hahaha. I was crazy back then, just came home from Germany which was exploding, deported here and landed right in the middle of a seething mess here.

    These things happen suddenly! The left is good at imploding things, by the way. Ends up with Nixon, for example.

  7. KHS71

    From Zero Hedge

    Sanders Supporters Vindicated: Proof DNC Used Media To Rig Election for Hillary

  8. Lou

    KHS 71–will Debbie go to prison?

  9. KHS71

    Lying to the news media is not against the law. The Daily Show is for a generation half if not a third of my age. Just made up trash as is most of the media. Don’t read newspapers and don’t watch local or national news anymore. We have the Kansas City Red Star here. Would not take it if they gave it to me free. Don’t Facebook, don’t Twitter, and don’t own a cell phone. I do have a real cute 2 year old granddaughter.

    Debbie and the most corrupt politician in my lifetime have no ethics but having no ethics is not against the law and they’re democrats.

    This will be my 12th presidential election to vote and the worst. We have the most corrupt politician in my lifetime versus the man who went to clown college. There are third parties which I have done before.

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