New York Times Demands We Take In Million Muslims

Williamsburg Rabbis To Women Dont Wear Tank Tops – WPIX – YouTube

Our rulers have decided to lie about nearly everything.  Today, the New York Times turns on the propaganda spigot about how we should bring in a million Muslims because…and here is the obvious reason…the Jews want them all removed from the Holy Land so they can control it for Jews, only.  This ethnic/religious cleansing is hidden from view by our major media while the same media yells at us to not discriminate against Muslims while excusing blatant, horrific discrimination against anyone not Jewish in the Holy Lands.  Meanwhile, religious warfare and tension rises in the US as our leaders order us to accept a flood of people who hate our freedoms.



So today, to support the propaganda, the NYT lays it all on thick and heavy:  Orlando Killings Rob Young New York Muslims of a Cherished Holiday Respite – The New York Times


 “I just don’t get it,” said Muhammad, a 17-year-old junior at Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island, Brooklyn, who immigrated from Pakistan with his family in 2014. “Islam is all about peace. In Ramadan, we don’t even curse. You’re not supposed to do anything bad.”…


Note how this young man is trained to lie.  Whenever Muslim terror happens and this terror is very much religious in nature, the mainstream media trots out various Muslims claiming they don’t believe terrorizing or harassing other religious groups doesn’t happen.  Oh no, not in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.


But it does happen!  Try giving away Bibles in Saudi Arabia.  You will be stoned to death.  Intolerance is a major feature of all Muslim nations and the only ‘liberal’ nations that didn’t persecute anyone else were all destroyed by NATO.  Now, thanks to this destruction by NATO which is ongoing in Syria which was much more liberal than Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. we have a situation whereby there is a flood of refugees.


Salwa Mozzeb, 15, who is finishing her freshman year at Millennium Brooklyn High School in Park Slope soundly dismissed Mr. Trump’s proposal. “That’s messed up,” she said on Tuesday, wearing a hijab and speaking in a brassy Brooklyn accent. A naturalized United States citizen, she came with her mother from Syria when she was 9 months old. “I was raised here,” she said. “America is my home.”


Salwa lives in a Bay Ridge apartment with her parents, grandmother and four younger siblings; she has uncles and cousins who live in the same building and on the same block. She volunteers at the Arab American Association of New York, whose headquarters are in Bay Ridge. Her mother, who is from Syria, has a brother who escaped the civil war there and made his way to Sweden. Another relative has been waiting 10 years for a visa to enter the United States.


Once populated largely by Scandinavian immigrants, as well as those of Italian and Irish heritage, Bay Ridge has been transformed like so much of New York. There are nine mosques in the area now, according to Tony Carnes, a sociologist who publishes an online journal, “A Journey Through N.Y.C. Religions.” Many of the store signs on the avenues are written in Arabic.


Note how this is now an enclave and letting in one individual leads to an army of family coming over and then refusing to integrate.  It isn’t just the Muslims doing this.  We now are used to seeing Spanish everywhere on all systems while illegal aliens from Spanish speaking countries pour in and refuse to learn English and their children won’t learn English except for street chat type of English.


I used to run a street patrol in NYC after the black out riots there in the mid-1970s.  Crime was totally out of control.  I called it ‘the nonstop riot’ and fought off criminals and twisted arms in the government to reestablish security in Brooklyn.  Others did this too but not the way I did it.  NY / Region|Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies.


The call went out as a Code 100, a sex crime: A man was masturbating in a gray Hyundai near some children on a street in Borough Park.


Responding to the radio alert, several members of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, a Hasidic watch group, hopped into their vehicles and headed toward the scene. Arriving in their uniforms and skullcaps, they surrounded the Hyundai, but the driver tried to flee. When they chased him down and tackled him, the man pulled a gun. Four of the patrolmen — known as shomrim for the Hebrew for “guards” — were injured in the melee. In the days that followed, they were hailed as heroes by a parade of politicians.


That was in September 2010. But within three years, as the case of the gunman, David Flores, made its way to court, a very different narrative emerged.


When Mr. Flores went on trial, his lawyer argued that he had not exposed himself, but instead had been pre-emptively attacked and fired his gun only in self-defense. An audio recording entered into evidence featured a 911 call from a witness reporting that the shomrim repeatedly kicked Mr. Flores after dragging him from his car.


In 1978, a mob angry over the murder of an elderly Hasidic man stormed the station house demanding better protection. Thirty years later, a similar crowd destroyed two police cars after a Jewish caterer was arrested during a traffic stop.


“Who is really controlling the Borough Park police station?” asked Joe Levin, a Hasidic private investigator who has clashed with the shomrim. “It’s not the N.Y.P.D.”


A few years ago, Mr. Levin said he handled a divorce case where a husband was beating his wife. One day, he added, the woman was hurt so badly that an ambulance removed her from her home on a stretcher. The police and the shomrim were also at the scene, he said, but no one did a thing when the husband rushed out, flipped the stretcher and knocked her to the ground.


“I saw this with my own eyes — everybody did,” Mr. Levin said.


Mafia-style Bribery Charges for Ultra-Orthodox Williamsburg Jews – YouTube

My street patrol was all sorts of people and was very well integrated.  We did do arrests but had strict rules about how to do this with minimal damage or violence.  Mostly, I worked hard to improve relations with the police and get them to respond to crime and my main role was to inform and watch and assist.


The religious fanatics taking over neighborhoods in Brooklyn do NOT want the laws enforced, they want to break the laws with impunity and note that they want women to have no civil rights and the ‘patrols’ allow men to attack women openly and do nothing.  This would happen with a Muslim civilian patrol, too.  They have the identical hateful views about women and ‘aliens’.


Both the fundamentalist Jews in NYC and Muslims there have this idea that all other people are sub-human and thus, have zero civil rights and both believe women have no rights at all and both want to impose their ideology on the rest of us and both become very violent if you go against their agendas.


The GOP has a huge following of right wing Christians who also hate women’s rights and religious freedom too.  And are pandered to by politicians in the GOP.  In the DNC, the same is going on while the Democrats tell Muslims, Mexicans and others that they will be allowed to destroy our laws and force us to do what they want, not what we want while at the same time, telling gays, transgender people, etc. that the DNC loves them, too and will protect them.


Eh? How is that going to happen?  Ethnic groups taking over neighborhoods don’t do this nicely.  There is often a great deal of pressure put on the population already there to force them to move out.  A lot of this activity is highly illegal but if it is being applied to white homeowners, the Democrats shrug their shoulders or worse, the NYT will condemn the people fleeing their neighborhoods and blame it all on ‘racism’ or other issues, not fear of thugs.


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Teenagers beat woman on Brooklyn subway for ‘sucking teeth’ – NY Daily News


A 21-year-old woman was attacked by a group of teenage girls after she sucked her teeth at them in disgust on a Manhattan-bound A train in Brooklyn, cops said Saturday.

Police have released images of the teens, who are still being sought for the May 27 attack.

The victim told police she was getting on the train at the Utica Ave. station about 11:15 a.m. when the four teens ran past her, police sources said.

When one of the girls struck her elbow as they passed the victim sucked her teeth — a sign of disrespect in some cultures.

She never said a word but the sound the victim made as she drew in breath through her clenched teeth was enough to set the teens off, cops were told.

Blacks And Jews At Odds Over Shomrim Street Patrol …Cops Deny Training London Shomrim, Say The Haredi Street Patrol Needs To Stop Dressing Like Cops –


The London Metropolitan Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe told a group of rabbis this week that Shomrim, the haredi street patrol, needs to stop wearing uniforms and driving cars that are made to look like official London police uniforms and cars, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“I have to be frank, I would like them not to look like police officers,” Hogan-Howe told Orthodox rabbis at a gathering of the United Synagogue movement. Hogan-Howe said police are discussing this with Shomrim and that he believed that would lead to “a positive resolution” of the problem.

But Shomrim claims there is no such dialogue with police because the problems Hogan-Howe cited do not actually exist.


ISIS CRUCIFY three men after giving them 70 lashes and locking them in cages as punishment for breaking their Ramadan fast in Syria   via Russian news: ‘Islamist’ mob terrorizes Turkish record store for celebrating Radiohead’s new album (GRAPHIC)


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6 responses to “New York Times Demands We Take In Million Muslims

  1. Jim R

    Hmm, interesting. I just tried to post something, three times, and it never appeared. Is WordPress censoring now?

  2. Jim R

    trying again …

    I’ll just leave this here … it’s a story you will not find in the NYT.

    Uman Ukraine Israeli Hasidim attacked journalists, Police, fires shots, threw stones glass bottles

    Little Israel in Uman Ukraine. A mob of Israeli Hasidim attacked journalists, Police officers, fires shots at people, threw stones and glass bottles at locals and tries to incinerate 9 storey apartment building with people in it

    A Ukrainian title under the video:

    Hasidim [pilgrims from Israel] like wild animals attacked journalists of the Latest News

  3. Christian W

    The Taliban and Al Qaeda came out of the wreckage of Afghanistan. ISIS came out of the deliberate destruction of Iraq. All three are sponsored by Saudi Arabia in service of the US. Takfiri (Saudi) terrorism is at the core of world terrorism.

    The Dubya Bush White House let loose the Salafi bomb throwers deliberately. Obama bombs weddings. Saudi Arabia promotes it’s Wahhabist ideology in madrassas (religious schools they sponsor to promote Saudi ideology and interests) which means more bomb throwers.

    How are you going to solve the problems of terrorism and refugees/ethnic cleansing when those policies are the very heart of US, Israel and Saudi policies?

    Here is a link that shows that Israel supports Al-qaeda (Nusra) and ISIS terrorism in Syria.

    How can US, Israeli and Saudi terrorism be OK abroad, but not at home?

    The US has to stop living in this schizophrenic mode where it does not admit to it’s real face in the world.

  4. Lou

    blog–‘Crimes of the Times’ reveals the anti American Jews at Jew York Times.

  5. Christian W

    Anti-American, anti-European, anti-Muslim, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese…Hmm, who are they not anti?

  6. emsnews

    No, they are confused. They want to be Nazis but have to pretend to not be Nazis but in Israel, can indulge in 100% Naziism and the effort to hide this is getting harder and harder to pull off.

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