No Olympics For Russian Women, Zika Virus For US Athletes

Zika virus now in U.S. – YouTube

One of the very first people to die of AIDS in the US were friends of mine who were ballet dancers and lived really close to me in Park Slope, Brooklyn, many terrible years ago.  One of them got it in Haiti and then Nureyev came to the US to dance and slept with one of my friends and got it, too and took it to Europe.  Diseases spread very rapidly now thanks to modern transportation and the Zika virus which is deadly to fetuses, is now spreading thanks to mosquitos and desperate mothers coming from Brazil to the US to have babies due to this disease.

1 (of 6) DANCING THROUGH DARKNESS – Documentary About Nureyev’s Last Years 

Once upon a time, I was one of the very first US victims of the Hong Kong flu and it nearly killed me and I got it due to working for the Free Clinic at Berkeley and it was very devastating.  Now, we have the Olympics falling apart at the seams due to Brazil being a political/economical/social/disease mess and I said before, cancel the Olympics.  It is insanely dangerous.


Financial calamity declared in Rio weeks before Olympics, but Games will go on – The Washington Post


Just weeks before it stages the 2016 Olympic Games, the state government of Rio de Janeiro has declared a “state of public calamity in financial administration” and warned that the situation is so dire it impedes the locale’s ability to meet Games commitments.


The Olympics start Aug. 5 with Brazil already facing an impeachment trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff, a public health crisis over the Zika epidemic and a deepening recession.


In an official decree published Friday afternoon by acting governor Francisco Dornelles, the state government said the crisis could cause a “total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management.”

So, in a nutshell, the place is a catastrophe and the Four Horsemen are riding there with death, doom and destruction.  And the US is at war with Russia and China and wants to keep out their athletes, too, so why bother?  Just send some gold medals to the US for ‘participation’ and let the whole stupid mess die.

Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 5.04.53 PM

The whites running the Washington Post, trying to appear hip hop have linked to this video today:  Coming of age in a city coming apart | Flipps is a rap video by blacks discussing the huge mess they have created for themselves in the major, dying industrial cities.  This article is about how using hip hop rap is ‘saving’ black males which is insane, it is killing them.  The video even features money raining down on the ‘artists’ as they sing about sex and money, their main twin interests.


And so in the US where the Zika virus is just beginning to hammer:  Good lord, when I saw this photo at the Washington Post, , I thought this guy was one of the teachers, he is a STUDENT in HIGH SCHOOL. Scary stuff, here.  Not one, no male students looked anything like him when I was in high school and my high school had a serial killer, too!  This guy’s school is filled with killers, it appears.  No one blinks an eye.


I remember when Life Magazine came to my school and asked questions.  I told them, ‘I have to get up at 4:30 am to go to school at 5:00am and I feel homicidal periodically, too, this school is a nightmare!’  They didn’t quote me because the article was all about how innocent girls were tricked by a mass murderer.  Not how the school system was abusing me.  Rats.  This was my first lesson in 1966 about how useless the media is.


By the way, this dude who I met when I was only 15 year old is this guy:  Vicious ‘Pied Piper’ butchered in prison in ’75 – Tucson Citizen …he is the killer, and I wanted him dead and I wasn’t alone and it finally happened and no shock to me.  Ahem.  Gah, read the link…this guy was right on the fringe of my own world, very, very close by.


Then I moved to New York City and had to deal with mass murderers and others on a regular basis and was pretty good at getting rid of some of them, the ones that crossed my path.  This is why the Washington Post and NYT irritate me so much, making excuses for killers and nasty people who are out hunting the rest of us.


Readers here don’t need to listen to the Washington Post link to this stupid video, it is typical, iron-clad rap which has few variations, just different cuss words and whining about money over and over and over again since day one when I first hear this garbage in Brooklyn at a street fair in Bed-Stuy around 1984.  No new stuff, nothing, just the same old same old same old over and over and over…barf.
And back to international news: International Olympic Committee supports ban on Russian athletes that is, the WOMEN athletes which is great news for Russia because this way, the women are protected from the Zika virus.  Do any US women athletes want to risk this for a gold medal with zero competition since many are being kept out of these ‘Olympics’?   Think twice about this, dear ladies.  Life and death!


Zika Virus in Brazil – Alert – Level 2, Practice Enhanced Precautions …which means NO OLYMPICS, right?  Nope.  Our government is addicted to proclaiming the Master Race is all about this Olympic stuff so we need our women to go there and be super human, no?  Threat From Zika Virus Is Too Great: It’s Time to Cancel the Rio Olympics | US News Opinion Zika virus: birth defects found after women showed no symptoms  meanwhile, Zika Virus Was In Haiti Before It Was in Brazil, Study Finds exactly like AIDS which ultimately came from Africa.


Now here is the news about it being in Africa:  Zika virus strain ‘imported from the Americas’ to Africa which is probably false news since other diseases first showed up in tropical regions of Africa and then travel swiftly across the planet and then observers notice it is in central Africa, too.


Thank you, modern jet transportation.  This is how diseases like the Hong Kong Flu which was deadly (I nearly died of it!) came to San Francisco.  Epidemics can spread really fast thanks to modern transportation.

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8 responses to “No Olympics For Russian Women, Zika Virus For US Athletes

  1. Jim R

    Well, at least it’s not as deadly as dengue or yellow fever.

  2. dick

    brazil is a shithole…couldnt happen soon enough

  3. e sutton

    My mom got the Hong Kong flu back in ’69, a year after my sister was born. Flat on her back for about a month, it almost killed her. My dad traveled back and forth to Hong Kong a lot in those days, so he might have given it to her.

    A friend of mine got AIDs early on, sometime in the mid to late ’80s. At the time it was a death sentence. Lord only knows how many guys he slept with…slut!

    When I first learned about the Zika virus, I thought “egad! who wants to risk exposure to THAT?” Well, I guess I continue to underestimate the stupidity of our “global citizens”. This experiment in countries without borders is really getting on my freaking nerves! Doll yourselves up with all the disease you want, folks….just don’t bring it to me!

  4. e sutton

    RE: “Trying to graduate high school in one of Baltimore’s most troubled schools.”

    Why is it that in all negro communities, the schools are “troubled”, the streets are “violent”, and shots magically “ring out”. It has nothing to do with the inhabitants, right? Nah! course not!

  5. @ sutton…only white communities are built on “magic dirt” which ensures their schools are untroubled,and streets crime free.

  6. Lou

    Jew York times–no surprise—looky here—
    White Genocide is on the table of the Elite– Check out (((google)))
    images of “young White children”: the second picture has a Black kid in it. And something like the fourth picture is all Blacks. Most of the pictures are not of White kids. Or race mixing.
    Only Whites are made to disappear and not have the right to stand alone.
    Compare this with “young Black kids” – all Black kids. Try again: Chinese kids, Indian kids, etc – same thing. What should be there.

  7. Lou

    whites running the Washington Post, trying to appear hip hop have –????

    and it is ‘W’ in White.

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