RNC Freaks Out, Wants To Overthrow Trump

ISIS – The New World Order’s Plan For 2016 – YouTube

RNC delegates launch ‘Anybody but Trump’ drive as they desperately try to end democracy.  The DNC tools don’t have to do this since they managed to crown Hillary…barely.  It was a huge struggle for her to eliminate her only challenger who still beat her in various elections during the last two weeks of the primaries.  In Sanders case, the DNC put out totally fake stories that he capitulated and was going to crown Hillary and the news that he didn’t agree to this was mostly overseas since our media doesn’t like contradicting lies created by the Bilderberg gang which is one of them, they are part of this international conspiracy group.


And they all met just this week in Germany to talk about preventing Britain from escaping their clutches and discuss what to do about Trump and the open meetings were not where they all discussed this, it was in private hotel rooms.  Most business at any international meeting actually happens in hotel rooms.  Activists should place bugs in hotel rooms to listen in but of course, they scan their rooms for bugs before conspiring there.


How Donald Trump May Have Wasted A Monthlong Advantage Over Hillary Clinton: NPR is public radio and hates Trump.  Trump didn’t manage anything because this is impossible.  NPR also attacked Sanders periodically as Hillary desperately attempted at eliminating him and his run showed clearly that she could mostly carry Hispanics and blacks and did this by offering them more goodies and financial support.  That is, bribes.


Gays, on the other hand, hate Republicans for good reason, on the issue of women’s rights, importing millions of Hispanic Catholics and Muslims is a frontal attack on women’s rights and gay rights because the religious leaders of both have been very hostile and demand both be crushed.  And the DNC supports gay/women rights while at the same time, demands more anti-gay cultures flood into the country.


Egypt sentences 6 people to death, including 2 Al Jazeera journalists because this is our ‘important ally’ unlike Syria which Israel’s rulers hate, and so we have to protect the military junta there while they savage the population to control it for Israel.  We are not bombing Egypt nor Saudi Arabia which is attacking Yemen with US help.  Instead, we are sailing a sitting duck right under Putin’s nose and Hillary approves of this and Trump wants to stop this.


Big Crowds on Okinawa Protest Against US Military Bases The Wall Street Journal informs us.  Thank you for reporting real news, guys!  Why are we there?  To menace China!  For what reason?  Once upon a time, it was to open countries to US goods which we then sent there, England exported this way, too.  So did Germany which led to WWI and WWII ditto Japan with same results.


Now, we have ‘free trade’ whereby we ship our jobs overseas, run huge trade deficits and in return, spend huge amounts of money protecting countries that are flooding us with exports while preventing imports from us so they run constant trade surpluses with us.


This is INSANE. It runs against all history.  It is also suicidal.  We are going bankrupt and destroying our major manufacturing cities which violent, idle populations regularly burn and loot while complaining about too much law and order and now most Americans avoid our major cities except for parts of Los Angeles, parts of the Bay Area, parts of the NYC region, etc.  Downtown Brooklyn and the white parts are ‘safe’ but vast stretches of Brooklyn into Queens is a no-go area if someone is say, Asian or white.


Way back in the late 1970s to 1980s, I did go there to give speeches and organize people and was menaced by Al Sharpton for doing this, he is a destroyer and good buddy of the top Bilderberg gangsters including Obama.


THEY orchestrated the destruction of our cities.  They imposed this on us.  They used cities as power bases by moving in illegal aliens and minorities who had no jobs there because the Bilderberg gang removed these jobs overseas.


Aren’t they all so charming?  The Bilderberg gang hangs out in the list of neighborhoods above which are ‘rich’ and ‘safe’.  They made a major goof with Manhattan.  Mobs now can easily invade and terrorize the wealthy there and they have to figure out how to shut down transportation at the few crossing points to that island so mobs only terrorize Park Slope and Bay Ridge.


I remember one such riot when we had a several day black out.  Manhattan threw parties and my neighborhood was attacked by raging lunatic mobs screaming and throwing stuff, burning down everything there leaving it looking like Dresden Germany after the allies bombed it one night.


And the mayor went on TV boasting that the police didn’t shoot anyone!  I wanted to shoot a lot of people and the only two people do shoot were one, my neighbor and friend and the owner of a store downtown who became my friend as I rose up and argued his case in public and stood by him, he was very shaken by what had happened and scared, hugely scared.  And was the only businessman to have his business survive that riot that was a simple looting expedition.


Now, they have to cook up excuses for looting expeditions.  Now they figure, all they have to do is protest some criminal dying when interacting with the cops.  It is a two for one: the police get scared about touching them while they, in turn, go berserk whenever the cops appear, and two, it gives them all lots of free goodies if they are not too careless and end up burning down their own hideouts.  Which they did in the NYC riots.


51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria as the US desperately tries to start WWIII by attacking Russian forces defending Assad.  These are DIPLOMATS not warmongering generals doing this!!!  WWIII will be most interesting, it will be like NYC the night my neighbors looted it and burned it to the ground.  I have a fair idea what it is like, vaguely.


Do our rulers think Russia and China will be stupid and burn down cities filled with rioting people and zero industries?  NO.  They will target utterly different things and our rulers have figured this out, I am assuming or maybe not, they are awfully stupid when it comes to actual tactics and strategies for wars, which is why we lost nearly every war since WWII.


That is, the aftermath is utterly bad for our purposes and makes things worse. White House lawyer says Supreme Court would kill Donald Trump’s Muslim ban because making things worse is their goal.  Since we have only Jews and Catholics in the court, this makes it much easier to do things that are from orders in the Vatican and Tel Aviv.


Proof:  Barack Obama White House on track to grant one MILLION green cards Muslims.  Orlando gunman Omar Mateen had a conversation with suicide bomber, says friend who was sent to Syria to blow himself up and he did.  The complicated web between US rulers and terrorists continue to baffle the public but then, our rulers lied about 9/11 and didn’t discuss why all the terrorists trained in Florida which was run by Jeb Bush and they all hung out within spitting distance of Jupiter Island where the gang of New World Order rulers hang out.


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7 responses to “RNC Freaks Out, Wants To Overthrow Trump

  1. Jim R

    Couple other things that aren’t mentioned about that Orlando shooting — Mateen was apparently employed by a private security company, and had permits to carry guns above-and-beyond the average citizen. Even if ALL the anti-2nd-amendment proposals currently floating around were passed, he would have had access to guns.

    The other thing, kind of an afterthought, but figures have not been released by the coroner’s office, so exact totals are unknown. But some of the victims of that club shooting were killed by police. Whether it was most of them, or only a few, the Orlando police are not allowing this information to get out. Worth noting, in that picture of the hole blown out of the back of the building, there are a lot of bullet-craters in the outside of the brick wall.

    It may be kinda like that biker brawl in Waco a couple years ago — we are still waiting for evidence that a single biker was shot by other bikers. All of the shootings may actually have been done by the cops, who apparently planned that event…

  2. Petruchio

    “Gays, on the other hand, hate Republicans for good reason,…” That may be true, Elaine, but how do you explain all the gays IN the Republican Party? Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham–and others. They are “in the closet”, I get that, but still…how can they square the strongly anti-gay stance of the GOP with their own personal behavior? How can they support a political Party that hates them? I know it happens, but it is hard to understand. Reminds me of White Supremacists who are part-Jewish. Not to sound like this is therapy, but has it to do with self-loathing?

  3. Henry

    So 51 U.S. State Department “diplomats” want the U.S to bomb Assad’s forces. Take a wild guess what racial/ethnic/religious group these people come from! The State Department is infested with Zionist Neocons. Israel firsters who believe the U.S. Government should be run for the benefit of Israel.

  4. CH Tan

    To understand this insanity, Elaine, you have to accept the alien theory. The Bible is a one sided story in which the victor, Jehovah, writes his narrative. So Lucifer becomes Satan, the all evil one, even though he was the one who saved us from a boring life of slavery. Without him, we will not have this world we live in today. Do we thank him?

    So we still believe in Jehovah is good and Lucifer is evil because the Bible, the one sided text, tells us so. Who is actually Jehovah or Lucifer except what we are told?

    All these indicate that Jehovah still wants human robots to run the world the way he always wanted. We are not allowed to think and act independently.

    To me, the 3 Middle Eastern religions started by Jehovah are not religious but political systems. They are three psychological programs to control the mind of man. The third and final one is now succeeding.

    Until we free our minds with independent thinking, we will always be slaves.

  5. emsnews

    Welllll…the Apple gave Adam and Eve intelligence so they were not mere animals…..

    The question, ‘What is evil’ is never really answered by any religion, they often go for denialism, that is, rejecting reality and fleeing to some magical place.

  6. Maddie's Mom

    …”they often go for denialism, that is, rejecting reality and fleeing to some magical place.”

    Good description for the censoring of the Orlando shooter’s 911 call.

  7. Petruchio

    “Welllll…the Apple gave Adam and Eve intelligence so they were not mere animals…..” Yes and WOMAN was created by a part of Adam’s rib!!! HaHaHaHa…..

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