Hillary Has $42 Million In Bribes And Media Giants Love This

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Home | Daily Mail Online tells the truth here: our Real Rulers are very obscenely rich and they bribe all politicians.  They want to keep the gravy train rolling for them and they pervert the democratic system.  Hillary is a whore.  So is Paul Ryan.  The super rich support BOTH parties and own or better still, are the candidates for high office as they try to rule this nation with an iron fist.  All elections are about lying to the voters about all this stuff, pretending we have two parties that have different ideologies.


Only the most vapid of laws are passed that populations vote for, the big issues dealing with trade, business, banking and imperial military rule are pursued by the elites without even pretending to consult with the voters.  In England, the elites are furious about the Brexit vote that is looming.


Our elites pretend to be freaked out about warm weather and blame all of us for this while Biden, for example, along with Obama, flies all over the planet…TO PLAY GOLF!  Which is a warm weather game, no less.  And why, pray tell, is our VP in Scotland attacking an American from over there?  Eh?


Naked campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime!  They all do this now, we are to be ridden hard by our elites.  Hillary’s war chest of $42 million is mostly rich people’s money.  She is their servant and they pay her well.


Here is interesting news:  FBI backpedals and releases COMPLETE transcripts of Orlando shooter’s 911 call in which he says ‘Peace be upon the prophet… I did the shootings’ – hours after redacting references to Islam and 9/11.  Yes, they did try to cover up that this was a Muslim terrorist attack based on politics and religious fanaticism.  Why is the FBI doing this?


Obama most likely ordered them to do this because he openly denied this was a religious terrorist attack by someone who went to Saudi Arabia twice before doing it.


Suspect who sparked terror alert at shopping center in Brussels was ‘wearing a fake suicide belt filled with BISCUITS and salt’ as the terror regime roars onwards.  This is psychological terror.  This is also a huge element in the Brexit moves in Britain.  The EU is demanding that all illegal aliens pouring in be allowed to move freely about Europe to wherever they wish.


In NY, my state, we have yet another perennial story of politicians, rich people and bribery:  Cops bribed into closing Lincoln Tunnel lane for de Blasio donor: feds.  An amazing number of ‘liberals’ who are ‘Democrats’ in NY get caught in these scandals all the time.  This is what rich people do: bribe everyone so they get their own way.


They are bribing Hillary, big time.


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5 responses to “Hillary Has $42 Million In Bribes And Media Giants Love This

  1. e sutton

    apology for double post. Here´s one on me, gratis: Don´t you go disrespekin me! (filed under, ¨Oh no she din!)


  2. John

    That’s spelt “Oh no she di’int!”

    The elites think none of this mayhem will ever touch them.

    Boy, are they about to get a surprise…

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