Possible British Illegal Alien Tried To Assassinate Trump

Illuminati Planning Trump Assassination Attempt? – YouTube

Trump Assassination Plot ‘Psyop’: Man Arrested for Grabbing Officer’s Gun, Making Threats – YouTube

Man grabbed policeman’s gun at Las Vegas rally and said he wanted to kill Donald Trump and the questions rise rapidly.  Why was this NON VOTING alien from overseas seeking to kill…oh hell, this happens so often, I am amazed at the entire concept of ‘Homeland Security’ which was cooked up to cover up the fact that our rulers invited a gang of Saudis who attacked us and killed thousands of US citizens on 9/11.


Our Rulers demanded that we let in a million Muslims like Germany and France and England and so forth.  Not to mention millions of other aliens.  The super rich need them to dilute the employment pool.  This is done all the time, to keep wages down, for example. Here is the NYT version of the news:  The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

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The attempted murder attack by an alien is at the BOTTOM of the list of Trump stories.  I got the news from overseas where it is top news not side story at the bottom.  Here is the Washington Post’s lead story about Trump:  HAHAHA.

Screen shot 2016-06-20 at 10.11.17 PM

In the WP opinion page, gross hysteria is breaking out as the Bilderberg gang has flown home, incidentally exhaling tons and tons of CO2 which they assure is, is deadly and must stop …now.

Screen shot 2016-06-20 at 10.12.55 PM

I absolutely love Trump because he is driving the neocons, the neonazi nationalists, the Bilderberg bullies, the New World Order babbling bungling bastards NUTS.  We should celebrate this only to look to the DNC and see we are stuck with a…Bilderberg, neocon, neonazi nationalist New World Order bitch from hell.


OUCH.  My head hurts.  Europe worries Brexit vote could trigger a stampede of exits as the EU disintegrates.  The people who made the EU are…see the list above minus the ‘neonazi nationalists’ because unlike the ones here who rule us and are nationalists for Jews in Israel but no one else, in Europe they don’t want any of this at all which is why they are being stomped into the ground by illegal aliens who openly proclaim they intend to be the next Real Rulers.




This is a war raging in our streets with our own rulers doing the bombing of our major cities which is why so many of our major cities lie in ruins today.  Once-great cities are now hell holes no one wants to live in and go to great lengths to avoid. Here is another hilarious joke of an article discussing all this:  Looking for America: A Journey Into the Country’s Divided Heart


The 2016 election is unlike any before it. The campaign has seen the rise of Donald Trump, the New York provocateur who has seized the Republican Party from its bewildered establishment and seized an angry electorate. What’s happening in America? What does it mean to be American? For nearly 35 days, Washington Post journalists crossed the nation looking for answers, chronicling them in this book.


Well, it doesn’t mean much to be a citizen of either any European country or the US since we are told, we have no more rights than illegal aliens.  And that we must embrace whoever crosses our borders legal or illegal and further, we have no right to complain about crime, rape, looting or murder from anyone who is illegal or in communities that have given up all attempts at being legal and are now crime havens run by thugs and gangs who are rapidly wrecking our nation: what does the Washington Post want?


HAHAHA.  They want private jets, private yachts, huge mansions in gated communities, bullet proof fast foreign cars…the list is long, and they want this by hook or crook, mostly crook.  And not one of these idiots takes the trouble to read history.  I strongly suggest Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.


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2 responses to “Possible British Illegal Alien Tried To Assassinate Trump

  1. Melponeme_k

    Interesting that this attempt was by a British citizen. Especially now that a majority of UK citizens want to leave the EU.

  2. Petruchio

    “Well, it doesn’t mean much to be a citizen of either any European country or the US since we are told, we have no more rights than illegal aliens. ” Anyone want to guess as to who is the first US President to grant Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? Why it was RONALD REAGAN, that sleazy corrupt, lying fraudster. Kinda funny the way all these moves by the Ruling Class to destroy the average American’s lifestyle BEGAN under Reagan, isn’t it? Well not really. More like tragic. Our Dear leaders can make record “donations”–$40 billion–to Israel, a new record. And to American citizens there is….NOTHING. It’s no joke; Israel really does control the US Government.

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