Russia Will Release ALL Secret Information Of US Space Program’s Military Junk

China Plans To Build Base On Dark Side Of The Moon – YouTube (the ‘dark side of the moon’ is simply facing away from the earth, it gets plenty of sunlight half of the time as it circles the earth)


As the US pushes desperately to start WWIII with Russia and China, with Germany chiming in with a ‘Sieg Heil’ lunacy, we learn today that Russia knows all about our secret spy satellites and our secret weapons aimed at Russia and is now going to publish a data base showing the entire world, how the US violates the Peaceful Uses of Space by putting into orbit WWIII weaponry.  This is huge news for anyone who is terrified of the US launching this war unilaterally.


Unlike our rulers who lie about everything, Putin is rather open about what he wants and what he plans and we can thank him for revealing what our rulers plan for us peons here in the ‘West’.  That is, our annihilation.  Every time without exception, someone decides to annihilate Russia, this backfires but who learns from history?


Russia, unlike England or France, Germany or Japan, is gigantic.  The US is big, too, but unlike Russia, our rulers decided that shipping our manufacturing to Germany and Japan (remind me who won WWII) which Russia is very close to and the US is very far from, and so we will have no manufacturing base to call upon in WWIII.  Not that this matters much since flint knapping is a rare skill and archery and sword fighting is also rare.


By the way, I can fight medieval style and did this in full armor for years and years and years.  This includes archery.  But 90% or more of our rulers couldn’t fight they way out of a saloon much less, a biker bar.  I once worked in a biker bar.  HAHAHA.  Ahem.  Long, long ago.


Back to our sheltered, foolish rulers who can’t cross a street unless armed body guards first menace everyone, we are facing WWIII and the US public has no idea how this game works.  But Eisenhower and Kennedy both knew and both walked away from the precipice each time.


My father, Dr. Aden Meinel, was a key advisor to Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I will never forget how this happened.  President Kennedy called our home, he sent a helicopter to the ranch to pick my dad up, it landed next to the horse stables and old Socksie nearly kicked down his barn.


A military jet took my dad to the White House and the President and he discussed Russian missile technology which came from Germany and my father was the one who did ‘Operation Paperclip’ during WWII and knew all the Nazis.  Kennedy needed top information and I got to spy on my dad and learn a bit about what was really going on.


My father nearly fled the country the day Kennedy was assassinated.  He was terrified and for good reason.  He knew too much.


Back to Bilderberg News today.  This promise by Putin to tear back the curtain of secrecy made little news in the US because we are supposed to imagine we rule the planet and outer space supreme and if only it were not for the pesky Putin, we would be rulers of all creation, too.  Russia to reveal location of US military satellites in free space database – report


At a Vienna meeting of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in mid-June, Russia proposed to create a similar UN-run database “collecting, systemizing, sharing and analyzing information on objects and events in outer space.” Such an international database would be available to any country that has capabilities in the areas of human spaceflight, launches or satellites…


Russia’s proposal to create the UN-run database reportedly encountered US resistance, with a diplomatic source explaining to Izvestia: “The Americans want to keep their monopoly on regulating outer space traffic… Plus, the US military is not keen on disclosing information on a number of defense-related objects.”…


Earlier that year, the Pentagon accused China of launching spacecraft carrying “directed-energy weapons and satellite jammers.”


In the US, the Boeing X-37B spacecraft, a highly secretive Air Force project, has reportedly undergone orbital tests to carry the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) system, which is able to survive a nuclear blast and is the USAF’s back-up plan should ground communications fail. The US Air Force has two X-37Bs in its fleet and has been sending them into space on secret missions since 2010.


OK, gang.  The above paragraph is from PUTIN.  It is a WARNING.  He is no idiot (ahem, unlike our rulers) and knows that EVERYONE DOES SNEAK ATTACKS ON RUSSIA.  Invariably.  He is primed for this, he has to be primed for this.  It is survival.


I cannot emphasize enough the danger of our idiot rulers attempting to set up WWIII in our favor via a sneak attack.  Argh. I got to see real live nuclear bombs blow up in my childhood.  I remember my big blow up with my dad over this since it killed a dear friend of mine via her getting cancer from it being downwind.  Here is information from the Peaceful Uses of Space at the UN:  COPUOS History


In 1958, shortly after the launching of the first artificial satellite, the General Assembly in resolution 1348 (XIII) established an ad hoc Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), composed of 18 members, to consider the activities and resources of the United Nations, the specialized agencies and other international bodies relating to the peaceful uses of outer space, organizational arrangements to facilitate international cooperation in this field within the framework of the United Nations and legal problems which might arise in programmes to explore outer space.


In 1959, the General Assembly established COPUOS as a permanent body, which had 24 members at the time, and reaffirmed its mandate in resolution 1472 (XIV). Since then, COPUOS has been serving as a focal point for international cooperation in the peaceful exploration and use of outer space, mantaining close contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with outer space activities, providing for exchange of information relating to outer space activities and assisting in the study of measures for the promotion of international cooperation in those activities.


My father was involved with Eisenhower (who he knew well because of WWII consultations) in the Peaceful Uses of Space development at the UN, that is, the diplomacy.  This organization was set up to STOP PUTTING NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN ORBIT.  The US is cheating if they are doing this with X-32B jets which are one step from rockets.


What does Hillary have to say about this?  Ahem, her boss dude, Obama, did this ditto the dumbbell Bush.  They thought this would be a neat trick and Russia and China would be fooled by it or not notice it.  What?  This is the very definition of ‘insanity’.


China plans to reach Mars by 2020 and build a moon base –yes, they will.  And they can.  And it will definitely be armed with nuclear or other bombs since the US says via actions, that this is OK.  The US elites have woken up.  They nearly let the space programs die as they depended on…Russia and China to do the heavy lifting.  Offshoring our space program was so smart, no?  HAHAHA.


China future space station up for sharing with other countries as, totally expected by me, China continues to move upwards and outwards now that China possesses at least half of our former industrial base.  Germany, I will note, still has its industrial base and has taken over a part of our own base here in the US.


Merkel wants Germany military budget boosted to counter ‘external threats’ because Die Führerin thinks that Germany can defeat Russia in WWIII.  I  kid you not.  She claims correctly that ‘The EU is incapable of defending itself.’  Well, isn’t this the broad who opened the doors of Europe to millions and  millions of military age males to invade and occupy?  And she demanded everyone else do the same stupid thing?


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21 responses to “Russia Will Release ALL Secret Information Of US Space Program’s Military Junk

  1. Petruchio

    “As the US pushes desperately to start WWIII with Russia and China, with Germany chiming in with a ‘Sieg Heil’ lunacy, we learn today that Russia knows all about our secret spy satellites and our secret weapons aimed at Russia…” The (then) Soviet and now Russian Intelligence services have always devoted a lot of resources to finding out US secrets. The factual, historical record shows that the Russians have a very long track record of SUCCESS infiltrating even the deepest, most protected US secrets. The (then) Soviets had nearly full and complete knowledge of the US effort to develop a nuclear bomb, known as The Manhattan Project. The Soviets had almost real-time knowledge of most every operational details of the Manhattan Project. You can be certain that the Russians are still very much focused on finding US War Machine secrets–and that they are successful today as well. Our Dear Rulers in the US of A believe they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best and that they are untouchable. WRONG!! Tragically, we all may have to pay a price for the elites delusional thinking.

  2. e sutton


    The idiocy of it all is that our rulers are so blindsided and filled with hubris (thanks Paul Craig Roberts) that the Russians and Chinese don´t even have to be clever. For crying out loud, Hillary Clinton did not even use a secured server to do her dirty dealings with when she was Secretary of State. The fact that any substantial portion of the United States sees her as anything other than a future federal penitentiary ward is mind boggling. In my own neighborhood there stands a sign on the front lawn ¨Hillary 2016¨ or some such nonsense. And this in a very solid upper middle class, inner ring suburb!

    We are toast if anyone other than Donald Trump gets into office. I am convinced of it. The only ones who want Mrs. Clinton are the Wall Street whores, Israel, the Social Justice Warriors, and the Free Shit Army. Anyone else with an ounce of sense knows that Mrs. Clinton will turn the entire orb known as Earth into a well charred charcoal biscuit. I am no longer contributing anything more to my retirement fund because I truly believe she will bring about nuclear armageddon if elected. Please, people, take Elaine´s word for it….our rulers are beyond insane and truly believe ¨god¨ loves them and will protect them when the nuclear missiles are launched. Reason does not play into it. The time to wake the f*ck up was over twenty years ago. Perhaps now it is too late.

  3. Jim R

    Haha, I think Russia should lasso the X-37 and bring it down … they could say “well, it wasn’t in your catalog, so it was space junk!”.

    And then there’s drone technology — this doesn’t make the ‘news’ very much over here, except that the Pentagon wants more money to build them.
    The Russians Have Already Shot Down Numerous US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace (Video) — Russia Insider

  4. e sutton

    For those of you who haven´t heard his speech today, Trump does a decent job of formulating a coherent reason why we cannot afford her majesty HRC as president. Mike Krieger does an okay job of summarizing it, but search yourself for Trump´s complete speech. I did and it is well worth the few minutes it takes to listen. And no, I will not do your homework for you, as Elaine does. Find it the f*ck out yourselves.

    Imagine, if you will, what it must ¨feel¨ like to be a charred charcoal biscuit, my fine, ¨safe space¨, ¨Special Snowflake¨ friends! You stupid bitches have no idea what ¨hurt feelings¨ are.

  5. nclaughlin

    Funny, the XB37B space plane uses RD-180 Russian rockets, according to a diagram in the Daily Mail!

  6. Jim R

    Now THAT is funny!

  7. Petruchio

    @#2 e Sutton: I know what you are talking about re Mrs. Clinton. Yours truly has been attending his home state’s Democratic pre-Convention meetings. (“Anybody but Hillary!!” was my shout and more than once.) I find this loyalty to Hillary is startling and confusing! How can ANYONE support such a vile, sleazy creature as Hillary??

  8. Seraphim


    Your dad must have known that the Russians had their own Paperclip (besides having their own specialists). Quite successful (Sputnik).

  9. emsnews

    Absolutely he knew! The Soviets were mere YARDS away from him when he did his own extraction. According to the Nazis I interviewed, one said, ‘Your father shot his gun in the air inside the cave and said, in German, Either you go with ME or you get to go visit Uncle Stalin. Which one do you choose?’

    He went on to say, ‘Half didn’t believe him and didn’t even think he was an American! So they kept on working. Half of us got up and ran for the door.’

    I told him that after he ran out, the Soviets blew up the power plant and all the rest ran out only to encounter the Soviets outside.

  10. Seraphim

    Uncle Joe was not that stupid. Russians knew what and whom they took (Russian-German academic, scientific, technical collaboration goes a long way back).
    Their Paperclip was called ‘Operation Osoaviakhim’, recruiting more than 2,000 military-related technical specialists from the Soviet occupation zone of post-World-War-II Germany for employment in the Soviet Union. Much related equipment was moved too, the aim being to virtually transplant research and production centres, such as the relocated V-2 rocket centre at Mittelwerk Nordhausen, from Germany to the Soviet Union, and collect as much materiel as possible from test centres such as the Luftwaffe’s central military aviation test centre at Erprobungstelle Rechlin, taken by the Red Army on 2 May 1945.
    Russians had an advance in rocket science, anyway. KonstantinTsiolkovsky, Ivan Grave, Friedrich Zander, Sergei Koroliov, Valentin Glushko, to name a few. In 1931, Koroliov together with Friedrich Zander participated in the creation of the Group for the Study of Reactive Motion (GIRD), one of the earliest state-sponsored centers for rocket development in the USSR. In May 1932 Koroliov was appointed chief of the group. In 1933, the group accomplished their first launch of a liquid-fueled rocket, which was called GIRD-X (not GIRD-09 as often cited; hybrid GIRD-09 used solid gasoline and liquid oxygen) . This was just seventeen years after Colonel Ivan Platonovich Grave’s first launch in 1916 (patent in 1924). In 1934, Koroliov published the work “Rocket Flight in Stratosphere”.
    Koroliov was sent to Germany to recover the technology of the V-2 rocket (maybe he was the one with the gun outside the doors!). Russians captured the documentation on the V-2, and the manufacturing facilities. That work continued in East Germany until late 1946, when the Soviet experts and some 150 German scientists and engineers were sent to Russia. Most of the German experts, with the exception of Helmut Gröttrup (assistant of von Braun), were those involved in wartime mass-production of V-2, and they had never worked directly with Wernher von Braun. The leading German rocket scientists, including Dr. von Braun himself, surrendered to Americans and were transported to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip.
    Stalin had decided to make rocket & missile development a national priority, and a new institute was created for the purpose, the NII-88 in the suburbs of Moscow. For the German engineers, Branch 1 of NII-88 was set up on Gorodomlya Island in the Lake Seliger some 200 kilometres (120 mi) from Moscow.
    Koroliov worked closely with Helmut Gröttrup.

    Americans lagged behind all that time. They ridiculed Goddard, as they ridiculed Alfred Wegener’s theory of Continental drift and Mendleev’s theory of the abiotic origin of petroleum (developed by Nikolai Kudryavtsev in 1951), which were the basis of the Russian program of petroleum studies (how it is created, how reserves are generated, and how to best pursue petroleum exploration and extraction) which made Russia the Oil and Gas giant of today, and which was also an initiative of Uncle Joe.

  11. Jim R

    Abiotic oil theory is still bullshit. There might be abiotic hydrocarbons on Titan, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any earthly hydrocarbon that has not been through the intestines of some animal, or as an oil droplet in an algal cell. Because life. Because four billion years of geology.

    Russia is oil-rich today because they didn’t drain the place back in the 20th century, while the ‘free world’ was pumping it and burning it as fast as possible. So now the US and Saudi fields are getting played-out, and require extreme technology like water injection and fracking, while the Russians merely need to drill wells into rich formations that have been known for a century or so.

    Someone here (was it you?) posted a wonderful Youtube doc about the RD-180 rocket engine, and how it was just one Russian rocket scientist, who ignored orders to scrap them and stashed a bunch of them away in a warehouse in Siberia somewhere. It was good stuff I did not know.

    One area where Russia has excelled for a very long time is in schooling their kids. They don’t give the little monsters a whole lot of choices, they send ’em to school. And they send the smart ones on to university for more of the same. They have excelled in theoretical physics, chemistry, etc. for centuries. And of course, produced a few prominent looney frauds like Lysenko. But it’s largely thanks to Russia that humans are still able to explore space, and damnable faint praise for the US ‘private’ space initiatives (that use the RD-180 engines), or for the ever-so-politically-correct NASA space museum.

  12. Seraphim

    No, I did not post that video.
    But I am afraid that in respect to the abiotic theory you are sorely mistaken. The ‘Abiotic oil theory is still bullshit’ stance only demonstrates the incapacity of the Americans to admit that Russians can possibly have scientists (least of all that they are better). They completely disregarded (out of a self-inflicted blindness) the huge amount of scientific debate which followed the launch of the massive scientific undertaking initiated by Stalin (that has been compared, in its scale, to the Manhattan Project). Since 1951 the theory, initially formulated by geologists, based on observational data, was validated through the rigorous quantitative work of chemists, physicists and thermodynamicists. The theory has been accepted as established fact by virtually the entire scientific community of the (former) Soviet Union. It is backed up by literally thousands of published studies in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific (more than four thousand articles published in the Soviet scientific journals, and many books). But Americans knew only about Lysenko!
    The inconvenient fact is that beginning in 1964, Russian scientists carried out extensive theoretical statistical thermodynamic analysis which established explicitly that the hypothesis of evolution of hydrocarbon molecules (except methane) from biogenic ones in the temperature and pressure regime of the Earth’s near-surface crust was in violation of the second law of thermodynamics! In other words, methane is not the accumulated farts of the dinosaurs, compressed over millions of years (the “Fossil Fuel” BS – rather D[inosaur]S), but a natural product.This theory is backed by a massive body of research representing fifty years of intense scientific inquiry. The dinosaur farts theory is an unproven relic of the eighteenth century (compounded by the “evolution” bugbear). The abiotic theory anticipates deep oil reserves, refillable oil fields, migratory oil systems, deep sources of generation, and the spontaneous venting of gas and oil. The dinosaur farts theory remains entrenched in the Disneyland realm.
    The shale oil (actually petra-oleum) is rather a proof of the abiotic origin.
    The whole point is that the discovery of petrol in Russia was the reward of the application of the abiotic theory. Undoubtedly the ‘excellence in schooling their kids’ played an essential role. I would have thought that the fact that Mendeleev was an adept of the abiotic theory (like Marcellin Berthelot “one of the greatest chemists of all time”) would not put him in the Lysenko’s category!

  13. Jim R

    Just in case you didn’t notice, I did mention the excellence of Russian scientists. The periodic table in chemistry, for example, is the work of a Russian. Many top 20th century scientists also came from the ranks of the Ashkenazi Jews of eastern Europe.

    But, that does not preclude the creation of looney crackpots, either. America does not have the exclusive claim to that domain.

    Anyhoo, I remain unconvinced. The oil shales are mudstone. Mud, from shallow water, with lots of algae and bacteria growing in it. Polluted, stinky, oily mud. Pile more mud and volcanic ash on top of it for a few million years, and you have oil. And peat eventually becomes coal. There used to be a lot more swamps on earth, burying incredible amounts of earthly carbon. One significant piece of evidence is that even-numbered carbon chains are more common than odd-numbered ones. So pull my finger for some organic hydrocarbon.

    And apparently you didn’t read my comment. Russia spent the 20th century in a centrally planned depression. The government wanted to control the economy, and they did what they do, the economy was slow, and Russia did not burn hydrocarbons. And it is huge, and has a LOT of hydrocarbon deposits that have been known for a century, with our without your crackpot theory.

  14. Jim R

    Hell, you can watch the oil being created in real-time. Remember that BP oil project in the Gulf of Mexico? The one that blew up — you could watch the seafloor there on live TV…

    All that oil-producing real estate on the floor of the Gulf is in mudstone from the Mississippi River delta. It’s organic material that came down the river and piled up there, with more and more until it is literally miles deep. A little gentle geothermal heating, and tremendous pressure from the piled up mud, and now there are pockets of oil and gas there. And more mud continues to come down the river every year, adding to the delta.

  15. Seraphim

    @Russia spent the 20th century in a centrally planned depression.

    Two devastating wars, plus Revolution and civil war, count for nothing?
    And it is no ‘my’ theory. That petrol can be produced by organic factors as well does not infirm the theory of the abiotic origin.
    “The periodic table in chemistry, for example, is the work of a Russian”. Well, he is the same with the Mendeleev who said that “The capital fact to note is that petroleum was born in the depths of the Earth, and it is only there that we must seek its origin.” (Mendeleev, D., 1877. L’Origine du pétrole. Revue Scientifique, second series, VIII, p. 409–416).
    BTW, the theory of the organic origin of petrol was formulated by Lomonosov in 1757, but it was rejected Alexander von Humboldt and Louis Joseph Gay-Lussac who together enunciated the proposition that oil is a primordial material erupted from great depth, and is unconnected with any biological matter near the surface of the Earth.
    Of course, you are free to believe what you like.

  16. Jim R

    The same guy can be right about some things and wrong about others. It took a while for phlogiston to be relegated to the scrap heap, for example.

    And oil tends to not exist beyond a certain depth. When it gets ‘cooked’ too much, it separates into coal and methane. Not even coal, if deep enough, but diamonds.

  17. emsnews

    Oil is dead stuff. Period. So is mulch. And cooked food.

  18. Jim R

    There is a whole lot of chemistry and planetary science that those 18th and 19th century guys just couldn’t have known. Plate tectonics, for example.

    Now, as for carbon — yes, there is probably a lot of carbon in the earth’s nickel-iron core. It was never alive, and it isn’t going anywhere. The earth’s mantle contains carbon. Maybe some of it was alive at some time, since the crust apparently gets recycled over a very long time frame. Organic mud could have been ground down into the mantle at seafloor subduction zones. It might also have some very old carbon — but it isn’t oil, it’s just mineral carbon as a component of the silicate mess that is mantle rock.

    Earth scientists have recently discovered that the mantle has enough water to make up the equivalent to what’s in the ocean now. It isn’t liquid, it is in the form of hydroxyl groups bound to the silicate minerals down there. An interesting development, but not relevant to this note. The mantle is really big, compared to the crust and the air.

    But, the thing we are looking for is hydrocarbons. Carbon atoms hooked together in a chain, with hydrogen on the sides. Ethane, hexane, octane, cetane. The thing is, that stuff just doesn’t form from mineral carbon, not in any significant quantity. When a volcano erupts, it can bring new carbon to us wimpy surface-dwellers, but not hydrocarbons. It comes up as CO2, along with the sulfur oxides and other nasty air pollution like fluorides. Volcanoes don’t care about air pollution.

    Sometimes a pocket of mineral carbon comes to the surface undisturbed, as diamond. They aren’t as rare as DeBeers wants you to believe, but they do come from a great depth. Maybe it was living organic carbon at some time, and maybe it wasn’t — diamonds can be billions of years old.

    Now, if you force hydrogen to react with mineral carbon, the best you can do is methane. One carbon atom with four hydrogen. The things that hook carbon into chains like we want, are plants. Animals can hook up carbons too, but they always steal them from plants. And 90% of life is bacteria.

    So, if you want oil, you have to look where things that were alive (such as bacteria) have died and left a mess. And that’s the story of oil. Russia has lots of it because they didn’t waste it in the 20th century, but perhaps they’ll do so in this century.

  19. Jim R

    Oh, and before you bring it up, I already knew this — the Sasol company in South Africa makes hydrocarbons out of coal. They make the town gas, and then reform it over a catalyst bed to come up with all-chemical synthetic fuel. The process was invented by the Nazis in WWII because they needed fuel for their war machines, and didn’t have access to the Middle East. South Africa started doing it for much the same reason, back in the ’70s and ’80s. The economic sanctions imposed by the ‘free world’, you know, against their apartheid system.

    But the process is miserably inefficient. And as far as I know it does not take place in nature, not enough to replenish any natural hydrocarbon reservoirs.

  20. Seraphim

    @Plate tectonics, for example

    The fact is that the Russians used Wegener’s theory to develop their theory of abiotic oil. They took him seriously, whereas the Americans derided his theories until the sixties.

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