Hurricane Sandy House Repair Collapses Due To Stupidity And Possible Fraud

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Devastating scenes as home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy COLLAPSES just days before family were due to move back in:

I made my living ever since my university degree program was annihilated, by building or rebuilding houses.  Often, several stories high or historical buildings as well as designing and building my mountain home (mostly by myself, working alone and with great help from friends and family during the harder parts of construction) and my specialty was doing very difficult jobs many builders avoid.  Today’s news is about a house damaged by Hurricane Sandy in NYC and how the builders put a fully-built story on top of a half-built frame and this crushed the lower story.


As we can see from the pictures above, the complete top story that used to be a one story house, was being elevated on top of a new lower story so the house will be above the water in a hurricane, more or less.  The weight of the top story is at least five or more likely eight times heavier than the base.


That is, it was utterly top heavy.  The base was some flimsy 2x4s, not even 2×6 timber.  My present house is made with wood we milled ourselves and is twice as thick as a standard 2×6 and these are not really 2×6, they are one and one half by five and one half pieces which is not the size of timbers of Victorian houses which use my own size of wood, the real size.


Supposedly, modern thinner wood is ‘superior’ to Victorian wood which has stood the test of time, it is really hard to knock down a Victorian house that hasn’t had serious roof or foundation damage.  The building inspector actually gave me trouble about this so I said I would take him to court and win then my village can pay for my house.  He backed down.  It was pure logic.


I started off rebuilding Victorian brownstones in NYC.  The building inspectors there back then were all crooks demanding bribes.  One of these clowns, when inspecting my work, was pissed off that he found absolutely nothing but when he was leaving he said, in a triumphant voice, ‘Hey, you are missing a SCREW in your door handle’.


I whipped out my screw gun and a screw and fixed it.  As he stormed off, I said, ‘I will have you arrested.’  And I did.  This was back when I had to fight the entire city government to get police action on the streets, the streets swept regularly, pot holes fixed, paperwork processed.  We ended up having a whole bunch of political crooks arrested by the FBI and Giuliani who was the Fed prosecutor back then.


Here we are yet again: this building should have been inspected by someone competent before the top story’s supports were removed.  Instead, I am betting someone was paid off or perhaps the builders simply violated the laws and lowered the upper story unsafely due to not following proper building rules like the rule of gravity itself.


Someone should go to jail due to this event.  Maybe, several people. NYC Recovery – Homeowners – Build It Back Programs – Rebuild is the program used to fund this rebuild.  _Build_It_Back has rules.


To achieve Enterprise Green Communities Certification, all projects must achieve compliance with the Criteria’s mandatory measures and achieve 35 additional points. This overlay requires that projects achieve respective points in the measures required by the HPD as outlined in the checklist below.
 Together, the mandatory criteria along with the HPD required criteria represent the minimum threshold for a project financed by HPD, and represent 25 points.
 Projects must implement at least 10 additional points to comply with Enterprise’s certification threshold.
 Projects can elect to go beyond this minimum set of criteria to meet the development goals of the project by selecting additional optional points beyond measures required by HPD.


Here are some of the rules:


2.1 Sensitive Site Protection
Do not locate new development, including buildings, built structures, roads, or other parking areas, on portions of sites that meet any of the following provisions:

• Land within 100 feet of wetlands, including isolated wetlands or streams

• Land on slope greater than 15%

• Land with prime soils, unique soils, or soils of state significance

• Public parkland

• Land that is specifically identified as habitat for any species on federal or
state threatened or endangered lists

• Land with elevation at or below the 100-year floodplain2: Location +
Neighborhood Fabric


Most of NYC doesn’t follow any of these rules.  Houses are built right next to the Atlantic Ocean on shifting sand, entire communities are on sand bars and formations left over from the last Ice Age!  The most expensive houses tend to be right on the ocean front.  Then there are other busy body rules.  ‘Land with prime soils’ covers a lot of territory!  Like most of Long Island, nearly all of Brooklyn and Queens which were once farmlands, too!


Wetland rules!  Oh my, half of the housing in my town would be eliminated under that rule!  Nearly all the pre-WWII housing here is right on the edge of rivers and streams!  Then there is the ‘slope greater than 15%.  My own very secure building with a fantastic foundation designed by myself and which is super thick, well girded with steel and so forth, is on a mountain slope that is so steep, if you get drunk and trip on the edge of the ‘grass pad’ surrounding my house, you will roll all the way down to the river below and hit Greenhollow Road on the way down except many trees would stop this from happening by you hitting them, all oak trees.


Worse, many ‘endangered species’ live with me on my mountain and visit me frequently and fly in and out and nest and give birth here.  Perchance we should level  Manhattan.  When my ancestors came to Manhattan Island, it was all forest and fen and some natives lived there.  Not one building of any sort aside from some flimsy huts and everything since has wrecked nature there.


These busy bodies are also global warmists and hate humans.  They have new rules about development which has consequences:


2.5 Proximity to Services
Locate the project within:

• Urban /Small Cities: a 0.25-mile walk distance of at least two OR a 0.5-mile
walk distance of at least four of the list of facilities

• Suburban / Mid-Size Towns: a 0.5-mile walk distance of at least three OR a
1-mile walk distance of at least six of the list of facilities

• Rural / Tribal / Small Towns: two miles of at least two of the list of facilities


First off, 90% of the houses where I live in the ‘rural’ part of this state are more than five miles from any businesses.  DELIBERATELY SO.  A huge number of people here want privacy!  Worse, my town of Berlin, NY, used to have all sorts of things like a bank, a car wash (that is on the edge of being eliminated) a hardware store, a full sized grocery store, etc.  ALL gone when free trade hit us like a hammer blow.  Then the majority of our service businesses vanished.


Except the gun store but they moved even further out of town  now and are more than two miles away!  I should tell the government this.  HAHAHA.  Our poor town is beginning to revive, not thanks to any government jerks.  This bureaucracy fiddles while NYC burns interfering with things and fixing nothing.


Normally, when people build houses, businesses FOLLOW.  Demanding one can only build where there are already businesses is stupid.  On the other hand, what is feeding a lot of this moving is white flight fleeing black crime.  Ahem, the verboten stuff.


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11 responses to “Hurricane Sandy House Repair Collapses Due To Stupidity And Possible Fraud

  1. Melponeme_k

    A probable terrorist attack in Germany

    Something tells me they will sit on the identity of the killer so they can spin the story of it not being a case of religious fundamentalism.

  2. Jim R

    They used to say modern wood was thinner because they plane it down, so it is nice and smooth, and you won’t get splinters. … but even that excuse doesn’t hold up to the light of common sense. They’d only have to plane off about 1/8″ to get it smooth. It is thinner because they cut it smaller, so they can get more pieces out of a log.

    And the old-growth wood in my experience, can be hard to drive a nail into. Much denser than the modern wood from fast-growth tree farms.

    The bottom floor of that house looks like they made it of toothpicks.

  3. Petruchio

    “I made my living ever since my university degree program was annihilated, by building or rebuilding houses.” OK, Elaine. I have to ask–and I have been wondering about this for some time. Question is, “What kind of employment did you expect to get from a German Studies major?” Just wondering….


    ELAINE: Hahaha. Ahem. Working for the CIA except I was finally ‘at war’ with the CIA and I knew that I had zero chance of getting that job but one of my brothers did.

  4. Jack

    Did you support Giuliani’s run for US president?

  5. tio

    Brussels House Collapses Due To Stupidity And Possible Fraud.

  6. Christian W

    Someone drew up a new map to split up the post-vote UK using the style and logic the West uses for the Middle East.

  7. Christian W

    The SNP (Scottish National Party) wants a vote for Scotland to JOIN the EU…

    While in Ireland Sinn Fein wants to have a vote for unity between Northern Ireland and Ireland proper.

  8. Christian W

    Or to be precise, the SNP wants to make sure Scotland remains as part of the EU while Englad leaves.

  9. JimmyJ

    A huge scandal that never made the light of day is pine lumber milled from the vast stands of Northern Pine Beetle killed forests and exported to the US from Canada for decades has less than 50% (as low as 30%) of the deflection of green milled lumber before failure. Not one labour, environmental or business watchdog group has caught wind of this to my long suffering astonishment.

    Add to that the ridiculous planed dimensions, and cross sectional reductions such as an inch of wane that’s permitted for studs and its crap for support strength.

  10. Lou

    Northern Pine Beetle killed forests –what about Chinese beetles?

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