UK Leaves The EU, #Brexit Wins!!! – YouTube


The Bilderberg gang just lost Britain.  They are in hysterics so stocks are dropping since they all expect all hell to break loose as if they, themselves, will slit their own throats…HAHAHA…no, they are scared of NATIONALISM.  How dare the People vote for themselves and set the agenda???  The media giants working for the super rich internationalists are supposed to do this, not mere voters who are citizens.  And think, the Brits are not going to allow a flood of illegal aliens!  Oh, the mercy.


The government of England falls, a government that didn’t respond to voters:  Emotional David Cameron stands down as British Prime Minister after voters trigger a political earthquake – and global market panic – by backing Brexit in historic referendum


British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned after a dramatic night in which voters narrowly voted to leave the European Union. The British pound plunged to a 31-year low Friday as the ramifications of the referendum result hit home. The vote for ‘Brexit’ delivered a deep shock to global financial markets, overturning earlier anticipation of a narrow victory for ‘remain.’ The pound initially soared as polls closed but it then suffered one of its biggest one-day falls in history, plummeting by 10 percent. Mr Cameron said it would not be right for him to be ‘captain of the ship’ while Britain negotiated its exit from the EU but he offered to stay on until September.


Kick him out now!  Don’t wait until September.  The move to assassinate Trump is rising rapidly in the ranks of our elites.  They can see the writing on the wall: the propaganda machine failed to stop the Brits from disobeying their Real Rulers and now they can clearly see that the voters in the US might succeed in doing the same, too.  No way.  If I were running a betting operation, I would put the odds of Trump being killed by an ‘accident’ (most likely, plane accident, of course) or shot at nearly 1 to 1 odds, that is, inevitable.


EXCLUSIVE – ‘Europe will fall very soon’: Now even MEPs say EU will CRUMBLE within five years after shock Brexit result which is obvious since Europe is collapsing already.  Duh.  Let in millions of angry Muslim males with little job prospects and voila: you get endless violence.  Let in millions of Asian males and you get a massive workforce out to make a euro, legally.  More or less, of course.


‘Well, that’s too bad’: Trump gives blunt reaction to British PM’s resignation and praises UK public for ‘taking back their country’ as he flies into storm of protest over his reopened Scottish golf resort


Promising close ties between the U.S. and UK should he become President, Donald Trump landed at his golf resort in Scotland today (pictured). He arrived in his ‘Trump’ emblazoned helicopter at the Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire to officially open the revamped resort he bought in 2014, just an hour after Prime Minister David Cameron said he intended to stand down in October, following Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Hundreds of campaigners hope to create havoc by besieging the Trump Turnberry Hotel, while a plane trailing a banner with the message ‘Love Trumps Hate’ will greet the controversial billionaire’s arrival.


Trump is asking for it!  Will the Scots kill him?  Who knows.  The Scots hate the Brits for obvious reasons.  The Queen is guarded by them, traditionally.  HAHAHA.  She won’t let Trump visit her and her dysfunctional clan of welfare queens.  But now that She is in danger of the peons in revolt, She might deign to be nice to Trump except he won’t survive all this.


‘It takes us further from the country we aspire to be’: Obama reveals his heartbreak over Supreme Court decision to block his immigration executive action as Obama works tirelessly to destroy our nation the same way Europe is being wrecked.


How Brexit will affect Americans: Cheaper travel to the UK and Europe, lower mortgage rates – but a very bumpy stock market ride which translates into: good stuff for all of us and suicidal fury of our rulers who want to make money via stocks which they control via free trade, etc.  So, life will be better for us and crappy for them.


Oh, some more funny news from the Bilderberg scheme:  Autopsy reveals former UN General Assembly president John Ashe who died amid $1million corruption trial was killed by weightlifting barbell falling on his neck at his home gym: first of all, that is strange way to die.  I bet he had some ‘help’.  Secondly, the Bilberberg gang loves to bribe blacks because they are easy hits.  Thirdly, this criminal guy represented a tiny independent Caribbean Island when at the UN in NYC but actually lived in the US where  he died.  Just downstate from me in NY.


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  1. Melponeme_k

    Until today, I never really believed your idea that nations (when under threat) will revert to their national character. I thought the Bilderberg propaganda and social planning was too strong for that.

    But you are right. England turned back into the determined little Bulldogs they have always been and will be.

  2. Nani

    Finally some good news from Europe. Hopefully more countries will follow.

  3. Christian W

    The United Kingdom just voted to abandon itself. Now everybody who doesn’t like the (forced) Union with England will demand the right to leave. Watch those that voted to leave the EU fight to preserve the UK.

    Spain today proposed a ‘shared ownership over Gibraltar’…

  4. Christian W

    @ Nani

    I think so. I’m pretty sure Finland will leave soon so they can restart trade with Russia to fix the economy. Also Finns see the EU bureaucracy as hopeless and the forced immigration is clearly a no go.

  5. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    This already occurred and was voted down. But back then the Bilderbergs did not want Scotland to leave. NOW, they will use Scotland to break the English people AND flood Scotland with millions of Muslim radical illegal aliens.

    This is the kind of people they are, they are vindictive little wankers who think that chanting in masks and lighting candles like 8 year olds at their first costume party will give them what they want.

  6. tio

    “Instead there would be a new system: government by an enlightened elite of bureaucrats. The hoi polloi (you and me) were simply too dim, too emotional, too uneducated to be safely allowed to choose their governments.”

    “The Corporation was said to be ‘completely bewildered’ about how to respond to the concerns of ‘ghastly’ ordinary people.”

  7. tio

    @Mel +10^10 for the use of that particular invective : D

  8. Christian W

    A weak pound sterling will open up the doors for cash rich petrodollar kingdoms to buy up UK assets at discount rates:

  9. I recall a true case in the USA husband strangled wife,tried to cover it up with “the barbell must have fallen on her neck” defense.
    One Columbo episode had a barbell killing too.

  10. Petruchio

    Britons voting to leave the EU is great news. As for the Markets taking huge hits, just look at who is IN these Markets. The Insiders. The people connected to the Bilderbergers! It is their ‘gooses that are going to be cooked”. And I hope their collective “gooses” are cooked to a blackened, charred crisp. @@@ As for Trump getting assassinated, I certainly hope another attempt is NOT made, but it is likely to happen, imho. The Bilderberg gang are homicidal; I am starting to think that the only method to reach them–to stop them–is for them to get a taste of their own medicine.

  11. Christian W

    They are pirates (Skull & Bones), looters, war criminals, ethnic cleansers, financial fraudsters, rapists, murderers, terrorists, drug kingpins, human traffickers and organ harvesters etc and so on and on.

    Why would they stop unless stopped?

  12. ziff

    Good, but the vote was not rigged , my/your world view must change a little.

  13. tio

    Not rigged per se.

    “Almost every single agency of the international Establishment was deployed to thwart them – the CBI, IMF, Bank of England, OECD, big business, Goldman Sachs, all but one party leader, the World Bank, Presidents Obama, Hollande and Abe, the EU Commission, two-thirds of the cabinet, the Treasury, The Guardian, Davos, The Times, and so on – yet over 17.4 million people told them precisely what they could do with their expert opinion.”

  14. ziff

    @ tio , yes and you can add the ‘ART’ world and hollywood big shots.

    By the way everyone should go to Martin Armstrongs blog he has link to hacked DNC docs. mostly HATE TRUMP ‘ talking points plus some internal policy objectives turns out pretty innocent stuff. And re; the above,, a list of big party $ contributers , lots of hollywood.

  15. tio

    @Ziff, we call them the “luvvies” ..

    Why we afford a group of people, whose primary skill is the the suspension of self in favour of a fucking script ANY political capital, is frankly astonishing. Cui bono.

    There again 95% of our MPs have no clue where money comes from. I am now depressed.

  16. Melponeme_k


    That article! So hilarious.

    Leaving would make the country less imaginative? LOL

    So I suppose Shakespeare and Austen just aren’t as imaginative as someone of sheer brilliance as Cumbersnap. He’ll just have to give up playing Sherlock Holmes because it was written by an un-imaginative true Brit.

    Oh, does he mean unimaginative on his pocketbook? Ohhhhh-kay, I get it.

  17. tio


    I am afraid dear old Cumberbunch, and his privileged hothouse flower friends, provide ample proof of that old maxim that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

    I don’t doubt for a second that his heart is in the right place, but there appears to be grounds to think that if his brains were gunpowder there wouldn’t be enough to blow his hat off.

    “Twas well observed by my Lord Bacon, That a little knowledge is apt to puff up, and make men giddy, but a greater share of it will set them right, and bring them to low and humble thoughts of themselves.” – 1698 The mystery of phanaticism


  18. ziff

    what would Monty Python say ?

  19. Christian W

    The Zionists are hopping mad. 🙂

    Obviously something like #Brexit would never happen in the US under CIA’s watch…

  20. csurge

    Unexpected, yes? tThe leave campaigners are stunned. They conceded defeat before voting started. This will have repercussions for Islam’s invasion of the West. It just got much more difficult going forward

    If Trump is assassinated, it will trigger an American civil war

  21. Christian W

    This will have repercussions for Islam’s invasion of the West. It just got much more difficult going forward

    If Trump is assassinated, it will trigger an American civil war

    How exactly will the Brexit have repercussions for “Islam’s invasion of the West”?

    The “Islamic invasion” is 100% a result of US wars destroying Muslim home nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Yemen and elsewhere + US support of Saudia Arabia and it’s wahhabism and support of Al Qaeda and ISIS through Erdogan in Turkey (who is an Islamist and CIA asset) + the Gulf Kingdoms.

    And all that because that is what the Zionists, who own the US government, orders the US to do.

    Are you saying that if Trump is assassinated Americans will go after the Zionists who OWN the US government? Or will they go after other ethnic groups who have exactly zero political power in the US?

  22. Christian W

    Interesting, looks like Syria’s GDP more than doubled under Assad. And look at the smoldering ruins of Syria now, at the hands of US henchmen.

    Syria, of course, does not have a Rotschild controlled Central Bank.

  23. John


    Good, but the vote was not rigged , my/your world view must change a little.

    It most certainly was. Absent vote rigging, it would have been a 15 – 20 point blowout. Diebold can only do so much.


    “… over 17.4 million people told them precisely what they could do with their expert opinion.

    Again, that number is almost certainly higher.

    Christian W

    The “Islamic invasion” is 100% a result of US wars…

    Nope. They are parallel events, all orchestrated by the Zionists. Islam is a murderous sociopolitical system masquerading as a religion.

    Christian is correct, however, in that Rothschild must be wiped fro the Earth.

  24. Christian W

    @ John

    It isn’t Israel who has invaded and is bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya etc as we speak, it is the US.

    The Zionists dominate US politics and decision making, but that does not absolve the US from responsibility. I only followed orders is not a viable excuse.

    It is not only Islam that is a murderous sociopolitical system, all Abrahamic religions have plenty of blood on it’s hands. Islam has nothing on the US when it comes to blood shed the last few decades alone. Isn’t it weird that the US supports Islam in it’s most barbaric form when it supports Saudi Arabia and it’s Wahhabism?

  25. Christian W

    You can’t complain how barbaric the Muslim bomb throwers are when your own bombs are destroying entire nations and populations just to keep the money and profits flowing:

    From 2015:

    US arms manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand to bomb and destroy Muslim countries:

    Top U.S. arms makers are straining to meet surging demand for precision missiles and other weapons being used in the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State and other conflicts in the Middle East, according to senior U.S. officials and industry executives.

    Global demand for U.S.-made missiles and so-called smart bombs has grown steadily since their use in the first Gulf War. But the United States and a host of allies are now rushing to ensure a stable supply of such weapons for what is expected to be a long fight against Islamic State, whose rise has fueled conflict in Syria and across a swathe of the Middle East.

    U.S. officials say arms makers have added shifts and hired workers, but they are bumping up against capacity constraints and may need to expand plants or even open new ones to keep weapons flowing.


  26. emsnews

    Smart bombs are dumb.

    We are still in WWII ethic beliefs that is, bombing civilians is OK.

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