EU Stocks Crash But UK Stocks Go UP As Bilderberg Meltdown Goes Fukushima


Only Germany and Austria are really pissed off at Britain tonight.  ‘Was ist los?’ yells Merkel, ‘Die dumme Englander flügen unser Reich?’  Yes, Germany won WWII and runs things today as Japan likes to claim, too.  The Japanese war lord yelled about the Brits who fought the Japanese and Germans during WWII, they, too, are very pissed off that the Brits didn’t follow orders.  It is hilarious watching this hysteria.  The Real Rulers in control of stock markets had a royal fit today and wrecked their own stocks and threw a massive temper tantrum…brought on by themselves, of course.


Get out now! Furious EU leaders demand Britain makes quick exit from the EU as Prime Minister David Cameron resigns and global markets plummet over historic referendum vote to leave Europe  ‘Why should I do the hard s***?’ British prime minister David Cameron told aides he’d rather quit now than spend six months working on Brexit only to hand over to rival…So GOOD RIDDANCE, don’t let the door slam your tushie on the way out!


Don’t defy the will of the people, Remain MPs are warned as experts reveal the EU referendum is NOT legally binding because NO vote is ‘binding’ when the Bilderberg gang is pissed off.  They follow no laws, only impulses.  They carefully wrecked every modern, women’s rights Muslim leaders and replaced these with right wing monsters who suppress women’s rights and then the refugees from this chaos are being dumped in Europe and the US and other NATO allies EXCEPT JAPAN, of course.


Japan won WWII, after all, and doesn’t have to do anything but order the US and Britain, what to do.  Got that?  Along with the Germans, of course.


Dow closes 610 points down wiping $800 MILLION off the value of US firms after tumultuous day of trading following shocking Brexit vote as our elites slit their own wrists and jump out of windows…What apocalypse? How British shares bounced back: Stock markets in Europe fare far worse than UK after historic EU vote so while OUR rich scream and die, killing their portfolios, the British sail onwards.  HAHAHA.  Maybe all our rich Wall Street jerks will destroy themselves uttery.


I can see it now: Goldman Sachs executives jumping out of their private helicopters!


Could LONDON declare independence? After the capital’s overwhelming vote against Brexit, calls grow for new Mayor Sadiq Khan to break away because this pushes forwards his plans to destroy Britain.  Go for it.  Of course, he will lose.  The hinterlands are rising up and traditionally, ALL revolts in England came from the countryside, not the cities unlike France.


Rating agency CUTS British credit outlook to ‘negative’ as European finance ministers say Brexit will limit British banks’ access to EU markets as if the Brits need to find money outside when Europe is collapsing due to the many millions of illegal alien men pouring in and causing fear, chaos, mass murder and other fun things.


ISIS ‘expresses joy’ over economic turmoil created by Brexit vote as terror group calls for attacks on Berlin and Brussels to ‘paralyse’ Europe: heed this, Europe.  They will do this.  They can also hit London still since the new mayor is demanding the front door be left open to terrorists.


It wasn’t me! Obama shrugs off his humiliating failure to stop Britain quitting Europe by claiming ‘globalization’ was to blame for shock result: um…he slipped his leash and will be punished…he is blaming the GLOBALIZERS, aka, the Bilderberg gang, for all this!  HAHAHA.  Now he has to explain how Hillary is one of these creatures and is paid by them to represent their desires.


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6 responses to “EU Stocks Crash But UK Stocks Go UP As Bilderberg Meltdown Goes Fukushima

  1. Jim R

    In other financial news, Bitcoin is on a tear.

    The reason: it allows holders of these virtual tokens to frictionlessly move money anywhere on the planet. At least to any other place there is a Bitcoin exchange. And there are more of these exchanges than you think. As a thought experiment, imagine that you wanted to exchange your Dollars for Rubles. You face all kinds of barriers to doing that. Sanctions, banks that don’t want to do business with “aggressive” Russia, and so on and so forth.

    A couple weeks ago, BTC was bid up because the PBOC decided to clamp down on Chinese currency movements. Bit of economic turbulence going on in China right now. There was a run on BTC in China, bidding it up to 5180 Yuan at one point. The price was just settling back from that, it got down to about 3600 Yuan, and today it is on a tear again. Back up to 4367 as I write.

    On BTC-E, it’s at $637, or 38520 Rubles. It shot up after the ‘brexit’ vote.

    I understand there’s a marketplace in Munich where you can spend Bitcoins directly for things like beer and sausages. Munchkins have always been a little more hip than your average European. They ditched Microsoft for Linux in their city’s computer systems, too.

    So there it is. Like with everything else, your mileage may vary.

  2. JimmyJ

    After the US election when Trump loses to Hillary, will some states do their own *Exit votes?

    The next few months will really show the teeth of the Globalists and whether they will really let the Brits exit. I doubt they will. And this will stoke US grassroots fury even more.

  3. Petruchio

    In 2008 it was a Real Estate/Housing bubble that crashed. This time around it looks like a worldwide stock market crash. I am starting to think that the Banksters and their lackeys are going to run out of things to “bubble-ize”. And as far as the Stock Market losses go, I think the Investor Class has shot themselves in the proverbial foot. The vast majority of money in the American Stock Market belongs to the uber wealthy; the average American doesn’t have the cash to invest in stocks. So here’s to hoping this Investor Class losing their whole stake. It is time for them to lose at least 90%.

  4. Lou

    Hong Kong ‘Loophole’ May Have Flooded China With Radioactive Japanese Foods : “And the ‘incidents’ just keep coming for Japan. Lax safety checks at Kwai Chung container terminal – the only sea entry point for food from overseas – have allowed banned imports from Japan to enter Hong Kong, according to Democratic Party lawmaker Helena Wong Pik-wan.
    As The South China Morning Post reports, radioactive contaminated food may have been entering the city unnoticed for years because of deficiencies in safety controls on fresh produce since the ban following the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in 2011.” ZH

  5. Yes, the ‘let’s poison Asia’ people running Japan…this doesn’t surprise me at all.

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