Putin Tells Britain He Wants Trade, France Threatens To Send Violent Illegal Aliens To London

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 News from Russia— RTEU ‘must neither be hysterical, nor fall into paralysis’ after Brexit – German FM suddenly says publicly after major hysteria in the EU autocracy.  The above stories are also from Russia.  Putin has got to be one of the smartest rulers on earth compared to the clowns running say, the US into the ground.  It is hilarious that Russia gets to lecture Europe on what democracy means!  The French, though, are continuing the thug behavior.  The New World Order gang running France off the cliff are desperate to get rid of their millions of Muslim invaders and thus, want them shipped to England and the main reason England left the EU wasn’t the EU to launch kettle and toaster crackdown after Brexit vote business nor the  crooked cucumbers to powerful vacuum cleaners, the barmy Brussels regulations we can now get rid of that caused the beginning of the collapse of the EU, it is the invasion.


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Saudi Arabia arrests 50 men for wearing ‘un-Islamic’ clothing during Ramadan: THIS is what Europeans better fear.  The Saudis fully and utterly and totally expect to expand their crushing rule of females.  They want this sort of life in Europe.  They fully intend to impose this and the election of a Muslim mayor of London has finally aroused real fear.


Back to France freaking out: how are the French going to open the border to England to allow hostile aliens to enter England now that England has openly declared they are not going to allow this?  If the French are happy with EU policies, why aren’t they taking in one or two million illegal aliens who invaded Germany this year?


Saudi Arabia takes in zero aliens of any sort.  It is one of the nastiest police states on earth and for women, very much THE worst on earth.  Women in North Korea can walk about in public dressed like women nearly everywhere else and they can hold jobs and positions, too.  Women in Saudi Arabia are slaves.  Literally.  Owned first by their fathers and then owned by whoever their fathers choose.


A woman was nearly beaten to death in Saudi Arabia recently because she tried to marry her own choice of husband.  In the above photo, the black clad slave is probably begging the State Religious Police to not whip her son.  Her hand is moving rapidly because she is communicating to them and it is probably shaking because she is genuinely scared.


The boy looks like he is aping street gang attire which is fashionable in the West because the underclass created by modern trade which marginalizes native labor and rewards illegal aliens (cheaper labor) has led to ‘poverty chic’ dressing.  In other words, rich and middle class youth have to pretend to be poor so they can feel victimized when they aren’t.


Many countries try to ape Saudi Arabia such as this hell hole:  Zimbabwean Joseph Chakanetsa jailed for ignoring Robert Mugabe’s motorcade which came up from behind and the ruler was pissed that the truck didn’t pull over to let him race around town like our elites who do this, too.


John Kerry tries out tiny two-seater driverless Google car at summit of technology which is a very tiny car and after sitting there for a photo-op, Kerry left in his huge motorcade car and guards.  None of our elites save energy, they are the biggest energy hogs on the planet outside of Saudi Arabia.


Back to the EU break-up, one of the many reasons so many people in England hate the EU is due to the energy rules which makes appliances more inefficient that is, it takes longer to heat up water, for example.  If our stupid elites were really worried about energy issues, they wouldn’t all  be such gigantic energy hogs, themselves.


Like the rulers of all third world countries, the elites here want a double standard with everyone living like poor peasants and themselves on top of the world, with cheap labor as servants and consuming the bulk of everything while everyone else starves.


Is this the tacky airport restaurant where Brexit began over a cheap pizza slice? Fateful decision to hold vote was ‘reached in Chicago O’Hare pizzeria’ while David Cameron waited for flight.  It appears that the Prime Minister of England cooked up the Brexit vote to prove to England that they really, really wanted EU regulations and all the mess this created.


He back peddled on all this when polls showed he was going to lose the vote to the anti-EU citizens!  So he tried to cancel the vote which caused an uproar.  People in England forced him to have the vote and voila: exit from the EU.  A lot of the bluster blowing over England today is just that: bluster.


The rulers can see all of Europe is terrified of the flood of aliens coming in and forcing hostile changes.


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19 responses to “Putin Tells Britain He Wants Trade, France Threatens To Send Violent Illegal Aliens To London

  1. melponeme_k

    The threat by France is a declaration of war against the UK. The UK is in full right now to militarize their borders and shoot to kill anyone unauthorized to enter the country.

    Yes, it is awful but measured force will be the only thing the militant radical muslims and the French will understand.

    Luckily Russia will back the UK. I know they will. We are now witnessing the full rise of Russia, strong with protective, nationalistic leaders and in possession of massive natural resources. Plus they have General Winter on their side.

    You know what will kill French threats? Winter and no oil from Russia.

    LOL. I can’t wait for the ice.

  2. Christian W

    Too bad then the UK is financially dependent on “militant radical Muslims”. Gulf royals own huge parts of London already and are heavily invested in the City. Also the Brits sell an enormous amount of arms to the Saudis every year. The same goes for the French.

    It is the built in hypocrisy and contradictions that are tearing the West (EU + the US) apart at the seams.

    All of us had better return to reality or reality will chew us all up with gusto.

  3. Christian W

    (and a bit of Parmesan cheese)

  4. Jim R

    “If our stupid elites were really worried about energy issues, they wouldn’t all be such gigantic energy hogs, themselves.”

    In fact, if the PTB were worried about wasting energy, they wouldn’t be throwing away so much of it doing NATO ‘exercises’ in the various countries of the former USSR. It is hard to overstate how much of a waste that is.

    The European working classes want the EU to stop bringing migrants in, while anyone who is capable of thinking wants the EU and NATO to stop trying to launch WWIII in Europe. Between the ‘sanctions’ and the financial shenanigans of the IMF, all this ‘united’ crap is making Europe poor.

    Why doesn’t the mayor of Calais ship the campers over to Brussels? That’s where the problem is, between EU and NATO. Let the Belgians take care of their own problems. If they didn’t want migrants from the Ukraine and the Middle East, they should stop bombing the crap out of those places.

  5. Lou

    Brussels to fine countries €250,000 for EVERY REFUGEE refused …
    … watering fines of €250,000 for every refugee they … declared that the EU does not have the authority to fine … 000 for EVERY REFUGEE refused …
    EU Border Threat : Brussels Threatens to Fine EU Countries € …
    EU Border Threat : Brussels Threatens to Fine EU Countries €250,000 for EVERY REFUGEE Refused Entry

  6. Jim R

    It’s not refusing them, to send them to Brussels. After all, the EU is one big happy family. It’s just like sending them to Paris, or anywhere else.

    Brussels must be the happiest part of that happy paradise.

    Otherwise, what’s the point of even having an EU?

  7. Jim R

    (in reality, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brussels looks like Detroit in another ten years or so)

  8. e sutton

    Third World Africans are invading First World countries and destroying them…..meanwhile, Russia wants to do deals…with UK, with China. Gee, wonder who will come out on top?

  9. emsnews

    It is 1964 all over again!!! HAHAHA. YIKES.

    Ah, that was the year LBJ ran against my former neighbor, Barry Goldwater and LBJ claimed Barry would go to war and not LBJ, no way.

    Then proceeded to blow up the Vietnam War to immense size and I began demonstrating against him increasingly frantically and with greater and greater rage and he tried to kill me, ahem. Then along came Nixon who I expected to be a total jerk.

    So here we are, repeating history. Maybe I should wear a mini skirt again!

  10. Christian W

    The UK really is in turmoil. David Cameron has resigned after his failure, as has George Osborne. The Tories supposed to take over are even more hopeless and impopular than Cameron. In the Labour party Blairites (Zio-tools) are attacking the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (more old school leftist) and trying to oust him from power somehow blaming him for the Brexit (he was against). Corbyn just sacked one of them, Hilary Benn.

    In Northern Ireland a newspaper poll showed that 80% would vote to join Ireland in a referendum. Scotland wants to remain in the EU (Scotland voted to remain and not Brexit).

    Meanwhile up pops this gem:

    David Lammy MP urges Parliament to ignore EU referendum result: ‘We can stop this madness’


  11. Jim R

    Here’s an interesting little data point.

    Our intrepid reporter actually goes into the Calais ‘jungle’ and asks the young men living there where they are from. Answer: Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq. Very few from Syria, and ZERO females. So it’s essentially ISIS invading Europe. No wonder people are pissed.

  12. hblinken

    They want this sort of life in Europe. They fully intend to impose this and the election of a Muslim mayor of London has finally aroused real fear.

    this Muslim mayor was the main speaker at the LBGT parade in London yesterday, he was a human rights lawyer in one of Soros NGO, you don’t suddenly come up the ladder without his say so.

    the main issue for exit was immigration, also the >65 yrs were misled into believing that the money sent to Brussels (£350M a Week) would be used for the NHS, pensions, they have since retracted this, but it is too late.

  13. Seraphim

    @Maybe I should wear a mini skirt again!


  14. Christian W

    @ hblinken

    The part of the elite that pushed for Brexit are the ones that have the NHS firmly in their sights.

    I doubt the British people will be able to save the NHS from the neoliberal sharks now. The sharks will privatise the NHS, chop it to bits and sell the juicy parts to their insider business buddies.

    Also workers rights will be attacked fiercely.

  15. emsnews

    Um, worker’s rights have been fiercely attacked for the last thirty years! This is why mass immigration is desired by the elites.

  16. Jim R

    “this Muslim mayor was the main speaker at the LBGT parade in London yesterday, he was a human rights lawyer in one of Soros NGO,”

    Then he will predictably be blind to the ongoing human rights catastrophes and war crimes in the Ukraine and Syria. They are very selective about whose rights they will defend.

    Human rights lawyers these days are like an old-time southern sheriff, if you have a human rights problem: “Who’s your daddy?”

  17. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Yes they have. I guess that is why 2/3rds of Labour voted remain, they could see what is coming. It was the older voters who voted for Brexit.

  18. Lou

    off topic—what is gunmans name and why cant I find it?

    BERLIN — German officials on Friday said a gunman who was killed after entering a multiplex movie theater in southwestern Germany the day earlier was a 19-year-old German who was born in nearby Mannheim.

    The gunman, whose name was not released, entered a cinema in Viernheim on Thursday afternoon wearing a mask and armed with two pellet guns, a rifle, a pistol and a fake hand grenade, prosecutors said. He took four employees and 14 moviegoers, including children, hostage.

    Prosecutors in Darmstadt, who are responsible for carrying out the investigation, said in a statement on Friday that they had no indication of a motivation, political or otherwise, but that they had ruled out a terrorism-related motive.

    The special police forces who stormed the cinema responded with live rounds, killing the attacker. Despite initial reports of widespread injuries, prosecutors said no one else was harmed in the episode, which had led to fears of a mass shooting.–NY Times

  19. Lou

    Obama administration threatens this community–see Pam Geller.com

    refugees rape pre schooler–yr tax $ at work,


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