Super ‘Liberal’ Saturday Night Live Brit Host Oliver Hates Democracy, Hates Non-imperialists

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – Brexit – YouTube

This is a short posting today because a storm front with lightning is rapidly approaching and I get hit a lot by lightning and it blew away one of my computers in the past, right in my arms, no less.  So here is a Brit ‘comic’ who is on a major TV show in the US showing off his  New World Order credentials, howling about democracy in Britain being stupid and horrible:  John Oliver calls Boris Johnson a ‘shaved orangutan’ and David Cameron a ‘pig-f***er’ in nine-minute anti-Brexit rant on US TV| DailyMail Online


‘Cameron proposed the “in or out” vote himself,’ the bespectacled host explained, ‘which he normally only does when he’s deciding whether to f*** a pig’s mouth.’That was a reference to claims made in 2015 – and denied by Cameron – that the former PM had put his penis in the mouth of a severed pig’s head as part of a hazing ritual to enter an elite club while at Oxford university.


Note the stream of obscenities by this guy who has been set up and deliberately chosen to appear on TV as a ‘comic’ (no barrel of laughs) who is actually there to lead the masses of young people with little life experience, by the nose.  This gangster comic is an internationalist who wants no borders which is why he is infesting our TV stations here in the US.


The super rich and well-connected love the New World Order, they created the New World Order so they could kill unions, defy democracy, rule autocratically and not be taxed which is why the price of mansions and yachts shot up for the last 30 years while housing for the middle class is a disaster especially in all the former major manufacturing cities which now lie in ruins.  Meanwhile, the super rich bid up each other’s properties to multiple millions.


DONALD TRUMP Pledges to Strengthen Ties to Free and Independent Britain which has set the Bilderberg gang’s teeth to gnashing.  Want to know what hell looks like?  It looks like the news this week, howls from Wall Street and Threadneedle Lane and the German Reich and even Paris in between Muslim terrorists attacking everyone.


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24 responses to “Super ‘Liberal’ Saturday Night Live Brit Host Oliver Hates Democracy, Hates Non-imperialists

  1. DM

    who is actually there to lead the masses of young people with little life experience, by the nose.

    Hmm, yes. Don’t know the guy but his MO is familiar. There is this strange divide these days, where the young are with the ‘establishment’ , and the old farts are the ‘radicals’.

  2. tio

    @DM Excellent points.

  3. e sutton

    Those of us ¨old farts¨ remember times when the market pretty much responded to supply and demand. We also remember recessions and coming out of them, unlike the on going malaise we see unfolding since 2001. We also remember differing viewpoints being offered, even if slanted or biased, in the msm.

    The younger generation, millennials, grew up in an era of mass surveillance, constant ¨terrorist¨ threats, and uber liberal hogwash (ie, there are no differences in race, religion, culture, etc.) They have been completely disinfranchised and are not even aware of it. My generation had and has its faults, that is for sure, but at leased we knew when we were getting f*cked, good and hard.

  4. Christian W

    The young (looking for identity as young people do) seem to be very focused on gender issues, race issues, sexual identity issues and the like, but do so within the framework of elite promoted multiculturalism. The elites are pushing identity buttons, insecurity buttons tied to survival and sex (strong primal motivators).

    They talk about themselves through a prism of Race, sexual identity and religious background. I am “White/Brown/Black/Native/Asian, straight/bi/gay/metro/something else with this ethnic/mixed background and this or that religious identity or ancestry and so on.”

    This is the opposite of true multiculturalism, where nobody would even reflect on such issues because they would be irrelevant (an impossible ideal of course, which is why it is marketed as the be all and end all for Europe and the US by the Zionists, but obviously not in Israel).

    Now they bracket themselves as narrowly and precisely as they can, thereby inevitably creating a totem pole of winners and losers based on the current ideals and constant dissatisfaction with the ‘others’ (anyone outside of their identity brackets) because they are on top/dominant or not on top/suppressed.

    This is why many of them lower on the totem pole hate and fear Trump (Trump will bracket them as losers) and the reason for the violent attacks at his rallies.

    In the UK it was the ‘old farts’ outside of London, including Wales, that voted for Brexit (Scotland & Northern Ireland voted Remain). The old people have seen what Neoliberal economic policies, off-shoring of jobs, excessive immigration and a London focused economy has done to their cities and neighborhoods over the last few decades (a lot of UK cities have Muslim mayors now).

    Yet the old people still haven’t connected the dots between Neoliberal economic policies (financial fraud), NATO (UK) wars destroying foreign nations, Eastern European economic immigration, ex-colonial immigrants, Muslim war refugees and Establishment (NWO) corruption and political machinations etc.

    So the people who voted Brexit are largely the ones waving the Union Jack the hardest, the true believers in the Queen and the Royals, the Establishment and the Military, the very ones who are screwing them over so bad it isn’t even funny.

  5. Christian W

    The Associated Press


    BREAKING: Cameron: UK will not trigger formal EU exit talks at this stage.

    Jun 27, 2016, 4:41 PM



  6. Jim R

    Was just watching this on RT:

    Sleboda hits the nail on the head with his analysis — it is the neoliberal / neoconservative ‘middle of the road’ political class propping up all this globalism, and the alternative-right and alternative-left opposing it. The vote was effectively a referendum, showing the UNpopularity of this elitist globalist center, or as Elaine likes to call them, “The Bilderberg Gang”.

    And, yes, it seems unfortunate that the far-right ethnocentric factions are driving much of this populism. But really, are you being xenophobic if you don’t want your country overrun with jihadi scum?

  7. emsnews

    Globalism is the Bilderberg gang! They created this and they love this and it gives them power over ‘democracies’ and countries voting against this (ask South Americans!) is hammered politically and economically until they surrender.

    This goes WAY BACK. A dear friend of mine was teaching in Santiago, Chile, when Nixon was President and the CIA conspired with the military to suddenly overthrow Allende.

    My friend ran like crazy for the US embassy who would NOT LET HIM IN. So he jumped the fence! And then hung on, demanding the right to call me.

    I, in turn, talked to Mo Udall an had him extract my friend from the country under US protection.

  8. Petruchio

    Ya know, I have been starting to wonder lately, WHY there are more and more folks from the UK on American television? You have this guy Oliver. Then you have Jonathan Stewart with his talk/entertainment shows. You have Ricky Gervais doing cell phone commercials–plus others. My question: this is American television. Aren’t there plenty of US residents who are more than capable of doing this work? I have nothing against any of these people I mentioned getting work in the US, but I’m thinking, “Why import our on-air personalities?” I think we have enough US-born actors looking for work. It seems the attitude in parts of the TV Industry is, “Anybody but a US citizen for the job.” BTW: just for the record. Yes, my nom de guerre is Petruchio, but I am not an out-of-work American actor, jealous of the Brits moving in. That said, I think yours truly could put together quite an informative and entertaining TV program if given the chance, which of course will never happen–even though the camera loves me.

  9. tio


    “Equity UK has an Exchange Agreement in place with the Actors’ Equity Association in the US. The Exchange provides the opportunity for an equivalent number of performers working in live performance from the UK to be engaged on shows in the US, and vice versa, under the umbrella of a regulated contract and acceptable fees.”

    I feel the need to apologise for some truly appalling exports.

  10. Melponeme_k


    The hiring of foreign actors is a silent attack on the American Actor’s Union. In essence, they are trying to break it. So they pull in foreigners under the B1 Visa permissions.

    This is also an attack against American citizenship as they push foreigners down our throats as being more important than citizens.

  11. Jim R

    And Elaine’s pals* over at Bilderberg didn’t waste much time in punishing the people of the UK for voting the wrong way:
    S&P Downgrades UK From AAA To AA Due To Brexit: Full Text
    The Pound Sterling is crashing…

    They did a similar thing to Russia a couple years ago — slashed the value of the Ruble to less than half what it had been. Though it didn’t do as much damage as they hoped, because Russia is not weak like it was in the 1980s.

    *(im just tryna be cute)

  12. Melponeme_k

    Shutting the barn doors after the horses have already fled.

    You know what this will mean in the future? Civil War. Countries pushed to the edge will fight for their freedom. And the army the EU will use? Ours, of course.

  13. Christian W

    It’s not only the Bilderbergs who are pissed off. The Zionists pretty much own the UK government and they are hopping mad that the UK can’t influence EU politics after Brexit.

    That’s why Bullingdon club (Oxford equivalent to Skull & Bones) boys Boris and Dave are getting it with both barrels now.

  14. e sutton



    Considering these same “rating agencies” rated junk bonds and junk mortgages “AAA” just before the crash (while internally labeling them as dog sh*t and vomit), anyone who pays attention to their mindless ruminations is beyond hope. Just say’n.

  15. e sutton

    Going long on popcorn as we watch the markets tank. 🙂

  16. tio

    Schulz: “The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.


  17. Christian W

    The UK (US remote controlled) political establishment is gunning heavily for Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader (who is neither neoliberal nor a Bilderberg sleeper agent). There is an all out assault going on in media and within the party from Blairite neoliberals pretending to be Labour to try and force Corbyn out.

    The establishment hates and fears Corbyn because he might revive a real leftist political challenge to the neoliberal political order they have enforced for so long.

  18. floridasandy

    Schulz and Merkel (the closet communist) are in full meltdown mode right now. They are openly saying now what they used to say behind closed doors.

    These are truly interesting times we are living in, and you can see the meltdown speech starting here, as well.

    Frexit next.

  19. floridasandy

    by the way, great columns and posts lately

  20. Christian W


    The French Intelligence boss came out recently and said France is on the brink of civil war

    @ Mel

    Yeah, Ukraine is the plan for Europe. A destitute, divided, disinformed population ruled over by mostly Jewish oligarchs, some old aristocrats (they think), the US military machine and local satraps.

  21. emsnews

    Except the valuable part is held by PUTIN! HAHAHA.

  22. Wait, I thought us conservatives didn’t like unions and the leftists loved them. Did I get confused again?

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