NYT Discovers Schools In Detroit Suck!

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Real quick here: the NYT is very ‘liberal’ that is, deliberately clueless in order to keep the New World Order running on greased rails.  This means periodically writing idiotic article about how Detroit is coming back except it is all pure propaganda with ‘pull heart strings’ stories of individuals struggling to stay above the water in this ugly mess of a city created by Free Trade which killed manufacturing in the US.


The GOP claims school choice fixes things which is false for black families because nothing fixes anything when people fall off the cliff.  My own grandson is now going to school and his mom and I discuss various schemes for protecting him from violence which means private schools.  No ifs, ands or buts.  For Detroit’s Children, More School Choice but Not Better Schools – The New York Times


But hers became the story of public education in a city grasping for its comeback: lots of choice, with no good choice.


That is, the ‘FAKE private schools’ set up for poor people are just as crummy as regular, taxpayer funded schools.  Duh.  Since schools can’t discipline children anymore, since children especially after 5th grade, the kids are big enough to tear the teachers limb from limb, teaching these dangerous children (sic) is nearly impossible by age 12.


The don’t want to learn anything and thus, learn nothing except how to survive in the jungle.  And even that, barely or very badly, the death/incarceration rate shows this clearly.


She enrolled her older son, Damian, at the charter school across from her house, where she could watch him walk into the building. He got all A’s and said he wanted to be an engineer. But the summer before seventh grade, he found himself in the back of a classroom at a science program at the University of Michigan, struggling to keep up with students from Detroit Public Schools, known as the worst urban district in the nation. They knew the human body is made up of many cells; he had never learned that.


What a peculiar thing to point out, that ‘he didn’t know the body was made up of  many cells’.  Eh?  Did he really say that to the reporter?  Seems to me, the reporters should have grilled him more on this peculiar thing.  I knew about this sort of thing by age 8 or 9 years.


When his school stopped assigning homework, Ms. Rivera tried enrolling Damian at other charters, but the deadlines were past, the applications onerous. Finally, she found him a scholarship at a Catholic school, where he struggled to rise above D’s all year. “He doesn’t want to hear the word engineering,” she said.


So, he tried a Catholic school? My husband went to one of these.  Back in his day, the nuns wielded a wicked ruler and used it liberally to keep the lads focus on school work!  This child seems to be crashing and burning mainly because he is not used to studying anything.


I remember going to school in Germany on my scholarship.  I told everyone on day one to never use English with me so I could be forced to learn the hard way and it worked.  The most embarrassing moment came when I had to buy underwear.  ‘Untertragen’ is what MEN used for underwear.


So when I used that obvious word, my fellow students and the saleslady laughed a lot.  And so I learned another word.  Embarrassment, struggle, hardship is all essential to learning anything!  And the new philosophy is to not pressure or embarrass students.  So they all learn…nothing!

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The NYT article above focuses on this particular school: Detroit Cody High School | Cross Renovation recently rebuilt it and it now has lots of…BROKEN WINDOWS, here is a shot of the nice park across the street from the school.  I wonder…NOT…who is driving madly across the park, destroying everything!


They even have a useless website that has this:  Cody – Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School- Detroit Public SchoolsScreen shot 2016-06-28 at 9.04.12 AM

HAHAHA.  All the links to everything there is as broken as the school!  This, a school that ate up millions being ‘restructured and rebuilt’.



Cody – Detroit Institute of Technology staff are participating in on going Restorative Practices training in an effort to reduce behavior incidents. To further help reduce behavior incidents, Cody D. I. T. has implemented mentoring programs such as 180 and added Cultural Facilitators to the staff.
Cody – Detroit Institute of Technology students will participate in projects associated with Linked Learning, Ford Next Generation and other technology programs such as robotics and Interval-Valued Fuzzy (IVF) Artificial Intelligence sets. These projects will allow students to make a connection between the classroom and real world issues.
We did not test 95% of our students.
 Only 71.88% of the All Students; 70.97% of the Black and 69.23% of the Economically Disadvantaged subgroups were assessed in English Language Arts.
 Only71.88% of the All Students; 70.97% of the Black and 69.23% of the Economically Disadvantaged subgroups were assessed in mathematics.
 Only 71.88% of the All Students; 70.97% of the Black and 69.23%of the Economically Disadvantaged subgroups were assessed in science.
 Only 71.88% of the All Students; 70.97% of the Black and 69.23%of the Economically Disadvantaged subgroups were assessed in social studies.
We did not meet the 80% graduation rate goal.


And below are several you tube stories about the school, mostly riots and such:

Cody High School students say they are dodging the ceiling – YouTube

The 3 schools within Cody High School – YouTube

Detroit High School Football Game Turns Violent With Massive Brawl – YouTube

Eventually, even liberals will figure out during the next 100 years that you can lead a horse to water but not force it to drink.


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15 responses to “NYT Discovers Schools In Detroit Suck!

  1. Jim R

    What’s infuriating, is that we knew how to do education 100 years ago. And when you and I were kids, there was this effort to emphasize math and science, and we landed men on the moon. And now the bullshitters who claim the moon landings were all fake, sound more and more realistic, because we can’t do that any more. We lost the plans for the Saturn V rocket, and only a couple rusting/corroding prototypes exist in space museums now.

    Nobody who’s coming out of school nowadays can do any of this stuff. Nobody’s going to know how to operate a nuclear power plant, let alone design one. The guys who knew that shit were educated in Germany and Russia and only ended up here because Hitler or Stalin wanted to kill them.

  2. Ken

    Where is the incentive for the students to do well. Affirmative action guarantees that even incompetence will be rewarded. And for those too lazy to even try to get a job, there is always public assistance. Any time bad behavior is rewarded it should not be surprising that you get more of it.

  3. emsnews

    And specifically, teachers are no longer allowed to do even the smallest of discipline actions. I didn’t fear annoying the principal, I feared annoying my teachers!

  4. e sutton

    Heh, it is also genetics. I never had a talent for math, my dad struggled with it as well, despite obtaining a degree in engineering back in the ´40s. My eldest brother got a degree in physics but literally pulled his hair out to obtain it. He now makes six figures, so I guess all that hard work paid off.

    Negroes are celebrated as soon as the come out of the birth canal. Believe it or not, there are ¨graduation ceremonies¨ for …….wait…..for……it…….kindergarten! Cap, gown, diploma, the whole works. Sadly, everything thereafter is down hill.

    I worked as a teacher in the public school system for ten years. Eye opening to say the least. Education is run by black women, who firmly believe that all white people are racist. They also believe in giving trophies for just showing up – there are no ¨losers¨ (except in real life, that is).

    Back in the Stone Age, when I was in Catholic school, the priests would call us up to retrieve our test papers, calling us Mister or Miss as the case might be. If it was a decent grade, he handed it to you. If the grade sucked, he would drop it to the floor with a ¨tut, tut¨, forcing you to stoop over to pick it up. Quite humiliating. I am sure it would not be acceptable to the precious snowflakes who attend class today. Must.not.hurt.feelings.

  5. e sutton



    When I attended Catholic school in the early elementary grades, going to the principal´s office was a privilege. Mother Superior would always let us get candy if we were sent there on an errand.

    One day, I was delivering an attendance report to her when I saw her pick up a lad by the scruff of his neck (this woman had to be in her seventies at the time) and gave him a good chewing out. In those days, wearing your hear long so that it hit your shirt collar was considered disrespectful (Beatles era). That sh*t was not tolerated.

  6. e sutton

    ***hair** long. sorry for the typos. It is early and I have not had my coffee.

  7. emsnews

    I had the joy of going to the high school with the highest MURDER RATE in America way back in 1965, it was part of my lawsuit to get out when instead, I won two scholarships and could flee the joint. It was terrible going to school there and we still had basic discipline!

    The problem was, the school was hideously overcrowded with at one point, triple sessions and it was out of control.

    Now, schools are deliberately left with zero tools aside from calling the cops. The solution our crazy rulers came up with is to have cops in school constantly and we see from many videos of them trying to stop rioting black students, they are useless because they are not allowed to wear armor and carry sub machine guns and will be fired if they kill the students rioting.

    I just advised my daughter who is seeking a new home, to not send our grandchild to public school. It just isn’t safe.

  8. Jim R

    If a school needs cops, it has already lost it.

    Probably one of the most important ways to regain control is to eject the behavior problems. All this “no child left behind” crap is nonsense. Some kids need to go to trade school. And those who are ejected should not be rewarded endlessly and encouraged to reproduce … it’s an Idiocracy dynamic.

  9. Melponeme_k

    By the time I started Catholic school most of the nuns had left the classrooms. But I still had tough teachers. One of my teachers would call us up to the head of the classroom to give back all tests and projects. Then top it off by announcing the grade as well. Talk about humiliation. There was another 4th grade teacher than everyone was in absolute terror of and hoped they would not be assigned to her class.

    it was in high school that I had more nuns. They were rather laid back. One math nun was tiny and sweet but when angered had the loudest voice I ever heard. It was the Nun teaching typing that would wander the classroom with a ruler. LOL

    I agree all young children need heavy discipline, it teaches respect for others as well as self respect, it teaches self denial, hard work and adult self discipline. The fact that it is denigrated now, is a result of elite social engineering to create a mass of people who are cranky, unsatisfied, perpetual children who only want something for nothing.

  10. Christian W

    They need consumers, not brains with their own ideas.

  11. emsnews

    Mel, ‘trade schools’??? Sad, isn’t it? We destroyed our industries via free trade so the jobs ain’t there no more.

    You are totally right about this! But internationalists have destroyed that exit from the Underworld of Perpetual Poverty.

  12. e sutton

    agree all young children need heavy discipline, it teaches respect for others as well as self respect, it teaches self denial, hard work and adult self discipline. The fact that it is denigrated now, is a result of elite social engineering to create a mass of people who are cranky, unsatisfied, perpetual children who only want something for nothing.


    Ditto, Mel!

    When you are very, very young and don´t know what the f*ck you are doing, you need some heavy guidance. I do not advocate hitting children. However, a one time beating and thereafter subsequent ¨looks¨ were enough to convince me that perhaps mom & dad knew a bit more about life than I. Strangely, it did not turn me into a too degenerate form of human being 🙂 .

  13. Well the broken windows don’t show in any Google Street View or in the photos they picked… but they DID pick a similar-looking school called Hoven HS in Hoven, SD



    ELAINE: I did the Google Street View and yes, many of the windows are broken, these are really small windows that cover whole walls like a mosaic. I assume because regular windows get broken to frequently so vandals hit the small glass parts one at a time.

  14. Petruchio

    From #11: ” …Underworld of Perpetual Poverty.” It is no accident that schools no longer teach; that was the plan by our Dear Leaders all along. Think about it. How hard is it to figure out that IF you allow the worst behaving students to stay in school, IF you do not expel these kinds of problems, it gets worse? Not hard at all, but don’t worry about the elites; they have had this figured out all along. It is part and parcel of their plan. Do you want schools to change? You are going to have to FORCE change. The sleazy creeps running schools now have no intention of changing of their own accord.

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