The German People Attack German President Gauck

German President Joachim Gauck BOOED and ATTACKED by German People in Sebnitz, Saxony – YouTube


This makes ZERO news in the US media.  I go all around the world reading stuff and learned about this inevitable attack on one of the ruling elites in Germany.  Germany is on the verge of a major explosion after Merkel and her gang let in millions of angry Muslim males.  Now, the reaction is setting in and no surprise to me.  Ich kenne Deutschland, I went to school there in 1968 and was a part of the student rebellion which is why I was seized by the Staatspolizei and shipped home again.


It has been fascinating watching this happen again except the student rebellion back in 1968 was internationalist and this is why I was chased out of France and had to swim the Rhein to avoid arrest and why I was trying to sneak into Czechoslovakia to enter East Germany but was caught.


Now, it is the exact reverse and equally powerful force.  Now that it is summer, people will be flooding the streets, demanding Merkel’s head and they will get it and Brexit has set this bonfire alight: SOVEREIGNTY is now the call since the internationalists have gone nuts and wrecked everything.


I will note here something the elites don’t know: when the police and military were thrown at us, the police actively enjoyed hitting us and chasing us down.  The military LEADERS were equally intent on destroying us but the TROOPS were NOT!


At Berkeley, during the anti-war resistance, whenever the National Guard was sent in, they were our buddies, we openly went to them and talked with them and they were quite reluctant to attack us whereas the Oakland Sheriffs were gleeful about harming us to the max.  The young men in the NG were terrified they would be sent to Vietnam and wanted the war to stop, too.


In Germany, I know the state police because when I was arrested, due to my position in the world (that is, a CIA brat) they didn’t put me in jail, they took me to the state police headquarters where I got to hang out with them for two fun weeks.


Got to know them.  They were all nationalists.  Ahem.  Today, they STILL ARE.  And they are forced to protect Merkel and her gang of destroyers of sovereignty but their hearts are most definitely on the side of the angry people demonstrating against her insane policies about destroying Germany as a nation and Kultur.  This is pure Kultur kampf.


If the woman won’t resign, she may be knocked off.  Anger is rising so fast, she and her buddies can’t appear in public anymore except when totally surrounded by armed guards.  Next comes the inevitable terrorist attack by Muslims inside Germany which so far, they  have not done due to strategy plans that so long she is in power, the terrorists have a nice home base that is safe and is part of the ‘open the door to all of Europe’ the terrorists need so badly.


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28 responses to “The German People Attack German President Gauck

  1. CH Tan

    As I commented earlier in your blog, the present leaders will all be rejected in the coming elections and they will be replaced by leaders who really care about the welfare of the people whom they represent.

  2. Melponeme_k

    There is something congenitally wrong with the Elites.

    Because they continually beat the German Hornet nest until they all come out en mass in a stinging rage. Plus they like attacking Russia…always at the height of winter. Both courses of action have shown to be continual failures. But they keep climbing that mountain pushing their balls of dung.

  3. Christian W

    @ Mel

    That’s because their power base is the London City and Wall Street banking systems (one and the same really).

    There are literally dozens of nations on earth that celebrate Independence Day from the British Empire (including the US). Yet once the British Empire was exhausted the fundamentals got absorbed into the larger, emerging, unspent and still vital (unlike today) US entity.

    The Brits and the US attacked Hitler because he threatened their banking system and business model by creating an alternative. Not because he was mean against the Jews or Poles if anyone thought that.

    And this is Putin’s ‘crime’ now. Simply by being a nationalist and seeking to build a stable model for Russia, rather than the elites, he is creating a non-London and Washington centric model. For this crime Russia must be destroyed (again).

  4. Christian W

    The German People Attack German President Gauck

    That is why I called the Open Border Muslim refugee ploy a “Battering Ram”. It’s part of the bigger plan. The elites will use the inevitable backlash to open border immigration of enormous numbers of refugees to pervert the democratic system further and entrench themselves in a Surveillance Police State.

  5. emsnews

    No, it is stupider than that.

    They want the US and Europe to absorb all the excess Muslims to make Israel stronger. This plan has a very nasty feature, of course. That is, Muslims take over Europe.

    They will then have nukes and attack Israel.

  6. tio

    ‘Elites’ Called To Arms: “It’s Time To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses”

    Atlantic Puppeteers: Who is Behind ‘The Merkel Plan’ and EU Refugee Policy

    The SS Empire Windrush: The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain

  7. Christian W

    @ 5

    Of course the Israel issue is at the heart of it. They are the ultimate string pullers. They OWN the US and UK banking and political systems.

    Which is why the UK gave the Zionists Palestine to plunder back in the day, which is why the US gave Israel nukes and rockets, which is why Germany (puppet state) gave Israel impossible to track submarines to fire the nukes from.

    Obviously the Zionist plan is to clean out large parts of the Middle East for themselves, including Lebanon (water) and Syria (oil). The other nefarious part of the Muslim Battering Ram plan is that with Muslims hated and feared throughout Europe and the US nobody will say squat when the Zionist ethnically cleanse Muslims (and Christians and many others) and destroy nations and cities in the Middle East. This is happening now as we speak.

    The Jews are cloaking their crimes in Israel through “Multiculturalism” in the West.

  8. e sutton


    Christian W,

    Yep. It is why we white, Christian males are now begging for vaseline from the jews. Somehow it was easier to take back in the day. Sans vaseline? Not so much, dude. 😦

  9. e sutton

    My own, personal wet dream is to live to see the day when the heads of Merkel, Hollande, Obama, Clinton (both Mr & Mrs), and any remaining Bushes are on sticks with flames in the background. Lordy, a man can dream, can´t he?

  10. Nani

    Yes, indeed! Joackim Gauck and Merkel are traitors to their people, especially young women who gets raped and molested every day now by this army of Young muslim men. Germany is so ripe for a revolution now, and so is many other countries in Europe as aswell. Enough is enough!

  11. tio

    @Christian W

    It wasn’t the US that tooled up the zionists, it was France.


  12. Lou

    They will then have nukes and attack Israel
    France has both. Lots of mussies and Nukes.

    And Lord Cameron wants more mussies in lead positions.

  13. Christian W

    France has “mussies” because they have been running all over North Africa and the ME for centuries. The Paris attacker/”mastermind” 0.o wasn’t Syrian (although Syria is an old colony of France), he was French Algerian.

    I guess you could be right, tio. I have to look into that. It isn’t as if the Baron de Rothschild family, et al, haven’t been “banking” eg for centuries in France either. Paris is the favorite spot in Europe for Jews, and France is 3rd nation for Jews after Israel and the US.

  14. Petruchio

    “They will then have nukes and attack Israel.” Hey I don’t worry about Israel being attacked by angry Muslims. The khazarians are God’s chosen people!! What do they have to fear from a Muslim invasion? In fact, I don’t think Israel really needs $40 billion in freebies courtesy of the US taxpayer. That type of thinking is outdated. (haha).

  15. e sutton

    meh…..I don´t worry about Israel being attacked by angry Muslims, either. In fact, I………oh, never mind…..

  16. Christian W

    Yeah, I think that particular threat is a pretty long way down on the list of how to f*ck things up.

  17. dick

    i love elaine!

  18. tio
    “Israel’s nuclear-weapons project could never have got off the ground, though, without an enormous contribution from France.”
    “France’s first reactor went critical as early as 1948 but the decision to build nuclear weapons seems to have been taken in 1954”

    Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacré mercenaire.

  19. Melponeme_k


    Interesting words from Putin on the current war for natural resources.

    “We are noticing persistent efforts by certain partners to maintain a monopoly on geopolitical dominance. They use their centuries of experience in suppressing, weakening, pitting their rivals against each other, as well as modern political, economic, financial, and informational methods,”

    Notice that he doesn’t fall for the national names trick. He separates monetary agents from national governments. Smart, very smart. It is too bad we don’t have anyone as smart here in the US running anything.

  20. Christian W

    @ Mel

    The ones that have “centuries worth of experience” chop the head off any leader figure not singing from their hymn sheet. Figuratively or for real. See the attack on Corbyn atm.

  21. Jim R

    Israel will simply close for business when the USA stops supporting it. It is nothing but a remote colony of the Anglo empire.

    Only a massive infusion of money and weapons and support has kept it afloat so far. And the ongoing collapse of the western economy will eventually force the end of that support.

  22. Christian W

    Israel will jump ship to have RUSSIA support them once the US collapses.

  23. Melponeme_k


    If Israel gets Russia to support them THAT will be akin to cows jumping over the moon. Not while Putin is in power.

  24. Christian W

    Russia has a very complicated relationship to Israel. Remember a fifth of Israel is basically Russian. Lieberman, the new Defense minister, is Russian (born in the Soviet Union). I doubt it will be like the US milch kuh project, but Russia is careful when it comes to Israel.

  25. emsnews

    The Israel Russians hate Russia’s ruler big time.

  26. Christian W

    Yes they do because he has stymied their plans. Then again when the money runs out they will change their tune. Israel was going broke in the 80’s before they came up with the plan to hook up with the US tax payer.

  27. Jim R

    I think the current leader of Russia will go down in history on the ‘great’ side of the ledger.

    But the unfortunate consequence of having such a powerful intelligent leader, is that when he is no longer the leader (inevitably, sooner or later), there isn’t anyone who can fill his shoes. But they have a plentiful supply of ‘terrible’ replacements. And there’s a better than average chance, on the day after it happens, NATO will get that war they’ve been itching for. Hopefully they won’t be itching so much by then.

    And I reckon Israel will just be another place in Asia Minor. The major religions and several minor ones will still fight over it, but it will no longer be nearly as powerful as it is now. Of course, that all happens some time after the USA goes broke and collapses in on itself.

  28. floridasandy

    strange bedfellows, but understandably so:

    The right-wing populist, anti-refugee Alternative for Germany party is seeking ever-closer ties with Moscow. Now, the AfD’s youth wing is discussing an alliance with the youth movement of Putin’s party United Russia. The AfD is also courting Russian-German voters

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