Europe Disintegrates, WWI Is Remembered For Wrong Reasons, WWIII Will Destroy Everything


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WWI and WWII, Britain and Germany struggled for power.  Back then, the biggest and richest empire on earth was the British Crown.  After these epic and hideous struggles for power, Germany lay in ruins and Britain was bankrupt.  The US saved Britain in both wars only to rebuild Germany who now dominates Britain nearly totally until this week when the British public clobbered the Germans hard in the political realm.  The shakedown this is causing is epic and it is time to review history for history is written in blood and the Goddess of History laughs demonically while writing because humans have a very poor learning curve.


Photos of British troops on the eve of the Somme 100 years ago as England remembers one of the biggest military disasters on earth.  The entire reason why Britain did this disastrous surge into heavily protected German trenches in order to prop up the French who were finally flagging after the extended ‘Battle of Verdun’ which was extremely bloody.


The military leaders of the British army were delusional when they thought that bombing German trenches would then allow the foot soldiers to simply stroll over the the German trenches and then, after a supposedly brief hand to hand combat, take over.  The problem with this was, the bombardment was USELESS.  Ditto, bombing cities in war.  WWI didn’t convince the military about this, nor did WWII or the Korean War or the Vietnam War, etc. to infinity to today when bombardments are nearly totally useless.


During WWII, at great cost, all sides bombed each other mercilessly from the air and this did burn down entire cities and killed millions of civilians but industries continued onwards relentlessly despite this.  WWII ended with the near-total annihilation of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  That is, wars are won via annihilation and this is still very much true since WWIII will end whenever all the nukes are finally used as they will be in such a war.


Now…the entire reason we have this thing called ‘The United Nations’ is because of WWIII.  The UN is supposed to prevent WWIII except it can’t and won’t.  Instead, the UN has happily hopped aboard the ‘Climate Change’ clown car and is much more worried about a slightly warmer planet than a nuclear winter/end of all humans in cities event.

The Great War: The Somme (WWI Documentary) – YouTube


This battle is a turning point in history.  Using mass troops to storm positions didn’t end with this battle but the battle showed very clearly, it is utterly useless and ends many lives in a horrible way for nothing. During the Korean War, for example, sending troops with virtually no armor into a mass attack on fortified positions continued and this belief continues to this day.  Throwing away the lives of millions of soldiers this way happened, for example, in the war between Iraq and Iran.


In WWI battles using this dreadful, useless tactic, the men would run as individuals, jumping in and out of crater holes, crawling, running, rolling on the ground as individuals trying desperately to reach fighters on the other side who simply swept them aside with machine gun fire.

Today’s news has a typical example of ‘victory via bombing’ story that illustrates the futility of this sort of activity:  America strikes back: US airstrikes kill 250 ISIS fighters outside Fallujah less than 24 hours after attack on Istanbul’s airport left 42 dead.  This ‘attack’ was just yet another day in Iraq as our failed war there limps onwards lasting even longer than the equally stupid Vietnam war.


Note how huge, expensive bombs are rained down on a small convoy of trucks and if you look closely, you can see the drivers and others running from the trucks and getting away, the ‘death toll’ is pure fantasy assuming that these various bombs worked perfectly when we know this is never true except with nuclear bombs that annihilate everything for a mile or more radius.


Wars are won and lost in the banking sector.  The US has misspent trillions on ridiculous wars which we ultimately lose for the most part.  Remember the victory celebrations concerning our illicit war against Saddam?  Oh, Americans were so proud we got rid of him, the one person who had nothing to do with 9/11 and our rulers knew perfectly well and were and still are outright war criminals for what they did to Iraq in 2002.


We are still fighting there!  And it is expensive.  Way back in the Vietnam War, we drew up a leaflet showing in a cartoon how to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese: rain dollars on them, not bombs.  In the end, many years later, this finally happened and lo and behold, they became our friends.  Every death in that stupid war was utterly crass and totally unnecessary and the bitterness this left in the mouths of vets continues to this day.  It is heartbreaking.

The above video is from two years ago, 2014: As US Rushes Weapons to Iraq, New Assault on Fallujah Threatens Explosion of Sectarian Conflict – YouTube

Fallujah Fight: US rushing to send drones & missiles to Iraq after Iran said they would help the government in Bagdad retake this city- YouTube

Battle of Fallujah: Drone video of the battlefield during the pounding of ISIS positions – YouTube

Meanwhile, our fight with our own Frankenstein creation set up to destroy Russia in Afghanistan, issues another warning they are at war with us:  Al Qaeda to jihadis: ‘Target white Americans, avoid minorities, because US mislabels attacks as ‘hate crime’.  They are quite anxious to tell us, this is a religious war.  Of course, Islam is at war with women and gays and nearly everyone else over cultural/sexual issues.


Amazing Korean War Footage – Firefights Airstrikes against North Korea – YouTube: this is a reminder how useless bombing is.  North Korea exists today, is totally insane and has NUKES and can start WWIII any time the dictator there decides to commit mass suicide.  All the leaders in WWI and WWII had nifty bunkers or vacation homes in the Alps, etc. to hide from mayhem while leaving entire cities to be utterly destroyed.


The Emperor of Japan didn’t have so much as a fire cracker land on his noggin and he was very much involved in setting up the war machine to loot and enslave all neighbors and attack anyone and everyone in sight.


WWIII might start in the unfortunate place erroneously called ‘The Holy Land’: Netanyahu: Israel Will ‘Never Accept’ Palestinian State, End of Settlements as he doubles down because Israel has many nukes and would launch them all in an eye blink.

BOMBSHELL : Nigel Farage BACK in EuroParl After BREXIT – & On Fire ! 28June – YouTube as Europe disintegrates.  All this mayhem can cause WWIII and we are always one bomb away from WWIII and of course, our rulers love bombs since they are both expensive and can be evaded by not being where bombs are dropping except….WWIII will hunt them all down and can blow away the most secure of bomb shelters.


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13 responses to “Europe Disintegrates, WWI Is Remembered For Wrong Reasons, WWIII Will Destroy Everything

  1. Christian W

    The “America strikes back” story from the Daily Mail is categorically denied by the Iraqis. What really happened is that the Iraqi forces pleaded with the US to bomb the ISIS convoy/gathering but the US refused after repeated requests.

    The Iraqis then gathered everything they had of helicopters and went all out themselves with what they had (not too much the US won’t allow a strong Iraqi Air Force). Looks like the US simply claimed the glory for the attack instead.

  2. emsnews

    Either way, it was a total waste of ammo and money.

  3. Jim R

    In WWI, Britain was really dealing with the remnants of the defunct Ottoman empire. Similar to the Spanish American war, dealing with the last remnants of the Spanish empire. Obv., Germany wanted a piece of that pie, too. They already knew the ME had crude oil by then, and that it was a great way to power a blue-water navy.

    By WWII, the USA was the biggest oil exporting nation. More recently, it has been Russia. Canada produces a lot, but most all of it is consumed here in the Americas.

    And if you want to run the world, cheap energy is one of those must-have items…

  4. Christian W

    The War on Terror is designed to be eternally profitable. Not won. There are no booming arms sales and contractor deals in peace time. ISIS (Saudia Arabia) buys arms for $billions every year from the MIC eg.

    ISIS is losing the war in Iraq though. Much to the chagrin of some in the US and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian (ISIS) Foreign Minister just called for Iraq to disband the Shia militias that, at great cost in lives, saved Iraq from ISIS in 2015 when the Iraqi Army was destroyed by corruption. Iraq is not going to fall in that trap again of course.

    Fallujah fell the other day. Fallujah was the cornerstone of ISIS in Iraq. The destruction of the ISIS convoy was significant because it signals that ISIS are on the run now. ISIS in Iraq are waning. Not too long ago they looked formidable (stressing looked) because they had momentum. Now they are a nuisance, albeit deadly still, clinging on before their eventual destruction.

    Mosul is next. Raqqa in Syria is going to take a bit longer, because the battle there is more complicated with Aleppo in the north a much more pressing strategic issue. However as we speak the Syrian Arab Army is making progress in Northern Aleppo. If they succeed in their present attack the East of Aleppo will be restored to the secular (non-Islamist/Al-Qaeda) side and Al Qaeda’s strategic position in the north will be bleak. That would be a major victory for Assad.

    Now if Killary wins the election the US will attack Syria directly, on behalf of it’s puppet Al Qaeda and ISIS forces, to prevent the secular forces + allies (Iraq/Iran and Russia) from winning.

  5. hblinken

    June 30, 2016 at 5:15 pm
    Either way, it was a total waste of ammo and money.

    you made a serious error in your post and just say the above. correct it please.

    Check out the video on at the end. The convoy was very large.

    * ” convoy of over 700 vehicles that reached an agreement between ISIS and somebody to allow them safe passage to the desert from Falujah ”

    * ” ISIS tried to use loud speakers to explain that they have an agreement to gain safe passage ”

    * ” passed the check points and all military surrounding Falujah and drove 25KM to were the airstrike happened and as you see in the convoy video before the strike they were driving on paved roads ”

    * ” US-led coalition refused to bomb them according to IQAF officials and prevented any fixed wing( Iraq has several F16s ) aircraft to fly nearby ”

    * Someone in Iraqi high command disregarded US dictates, and ordered a strike with HIND helicopters.

  6. csurge

    You’re right. But the Russian air campaign was been quite successful in Syria. It’s not about air power alone. It’s about intelligence on the enemy, and coordinating with boots on the ground to get the desired results. Something the Americans never figured out

  7. Seraphim

    Did you know that the features of the WWI have been predicted with uncanny accuracy by Jan Bloch, a Jewish-Polish-Russian banker, in book published in Russian ‘Budushchaya Voina’, popularized in English translation as Is War Now Impossible?, in Paris in 1898. His arguments were as follows:
    – New arms technology (e.g. smokeless gunpowder, improved rifle design, Maxims) had rendered maneuvers over open ground, such as bayonet and cavalry charges, obsolete. Bloch concluded that a war between the Great powers would be a war of entrenchment and that rapid attacks and decisive victories were likewise a thing of the past. He calculated that entrenched men would enjoy a fourfold advantage over infantry advancing across open ground.
    – Industrial societies would have to settle the resultant stalemate by committing armies numbering in the millions, as opposed to the tens of thousands of preceding wars. An enormous battlefront would develop. A war of this type could not be resolved quickly.
    – The war would become a duel of industrial might, a matter of total economic attrition. Severe economic and social dislocations would result in the imminent risk of famine, disease, the “break-up of the whole social organization” and revolutions from below.

    This is said to have inspired Czar Nicholas II. to issue his famous “peace” declaration, which resulted in The Hague Conference in 1899. The Czar made the first proposal of disarmament.
    The Western Powers did not heed the advice of Bloch and responded with launching the wholesale massacre. Czar Nicholas was rewarded for his impudence to call for peace with his own massacre and his family.

  8. Christian W

    @ Seraphim

    I suspect some blockheads did use Bloch’s ideas. Only they used them as an instruction manual.

    There always seems to such people entrenched somewhere behind the curtains. Why else is every book, or idea, that warns about future dangers embraced as opportunities by the PTB? 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 (at least the idea that ideas not controlled by the elites are dangerous), and now this ‘Is War now Impossible’?

  9. Jim R

    Arguably, WWIII is already underway. They always started with information warfare. In books, and then newspapers in previous centuries. Now on the web. The noise level in on-line media keeps rising, and any remaining print media simply copy it. But there are clearly disinformation campaigns going on Twitter and Facebook. And proxy wars in the Middle East and eastern Europe.

    Also, there have always been economic aspects to war. Big rich countries invading small poor ones for their resources. Now, with the internet, the FX markets can crash a country’s currency overnight. They don’t actually have to print it to ruin it.

    But there are also obviously calls for a shooting war now. Because terrorists. You know, terrorists. Be afraid!

    And zero consideration is being given to the fact that attacking a country of any significant size will be mass suicide for lifeforms more advanced than the cockroach…

  10. emsnews

    Yes, do note that NATO countries including ours are INVITING IN the VERY SAME PEOPLE they, our rulers, call ‘terrorists’!!! They have been at this for quite a while now. They invited in the 9/11 crew and trained them here, not overseas!!!!!!!

    (some swearing here) it is obvious: they want us to blow up in rage and focus only on the terrorists they invited into our homes.

  11. Seraphim

    @Christian W

    Actually, the ‘blockheads’ have been the old military establishment stuck with the Clausewitz idea that “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”
    That was nothing ‘wrong’ with this idea (it actually made the past wars look rather as a sporting event, like gladiatorial fights or chivalric tournaments). They failed to assess correctly the role of the new arms technology which made the old ways such as bayonet and cavalry charges, obsolete.
    WWI would have proved them wrong, had not new methods (unforeseen by Bloch) such as motor vehicle transport, cars, trucks, tanks, airplanes, been developed during the war. WWII was planned by the same strategists of WWI, with armored cars, tanks, airplanes as the new cavalry wich could bring a quick resolution to a political problem. Russians fell back on the ‘entrenchment’ tactic of WWI, masked by the fact that what functioned as entrenchment for stalling the offensive was the vastity of the space, which exhausted the offensive before it reached the real entrenchments (Leningrad, Stalingrad) which it was unable to break.
    But as we know, the Atomic Bomb made its appearance during the war and the idea of quickly won war reemerged. But in these conditions war would become pointless. There would be nothing left to conquer.

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