NO ONE Is Running the Good Ship Britania! Good House of Lords!

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The Ruling Elites thought having a vote on the EU project would confirm to voters that the Real Rulers are doing a bang-up fine job of it and to the horror of the string pullers, the British bull dogs came out in full yap and voted to leave the EU!!! I found this hilarious and now worse is happening to the elites:  Boris Johnson won’t run for Prime Minister after Michael Gove enters race


The battle for the Conservative leadership was dramatically transformed today after Boris Johnson ruled himself out of the race.


It followed the shock declaration from Michael Gove that he would throw his hat in the ring because he didn’t believe his close friend was up to the job.


He said: “I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead. I have, therefore, decided to put my name forward for the leadership.”


Conservative MPs who turned up for what they thought would be Boris Johnson’s decision to stand for the Tory leadership at the St Ermine hotel near Scotland Yard are absolutely furious.


The MPs who spoke to the Telegraph said they had no idea the Mr Johnson had planned to withdraw from the Tory leadership.


One MP who attended Mr Johnson’s launch said: “Any politician who trusts Michael Gove needs their head examined.


Britain pretends to be a ‘democracy’ but even more than the US is really a backroom insider operation and like in the US with Trump, is collapsing due to furious voters.  Now Trump is being treated to a historic level of anxiety/lying/freaking out by the media who can’t do the ‘let’s pretend he doesn’t exist’ which was used to stop Sanders.


Suddenly, England has no headmaster.  It is afloat like the Titanic.  The Rulers richly rue their decision to let voters have a choice in foreign affairs.  Normally, the elites keep a tight grip on this particular thing since they are all internationalists since they love to park their loot where taxes can’t be levied on their activities.


They own the third world countries which are ruthlessly used to control first world populations and reduce workers there to third world status.  What will Britain’s rulers choose to do?  They want desperately to turn back the clock or something.  Wot, eh?  Peasants!


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12 responses to “NO ONE Is Running the Good Ship Britania! Good House of Lords!

  1. Petruchio

    Think the Ruling Elites are in a tizzy now? Wait until they start getting shot at!! And I don’t mean verbal shots either. I don’t advocate violence, but for the Elites in this case, I’ll make an exception. The Elites, or Real Rulers if you want to call them, have murdered enough people that they DESERVE a little taste of their own medicine. BTW: notice how that virulent anti-gun nut Bloomberg can’t set even one foot outside without being surrounded by a half dozen fully armed bodyguards?

  2. Jim R

  3. Mewswithaview

    Meanwhile they took the opportunity to bury the leader of the opposition before he had a chance to bury the old guard

    It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid

  4. ziff

    All these troubles of which we speak are all about ‘globalization’ [ as obama says] rebalancing the worlds wealth been talked about from the 70’s. They have a point , why shouldn’t China for example, have a taste of modern life.

    Rebuttal please,

  5. tio


    NO ONE Is Running the Good Ship Britania!

    Someone wants to ..

    Headline: Tony Blair hints at role as Brexit negotiator in EU talks that will require ‘serious statesmanship’

  6. ziff

    Tio , thanks , but it seems to me that unlike the examples that Chomsky gives from the past Chinese people have benefited from globalization [ aren’t they the drivers this time ?

  7. tio

    That is just a big black brick .. try this

    www dot dailymotion dot com/video/x3kid6n

  8. Jim R

    It has unbricked itself. When you post a link to a video, WordPress has to do a lot of work.

    It has to make sure you are not a copyright-stealing terrorist. If you were a regular terrorist with an AK-47, you’re OK, but if you might be planning to copy a video, well, that’s a case for the world court and human rights experts and stuff.

    Also, it has to make sure you are not posting <gasp> pornography.

    Of course, all that work from the web host is not for nothing — when they decide to censor the interweb, they’ll have all the convenient knobs and levers in only a few places…

  9. tio

    Thanks Jim, I know that the problem is my end now, I cannot be bothered to dial up Tor all the time so I run in my regular browser, not wishing to give big brother too easy a time of it. Sorry if I appeared an even bigger twit than usual.

    And yes, dialling ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral – Streaming’ into your search engine can result in a) a felony or b) drone footage from AfPak.

    “Of course you can dance” – vodka

  10. Jim R

    LOL, it’s all good.

    ‘Saul Goodman.

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