Terrorists Most Likely Will Attack Brazil Olympics Due To Brazil Collapsing Internally

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SWAT team discover huge stockpile of Islamist extremists’ weapons near German mosque | World | News | Daily Express in London reports but little news about this in the US.  Germany is next!  ISIS gloats with horrific images of bodies strewn between tables ‘from inside Bangladesh restaurant where they killed at least 20 and injured 40’ – as police finally end siege and free 13 hostages and we have the Olympics coming and I recall the Olympics in Germany…Munich massacre and I think it will happen again because it is so easy to do in Brazil which is a country with no government, Brazil’s Massive Corruption Scandal Is Polarizing The Country as it collapses and we know from the past that a great way to bankrupt a city or country is…host the stupid Olympics.


This is seriously bad.  Once upon a time, I was a fencing fighter at the University of Arizona in the early 1970’s and we hosted the US Olympic trials (I did not make the team but had fun helping supervise and assist at the trials) and then…the Munich event happened and I was happy I wasn’t there.  Never really enjoyed any Olympic event since and politically, I totally oppose these events since the costs end up being paid by people who are already suffering economic stresses.


Brazil’s Olympic Catastrophe – The New York Times reports and this goes under ‘duh’.  What on earth did anyone sane expect?  Brazil is a total economic and political mess.  It is also an environmental disaster area.  But the, the rival site was…get this!…CHICAGO!  HAHAHA.  The NYT article is total trash, as usual, but the comments were great and 100% against holding the Olympics in various places, bankrupting them all.


Jean Peuplus NYC 20 hours ago
Eeeeeh, excuse me but isn’t that the same guest columnist who 2 years ago penned “Brazil is tired of being scolded” (http://nyti.ms/1guXH3i) which noted that “a vice president of the International Olympic Committee, John Coates, said that Rio de Janeiro’s preparations for the 2016 Summer Olympics were the worst he had ever seen” and went on to say that everything would be OK ?



US Expat Washington 20 hours ago
Just a reminder that the IOC selected Rio over these other bidders:
United States – Chicago
Spain – Madrid
Japan – Tokyo


etoilebrilliant Sweden 20 hours ago
Simon Kuper of the Financial Times wrote an excellent piece about 3 years ago called ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. The main thrust is that when the IOC come to town they’re like a plague of locusts demanded free options over 10,000 rooms, zero tax rates, and plenty of money to shore up their bank accounts.

Montreal took over 30 years to pull itself out of the Olympic hole, Athens never did. Not since Sylvester McMonkey McBean came to prey on the Sneetches has an organisation such as the IOC demand their pound of flesh.


Will there be terrorist attacks at this Olympics?  Brazil has a high murder rate and arms are easy to get and use there.  Think we won’t have another Munich?  ISIS announced they are going to up terrorist attacks and they have, in spades.  The more they lose due to Russia stopping them, the more they turn to attacking major cities and targeting young people having fun in particular.


And we should understand that our own government goes out of its way to expose us to foreign terrorists nonstop:  U.S still home to 925k ‘deported’ illegal immigrants | Daily Mail Online


More than 925,000 illegal immigrants are walking the streets of the United States despite government orders for their deportation, according to a new report.


And more than 170,000 of them have been convicted of crimes in the U.S.


Those numbers indicate that nearly 1 in 10 people living in the U.S. illegally have already been ordered to leave, but are defying federal immigration authorities.


Our media giants want to herd us into voting for WWIII Bitch Hillary so they have steadily lied about this matter:  Bernie Sanders still won’t endorse Hillary Clinton but claims he doesn’t ‘hate her’ | Daily Mail Online in ENGLAND reports since I don’t see this headline at our major media here.  I don’t hate Hillary, I just despise her.  Too bad Sanders won’t talk about the Bilderberg pals and their Bilderberg plans for us all.


Vice President Joe Biden told NPR Thursday that his former Senate colleague was actually on the cusp of endorsing his primary rival.


The NPR interview has yet to air, but the radio outlet said yesterday on its Twitter account that Biden said, ‘I’ve talked to Bernie. Bernie is going to endorse her. This is going to work out.’


‘I talked to Joe, I think, was three weeks ago,’ Sanders said MSNBC, referencing his meeting with Biden at the vice president’s residence the day President Barack Obama formally endorsed Clinton.


So Bernie said no and Biden said yes and guess who we have to take the word from: Bernie, of course!  Duh.


A tiny bit of humor here: HLN’s Nancy Grace leaving her legal show | Daily Mail Online

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I found the Corsican twins!  Wow!  Someone ought to prosecute these surgeons turning all these rich people and celebrities into the Joker but then, HAHAHA…I think it is rather appropriate, actually.  Cut away, dudes!


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4 responses to “Terrorists Most Likely Will Attack Brazil Olympics Due To Brazil Collapsing Internally

  1. Jim R

    Remember the rejoicing when the Olympics came back to Greece after 2000 years, or whatever? How it was going to be wonderful for Athens?


    That article was from a couple years ago. At the end is a note about a couple infrastructure projects that supposedly benefited Athens, but it cost them €8.954 billion. I wonder how much longer they’ll be able to afford the subway system.

    Now that the IMF and EU are going all medieval on them, I bet Greece wishes they had that money back.

  2. Christian W

    Wow. Japan’s top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country’s Muslims. Now imagine the outcry if they did that to the Jewish community.


  3. e sutton


    Keeping them out in the first place would have been a smarter option. Same goes for the other protected group.

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