Once Again, Most Math Winners Are Asian And Trump Attacked By Our Rulers For ‘Make America Great AGAIN’ Hats!

School Bans Student from Wearing “Make America Great Again Hat” – All Other Hats Allowed But Not His – YouTube


The little things count in life.  We have the right wing which has an ugly history of fascism and the left wing with an equally ugly history of mass murder and theft, too.  Both extremes are evil, both are set up as solutions to economic crisis situations and we are in that today.  The destruction of America races onwards, more companies are firing Americans and hiring either illegal aliens or shipping jobs overseas as the rich get richer this way, the underclass grows bigger and bigger and here is a debate about saying ‘Make America Great AGAIN’ irritating the left which has been tricked into supporting the destruction of US manufacturing jobs in the name of ‘globalism’.


I am not a right wing person, I am a PATRIOT which is different and which is why I have been yelling about ‘free trade’ for many years.  Yes, I am directly responsible for teaching the very first Chinese officials who came to America after they got rid of Madame Mao, all about capitalism and trade when they lived with me in the 1980s.  But I also warned our own State Department that once the Chinese figure out ‘capitalism’ they would race ahead of us here in the US.


So, today this week, this 4th of July celebration, we have howling rage from the left about ‘Make America Great AGAIN.’  Here is a story about it from my local newspaper, the Times Union:  Churchill: Trump slogan raises questions at Skidmore College – Times Union


Make America great again.
It’s a provocative campaign slogan, for sure. It may even be unpatriotic. But is it hateful?
That question was asked recently at Skidmore College, where the slogan was found written on the door white boards of several faculty members, triggering investigations by the school’s Bias Response Group.
In each case, the anti-bias group determined that “Make America Great Again” had been used as a “racialized, targeted attack intended to intimidate.”


Wow.  I am flabbergasted.  Um, is having a gigantic budget deficit, gigantic student debt for often useless ‘education’, or an enormous trade deficit plus at war across the planet with half a billion Muslims is just fine and dandy?  So, we have no problems?  The previous rulers of the US have exported most of our manufacturing jobs and this is good???


Why bother having elections if everything is just fine?  Oh, Hillary is running on the platform, ‘Everything is fine, ship out the last remaining US manufacturing jobs and get it over with’???


Given that it’s Fourth of July weekend, I feel compelled to take a moment to consider how astonishing that slogan really is, with its implication that America is not currently great. I spent some time on Friday looking at prior presidential campaign slogans, and although Ronald Reagan sometimes used “Let’s Make America Great Again,” rare was the slogan that challenged American wonderfulness.


Yes, we are wonderful at…what?  Invading Muslim countries and then importing angry Muslims here so we can fight them at home as well?  Or perhaps we are proud of moving all our manufacturing to China and now our rulers want us to go to war with China and bomb these same factories while we do what, here at home?


As I recall, during WWI and WWII, we made stuff here and shipped it to the war front.  Now, not so much. No, we still make bombs and such but that is pretty much it.  You can’t run a war economy if you can’t make stuff we need to run things like cars or electronics (!!!!) or whatever we need, even our military gear needs lots of stuff first made outside the US. Or perhaps we will first attack Mexico and take back the factories there when we launch WWIII.


Seriously, I have spoken loudly about the stupidity of moving manufacturing to Asia and elsewhere long ago, this is utterly irresponsible for any nation to do since it means you have to surrender after one day of fighting in a war!  It is dumb.  History laughs at anyone imaging that a great empire can exist with zero ability to make stuff…ARGH…and this is what happened to the Roman Empire as it collapsed internally.


Was America greater in the 1950s, when many black Americans still lived under a form of apartheid? Or the 1920s, when the Ku Klux Klan was at its peak and targeting blacks and Catholics?


Or during slavery?  Or when my Steele ancestors came up the Hudson River with the Van Rensselaers several hundred years ago?  And if America is eternally ‘great’ then why did the Democrats howl that it was going downhill under the Bush regime? Or is it OK to say things are not great when a Republican is President but is evil if anyone is running against a Democrat?  Wow.


In fact, when it comes to the treatment of minorities, America has clearly never been better than it is now, which explains why so many blacks and Hispanics are suspicious of a campaign slogan that implies a return to more bigoted eras.


And everything is coming up roses except the black inner cities are burning up, riddled with crime, most of the people there are at the very bottom of the education barrel and are now nearly totally unemployable except for crime schemes like drug dealing?  And the murder rate of blacks is ten times higher than whites?


Charming, isn’t it?  8 years of Obama and this is the result: NO JOBS FOR BLACKS!  That is, jobs that don’t need an extra 6 to 8 years of schooling after high school: these are the jobs being exported at a mad rate.  We already know that Asian children in the US are intellectually superior, overall, than all other races and that black children are much lower on the intelligence scales and yet, we move all our jobs that don’t require geniuses to do the work, over to China!


But then, we are also not allowed to discuss why Asian children outscore white European children, Hispanic children and really outscore black children in all intellectual tests set up to check out ‘who is learning in school’ which turns out to be Asian children, above all and way above all.


In the fall, for example, it received a report of a student dressed as a Hasidic Jew for Halloween.
Also last fall, the field hockey team apparently posted a flier advertising an upcoming game that depicted an athlete wearing a sombrero and wearing a “Maggie’s Landscaping Crew” T-shirt. The Bias Response Group recommended a sensitivity workshop for the team.


We should banish Halloween for being nasty to everyone.  I greatly resent making fun of us witches, for example.


Back to the core issue of the above story about racism: USAMO_Winners_2016_shows clearly that race issues are very much alive and well and facing reality is hard for US anti-racists who want to deny the reality that race DOES matter when it comes to being competent in various intellectual fields such as say, math.


Antisemitic lunatics always hate Jews for being good at say, math, and in previous generations, most of the math winners in the US were Jewish or German but today they are nearly all from Asia.  This irritates racists who believe European ‘whites’ are greatest people on earth.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 7.33.43 AM

White racists of the GOP do not want this information anymore than black racists who run the DNC.  I am the grandmother of a Chinese/European child who is extremely bright and loves…math!  He eats it up voraciously  like his dad did when young, too.  Look at the list above of math competition winners! Many winners went to private schools but one, a kid from out of India, goes to Troy High School which is near where I live and I know that school well.  Congratulations!


What amuses me most is, Phillips Exeter Academy winners who outnumber all the other winners: way back when I was winning intellectual competitions, that school invited me to come over and be the first girl to go there but  I won a scholarship to go to Germany instead.  Then I came home, was deported, actually, and tried to overthrow Nixon here and that was my darling school career.


Anyways, look at the names: from India or China except for one kid, Brian Reinhart who is keeping up the ‘European ethnic’ flag.  I saw another possible name, Jacob Klegar who is one of the top ten and wondered what ethnic background he is and found this: TEAM Westport Announces Teen Diversity Essay Winners – WestportNow.com – Westport, Connecticut


TEAM Westport, which stands for “Together Effectively Achieving Multiculturalism,” tonight awarded first prize in its second annual Teen Diversity Essay contest to Jacob Klegar of Westport. It was presented in a ceremony at the Westport Library, which co-sponsored the competition. Klegar, a junior at Choate Rosemary Hall School, won a $1,000 first prize for his essay “Friendship Through a Shared Love of Tennis.” It was based on a relationship in his sophomore year when a Chinese national and a black student from Nigeria decided to room together as best friends through a shared love of tennis.


I like how the two mythical characters in his winning essay were being great buds due to sports!  Certainly, not math.


He is from Asia like 90% of the other winners.  And the solution to all this we are being presented is…WWIII against Russia and China!  Yes, we will win this epic war via bombing all the factories sent to Asia and…oopsie.  We have nearly nothing here now!  Bad idea.  This is a trap and a trap set by our own rulers who then promise everyone, the way out of this trap is to launch nuclear war.


Trump talks trade at shuttered NH factory as ‘Already Great America’ led by our present rulers continue to destroy jobs here and move them overseas and then import the goods back here again, pocketing the profits for themselves.  Will Hillary visit factories closed because of Obama and her policies?  SHE CANNOT.  Thus, she avoids this topic entirely focusing only on attacking Trump about hats he wears or selling stuff on ebay.


US ambassador Matthew Barzun says Britain is at the back of the queue for a trade deal  because  Obama and his gang and the GOP gang who hates Trump want to keep up the moving of US jobs overseas and our rulers are pissed as hell that the Brits voted to protect their own borders again.  ‘How dare they escape our clutches!’ scream our rulers in a hissy fit from hell.


In an interview recorded after the referendum, Mr Barzun says it is naive to think that the UK could now somehow ‘jump further ahead’ of its trade rivals.


He adds: ‘The tone in which it was said, there was nothing punitive about it.


‘The point was, you are at the front of the queue right now – he was saying back in April – because we are doing this big trade deal with the European Union, of which you are a member.


‘But if you step out of the front of the queue, by definition you are no longer at the front and some notion that you can jump further ahead; you just want to say that is not the trend for the types of big deals we are doing these days.’


The above sentence is like a snake eating its tail.  Infinite stupidity indeed.  As for these ‘big deals’—good lord, every one of these blasted deals steals US jobs!  It wrecks homes, breaks up families, decimates cities like Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc. etc. etc. to infinity.


Mr Barzun, 45, says President Obama felt the need to offer up the warning precisely because of the close relationship between Britain and the US.


And the voters of Britain were so impressed by his warnings and snarlings they voted to do the opposite of what he ordered.


He adds: ‘I think we did what best friends do. So before the referendum when we were asked – and President Obama said it probably most forcibly – of course, its up to you but if you ask us, we will tell you what we think which was we value a strong UK in a strong EU.’


Mr Barzun insists, however, that the UK’s Special Relationship with the US will not be affected by Brexit.


HAHAHA.  No, ordering the Brits to surrender didn’t work for Hitler, either.  And who is this clown?


Mr Barzun, whose wife Brooke is heiress to the Brown-Forman Corporation distilling empire, says people and countries should be honest and open with each other.


‘What friends should do to each other is to be honest,’ he says. ‘My wife and I are in couples therapy and she is a therapist herself and I am a son of a therapist and it is really important to think about what you said and to be honest.’


How did he land this juicy job in London??? BRIBES.  He and his rich wife gave Obama lots and lots of loot and are giving Hillary lots and  lots of loot, too.  The super rich have money to burn and Hillary crows every day that she is collecting billions from these super rich so they can rule us.  Isn’t that going to make America Great Again!


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45 responses to “Once Again, Most Math Winners Are Asian And Trump Attacked By Our Rulers For ‘Make America Great AGAIN’ Hats!

  1. Christian W

    Great rant, Elaine 🙂

    I am very curious exactly what is meant by the “Make America Great Again” slogan. The word ‘again’ must point to a specific period of time to have any meaning in this context. When was America Great and how exactly does Mr. Trump plan to emulate that Great time in US history?

  2. Nani

    First, if the US is foolish enough to start WWIII against Russia or China, or both simultaneously, the US will be obliterated. No one in the US should have any illusions that the US will escape from this scenario unharmed.

    Instead of using so much energy and resources on this childish cold-war game, the US could have spent these money on more productive things like infrastructure, health and education. This would have made America stronger again. Being a global military empire makes America weaker at home, and eventually it will lead to bankruptcy.

  3. emsnews

    I must ask for forgiveness here: I didn’t mention that NO GIRLS were at the top of the math exams as per always, again.

    And I am female. This is a topic of greatest interest for me since I find it fascinating that males can do math much easier than females.

    When I was a elementary school girl, I could win speed math contests, for example but by high school, I was left behind, big time, in comparison to my brothers! They were way, way ahead and easily, too while I had to struggle along OK but this freaked me out.

    I even asked my mother who was an astronomer, is it the menstrual cycle doing this and she said, ‘Blame the moon!’ Argh.

  4. e sutton

    Most of us racists, and yes, I am one, readily admit that Asians and Jews are far superior in math than white Europeans. We also readily agree that the very, very, very bottom of the ethnic gene pool when it comes to intelligence and culture is…….wait…….for ……..it……..Africans. The amount of time, energy, and money spent trying to disguise this fact since 1964 has been absolutely staggering. A larger drain on Western civilization God has never created. Africans, and in particular, ¨African Americans¨ are a gigantic millstone around any culture that relies on mental acuity. The 21st century has no need for obsolete farm equipment.

    The solution? Certainly not Hitler´s mass extermination, which clearly was evil. In the early 20th century, a well thought out program of eugenics, along with a respect for freedom of association laws, helped ensure progress. Now we find ourselves reverting to the African mean. A disaster unfolding right before our eyes. Drink deeply of it, liberals. You served up this very toxic brew.

  5. melponeme_k


    I suspect our female ability to multitask and keep different balls juggling at once is part of the problem that prevents us from fully exploring mathematical ability. Men do have greater powers of concentration in certain aspects, math being one of them.

  6. emsnews

    Somewhere in the history of human evolution it was of primary importance for males to do math!


    The NYT back in 1987 admitted men are better than women at math but then a miracle happened in just 20 years and…


    Which says women are better than men except…all severe tests like the national math exam shows this is ridiculous and smart females (I hope I still have some brains) knows this very well and won’t cover it up.

    Here is a STUPID article that enrages me: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/gender-gap-why-do-men-feel-they-are-better-women-maths-science-1507877

    That is, in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL girls do best at math and this was true with me…but then the article pretends that it is the end of the story not the amazing beginning, why males develop much greater math skills when entering teen years and girls fall off the cliff even if they have very high IQs and mine was ridiculously high, I took my first GRADUATE course when only 17 years old!

  7. ziff

    Rebalancing the worlds wealth was always on the liberal agenda, does seem to be working.

  8. Vengeur

    “Make America Great Again” should be banned as hate speech. LOL .

  9. Petruchio

    “Anyways, look at the names: from India or China except for one kid, Brian Reinhart who is keeping up the ‘European ethnic’ flag. I saw another possible name, Jacob Klegar who is one of the top ten and…” Elaine: what I have discovered is you sometimes can’t go by the name to determine ethnic background. I could give several examples from my personal experience. I know a steve jones–who is 100% Japanese ethnically. I know a grace Anderson–who is 100% Chinese ethnically. I could cite more example, but my point is: some members of these ethnic groups do not want to be ID’ed just by someone reading their names, so they adopt names that give absolutely NO indication of their racial makeup. It’s possible Reinhart and Klegar could be 100% from India. Or they could be 100% Chinese. And yes, it is also possible that Klegar and Reinhart have ethnic backgrounds tha match their names–who knows? I’m just sayin’….


    ELAINE: Exactly which is why I looked for pictures of the winners! Ahem. See?

    Furthermore, there are few European stock children with Chinese names and many Chinese with ‘Americanized’ names and do note virtually NO winners had any sort of ‘Americanized’ names at all. My grandson’s name is very Chinese.

  10. e sutton


    I offer to you a case in point. One LaJaveeyus D´elmonte Washington and D´Queefah Malaria Jones. Nuff said……

  11. “Many winners went to private schools but one, a kid from out of India, goes to Troy High School which is near where I live and I know that school well.”

    Sorry, wrong Troy. He went to Troy High School in Troy, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, not Troy, New York. Here are two paragraphs from a press release from Oakland University in Rochester Hill, Michigan that mentions him.

    “Each year, exceptional high school students descend on Oakland University’s campus to take part in its Summer Mathematics Institute (OUSMI). The six-week program offers students the chance to study advanced math concepts and receive college credit. Two recent OUSMI participants are preparing for an international competition at which they will present a research project that started at the Institute. Troy High School juniors Justin Xu and Dhruv Medarametla collaborated on a graph theory project, studying the structural properties of a class of networks known as 2-Bijective Connection Networks, or 2-BCNs.

    The pair qualified for international competition after being named “Best Team” at the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit. The honor earned them a chance to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, which will take place May 10-15 in Pittsburgh. They will present a poster of their research to a judging panel of industry professionals and university faculty. More than $5 million in prizes is up for grabs, according to the event website.”


    It doesn’t change your point about Asian-Americans, men, and math, but it does show you need to be more careful about the examples you choose. Also, please add Troy, Michigan, being one of the most Asian-American cities in Michigan (large Indian and Chinese communities), along with Ann Arbor (Japanese) and Hamtramck (Bangladeshis), to your knowledge of Metro Detroit. Metro Detroit is not all poverty and ruin porn.


    ELAINE: Thank you for the RESEARCH. I had limited time this morning. Good work, there. Sigh. I belonged to such programs for accelerated young brainiac brats like myself. Took tests, was let in, got in oodles of trouble because I was rather bored, otherwise.

    Wasted some opportunities but then, the university system blew up from 1966 t0 1974 when they fixed things for me by eliminating my entire field of study across the entire US!!!

  12. Or maybe the joke’s on me. It occurred to me that you actually moved off your mountain top in Upstate New York and moved to Michigan. I scanned back through your more recent entries and you mentioned “your reader in Michigan” calling when you last fell ill and a State Trooper coming to your door. If that’s the case, I apologize for my snottiness and aspersions to your attention to detail and ignorance of the area. Also, welcome, neighbor!

  13. melponeme_k


    I wonder if the math comes into play due to hunting requirements. I once read that men also have greater ability to better judge spatial areas and calculate distance objects. In essence they have a better ability to navigate space and ascertain perspective.

    Does this mean male animals across the animal kingdom have better basic math abilities than females of the species? Or is it less of a gap since many female predators also hunt?

    Our development is focused almost exclusively on interpersonal social groups. We know better when someone is up to no good. We can feel changes in group dynamics.

    Both abilities are very much needed for survival. It is just that our civilization has grown far beyond the basic and we are ramming our heads against evolution that is moving far too slowly. I fear that is where we will tinker with our own genetic design and perhaps, doom ourselves.


    ELAINE: It is worse! Women stayed home in the cave taking care of the children and elderly while Junior and daddy ran all over the place killing animals, killing other humans, and having sex with strangers. 🙂

  14. Petruchio

    @#11 e sutton: I’m guessing your examples are Swedish in terms of ethnic group??!! LOL…..

  15. e sutton


    No, Mel……we are all the same. The gubmint tells us so.

  16. Kenneth Hausle

    I remember competing in the North Carolina math contest…..I did not come in first place, but the fellow who I schooled with did. I remember his name, but for the sake of discretion, I certainly won’t speak it now. BUT, my teacher’s name was Ms. Puitt. She was a legend straight out of Germany (I think). Man could she teach calculus.

    Them days may be gone in the North Carolina schools. Sad but true for a pathetic and most backwards state that passes a House Bill 2.

    But, just saying Making America Great don’t mean diddily if you have no idea where the teachers are going to come from and why they would have any desire to participate in such an unappreciated profession, especially in the PATHETIC state of NC. Maybe I need to move back to the Commonwealth. I like that name a whole lot better.


  17. emsnews

    Welcome to the Common Poverty Nation.

  18. Kenneth Hausle

    Yep Elaine, and no more promises from me, but I understand. It could be better is what I think.

  19. ziff

    Calculus:::, all my life!! i’ve needed to determine the slope of a curve that i’ve never seen that exists somewhere i’ll never know, What a loss,,,,

  20. Kenneth Hausle

    Ziff – hi friend. Your life ain’t over yet. Learn calculus if you can!

  21. Kenneth Hausle

    Calculus must be one of the greatest tools ever yet in humanity, but if you square nothing it ain’t something. So that is the flaw of calculus, but who cares. It still works most of the time.

  22. Ken that is the most irritating response I’ve ever had, look some people just don ‘ t like it , I find it aestheticaly repulsive. most problems in life are interpersonal ,find the derivative of that .

  23. The world runs on all sorts of talents math being one. I get annoyed with math geeks lording it over everyone, most i met in university were smartass pricks ( course being young we all were lol ) .

  24. emsnews

    Yes, Ziff, they did think you were a prick. I grew up with ‘math geeks’ aka, ‘scientists’ and they really are weird people to grow up with, I was the ‘languages’ person using words and they all used math and I didn’t hate them for this, I wanted this, too, but my brothers were males so they had an easy time of it when I had to bust my brain cells to figure out numbers stuff.

  25. Jim R

    That makes me think back … when I took calculus, used to sit next to a guy with my same last name, we became friends. We got so-so grades, because we’d just watch the lecture, never take notes, never look at it outside class, and then come in to take the test.

    One lecture, the professor was furiously filling up the board with greek symbols, scratching away with his chalk. We both saw him drop a ‘-‘ sign, looked at each other, “Should we tell him? Nah, let’s let him go.” … And after filling another section of the board with chalk, the professor had that ‘oops’ moment, and had to backtrack. It’s all about getting things to cancel out, Elaine. You know, 1/1 and that sort of thing. And carefully avoiding singularities where you have 0/0, because that makes your whole thing ‘undefined’ and meaningless.

    There was a young woman in the school, she was the most amazingly smart female I ever personally met. She would sit in math class and mark off the minutes like |||| in her notebook, and get 100% on all the tests. She went on to get a teaching degree, and teach the stuff… Anyhoo, the point is that women can be math brainiacs too.

    But another thing that affects your brain is age. I couldn’t pass that calculus class now, I have forgotten it. The greek symbols look sort of familiar, but I couldn’t manipulate them to get any sort of useful answer.

  26. Lou

    BLM disrupt Toront gay Pride, demand money.

    In USA Bklacks still kill and rape in numbers way higher than Whites.
    Here, from the news,

    2nd story: Cleveland police are investigating after Terrance Prescott, 26, was shot daed Thursday during a fight inside C-Town Deli and Food Mart on Hough Avenue.


    3rd story: Another “feel good” story, until you find out we, the taxpayer, are on the hook yet once again to pay for someone else’s keeds now that “da baby daddy” is daed.
    A father of 5 got into an argument with his newly married wife of less than a year. Investigators noted in court records that Ashley Shutes hit her husband with a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. The impact knocked her husband to the ground, according to police. She drove forward and ran him over. Ashley Shutes put the SUV in reverse, ran him over again and dragged him for 12 feet, police said.


  27. ziff

    my problem was i was in geology and unless you are in the engineering or chemistry end there is i think no use for calculus. Instead it was used as litmus test for intelligence. But these geniuses couldn’t teach it properly [or at least to some] ie. it was/is called’ rote calculus’ so you would memorize the solution to one problem but then have no way of solving the next, in other words there was no intuition involved [ the way problems are really solved] . And it would have helped if real world examples were used, since they are describing the world in terms of functions , how do you do that ? begin there. Or how do you teach talent?
    Once i went to the prof’s office for help , he had some paintings on the wall, i sort of knew they were his [or maybe a relative] ,anyway they weren’t very good. So i thought he’s trying to be an artist and i’m trying to be a mathematican .

  28. Jim R

    Well, yeah, ziff, different people’s brains are wired in different ways.

    Koko got dinged on the intelligence test because she said flowers were something good to eat, and didn’t recognize an ice cream cone. Cultural bias, it can’t be denied.

    To tell the truth, I never really had a use for Laplace transforms. I majored in chemistry, but by the time I graduated I had outgrown my pyromania/breaking-bad phase, and never pursued a career in it. It’s still kind of interesting in an abstract way, but I’ll just let the experts run the fireworks displays. They have the fire extinguishers and etc, on standby.

    I piddled around with computers and microprocessors and electronics and stuff, instead. It was a good career, but I wouldn’t know how to begin to advise anyone in school today. Maybe study organic farming..

  29. emsnews

    Well, I belonged to the Fire Society and we set off fireworks and explosions and most of the members were in geology working for the Marana Mines in Arizona.

    Then the FBI went after us all. I can’t tell all the stories about what we did since it was rather illegal even back in the sixties. But fun. And very noisy. Can’t do this today.

  30. Abby

    Asians seem to do really well in these international competitions and fill many engineering positions, but if you look at the cream of the crop in mathematics, they are seriously lagging. Perhaps the country we should be emulating is France, which has won many Fields Medals. The US used to, but lately only has produced foreign winners working at US institutions.

  31. emsnews

    Note all the Russian winners…and increasingly, the names go from German/British/French and other Europeans to Asians in India and China, etc. including Vietnam. No one from Africa.

    My old school, Berkeley, has a lot of mentions and in the past, Japan, too… only it fades fast (Japan is literally dying). That award isn’t a test, by the way, they pick and choose who to HONOR for PAST DEEDS.

    The high school tests are all about the FUTURE. And this does concern me since it shows clearly that something is going on. I used to run around in this realm since I entered these high school tests to gain scholarships, etc. in the field of languages only to be stabbed in the back, big time.

    If I was rich, I could have continued doing language studies but I was very poor, lived in a tiny pre-WWI house in Tucson, was pregnant and needed to make lots of money, fast.

    I am NOT the only one who had to jump ship! If we stop funding studies in science, this will destroy it, too. Note that these winners in the field of math theory were all living at Universities, not working on roofs all summer long!

  32. emsnews

    I just went to the German site for similar competition tests. This year’s results:

    Max Aehle ***

    Charlotte Dietze Leo Gitin ****

    Branko Juran **

    Chokri Manai Meike Neuwohner **

    Christian Nöbel

    Adrian Riekert ***

    Nicholas Schwab **

    Jörn Stöhler ****

    Ferdinand Wagner ****

    Kevin Zhang

    There are very few Chinese in Germany…and note who one of the winners is! Chinese! One is from INDIA which also has a small population there. One is a GIRL!!! Wow. Fantastic!

    Happy to see that. There are females who can excel in math when compared to the top males but they are rare birds indeed.

    It is highly significant that two of the winners are from less than 1% of the population and this makes my point even more. Asia is excelling in this area and no surprise to me, who invented math in the first place?

    It came from India and China! Imported into the rest of the world. Remember, math in Europe until after the Roman Empire fell, was very crude.

    Muslims picked it up from the East and brought it into Europe via sword.

  33. kenogami

    “It came from India and China! Imported into the rest of the world. Remember, math in Europe until after the Roman Empire fell, was very crude.

    Muslims picked it up from the East and brought it into Europe via sword.”

    No that is incorrect. Math was invented in the Middle East: inEgypt, Mesopotamia, and then was extraordinarily developped by the Greeks. It passed from the Greeks to the Muslims.

  34. emsnews

    Arabic numerals, also called Hindu-Arabic[1][2] or Indo-Arabic numerals,[3] are the ten digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, based on the Hindu–Arabic numeral system,[4] the most common system for the symbolic representation of numbers in the world today. In this system, a sequence of digits such as “975” is read as a single number, using the position of the digit in the sequence to interpret its value. The symbol for zero is the key for the effectiveness of the system, which was developed by ancient mathematicians in the Indian Subcontinent around AD 500.[4]

  35. emsnews

    Do note that modern numbers came from India. I should have said ‘modern numbers’ so people wouldn’t be confused.

  36. Ziff – sorry I irritated you. Calculus is a pain in the ass.

    Also, just for the sake of the record, I was wrong about squaring nothing. That is obviously nothing. What I meant was squaring an itty, itty, bit of almost nothing. An infinitesimal. That is still something, but for calculus to work (the equations) you have to assume it is “essentially” nothing. That’s the flaw, but it doesn’t really matter that much because almost all of the time, it really is essentially nothing, but sometimes (such as when you live in a black hole), it ain’t.

    Man, these are turbulent times from the standpoint of folks suffering from road rage and others trying to usurp…..but, I reckon it has often been that way.

    Man, if Bush Junior hadn’t done what he did. Really alienated me and made things so much worse.

    It really could be so much better.

  37. Petruchio

    “There are very few Chinese in Germany…and note who one of the winners is! Chinese! ” I just want to point out that the Chinese have a HUGE numerical advantage. With a population of 1.5 BILLION, the odds are pretty good that there will be at least ONE “Super Whiz Kid/Genius in math who is Chinese. Same thing with pianists. Yes, there are other factors involved in producing people such as this and a rigorous academic environment certainly IS one of them. Still, the numerical advantage can’t be underestimated.##########” One is from INDIA which also has a small population there.” India: the SECOND most populous nation on Earth.

  38. Petruchio

    “It is worse! Women stayed home in the cave taking care of the children and elderly while Junior and daddy ran all over the place killing animals, killing other humans, and having sex with strangers. :)” Elaine: ya ever hear the story about the wife and the milkman? Or how about the same type of story about the wife and the mailman? Men aren’t the only ones who have sex with strangers. True, men “fool around” a little more than the girls, but there are women out there who are good to go. Always have been , too.

  39. Jim R

    Time and geography and Darwin have conspired to make China the source of these superior minds.

    Think about it. The largest contiguous stretch of arable land on the planet. England was blessed by geography as well — surrounded by water, but it is small. It was repeatedly invaded by northern Europeans of various tribes, and the Romans of course…

    China was always big enough to simply absorb an invading army. And one of their amazing inventions, along with paper and gunpowder, was bureaucracy. They perfected it thousands of years ago. Aptitude tests were one of the components of it. Since Confucius, they would test all the youth, and assign them a rank in the hierarchy based on intelligence. And their budding bureaucrats would be transferred to distant parts of the country to avoid cronyism and nepotism.

    So, over time, the Han Chinese took control of this huge landmass, and created a dominant culture, language, currency, technology, etc.

    The one unfortunate thing ancient China did was to have a hereditary monarch class. That resulted in what it always results in — weak, inbred imbeciles at the top of the org chart. But the rest of the populace was tested, vetted, organized. Individuals who were smart and good at math did well, and those who were less capable were relegated to lesser positions. Eventually, you’re going to get what amounts to a selection process going.

    As for China’s way of doing things, I think the results speak very well for them.

  40. emsnews

    That is how Egypt was run for many generations, too. And Rome.

  41. Petruchio

    @#40 Jim R: the system of “vetting” and testing as you describe, is a very efficient system as long as ONE rule is followed: a relegating/vetting/testing method that is FAIR and HONEST. Once nepotism seeps in, this kind of ‘meritocracy’ slides downhill FAST. As long as relevant questions are being used on these tests to place people in positions of employment, it IS a good system. In the US, the spoiled rotten, rich kid Ivy Leaguers obliterated this system. The most glaring example of this are those delusional, overindulged, over pampered and insulated members of the Numbskulls and Boneheads.

  42. ziff

    Ken, it needs to be taught better, i was missing some mental furniture and sink or swim. I think it would make more sense, if ‘they see the world in terms of functions , start there. One google article pointed out that students may pass calculus but still not understand it.

  43. emsnews

    Even if individuals don’t understand something, at least they have the ability to interact to some degree with what they learned. Versus knowing nothing at all!

  44. kenogami

    There is a difference between knowing something and understanding it.

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