Big News: UK Inquiry Into Illegal Iraq War Accuses Blair (and Bush Jr.) Of War Crimes!

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I was going to write about how the US media giants don’t allow any comments anymore and use the NYT as an example when the story about BLAIR being accused of war crimes in Britain…and the Brits examining all this also accuse Bush Jr…and the NYT is allowing ‘comments’ so I wrote to them saying, ‘Arrest all war criminals, arrest both Bushes, both Clintons and any Cheneys, too.’  I bet they won’t publish that!  Meanwhile, the media whines that we are not following their orders but then won’t let us talk back to them so they are now totally out of touch with the Citizens and thus, unable to gage what is really going on here.  HAHAHA.  Perhaps we should not clue them in about all this.  They don’t understand, we don’t need the media to talk anymore.


Oh, an aside here.  The NYT also reports in the screen shot above that Muslims are angry we are not more sympathetic when Muslims blow up Muslims.  Talk about childish!  They are doing this to THEMSELVES.  Duh.  They can stop this, too, if they want but they don’t want to stop.


Chilcot Report on Iraq War Offers Devastating Critique of Tony Blair – The New York Times


LONDON — Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain went to war alongside the United States in Iraq in 2003 on the basis of flawed intelligence that went unchallenged, a shaky legal rationale, inadequate preparation and exaggerated public statements, an independent inquiry into the war concluded in a report published on Wednesday.


The long-awaited report by the Iraq Inquiry Committee, led by John Chilcot, takes up 12 volumes covering 2.6 million words, four times longer than “War and Peace,” and took seven years to complete, longer than Britain’s combat operations in Iraq. It concluded that Mr. Blair and the British government underestimated the difficulties and consequences of the war and overestimated the influence he would have over President George W. Bush.


It was not ‘flawed’ intelligence, there was NO ‘intelligence’ and certainly the White House was stupid.  Duh.  The Skull and Bones team running the US back then were deliberately attacking an innocent bystander, Saddam, who did absolutely nothing about the World Trade Center attacks, he was utterly innocent.  As was the ruler of Syria and Libya when attacked, too.


F.B.I.’s Critique of Hillary Clinton Is a Ready-Made Attack Ad – The New York Times reports.  The Times is pissed that this war criminal is being ‘attacked’ when the FBI itself went forth today to denounce the termination of the investigation of Toilet Gate.  Flush it all down the loo!


 A more conventional Republican nominee would probably already be using Mr. Comey’s remarks to churn out new attack ads and bombarding television and radio audiences until every voter had heard the phrase “extremely careless” more than he or she could count. A typical nominee would have allies memorizing Mr. Comey’s best lines and repeating them on cable news and at local political events — assailing Mrs. Clinton’s judgment and experience to exploit and deepen the mistrust that many Americans feel toward her, and to drive up her unfavorability ratings in public opinion polls.


I remember Watergate.  It didn’t take off like a rocket.  It was a very slow simmer and the media attacked anyone who attacked Nixon and we were demonstrating against Nixon for YEARS and called him a ‘war criminal’ which he was and Kissinger still is…and we were beaten up, berated and hassled and the FBI tapped my phones…hahaha…so I used pay phones to organize stuff.


All this roared along while Nixon broke more and more and more laws and then one fine day, he finally tripped up and then we had these hearings and bloviating and hysteria and I was pregnant with my first child, goofing off, watching all this noise and then Nixon was allowed to resign.  THEN I was pissed off and demonstrated against this crime of letting this war criminal loose.  He didn’t spend an hour in jail and I spent more than an hour in jail for jaywalking.  Yes, jaywalking!


But Mr. Trump is not typical. He has reserved relatively little television advertising time in swing states. He prefers to launch attacks over Twitter and at campaign rallies rather than to use commercials or surrogates as force multipliers. And he has a tendency to choose the wrong targets and overcomplicate his arguments. On Tuesday, for instance, he chose to attack Mr. Comey for not bringing charges against Mrs. Clinton, writing on Twitter, “The system is rigged.”


HAHAHA.  Trump isn’t BUYING ADS FROM THE MEDIA!  Stop the presses!  Terrible news…for the media giants who want an extra billion (yes, billion) dollars selling ad space to ‘candidates’ for ‘public office’.  They are a huge part of the illegality, the evils of our system. Rich people buy votes by giving money to servants who run for office and then work for them, not the voters.  This is how the Clintons collect bribes.


A few hours later, Mr. Trump issued a longer statement full of insinuations and conspiracy theories: “Our adversaries almost certainly have a blackmail file on Hillary Clinton,” he said. He argued that her lawyers and former President Bill Clinton were up to no good, and contended that Mr. Comey’s findings disqualified Mrs. Clinton from the presidency, a popular Republican talking point.


Even as Democrats cringed listening to Mr. Comey deconstruct Mrs. Clinton’s sloppiness, they consoled themselves by expressing confidence that the moment would pass.


Trump is totally, 100% correct here!  Bravo.  The Democrats (that is, the elites who run the party and are Bilderberg conspirators) are hoping that the media (owners of the media often attend Bilderberg meetings and tell us nothing about what goes on there!!!) will forget all about her Toilet Gate crap.  They will have collective amnesia which they did with Nixon, too, by the way.  I remember this.


I and my friends and others had to put out endless leaflets with real news, telling the public what is going on.  We had to make this via mimeograph machines which I turned with this little crank. It did build up my throwing muscles!  We then had to hand these out on the streets and people would threaten to beat us up (mimeographs are great training for throwing punches!!!) etc.


Fun times.  Now we have the internet which Trump is exploiting highly and Hillary’s tweets are insipid and stupid and his are explosive bombs going off with the media howling about these tweets endlessly.  All this, he gets for free.  Sanders was totally ignored by the media or only attacked violently and snide remarks, and statements about how Hillary had all the Super Duper Dope Delegates so he better surrender yet he still won primaries against her the last week of the primaries and was nearly neck to neck the entire way.


She is toast.  And the move to assassinate Trump is going into high gear now.  The Skull and Bones/Bilderberg/ NWO gang is waiting to see who Trump picks as VP and they will back this person so long as they are members of the conspiracy to rule us and then kill him.  But his populism is irritating them to death.


By the way, the left is intent on suicide.  Still screaming about Black Lives Matter Except If You Are Ghetto Trash Killing Each Other and the We Are Roasting To Death Which Is Why We Are In Florida, Not New Hampshire, the left is sticking a sword into their own guts here.  They should have dropped the other matters and gone for Bernie but they didn’t, they think Hillary loves them when she hates their guts and already is boasting about how she will work with the GOP in the future.  Good lord, the left has gone so stupid it hurts.


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10 responses to “Big News: UK Inquiry Into Illegal Iraq War Accuses Blair (and Bush Jr.) Of War Crimes!

  1. ziff

    Trump speaks the plain truth [ so refreshing to hear] and the media go into shock, [ first thing i heard this morning. ]

  2. Jim R

    Off topic, a little, but:

    Posting it here, because the ‘news media’ won’t publish stuff like this. Real stuff that might actually affect people.

  3. Jim R

    Ha, maybe a bit of exaggeration. Just did a news search and I see that the stupid reactor has been just barely sputtering along for years now. They’ll shut it down, and then try to get permission to start it up again, and when they do, it runs for a week and shuts down again.

    Needs to be decomissioned forever.

  4. Petruchio

    I think it is interesting to watch the GOP Rulers slowly, slooooowwwwwlllllyyy come out in support of HILLARY CLINTON!! A logical initial reaction to this happening is WTF!! But the façade is coming off. It’s there for all to see: the GOP and the Democratic Party are the SAME THING!! Two heads on the same snake.
    Here’s another WTF about the support of the GOP elites for Hillary: why don’t the GOP leaders put up a Third Party candidate? That is the logical thing for the GOP to do, but they won’t do it. Why? Because a Third Party candidate is abhorrent to them; it might upset the Current Power Structure of Two Parties, same thing.
    A viable, third Party which can send people to Congress would destroy the completely rigged system that currently exists. They couldn’t filibuster(something the GOP has used the past 8 years constantly) and they Dems AND the GOP couldn’t sneak corporate or AIPAC sponsored legislation very freely and/or without scrutiny.
    One other thing: I think deep down inside, the GOP elites know FULL WELL that, if they come out for what they really are, the Party of the uber wealthy no one will endorse their candidate. The GOP elites are sleazy corrupt and they are political whores–and they know it. Even those so-called “elites”, the Numbskulls and Boneheads, know it.

  5. emsnews

    And it took a sleazy gambling boss who had many wives and is amoral, to rip the mask off the GOP and DNC simultaneously. This is hysterically funny.

  6. Petruchio

    Also wildly funny: Donald Trump is a man of impeccable integrity and of lily white ethical standards compared to the political wh#re Class in D.C.. Wildly funny in a tragic, pathetic sort of way.

  7. emsnews

    And he is a gambling boss! HAHAHA. The Wall Street Casino and the Bilderberg gang hates this. Competition.

  8. John

    – What is the link between Blair and Bilderberg? Blair was invited to Bilderberg and not long after became Prime Minister (just like a number of other politicians elsewhere)..

    – Why is Blair so openly humble in writing to Bush? Which secret society is in the background?

  9. emsnews

    Every once and a while someone steals the lists of attendees at these secret societies and it makes very brief news with the news people making fun of all this and saying it is stupid to have this information, who cares? And then it sinks downwards into the murk and no one discusses what this all means.

  10. Lou

    news people making fun of all this–‘conspiracy theorists’ ‘nuts’ ‘tin foil hats’

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