Clintons Pull A Nixon: Obvious Lawbreaking Legalized By Attorney General

Nixon Impeachment Hearings in the House starts 1974-


I still remember Watergate and that hellion who wants to be in the White House supposedly worked for the Nixon impeachment committee so how the hell does this bitch get away with legalizing her very illegal abuse of Secretary of State rules and laws?  And remember: all her crimes, like the Nixon crimes, was due to an illegal war and a cover up of illegal actions.  WHAT WAS IN THOSE EMAILS?  The entire reason to have them ‘off the record’ was due to her chatting about war crimes.


Fmr AG Mukasey: Hillary Violated Felony Standard of ‘Gross Negligence,’ Others Have Been Prosecuted ‘For Far Less’ – Breitbart is a right wing site but then, all the Bilderberg gangster sites like the New York Times and Washington Post are hiding this information.


Elsie Barstow sent me an email with this information for which I am grateful, from Snopes:

Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 7.03.34 AM

We now know for a fact that the Bill Clinton secret meeting with the Attorney General on a jet on the tarmac was to rig the investigation of Mr. Clinton’s wife.  Via Obama, she has the power to stop investigations and it worked like a charm!  Only it was all highly illegal and heads should roll and the GOP is being ordered to be quiet due to the fact that if they make a noise about all this, Trump will win and the Bilderberg gang is totally against this.


Fmr AG Mukasey: Hillary Violated Felony Standard of ‘Gross Negligence,’ Others Have Been Prosecuted ‘For Far Less’ – Breitbart


Mukasey said, “I was particularly distressed to hear that he said there was no intention to violate the law, when the laws involved don’t require an intention to violate the law. One has — the felony statute has a standard of gross negligence. And he said that she showed gross negligence when he said that she was extremely careless in handling information, some of which was at the top most classification. These are emails that the State Department has said will never be disclosed. She was extremely careless in handling those. That’s enough to establish gross negligence. When he said that we’ve never done anything like this in the past, he may have been referring to the FBI, but there are recorded cases of soldiers being prosecuted for doing far less, for mistakenly putting classified documents in somebody’s desk drawer and forgetting about them. That soldier was prosecuted for a felony.”


He added that General David Petraeus’ case had “circumstances that are far less serious than those that resulted in today’s statement.”


Of course, the ‘top secrets’ here are international war crimes.  This is why they are secret in the first place.  Many war crimes are kept secret by nations for this very reason and the US is addicted to this terrible double standard whereby we get to commit war crimes, NO ONE IS PUNISHED unless it is a low level soldier or someone powerless, then they are stomped to the ground but at the top?


Not a soul is punished.  Why aren’t the Bushes in prison?  And the Clintons?  And Obama, for that matter.  He doesn’t mind Hillary breaking laws.  Her job was to break laws!  This lawless foreign policy  making is done this way because this is how our rulers stay in power!


What saddens me most is how ‘conservatives’ who are not in power, that is, the voters on the right, can’t see that they have been betrayed for a long, long, long time starting with their super hero, Reagan.  Ruthlessly betrayed by their ‘leaders’ who hobnob SECRETLY at Bilderberg meetings and other nefarious, secret venues including the Skull and Bones at Yale, the left/right spectrum is controlled at both ends by conspirators who work to keep power behind the curtains.


Every four years, they pretend to hate each other and then kiss and laugh afterwards.  Fooled them citizens again!  HAHAHA.  This year, they are not laughing, they are tearing their hair out because they have to openly support Hillary thus, revealing their true allegiances.  They are taking off their masks and screaming at Republican voters to stay away from Trump or else.


Will right wingers wake up?  Left wingers were sent on a fool’s errand to stop CO2 plant food or we will all die, supposedly. Not one CO2 fearful follower of Gore has wondered why he and his ilk still live in huge mansions, fly private jets, find a zillion excuses to fly all over the planet ‘killing everyone and everything’ with CO2, etc.  Both wings of the political spectrum has been drawn into fool’s errands in order to keep them voting for…Bilderberg gangsters who are all BUDDIES!!!  Friends!!!!!


Note how England has overturned its entire political system when the miserable, ignored, abused voters voted to Brexit the EU which is a massive Bilderberg operation from hell.  The German rulers gnash their teeth in impotent rage…HAHAHA…the French fume but then want to ship all those illegal Muslims to London in revenge…HAHAHA, again.  Wow.


Voters are voting for things the real rulers do not want and they are screaming at us all via the media systems which are set up to set us against each other and to persuade us that boogey men are dangerous and attacking us and then shipping real attackers in to do exactly that and that is what happened with 9/11: attackers were brought in, trained and unleashed on us and then the wrong country was attacked that had nothing to do with this.  A major, major war crime.

A reminder of what LAUNCHED the Watergate crimes, when Ellsberg made the secret war plans public:  Whistle-Blowers: A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg and John Dean – YouTube

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10 responses to “Clintons Pull A Nixon: Obvious Lawbreaking Legalized By Attorney General

  1. floridasandy

    obviously the meeting on the plane was for a reason, and now it is becoming increasingly clear.

    make no mistake, Elaine, most conservatives know what is going on which is why we DIDN’T coronate jeb.

    Can the left say the same?

  2. emsnews

    So true, but then the Democrats revolted by supporting Sanders so much he won his last primary during the last week of primaries. These clowns are royally pissed at both left and right voters going off the tracks.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, who do you think will be the 2 nominees?

  4. e sutton

    Besides war crimes, the e-mails undoubtedly contained references to the Clinton Foundation selling State secrets to the highest bidder. If Hillary went down, she´d be dragging a lot of people with her. This was perhaps the clumsiest cover up I have ever witnessed. We are now, officially, a banana republic. The rule of law is dead and buried. They don´t even try to hide their crimes any more. Ruthless, vicious, evil people – one and all.

  5. floridasandy

    that is so true. In my lifetime, I have never seen some blatant corruption and clumsy attempts to deny the truth-on pretty much everything.

    it’s almost like they are all trying to take both positions on every issue-look at comey’s clumsy “yes, Hillary did it and it was bad and illegal, but she didn’t mean to” explanation.


  6. emsnews

    We still haven’t seen her Goldman Sachs speeches.

  7. floridasandy

    The speech in 2013 was one of three Clinton made on behalf of Goldman Sachs. According to public records, Clinton gave 92 speeches between 2013 and 2015. Her standard fee is $225,000, and she collected $21.6 million dollars in just under two years. Clinton made 8 speeches to big banks, netting $1.8 million, according to a CNN analysis.

    could it possibly be that we would elect the MOST criminal of all the nominees in our history?

    she has sold us out, and will continue to do so if we are dumb enough to let her in the front door.

  8. emsnews

    What is hilarious about all this is, she is a terrible public speaker. She is both boring and obnoxious and to think all these clever bankers had to SIT THROUGH her speeches and pay her these bribes is funny as hell.

    It IS hell. They deserve more of this.

  9. Petruchio

    “It IS hell. They deserve more of this.” Actually, the banksters deserve orange jumpsuits and live with the General Population at places like Attica and Sing Sing Max security prisons. Numerous members of the Political Wh#re Class deserve the same thing.

  10. Lou

    What is hilarious about all this is, she is a terrible public speaker. –sometimes no talent is enough.

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