US Cops Punished If Shoot Someone With Scissors…Israeli Jews Do This All The Time

Palestinian woman shot in stab attempt on Israeli soldiers (VIDEO) — RT News


US media goes nuts when cops here shoot a black criminal resisting arrest or other wild stuff.  But in Jewish run Israel and especially the illegally occupied West Bank, armed Jews can shoot people dead and nothing happens.  In today’s video, a Palestinian lady walks very, very slowly towards two fully armored, helmets on head, with assault weapons, holding a knife in the air.


They then machine gun her down.  As she is dying, she rolls over and they stand there, guns ready to riddle her body further and then she dies.  In the US where people kill cops every week, we have nervous police who sometimes overreact or lose self control and then they are punished for this.  In Israel, even though the US pays for nearly everything, Jews crow about how they are oh-so-superior to everyone, very moral and right and where Nazi talk is evil…act like Nazis all the time and all over the place.


They even have the Nazi ideology of ‘Lebensraum: Living Space for the German Race.  Jews are very big on condemning Hitler for this concept.  Lebensraum as a Justification for Israeli Settlements – Haaretz – Israel News


 And now, in the middle of the summer, when the social protest is putting the housing shortage at the top of the agenda for a moment, the third school of thought is developing and taking hold. The interior minister – in advance of a Black September of his own – approves the construction of 1,600 housing units for the ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, another 624 units in Pisgat Ze’ev and another 930 in Har Homa Gimmel – all beyond the Green Line. Defense Minister Ehud Barak, for whom the election threshold is a sharp knife at his throat, approved 277 homes in the settlement of Ariel, may it be established in his day. And 42 MKs are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ease the housing shortage in the country via accelerated construction in the territories.


Suddenly we are short of space here in Israel, which has become full to capacity and needs lebensraum. Every cultured person knows that this is a despicable German concept, banned from use because of the associations it brings up. Still, people are starting to use it, if not outright then with a clear implication: We are short of land, we are short of air, let us breathe in this country.


Palestinians are not allowed to build hardly anything, anywhere.  UN condemns Israeli plans to expand settlements – YouTube: two days ago, on the 4th of July.


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7 responses to “US Cops Punished If Shoot Someone With Scissors…Israeli Jews Do This All The Time

  1. Jim R

    US cops are not much better than the fascist zionists … it’s overrun with pseudomilitary police organizations. Read these stories:

  2. emsnews

    You know, the police are doing the bidding of the voters in many places and some people hate this because they want chaos or such and I wrote about this today yet again: the War on Drugs started this conflict with ‘the street’ and continues today and it is ridiculous and I am 100% against this war.

    BUT…the shooting of cops means they in turn will shoot faster, too. Do you want all civilians totally disarmed? BTW, I have several guns and use these and am petitioning the government this week to shoot some bears.

  3. Christian W

    Do note that it is OCCUPATION troops murdering that Palestinian woman. It also definitely looks like suicide by soldiers. I’ve seen plenty of other videos where Israeli soldiers simply shoot clearly unarmed women and young girls. I don’t post them because I don’t want to spam brutal videos on here.

    The Palestinian people have a legal right to attack enemy forces occupying and stealing their land.

    Just the other day I saw a video of two American police officers sitting on a suspect. One calmly pulled his gun and shot the “suspect” (victim really) in the head. An obvious execution since there was no threat to the police officers and there were plenty of other possibilities to deal with the situation.

    The fact that police in the US murder so many people is not a sign of good law enforcement. It is a sign of a deeply rotten society.

    Murderous police is not a protection against chaos. It is a sign of fascism.

  4. Someone is approaching you with a knife in a threatening manner what do you do. Those Israeli soldiers were backing away from her and I am sure demanding she drop the knife. She was going to stab them if they hadn’t taken defensive measures. I assume they don’t carry Tasers.

  5. emsnews

    Neither party SPEAKS THE SAME LANGUAGE. So they were not communicating anything.

  6. emsnews

    Also, scared cops are dangerous cops. And the brutal cops exist because any state that ever existed, EVER, has these, it is part of reality. You can’t get rid of this.

    If a society like say, SWEDEN does get rid of this, when thugs come in as they have, there, they run wild and do horrible things and society collapses which is hilarious when we think about Swedes invading Europe and England doing exactly that, themselves.

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