Latest Police Shooting Causing Further Chaos: Refusal To Follow Police Orders Can Be Fatal

GRAPHIC Facebook LIVE Video Shows Black Man SHOT & KILLED By Police In MINNESOTA!! – YouTube

Yet another black motorist dies in police shootouts or custody and often this is due entirely to the fact that black males either resist arrest or refuse to follow instructions when police stop them.  Many many years ago, black males like white males, usually followed police orders and this was because the police were not given great grief if they shot you and this is why one had to cooperate.  And I have been illegally stopped and even illegally arrested and even illegally charged with ‘starting a riot’ all of which was false charges and easily set aside, the police and the politicians had to do this because…I cooperated fully with the police!  They had no case against me.


So, today we have great fuming and rage over this news:  Falcon Heights shooting: Woman livestreams aftermath –


 “Stay with me,” are the first words heard in her video. “We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back.” The camera shows the woman speaking, then turns to a man in a white shirt, covered in blood. Out the window appears to be a police officer with his gun drawn.


The footage was streamed on a Facebook account under the name Lavish Reynolds. WCCO spoke to Castile’s family who identified the woman as Diamond Reynolds.
In the video’s first minute, Reynolds says that Castile is licensed to carry a firearm. She claims that before the shooting, her boyfriend was trying to get his ID from his wallet in his back pocket.


I know many people hate the cops but we have to understand the laws that cops enforce are often popular with voters which why we have the useless and dangerous ‘War on Drugs’ launched by that White House criminal, Nixon, in order to put hippies in prison.  I am all for changing the laws to make life easier and have been against the War on Drugs since Nixon started it.


But here we are, decades later, armed criminals and cops get in shoot outs all the time and sometimes innocent people get shot, too.  But let’s go deeper into this story today.


I saw this video and what the girlfriend leaves out while chatting to the reporter (OR CNN left it out deliberately) is the part where the police fairly far behind the stopped vehicle and the officer says more than once, ‘Stop, put your hand on the steering wheel’. The man doesn’t stop.  He reaches for his belt area where many men park their guns.


Below are videos of what happens when people don’t sit still and put their hands on the steering wheel. Remember, I am an old lady and I still have to do this hands on steering wheel thing even today. It is now standard procedure.


CNN is extremely irresponsible for not starting the story with a warming to people watching that everyone must follow this rule and it should be hammered into the heads of children learning to drive.  I understand why the police do this.  I actually witnessed not once but twice, police being ambushed and killed.


Each case was heartbreaking.  Each case, I helped the hunt for the killer and in NYC was instrumental in identifying the assassin because I was one of the few people who had a really good look at him.  In California, I only got to ID the getaway car.  Which helped a lot.


The leftists at Berkeley, CA. were furious with me for helping the police run down and capture the assassin.  I wrote an editorial explaining why and talking about why the cop was talking to us when he was assassinated but no, the leftists wanted to crucify me for cooperation with the police.  I packed my bags and left California forever.


In NYC, the police were won over to me especially after I gave very clear ID of the cop killer.  Again, leftists accused me of racism since the killer was a black male and the cop who was killed was white.  This blind spot is causing the black community to collapse internally since lawlessness is epidemic now in these places and our rulers want it this way, it is all about ‘divide and conquer’ and I find it infuriating how blacks are led down this blind alley to total chaos.


These videos show clearly why cops are extremely paranoid about people refusing to put their hands on the steering wheel and sit still and not reach for their wallets or anything in their pants:

Georgia Police Officer Shot 7 Times During Traffic Stop (Dashcam) – YouTube


Georgia Police Officer Shot 7 Times During Traffic Stop (Dashcam) – YouTube


Now, on to Rochester, NY, my home base state, for the latest of many, many black riots inside Walmart stores:

Screen shot 2016-07-07 at 8.15.10 AM

Rochester, NY Crime Map – Showing Crime in Rochester

Thirty person brawl at Walmart captured on video with swinging bats | Daily Mail Online


Thirty people joined the fight as shoppers were seen running down the aisles wielding baseball bats and throwing trashcans at the store in Gates, Monroe County, authorities say.


Police say the dispute began after two 17-year-olds starting mocking and taking pictures of a dress worn by a 24-year-old woman at around 7pm on Sunday.


The row quickly escalated into violence and many ran to Walmart’s sporting section looking for weapons, such as baseball bats, to use in the fight, according to NBC New York.


We do not live in a civil society where we can go shopping without being hassled by young thugs who arrogantly hang out all over the place knowing that if they are black, no one dares tell them to leave.  So they do noxious things and then riot for often, little to no reasons.


Gates, NY, is right nest to Rochester.  Rochester is a once great industrial city that is now a slum thanks to generous welfare policies in the past.  Gates is one of the ring suburbs that still has some small wealth but not as much as other communities next to it.


Many of our former industrial cities are like this: a wasteland surrounded by a cocoon of wealthier suburbs that are slowing being hammered by crime pouring out of the city.


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22 responses to “Latest Police Shooting Causing Further Chaos: Refusal To Follow Police Orders Can Be Fatal

  1. Jim R

    The cop’s voice is on the video, and he’s not saying anything coherent.

    I’m not sure how you can fault someone for “not following the cop’s orders” when it’s just inchoate screaming.

  2. Jim R

    And, Elaine, as for your argument that “cops get shot while on duty”, remember that no one forced them to become cops. It was a choice they made voluntarily. Being a cop is a dangerous job. Being a farmer is a dangerous job. They could have been accountants or something else.

    But, yes, you’d think by now that everyone would know that when they pull you over, have your hands at ’10 and 2′ on the steering wheel, or on the dash if in the passenger seat. And stay calm and don’t go fishing around in your pants.

  3. Maddie's Mom

    If my loved one had just been shot, the very LAST thing I would think of would be to video ANYTHING. I don’t think I would even remember i had a phone. (And I’m certainly not talented enough to video while handcuffed. lol and I’m shocked the cops didn’t seize her phone immediately..I mean, if you’ve already killed the guy…)


  4. e sutton

    The police are in a quandary. On the one hand, the establishment pays them to keep the general public on a very short leash. There are draconian drug laws which, courtesy of Three Strikes laws (thanks Bill Clinton), that can put you away for a very long time for being a petty drug dealer. On the other hand, a miscalculation or momentary lapse in judgement can end your career or worse, land you in prison.

    If there is a drug bust, cops get to keep the drugs and whatever loot they have confiscated. Sounds pretty sweet until you meet up with someone who does not follow your orders to the letter. As a cop, your exaggerated sense of self importance has long since made you forget that the miscreant you pulled over for a broken tail light pays your salary (this guy apparently had a long standing job as a school cafeteria worker).

    I was approached by a cop last night who swaggered up to me, full of arrogance, asking me what I could do for a woman who was needing admittance to a club where I am a bouncer. Seems someone had taken her ticket to the special event we were holding and he wanted to play ¨good cop¨ and get her in. I told him, ¨no sale, speak to my boss.¨ Cops tend to believe that they are not only above the law, but can make it or break it as they deem fit, all with the threat of the billy club or the pepper spray they carry.

    I am not clear on all the facts of the case. The girl friend is surprisingly calm during the entire ordeal as she narrates the video clip. It is the cop who has completely lost it. I smell lawsuit, big time.

  5. Petruchio

    I have no idea what happened to the black guy who was shot and killed in Falcon Heights (btw: Flacon Heights is close to Petruchio’s “hood”), meaning the whys and hows that made this incident happen. But, in the past few weeks, I have been watching ESPN’s documentary, “O.J.: Made in America”. Well worth viewing, btw. My point is, this incident in Falcon Heights is about more than about a deadly shooting. It’s about RACE. The Black Community will likely pick up on this tragedy and run with it. Where it goes, nobody knows. Personally I hope there is a fair investigation–for all sides. I have to say this as well: the police officer who did the shooting is ASIAN. I thank God he wasn’t a WHITE police officer.

  6. emsnews

    Each case is ‘singular’ and needs full examination. We live with guns and I own guns and I use guns and I was going to use on two nights ago on three bears but they retreated.

    If they did not, I would have shot all three.

    Now, on to the looming summer riots and there will be riots…black America is very much more violent and dangerous than other races. This scares people. Not me, but then, I know how to fight thugs.

    But…we live in a society that now is falling off a cliff, socially. It is stark and nasty: WE DON’T NEED LEGAL LOW CLASS WORKERS ANYMORE.

    We import them, they are called ‘illegal aliens’ and work off the books. My industry, construction, is thick and fat with this ditto my former business of farming.

    Black workers at the bottom are useless to our government and thus, have become cut off from ‘society’ that is ‘productive’ with a skim of top level blacks in high demand ONLY because they can be used for window dressing dummies to prove we are not ‘racist’ for propaganda reasons.

    This is hammering the black community very hard and no one has any solution except for riots, enabling criminals since this keeps them all happy thinking the criminal life is fun when it is really a death sentence…and nearly all black children except for the useful elite ones for window dressing, have no real daddies and this mess is unfixable at this point. Alas.

  7. Lou


  8. Christian W

    More chaos.

    Dallas police report: “Two Snipers Shot 10 Police Officers from elevated positions, 3 Officers dead, 2 in Surgery, 3 in Critical Condition.”

  9. Christian W

    Apparently the Dallas Police department failed to mention that the snipers were also firing on the crowd, not only police officers.

  10. Gunman fired from street level from behind a cement pillar after getting out of SUV.Body armour and AR15.

  11. Cops got outgunned in the beginning and their 9mm’s didn’t get past the body armour

  12. Lou

    Christian W—how many in the f–ing crowd were shot?

    (INTELLIHUB) Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson had two of his email accounts hacked last Friday, along with his Twitter, according to reports.

    Reports indicate that the perpetrators successfully hacked into several of McKesson’s accounts after posing as McKesson to a Verizon Wireless Tech Support operator in order to gain access and post a provocative Tweet which endorsed Donald J. Trump for the Presidential bid.

    However, the mainline press made no mention of the real purpose for the hack, which was to obtain secret information about a George Soros and Obama Administration sponsored plot, an elaborate operation dubbed the “Summer of Chaos,” which is aimed at shutting down both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention in order to trigger martial law nationwide, keeping President Barack H. Obama in the White House beyond his allotted two terms under National Security Presidential Directives.

    Shockingly, in a private message purportedly obtained and released by the hackers, Samuel Sinyangwe, a Black Lives Matter activist, said that law enforcement officials “will not be ready for the type of crowds” that the group will be bringing which are designed to shutdown the convention and create “disruptions nationwide.”

    The group plans to bring more than 10,000 people to create chaos July 18-21 in both Philadelphia and Cleveland, according to the leaked PMs.

  13. Coldtype

    How was the motorist to comply with the officer’s demand to show proof of license and insurance WHILE keeping his hands up Elaine? According to the girlfriend the young man informed the officer that he possessed a license to carry a firearm and that he was in fact armed. Are you such a reflexive racist that you simply cannot imagine ANY scenario in which a police officer can take a black man’s life without cause in America? Is it possible that the officer may have simply panicked or are you incapable of entertaining even this?


    ELAINE: in the past I have been stopped like this, did the hands on the steering wheel thing, asked the officer if I could get my purse out of the back seat, he said yes and I carefully did this. Women can kill cops, too. He had to be somewhat nervous when stopping someone. Usually, they ask you to get out of the car, FACE AWAY from them and then reach for your wallet since killers have gotten out, facing cops, and pulled a gun out of their belts and shot them dead.

  14. John

    I hope you do understand that the problem from now on will be of a political nature and not a just racial issue. Evacuating the Governor of Louisiana to save him from lynching and the shooting of 11 officers by snipers in Dallas, at least 5 of the killed, shows that the stakes are now much higher. It is not about black folkes running amok and stealing TVs after yet another shooting, its about losing faith to the elites, to the PTB, one community at a time.

    A total Police State, a post 9/11 phenomenon, is not a long term viable solution. You simply can’t control people by force and violence for long. They end up revolting on you and even gun controlling or FEMA “camping”, isn’t the magic cure the politicians think it is. A mob, the “mindlessly angry”, can be equally dangerous with sticks and stones, because they are too many of them. No matter how good counter-insurgency services you have, no matter how advanced vomit-inducing anti-riot weapons you have, you can’t win. The only way to win is to buy up the consent of the people, by giving them part of the food on the table. Failing to do that and proclaiming that they can simply eat cake, unfortunately always leads to heads rolling.

    I hope the elites see that before its too late and stop reacting like that:

  15. emsnews

    Thanks for posting here, I went to bed early last night after two days in very hot sun rebuilding my fence defenses after a family of black bears destroyed my entire back fence smashing through it.


    The backlash is now officially beginning. US media Bilderberg gangsters can’t make up silly, trivial stories attacking him for example, buying a hat of all things. They have to get serious about the dangerous ‘black lives matter’ movement which does NOT give a damn about any black lives at all, they care only in destroying the police so they can have chaos!

    Seriously! This is their goal! It is a criminal operation to push the police out of our dying inner cities so these can be used full time for crimes and I already had to talk law and order in such places way back during the 1970s riots which I was in the middle of…an eye opener.

    I survived due to being friends with black church going people who joined arms with me to march through the looting and burning chanting for people to stop! It was scary as hell and the brave men and women who did this are to be admired but our media giants never mentioned this event nor praised these people.

    Instead, they side with rioters! My god, that is so insane. It did keep the elites in power for a while but then, they burned down our cities by destroying industries via free trade, they expect the blacks to finish this off by literally burning down the ruins.

  16. Never tell a cop you are carrying a “concealed” weapon when pulled over for a simple traffic violation. I think this young man’s finance blurted out that he had a concealed gun and was shot by the panicked officer as he reached for his wallet. A lot of websites claim the officer was Asian but actually is Hispanic. I have read reports that the FBI has been investigating black gang member joining the military to obtain tactical weapons training.

  17. Alex Lemas

    Never forget! Problem-Reaction-Solution.

  18. Petruchio

    “Instead, they side with rioters! My god, that is so insane. It did keep the elites in power for a while but then, they burned down our cities by destroying industries via free trade,…” You can’t overestimate the level of HATRED the elites have for everyone else. It is a deep, bitter, furious hatred. Pure, unadulterated HATE. This is why the elites love forcing millions of illegal immigrants onto Western countries. Of course, Barack Obama does this because he is a devout Muslim, but most elites love the immigrant Flood because it destroys the traditional family units of the invaded countries.

  19. Lou

    Andrea Ostrov Letania said. American Racial Formula…

    Sanctification of Blacks via MLK-Oprah-Obama + Black Thuggery + Integration + Gentrification(or White Flight) + Aggressive Policing and Incarceration(demanded by urban haute Liberals) + Encouragement of Black Rage by PC and Soros Foundation + Sensationalization of Rap Culture + Worship of Black Muscle in Sports + Fear of Black Muscle in Streets + Victim Nostalgia that still pretends in Jim Crow Era when we are in Willy Horton era +

    Massive Immigration that leaves blacks feeling less relevant as Diversity drowns them out in many places + Homomania(that makes blacks bitter and envious that white fruitcakes get more attention than them) + Indulgence of black ‘hate hoaxes’ + silence of truth by PC + media complicity in obfuscating facts, e.g. black thugs called ‘teens’ or ‘youths’ + Globalist dominance over white gentiles who are to be paralyzed by ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks + Hollywood’s production of black rage movie every year + Definition of ‘hate’ as only a white thing + Regression of black culture into one of savagery + PC tentacles into everything from kids cartoons to TV shows to college seminars + black raciality(racial pesonality) made up of attitude, sass, aggression, nastiness(after all, smart blacks are no better than dumb ones in lack of reflection and introspection, a trait shared by homos who are totally into self-aggrandizement) = An Empire of Lies./

  20. emsnews

    It is worse: blacks are not demonstrating for jobs from our great industrial cities to be brought back. I despair at the stupidity of all this.

  21. Lou

    Elaine, If you have nt read ‘Bell Curve’, you might want to.
    With IQ 85, future time orientation is very poor.

    Wanting industry to be brought back??? After ‘their party’ [dems, clinton]
    sent it to Asia.

    I dont see Whites demanding tariffs and the end of ‘Free Trade’ either.

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