Both Pres. Kennedy Assassin And Dallas Cop Killer Were Military And Overseas

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Pictured: Micah Xavier Johnson, the 25-year-old Afghanistan Army veteran who shot 12 cops at Dallas protest, killing five, after saying ‘he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers’ in anger over Black Lives Matter.  This monster who went insane has a WHITE stepmother in Dallas who is a teacher!  This killer did his ambushes in the exact same neighborhood in Dallas where a previous one, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy.


Both men were trained in the military and both knew how to fight and how to shoot long distances.  Both wanted to start a war of some sort.


EXCLUSIVE: Guilty of ‘driving while black’: Man whose shooting death by police was streamed live by his girlfriend had been pulled over AT LEAST 31 times and hit with 63 traffic charges despite having no other criminal record that is, he paid no attention to traffic laws, it appears.  He was being shown as some sort of angel who the cops should have not feared.


Nearly all black/cop encounters are danger zones because of the ‘chip on the shoulder’ thing.  Cops MUST be wary and even scared when dealing with blacks because the crime rate within the black community has now reached record proportions and the black on black murder rate is through the roof as is the out of wedlock rate for children.


‘This was a vicious, calculated and despicable attack’: Obama calls Dallas killers ‘twisted’ and says there is never any justification for attacks on police which is a tad late, no?  The news that this mass killer was military is big, big news because renegade military have training and this is a ‘flash point’ issue.


The shootout was not an ‘Allah Akbar!’ moment for which we can be grateful.  But the troubling news that this very angry young man was stationed in the Afghanistan hell hole is big news.  We call this ‘blowback’ when actions overseas comes back to haunt us here.  Terrifying moment brave cop’s bullet bounces off armored vest of Dallas gunman – who then shoots the officer in the back before executing him at point-blank range with assault rifle is a video showing how the killer used military tactics he was trained to use in Afghanistan, here in the US.

This reminds me of soldiers from Vietnam who had similar responses to what they lived through overseas. There was a lot of chaos that came home to roost from Vietnam.


And here we go again, sending people to chaos areas and then they come home transformed and attack us.  I remember bin Laden.  He openly said, he wanted to have the US reinvade Afghanistan and this is why he wanted 9/11 to happen and he said the Afghnis had nothing to do with 9/11 and he was delighted that Bush Jr. attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq and not Pakistan where he was hiding.  Furthermore, he said that the US government would go bankrupt and collapse like the USSR if he could only lure them into Afghanistan and I almost typed ‘Vietnam’ here.


Sigh.  Fool’s errands that boomerang badly or is it?  I would suggest our government wants these home terrorist events.  The rulers very fondly remember 9/11.  A fine event, they loved it a lot.


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8 responses to “Both Pres. Kennedy Assassin And Dallas Cop Killer Were Military And Overseas

  1. Lou

    He who laughs last, laughs best.
    Weeks back I posted a list of ‘killers w scrabble names’ and EMS had the nerve to post that I am a, ‘racist.’


  2. floridasandy

    there is no laughing today.

    we have lost law and order in this country, and most of us get it.

    I find it very sad that this was a military service man who went off the deep end. We have never been able to assimilate them back into the society properly. He deserves no sympathy, of course, for his actions-but i can feel for his family who sent a soldier off and got back a racist killer.

    i feel so profoundly sad about what is happening, but we still have to fight for our generation and the next generation. ALL LIVES MATTER, JACKASS RACE BAITERS. I saw where some “ministers” organized some of this hatefest, and they should lose their tax exempt status yesterday-but not with this alleged “commander in chief”. He always knows exactly how to make things worse-never let a good crisis go to waste, after all.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and we are so much better than this. I heard a woman yesterday in Dallas who said “this stuff goes on all the time now” and I have to agree.

  3. Lou

    Andy, you do not understand Black people. Nor does EMS, despite her insistence that she does.

    He did not ‘go off the deep end’–he hated his step mom and YT [whitey].

  4. Petruchio

    Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate JFK.

  5. Ed

    He ChimpedOut with egging on by BLM and the prez.

  6. Mewswithaview

    I wonder how the federal government representatives will explain which organisation trained the guy that killed the police officers belonging to a local government?? Perhaps it’s time to have some serious examination and discussion about this whole militarism cult that glorifies state approved human sacrifice globally except in the homeland. .

  7. I remember bin Laden. He openly said, he wanted to have the US reinvade Afghanistan and this is why he wanted 9/11 to happen…. Furthermore, he said that the US government would go bankrupt and collapse like the USSR if he could only lure them into Afghanistan and I almost typed ‘Vietnam’ here.

    At least in Russia, the national states held when the multinational government collapsed, even with a DRUNK at the helm in Russia (Boris Yeltsin). What are the chances of that happening in, say, New York, California or Texas when the US central government goes bankrupt collapses? My prediction, the states will also go bankrupt and collapse and we’ll have martial law for a short time but even that will fail and in short order we’ll all be fighting each other like starving rats and Putin will have his popcorn out, watching.

    Unless Hillary nukes Russia first.

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