Democrats: Police Lives Don’t Matter—Many Shot In Dallas

NYC protesters chant for dead cops – YouTube What do we want? Dead cops, what do we want, dead cops now.


Minn. governor says race played role in fatal police shooting during traffic stop as the politicians continue attacking the police when: Right near where President Kennedy was shot and killed, four snipers murdered or injured a number of police officers at a Black Lives Matter anti-law and order demonstration.  It is now totally obvious what will happen next: angry voters will  flock to Trump’s defiant banner.  Obama’s tepid support of law and order is now on the front burner of most voters.  I am no longer organizing mass demonstrations like so many years ago. But I suspect many white voters and home owners will finally do this, this summer.


Many years ago in NYC and Newark, NJ, I worked to help or change things.  For example, I organized one of the biggest demonstrations ever in NYC when I took all the Chinese students who were recalled by China and pushed by Bush Sr to be deported, I protected them at a consulate next to the UN where we camped out and I forced Bush Sr. to give them sanctuary when he had a secret deal with China to deport these poor students.


It was a great success, too!  I won, Bush Sr. and the Illuminati and Bilderberg gang lost and they never forget or forgive.  Well, these two villainous groups have conspired to bring us the War On Cops.  Every couple of days, police are attacked and often killed.  The Illuminati are telling us, it is all our own fault and we should all disarm and be like the Europeans: utterly incapable of fighting anyone off while they bring in millions of violent illegal aliens!


This insane process of destroying internally, nations that were once proud and sovereign and armed, are now helpless as things deteriorate while these same insane rulers of ours push for more wars against liberal Muslims and nuclear armed, bristling with indignation, Russia and worse, nuclear armed, billion people who remember WWII and communism brutality, China.


Yes, they want WWIII with the homelands that protect these insane rulers being ripped apart by violent revolutionary racial/religious fanatic groups!  This is ridiculous and I suspect our rulers are freaking out right now because I do NOT see the US public running to Hillary and Obama for protection from insane, violent, murderous mobs created by Hillary and Obama.


The GOP hoped that US citizens would go behind a recent Cuban man or some other person chosen by the Bilderberg gang, we do know that the LAST person they want in the White House is the one who will win the next election, hands down: gambling boss Trump.  He is totally outside the Bilderberg/NWO network.  We see this clearly since many GOP operatives are screaming they want Hillary, not their own candidate chosen by their own voters.


As the GOP Bilderberg leadership collapses, Hillary thought voters will want her.  NOT.  This mass murder of cops escorting a peaceful march by black radicals dooms her attempt at sneaking into the White House and continuous the ravages on our nation.


Clinton’s Criminal Negligence Hurts More Than the Election | Observer as her attempt at pulling off a Nixon trick blows up in her face.  Now this event seals the deal.


NEW:  I got around to reading the Washington Poop.  Here is a front page article next to a bunch of stories about the mass murder of cops at a Black Lives Matter demonstration:  Two years after Ferguson, fatal shootings by police are up…no surprise!  This was a ‘two year study by reporters at the Post.’  No mention of the Post that the elites wanted this outcome and worked hard for it.  Thanks a lot, jerks.


Oh, and this obvious report which I could have written alone took no less than FIVE reporters and a long period to accomplish.  Wow, talk about overkill.


Trump stumbles on the Constitution in meeting with House Republicans is another stupid headline at the WP editorial page.  Rogin writes that Trump doesn’t know the Constitution.  I say, NO ONE AT THE TOP DOES.  I remember vividly the Supreme Court ruling that we don’t need to count votes!  This infuriated me but the WP and NYT and both political parties told Americans that counting votes correctly doesn’t matter at all.  Letting the elites choose for us does.


Damn, we have been in serious trouble ever since and it shows more and more.

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9 responses to “Democrats: Police Lives Don’t Matter—Many Shot In Dallas

  1. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine,

    This use of snipers to kill police is a tactic developed by a certain alphabet agency to destabilize governments. It was tested in Central America, rolled out in the former Yugoslavia, deployed in Iraq, Libya, Syria and most recently in the Ukraine. It is really bad mojo. The police tend to react with a heavy hand and then it is on for young and old.

    If this is handled badly it could end the USA.

  2. emsnews

    It was tested in the same plaza in 1963. Worked perfectly.

  3. Jim R

    What billibaldi said.

    Shooting a bunch of cops and demonstrators… works great for destabilizing governments. But in the end, the government they destabilize could be their own. Regardless of whether it was a planned event with mercenaries, or a spontaneous outburst.

    By the way, who was ever fired, let alone prosecuted, for 9/11/01? And you’d think, with all the new powers granted them by the “patriot act”, that this Dallas thing should have been totally prevented. Some of those agencies need to be shuttered for abject incompetence and stupidity.

  4. melponeme_k

    Yes the elites want a race war. They know they created a whole mass of people that will never work again and they can’t cut off the dole.

    This move to make everything violent should frighten Black citizens not galvanize them. Since most live in cities they are under the mistaken impression that they have numbers.

    They don’t. I’ve been outside the cities and know first hand that the name “minorities” fit. Also note, other minorities will not join with black people in self destruction. The Asians never since they are on the way to full integration into American society. The American Indians are quietly expiring (it didn’t have to happen this way but it did). And Hispanic American citizens (as well as illegal aliens) are staunchly conservative and most are extremely racist.

    So we have loads of people stuck in cities that can be blockaded and encroached upon inch by inch. We only have to look at the Palestinians in Israel for a casebook.


    ELAINE: I hear you. I used to work with black prisoners who worked with my pal, Abdul (name change when he went Muslim) Malik in Newark. We pulled men from prisons and helped them integrate into society via JOBS. Good paying jobs. Jobs that were utterly destroyed by illegal aliens (construction work) working under the table for contractors. It is disgusting how American and European citizens can be replaced with illegal labor to HIDE INFLATION.

  5. I thought it odd that BLM protesters could never articulate any constructive changes to prevent police shootings of black men.

  6. Yes, Trump will win hands down until the voting machines do their work, embarrassing the exit pollsters once again. This is the real reason why the Help America Vote Act was past, to “correct” the “wrong” choices the American people make.

  7. I meant “passed,” not “past.”

  8. Christian W

    #BlackLivesMatter is a reality perception meme that came out of the Baltimore protests. It was picked up and repeated by the MSM precisely because it is a dead end to begin with. I also suspect it was a setup prepared in advance.

    The elites are not stupid. They know their policies are not welcome with the vast majority. Their strategy is to work hard to stay in control of the narrative and control and channel the protest energies that inevitably will rise against their misrule. The last thing they want to see is another Martin Luther King rise out of nowhere and galvanize the people. So they create prepared channels that they control.

    Look at Palestine where the ‘Palestinian Authority’ (PA) is basically working for and with Israel against it’s own people.

  9. Moe

    There’s a different perspective that has not been appreciated here: Fourth Generation Warfare. The Dallas shooting is not a genuine example of this, but could be a prelude, where citizens disaffected by political corruption start taking matters into their own hands. If (when?) that eventually happens, it won’t only be police that are exposed to violence, but any or all members of the ‘establishment’.

    We should be careful ‘What we wish for’.

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