Washington Post Demands Trump And Sanders Surrender To The Wicked Witch



The elites ruling us so ruthlessly and unleashing terrorists and angry black men who have no jobs and no use to our rulers except as terrorists to keep us all in line and blame them for the messes made by our own rulers, we have these same monsters howling like banshees at us because we voted for Sanders or Trump in the primaries both of whom are NOT picks of our rulers who want to herd us around.  HAHAHA.  Here is a WP editorial whining about all this:  America is being led by a bunch of sore losers – The Washington Post


Donald Trump has advertised that he plans to bring back winning. America will win so much, he says, that we’ll get “tired of winning .”


But that’s not what Americans need from our political leadership right now. We need someone who can bring back losing.


Specifically: the art of losing graciously.


HAHAHA. Try picturing our rulers losing ‘graciously’. HAHAHA.  A screaming monster destroying a major city isn’t defeated by petting it and asking it politely to stop wrecking things!  The monster ruling us wants race riots.  It keeps them in power.  And we will have race riots this year.  Blacks are marching in our cities screaming ‘Kill cops, kill cops now!’  And the DNC has blood on its hands and the RNC is in secret cahoots with the DNC to produce this and our police are on the front lines protecting our rulers and being blamed by our rulers for killing people when the country is falling apart at the seams.


The everyone-gets-a-trophy culture supposedly pervasive among millennials, and so often ridiculed by pundits, seems to have infected our political class. Politicians on both sides of the aisle — from Trump and Bernie Sanders on down — have apparently become accustomed to being told they’re right, righteous and victorious all the time.


Perhaps as a result, they have become unable to admit either defeat or even simple wrongness.


Note she doesn’t mention Hillary here. Our elites are totally self righteous.  The story  here doesn’t mention a single RNC creature, either.  Neither Trump nor Sanders are part of the Machines.  They are both OUTSIDERS so why is this stupid story mentioning only their names?


Here the Wicked Witches of the West gang up with their flying monkeys (the media) to continue attacking anyone who is even slightly curious about the nefarious illegal actions of Clinton and other gangsters:


Unhappy that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server resulted in no indictment?


Don’t acknowledge defeat and move on with your life! Instead, reverse your previous statements about accepting the integrity of the FBI’s investigation, as Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) did, and pummel the agency director in a public hearing about his judgment, biases and secret agenda.



So, Nixon is laughing at his protege, Hillary.  He can’t wait until she joins him in the future.  The WP is furious that people won’t accept the fact that Hillary defied the laws of the land and got away with it.  This is supposed to be all about Law and Order not ‘get out of jail free’.


Lost a state’s primary? Multiple state primaries, even? Then declare that the system must be rigged against you, as both Sanders and Trump argued for much of the past year. Nearly a month after the last primary, foreclosing him from the Democratic nomination, Sanders still can’t bring himself to acknowledge his defeat and exit the race.


Trump’s tantrums about the primary process have died down lately, given that he ultimately emerged victorious. But he and his advisers have found other occasions to whine about the unfairness of the system and to demand constant relitigation when things don’t go his way.


The system is very rigged. How dare anyone complain about how it is rigged! They better shut up or else!  Pointing out the obvious is bad according to our Real Rulers.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. – YouTube


Now come a most astonishing comment by this tool of the Bilderbergs published by the Washington Post:


Our political leaders haven’t always behaved this way.


Look no further for evidence of a gracious, sportsmanlike loser than the Oval Office letter George H.W. Bush left his successor, Bill Clinton, in 1993. In that letter, which went viral recently, Bush wrote: “You will be our president when you read this note,” adding, “Your success is now our country’s success. I am rooting hard for you.”


HAHAHA. One Bilderberg gangster to another! They do love each other which is why they have many secret kiss-kiss meetings and then go to the public pretending to be against each other.  They are all ALLIES but not with either Trump nor Sanders.  They are definitely OUTSIDERS and thus, a danger to the status quo which has fake party affiliations.


Americans don’t get to vote for the Bilderberg Party, do they?  Here is further proof:  Sanders booed by House Democrats – POLITICO


Sanders also stunned some of the Democrats in attendance when he told them that winning elections isn’t the only thing they should focus on…he was talking about remaking the country.


“The goal isn’t to win elections, the goal is to transform America,” Sanders said


The Democrats booed him for saying the obvious. How dare he attack the DNC gravy train? For example, keeping the former industrial cities now inhabited by minorities living often on the dole, the machine set up by LBJ still totters along.


The Democrats want Sanders to surrender. Like this:


“It was frustrating because he’s squandering the movement he built with a self-obsession that was totally on display,” said a senior Democrat, speaking on the condition of anonymity.


I am laughing so hard now.  Hillary is one of the most self-obsessed people on the planet.  And all the Democrats in Congress, too, my little pretties!  They think if they scream at Sanders, his people who are screaming at Clinton and her gang will come to them and support them in taking over Oz…this is nuttier than a squirrel in fall.


After Sanders delivered his opening remarks — which touched on his favorite issues, including campaign finance, Wall Street reform and trade — lawmakers pressed him during a tense question-and-answer session on whether he would ultimately endorse Clinton and help foster party unity.


Sanders complained about the superdelegate process used during the primaries. “One person is starting with 900 delegates before anyone even votes,” Sanders said. The Vermont socialist and his supporters have been upset about the issue for months.


But House Democrats didn’t seem very impressed with the unapologetic Sanders, who didn’t yield an inch despite the rough handling he received.


So the Wicked Witches or it is bitches of the DNC couldn’t get little Vermont Dorothy to surrender?  Good for you, Sanders, for standing up to these witches!  Bravo!  Now you must run as a third party candidate!  Go for it.  Teach these fiends a lesson.  Not that they learn easily.


BRAVO, SANDERS.  You are one brave man.  So is Trump only he is delusional, he thinks he has power and won’t be killed.  He will be killed even if it means, like with Reagan, someone close to him is egged into doing it.


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14 responses to “Washington Post Demands Trump And Sanders Surrender To The Wicked Witch

  1. Petruchio

    I have said before about the “elites”, of which The Washington Post is its mouthpiece: their primary trait is supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. Who in the HELL does the WP think they are? Some kind of opinion shaper for the entire country? HaHaHaHaHaHa!! Who knows? Maybe the WP really are oblivious to what they are: a simple receptacle for whatever propaganda the Insiders of the Beltway want to dump onto the pages of the WP. NYT? Same thing. Truth is, neither one of these rags has much–if any–credibility. This is true even inside the Beltway. The Beltway knows a agit-prop rag when they see it, especially because the WP is THEIR agit-prop rag.

  2. Speaking of agit-prop rags, President Putin appeared at the UN recently and berated their lackeys (er, journalists) for accepting the Establishment’s lies while the USA drifts into nuclear warfare with Russia, with Europe in between.

  3. Duski

    So, the article reveals to us following things about Sanders: integrity, unyielding, willing to work for best of USA instead of party politics, not caring about popularity amongs his peers…

    They are listing only positive things and then trying to spin it as negative? Isn’t this quite foolish?

  4. emsnews

    It is called ‘widdershins’. When practicing black magic, you do the opposite which is why the Skull and Bones does ‘backwards’ stuff to encourage demons to give them more power.

    BTW, I find this ironically funny since what they are rousing by using Geronimo (and now bin Laden’s) skull, is exactly what Geronimo wants badly: the US government to collapse with raging mobs attacking it and all authorities.


    I wish all members of this hideous cult be arrested and charged with treason, they infest both political parties and work in tandem with each other.

  5. Lou

    Guess Im not into ‘Black Magic’ and their power seems earthly, at best.
    I thought GW was a born again [and sincere about it, bring in the rapture or whatever].

  6. emsnews

    HAHAHA. See how nice propaganda is? I have known about the Skull and Bones most of my life because my family founded the cult.

  7. ziff

    RE Trump , notice google search ‘Trump news’ turns up scant, filters on.

    Also would not surprise Trump picks offspring as running mate. Always hanging about, look like vampire family.

  8. Mewswithaview

    I have an inkling that this presidential election has become a matter of life and death for both Trump and Clinton without either realising it. If Trump wins the Clintons are looking at the real possibility of serious exposure of the bribe collections through the Clinton Foundation, lots of people who bribed the Clintons don’t want that exposure so either Trump or the Clintons will be eliminated to prevent them being dragged down. The other possibility is that Trump does a deal with the Clintons in exchange for his life. The Clintons are corrupt, how ruthless are the people controlling the Clintons and what lengths will they go to preserve their way of life?

  9. emsnews

    They have a name: The Bilderberg gang. Another name: The IMF. And another name: The Skull and Bones. And so on. Tentacles all over the place and this is why they hate Sanders, too.

  10. Lou

    I have known about the Skull and Bones most of my life because my family founded the cult. [last I read it was one of yr ancestors].

    And I know about Aerial Spraying because I saw a low flying crop duster
    at Venice Cali beach, spraying millions and they ignored it.
    Was the poison malathion? Who knows.
    The point is people ignored it.

    When I mentioned Prince warned people about chemtrails you dismissed him as a drugged out nut.

  11. emsnews

    You know Lou, being dense is not a good idea. When we say ‘family’ it means all ancestors. We are all humans and thus, the same family going way back in time.

    Chemtrails are simple: as the moisture levels rise in the higher stratosphere, if there is wind, it forms clouds. These then grow in size until they create rain sometimes. Jets stir up the atmosphere creating trails which can grow in size, too.

    As for spraying insects: when on earth have I been for this? I don’t use pesticides at all and grew everything on my farm organic! I am all for encouraging birds that eat insects like swallows.

    Provide good swallow nests and cities should have lots of trees for insect eating birds and voila: things improve. I used to plant trees in NYC and if you use Google Earth and look for 34 Prospect Place Brooklyn, you will see the oldest and densest trees in NYC start their epicenter on my block, and this began nearly 40 years ago when I planted the first tree there.

    We formed a tree committee that spread across Prospect Park’s neighborhoods and into the black parts of Bed-Stuy where I had friends. And my friends in other nearby neighborhoods, too. It is so happy seeing all these many trees, most of which are less than 40 years old. Birds love this a lot.

  12. Petruchio

    Most of the members of the Numbskulls and Boneheads would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers were it not for their Family Money and the associated connections.

  13. emsnews

    Like the Mafia.

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